Summer Fun with Summer


The young hippy was gradually approaching her climax, and she wanted to continue in a way that would make it even better for her. "Hey, Man, can I get on top?" she asked.

With a bosomy but otherwise relatively small woman, such as Summer, my favorite positions are having her on top, either Cowgirl of Female Superior. I had no trouble at all accepting her suggestion, because of the visual and tactile delights of the former and the even better opportunities to stroke and fondle her body offered by the latter. I slipped my arms under her shoulders and she wrapped hers around me and, in a few seconds, I was on the bottom and she was lying on top of me. We were almost falling off the mattress after the change so we applied the teamwork again and hitched our way over to the center.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, reveling in the heavenly sensations and giving my hands a chance to caress Summer's sexy body from her shoulders all the way down to and including the succulent cheeks of her ass. She raised her face and grinned at me, obviously enjoying those attentions, before starting to move slowly atop me and withdrawing her pussy from around my hard shaft. Summer stopped with just the head still inside her and started moving back, impaling herself on my cock again. By the time she had taken almost my entire length, my hands were resting on her soft cheeks, and I pushed down on them while thrusting my cock all the way back up into her wet pussy again.

"Oooo, yeah, I really love that," she sighed, just before starting to move her body forward for another stroke just like the first one.

Once again, in the different position, we fucked for a long time. Our movements were still slow, because we wanted our fun to last a long time. This was some of the best sex I'd ever had, and every movement of Summer on top of me made it better. I knew it was good for her too, because of the occasional fresh spurts of her lubricating juices that were trickling onto my legs and her sighs and moans of joy and the way her body was starting to rock from side to side.

"Uh! Uh!" she started whimpered in time to the thrusts of my cock into her pussy and her enveloping of my shaft.

Summer's movements were steadily becoming more erratic and my hands, besides fondling her lush body, were necessary to keep her sliding back and forth on top of me and not allowing her to fall off. She started fucking faster too, and I matched the increased pace.

"I'm almost ready to come, Georgie," she told me. "I have to sit up."

"Go ahead. I'll keep you steady." Even if I couldn't, we were no more than a few inches off the floor and its threadbare carpet.

While my cock was totally buried in her pussy, Summer bent her legs so they would be under her and put her hands on my chest to push herself up to a kneeling position. As she straightened herself up, I placed my hands firmly on her hips to guide her in doing what I expected her to want to do. Once in the Cowgirl position, she raised and lowered herself straight up and down to get adjusted before starting to rake the top surface of my cock with her clit to bring about her orgasm.

After the first few strokes, Summer leaned back as she raised her pussy from me, massaging the most sensitive part of my shaft with the base of her swollen clit. She moaned from the exquisite pleasure, and I did the same, because it felt almost as great for me. When she once again impaled herself, the same feelings of delight swept through both our bodies.

Over and over, the pretty hippy moved up and down while leaning back, her luscious breasts swaying with her movements. I rammed my cock home every time, caressing her clit as she moved away and again when she returned and I pushed down on her hips. Summer yawed wildly with every stroke, but her knees planted on either side of me and my hands holding her waist and hips kept her on top of me.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she warbled in time with her bouncing up and down. "Ohmigod!" she cried out ecstatically as she started to come.

Her movements became even more erratic, and I took over our fucking, lifting her body and pushing her back down against my thrusting cock. I could feel my own climax pouring through my entire body to concentrate in my groin, but I wanted Summer to come first before I let go of what little control I still had.

I got my wish. "Oh! OH!" she sang out as she climaxed.

Her back arched and all her muscles clenched, including those that clamped down on my cock. Just as abruptly, she completely relaxed, and I guided her down to sprawl on top of me. It was a somewhat awkward position, but I kept my hands on her body while I plunged my cock into her dripping pussy until my own climax erupted and a big burst of my cum shot into my condom. I kept moving her limp body up and down and driving my cock into her until I had ejaculated three more times.

I was through then, and I cuddled Summer close to me as we both relaxed and reveled in the afterglow of the great sex we had just had. After that orgasm, her second of the day, Summer lay, naked and happy, on top of me with the side of her pretty face nestled against my chest until my cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, releasing a flood of her fresh juices.

"That was really great," she told me. "Those were two of the best orgasms I've ever had. I hope you and I can get together again someday, but right now, I need to sleep."

I took that as a dismissal, and I was a bit disappointed, because I would have wanted us to rest together and fuck some more, but I could see our great sex was over for the day. I carefully rolled her off me and got up to get dressed, still gazing occasionally at her sexy body. When I let myself out the door, I saw it hadn't been locked, but there was a snap lock, so I set it and pulled the door shut as I left.

Summer expressed a hope that we could get together again, and I shared that hope, but I never saw her after that day. I took regular trips to the Haight Ashbury and to Golden Gate Park over the rest of the summer and fall, and did score with a few of the other hippy chicks, but that day was the only time I ever saw her.


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