tagGroup SexSummer Heat Ch. 03

Summer Heat Ch. 03


The party was during the third week of July. It was another hot California Saturday. My wife was away all day with friends to go shopping for plants at some supposedly fantastic nursery in Santa Cruz. It was only 10am but it was already 80 degrees and rising. I was out washing my car when I saw Cindi's car pull up in front of Kimberly's house across the street. She ran into the house and soon they both came out to haul the first cooler out of the car. They came out for the second and then again for some bags of party supplies. About this time Eva pulled up in her canary yellow Miata. She saw me and waved. I waved back and she came over to talk.

"Welcome back from Club Med," I said. "How was it?"

"It was both great and exhausting. We didn't stop for a minute. We practically need a vacation from our vacation."

"So tell me, did you two hook up with any hot guys down there?"

"Oh yeah . . . we'll tell you about it sometime."

"So what's up over there?" I asked nodding toward the house.

"A sort of mid summer graduation party for some of Cindi's kids. Kimberly's husband is away on business and she has the house to herself. She offered to hold the party here 'cause it's much nicer and bigger than either of our apartments."

Another car pulled up and out jumped two young girls.

"I gotta go help set up. See you sometime soon I hope." She leaned in closer, "My pussy got a workout at the club but there will always be room for you. Ta ta," she said with a little wave and she crossed the street and disappeared into the house.

More cars arrived and a small army of kids entered the house.

Inside the house was alive with noise as everyone seemed to arrive at the same time. The kids, who were used to seeing each other every day, were now hugging and catching up with each other after not seeing each other since graduation.

"Listen up kids," yelled Cindi. The din quieted down.

"It's great seeing you all again. Congratulations. This party is for you for being such great kids all year. I want you to meet Kimberly and Eva. Two of my best friends. This is Kim's house and it's a great place to party. I know . . . believe me."

"Introductions all around. This is Taylor, Hollie and Madison. That's Ian over there. And Justin and Juan. And, where is she? Christy over by the kitchen."

"Thanks Miss Nelson. This is great."

"No Miss Nelson anymore. You're all 18, high school graduates, and adults. It's Cindy now."

"We're still setting up some but there are already chips and drinks in the cooler outside. I'm glad to host. Please, stay out of the beer in the refrig. You may be adults but you're not that adult. I don't want to get in trouble here. And there's music over there in the corner. Feel free to play your own CD's or if you've got an iPod I can hook that up for you too. Burgers in a little while."

"What's the story with these kids?" asked Kimberly.

"They are some of my Honors program kids. Actually, the best of the bunch. Really smart. They are all off to top schools. I'm really going to miss them. It's great seeing them again."

"God damn! That Justin is hot!" remarked Eva.

"Take it easy there. Didn't you get enough last week?"

"I guess not," said Eva.

Kimberly helped Juan set up his iPod for music. The kids settled in to the back yard. It was bright and hot and not a breath of wind. Flames licked the burgers on the grill. The kids caught up with each other on summer jobs, vacations, plans for school next year.

They were a nice looking bunch of kids. Madison was tall and thin with straight blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. She had been on the girl's basketball team and had an athletic scholarship to UCLA. Christy was a cute Asian girl. She was a little on the stocky side but knew how to take care of herself. She knew clothes and wore them well. She was headed to business school at Berkeley. Taylor was like a Barbie doll. She had the body and the hair and obviously knew how to make the best of her assets. Her halter top left nothing to the imagination nor did her short skirt. She was going back east with plans for law school. Hollie, had ringlets of brown hair cascading to her bare shoulders. Anyone could tell, even at a distance, that she had a boisterous personality. She was a party girl but she could keep her grades up too. Ian was the computer geek. It wouldn't be an Honors Program without one. He was medium height and build, glasses of course, but he was also a cool guy. Juan was thin, athletic, a baseball player. He was the jokester but smart enough for Engineering school in the fall. Justin was the hunk Eva remarked on. Light brown skin, broad shoulders, good looking, and a little bit shy. Smart as a whip though.

* * * *

I was feeling a little sorry for myself in my back yard of my house. Eva had practically invited me to fuck her again and there was nothing I could do about it. And cute little Cyndi? Oh, I wanted to shove my cock into her tight pussy! Maybe Kimberly could sit on my face so I could eat her out at the same time. I could hear the sounds of the party, I could smell the BBQ, but I was left to myself, yanking my dick, to the memory of that hot afternoon three weeks ago. And what about those young girls? Where did they come from? God, what I wouldn't give to jump on their bones! The more the merrier I say. But then there are the guys. I'm not into sharing. No way I'm going to measure up to those young guys. Oh well . . .

* * * *

The kids were outside and Kimberly was in the kitchen preparing some more snacks. These kids were wolfing down the food. You can afford to do that when you're young. Cindi and Eva came in to get their third round of beers. They were feeling pretty relaxed now.

"So give me some highlights about Club Med last week," asked Kimberly

"Well . . . we laid out on the beach . . . and then had sex. Then we went out to fabulous dinners . . . and then had sex. We went out to see the local sights . . . and then had sex," said Cindi.

"Oh, and did we mention that we had lots of sex," giggled Eva

"The guys went wild over Eva's big titties and I think my pussy is two sizes larger after being fucked by that last guy," said Cyndi a little too loud.

At just that moment Ian was passing by on his way to the bathroom. "You didn't hear that. Did you?" said Cindi.

"No mam," said Ian as he made a beeline to the bathroom.

All three of them bust out laughing.

Little groups had formed in the back yard. Kimberly and Madison were talking sports. Hollie, Christie, and Taylor were reviewing the hot guys at work. The boys were gathered around Eva and Cyndi as they discussed how the summer was going so far. Seems like the boys have been having a pretty dull time of it by working at jobs or internships. Eva and Cyndi went on and on about their Club Med adventure, minus the sex details of course. Ian noticed Juan glancing oddly at Cyndi, not in a way that Cyndi would notice though. Ian looked down and saw what Juan saw. Cyndi was not exactly sitting in a ladylike position. The way she was sitting on the lounge chair, with one knee up and the other leg spread open, the boys had a perfect view of Cyndi's pussy lips outlined by her nylon shorts pulled up tight into her crotch. She must not have been wearing any underwear. The beads of sweat occasionally finding their way down into Eva's cleavage was an added bonus. Juan squirmed a little to adjust his sitting position and view. Ian and Juan looked at each other with smiles of complicity. After a while Juan got up to head to the bathroom. Shortly after Ian got up and gave a surreptitious nod to Justin.

"Damn! You guys are like a bunch of girls. When one of you goes to the toilet all of you have to go too!" taunted Eva. "Come back soon."

The boys gathered in the hallway outside the bathroom.

"Oh man did you see that?" asked Juan.

"See what?" asked Justin.

"Ian saw it too. Cyndi's pussy lips perfectly outlined by her shorts. I thought I was going to bust a nut if I sat there any longer," he said while rubbing his crotch.

"Yeah, it was like I wanted to just reach out and stroke it," added Ian. "I mean she might was well have not been wearing anything at all."

"No way," challenged Justin. "You two are gross."

"Are you trying to tell me you wouldn't want to shove that cock of yours in her tiny pussy?" asked Juan.

"Or maybe Eva would wrap those big tits of her around you and let you titty fuck her," suggested Ian.

"You two don't know what you are talking about," laughed Justin.

"I know what you are talking about," said Cyndi as she peeked around the corner.

"Oh shit!" said a startled Juan as he dropped his hand from his crotch.

"Sssshhh," said Cyndi. "You three come with me," as she walked by them and headed into the bedroom. All three followed and she shut the door and leaned against it. She looked at them in silence.

"Did you mean what you said?" she asked.

"Oh Miss Nelson . . ."

"Cyndi," she corrected them.

"Fuck we didn't know you were standing there," said Juan.

"Fuck does seem to be the word of the moment . . . doesn't it?" she asked. "Ian. You said you wanted to reach out and stroke it. Did I hear that right?" She put her finger to her lips. "Listen. You three have clearly had a god awful boring summer so far. I understand. You're young and frustrated. You deserve a break. Or maybe a special graduation present. What do you think?" She slowly slid her hand down, circled her finger around her nipple and then slipped her other hand down into her shorts. She spread her legs a little as she rubbed her slit.

The boys were dumbfounded and then they nearly jumped out of their skin when there was a knock on the door. Cyndi calmly removed her hand and cracked the door open to look. When she saw it was Eva she let her slip in and then she locked the door behind her.

"Eva, I just suggested I give them a graduation present. You want to contribute?"

"I love presents," she replied.

"Well they haven't accepted yet," said Cyndi. She walked up to Juan, reached out and cupped his crotch with both hands. She gave his bulge a good thorough feel. "What do you think?"

His cock began to swell at her touch. He looked straight down into her blue eyes and said, "Hell yeah. When am I ever gonna get a better offer than this?"

"Good," she said looking straight back at him. Then she lowered herself and pulled down his shorts. Juan's cock sprung out and hit her in the face. She instantly put it in her mouth. She pushed it all the way to the back of her throat and Juan's eyes closed to savor the sensation.

Ian quickly kicked off his shorts to get in line. He had his cock in his hand to warm up. Eva went up to the two of them. She kneeled on the floor, looked at Ian's cock and then put her hand on Justin's crotch. "Ooooo that's big," she said as she felt Justin, "What are you waiting for? Let me help you with these."

She slowly pulled Justin's shorts down revealing Justin's huge cock dangling limp before her. "Oh my god! Jackpot!" she said.

Cyndi looked over to admire it. "Wow. Let me know if you need help with that one." Then she returned to sucking Juan's dick.

Eva started with Justin's dick in her mouth while she put her hand around Ian's cock. She rolled her tongue around his cock a few times and then turned to Ian. She spit on his dick and then put it in her mouth. She sucked it and rolled her tongue all over while she jerked Ian's dick with her hand.

Cyndi pushed Juan back so he was sitting on the bed with his cock sticking straight up. She quickly undressed her petit body. The only tan marks were a thin panty line from her thong. Here tiny tits and long protruding nipples were brown from the Caribbean sun. Her pussy was shaved clean revealing her protruding inner pussy lips. She crawled up between his legs and engulfed Juan's balls. Juan flopped back on the bed moaning in pleasure.

Ian was as hard as they get and getting the hand job of his life. Justin, however, was still pretty limp. "God this is so embarrassing!"

"Go sit next to Juan and Cyndi," said Eva to Ian. "I'll be back for you in a minute." Then she turned to Justin. She pushed him back against the dresser and cupped his dick and balls in both of her hands. "You just relax. Don't you worry about what anyone else is doing. You have a gift from God down there and I am going to make it hard. I promise you."

She backed away and slipped her top off and then her bra. Her big full tits sprung out and jiggled in front of him. Justin moaned at the sight of them. She dropped her shorts and thong and pressed her naked body against him. She kissed his neck and then his chest as she lowered herself dragging her tits along his body. Then she used both her hands to push her tits together wrapping them around Justin's big cock. She spit into her cleavage and massaged his dick. Finally the blood started to flow and his cock started to come to life. As it thrust up between her tits she reached down to suck the head.

"That's it big boy. You keep that pole satisfied and watch me," she said as she backed away looking him straight in the eyes. Ian was still sitting on the bed stroking his dick as Eva backed toward him. Eva straddled his legs, hovered over his hard dick, and then impaled herself on it. Both Ian and Eva let out a simultaneous moan of satisfaction. Eva's tight cunt squeezed his cock as she slowly raised her ass and then lowered herself again on his shaft. As she pumped Ian's dick her tits swayed in front of her as she looked directly at Justin. Justin's dick had become huge as he stroked it to the sight of her fucking Ian.

Cyndi sensed it was time for a good fucking too. She straddled Juan's dick.

"Are you ready to get fucked by teacher?" asked Cyndi

"I . . . well . . . I . . . "

"It was a rhetorical question."

Eva giggled hearing this.

Cyndi rubbed the end of Juan's dick up and down her wet slit. "Do you feel that? Do you feel how wet my cunt is? It's just waiting for that hard dick of yours. I'm going to shove in my tight wet twat and fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

"Wait a minute . . . have you ever been fucked before?" she asked.

Juan's head shook an emphatic no.

Cyndi smiled, "Oooo yeah, this is why I joined the teaching profession."

Eva laughed out loud.

"Get ready to learn what it means to fuck your teacher good and hard," she said as she pushed down on his dick. His dick was plenty lubed from the sloppy wet blow job Cyndi had already given him. He slipped into her wet tunnel as she pushed down hard to his balls. She squatted over him and pumped her ass up and down so that he could see his dick penetrating her hole with every thrust.

* * * *

Outside in the hallway Hollie could hear muffled sounds through the door. As she got closer she could hear the words, "Get ready to learn what it means to fuck your teacher good and hard" and then she heard the moans.

"What the fuck?" said Hollie, "I don't believe this."

"What's wrong?" asked Taylor coming up behind her.

"Shhhh. Listen," said Hollie.

"Oh no," said Taylor as she turned around and ran back to the living room. She practically knocked Christy over.

"What's going on?" asked Christy.

"You won't believe it," she said as she hustled out to the deck with Christy following.

Taylor turned left and went straight to the bedroom window. The blinds were down but open. She pressed her face to the glass and peered through the slats. There was a profile of her teacher Cyndi squatting over Juan's crotch pumping her ass up and down.

Christy, also with her face pressed to the window, gasped, "Look at what's in Jason's hands!"

Both girls watched Jason furiously jerking his huge cock with one hand while staring at Cyndi fucking Juan. Dimly, further back in the room they could barely see Eva bobbing up and down and her tits swaying to the rhythm. Then Cyndi got off Juan and went over to Jason.

* * * * Ian couldn't believe his luck. He was a nerd. He was a cool guy. But he wasn't a virgin. In fact this was the second time in as many months that he had fucked an older woman. No . . . correct that, they fucked him. No one knew about his first because it was with his aunt, his mother's sister . . . but that's another story. Today it was with Eva. She wasn't really that much older, mid 20's probably (actually she was 26). Now here he was, with some of his best friends watching him, while this curvy big titted teacher was riding his dick like there was no tomorrow. She was giving him a graduation present but from the sound of her moans and the sweat dripping down her back into the crack of her ass she was getting something for herself too.

Ian could see his dick pull at Eva's pink pussy lips as she rose up on his cock and then she would suddenly push her big ass down and drive his shaft deep into her cunt. She was expertly playing Ian's cock. She would bring him to the brink and then back off. She was determined to cum on his dick. Her fingers rubbed furiously on her clit as she could feel the pleasure come in small waves. Then the big one hit hard and she let out a loud scream as her orgasm spread through her. Her pussy clenched Ian's cock and Ian let loose his load into her pussy. They both just remained still for a moment to get their wits about them. Cum began to ooze out of Eva's pussy and onto Ian's balls.

* * * *

"How do you like fucking your teacher? Can you feel my cunt squeezing your big cock? And how about these nipples? Aren't they something else?"

Cyndi began to fuck Juan harder and faster. Suddenly Juan thrust his hip up hard burying his cock deep into Cyndi's pussy. He arched his back and let out a loud moan as he squirted a torrent hot cum into her tunnel. Cyndi could feel the pulses of jizz as they filled her tiny cunt. Then she got off of Juan's and went straight to Justin's cock. She squatted down and looked straight at the massive dick head in front of her. Justin was stroking the shaft furiously to the fuck show before him.

"Now honey. Now. I want your cream all over my face."

Justin looked down at his teacher's face inches from the head of his massive cock. He couldn't help but cum on her pretty lips just waiting for it. Almost as if in slow motion, gobs of thick white cream poured from his dick onto her lips and her cheeks and her forehead as she moved her face under his cock. At the same time Cyndi could feel Juan's cum dripping onto the back of her feet and streaming down her thighs.

* * * *

Outside, Hollie couldn't believe what she was hearing through the door. She didn't know if she should be appalled or turned on by it all. She was startled when the door opened and there was her teacher standing naked before her.

"Oh! I didn't know you were out here," said Cyndi calmly.

Tiny Cyndi, with her blue eyes, short blonde hair, and small tits seemed to be covered with cum. White globs of it were stuck to her face and her legs were wet and glistening in the backlight of the room.

"Excuse me. I think I need to get to the bathroom. I don't want to drip any more on the rug."

Hollie stepped aside to let Cyndi through. Chrysti and Taylor arrive just in time to see a naked Cyndie disappear into the bathroom. They were shortly followed by Madison and Kimberly. The crowd gathered at the bedroom door. Inside the boys, were quickly and sheepishly getting dressed. Eva was wiping her cunt with a wad of Kleenex. She just looked up and smiled.

The crowd of girls were speechless as they watch their sweaty friends step into their pants. Their limp spent dicks dangling and then quickly shoved out of sight. Kimberly took note of the massive cock on Justin who seemed to be struggling to get his pants on. His semi hard dick swaying as he finally got a foot down a pant leg. He looked profoundly embarrassed.

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