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Summer School


Ms. Elliot looked up as Mike laid his homework paper on her desk. He moved a little slower than usual trying to get a look down her slightly open blouse to see her unbelievable breasts. He wished the top button would come undone. She smiled at Mike while giving her shoulders a little shrug that made her breasts jiggle.

"Oh Mike, I need you to stay after class before you leave okay?" She said smiling sweetly.

He nodded and then went back to his seat to stare at the clock. He couldn't wait till the bell rang signaling the end of his first year of college and the beginning of a long awaited summer vacation.

Then he remembered that his parents wanted him to go to summer school so he could graduate college a year early. What a way to waste a perfect summer.

Eventually the bell rang and the rest of the students left. After the last student filed out, Ms. Elliot locked the door and put the keys back in her pocket. He was hoping this didn't mean a lecture was about to begin.

"Is there a problem Ms. Elliot?" He asked nervously. Trying focus on her face instead of the mass that was sticking out of her chest. She sniffed a little and it almost looked like she was going to cry.

"Oh you're not in trouble or anything. I just. Well, want to talk with you about something."

Now he was getting really nervous. Did she notice the staring? He hoped she wouldn't give him some stupid lecture about that. He looked down and his eyes locked onto her legs. Such long luscious legs in 3" heels leading up under her skirt. He shook his head a little as he realized he now had something else on Ms. Elliot's body to stare at.

"Mike, I...want you to...so badly..."

She stopped talking and just looked at him for a few seconds.

"You've been a great student, helping others with their homework, helping me collect and handout papers. I...I...want to give you a treat for being such a help."

She stopped again and purposefully drew his attention to her breasts by caressing them.

He immediately got hard wishing he caress her breasts for her. Dropping her hands to her side, she walked over to Mike and shoved his face between her large breasts.

"Please...you're the only on I want...please," she begged.

She gently and slowly tilted his face up towards hers, letting his eyes roam over her breasts before gently pushing him back. Very deliberately she began to unbutton her blouse. She stopped just before undoing the button that would let her shirt open fully and reached down to unzip her skirt.

"Ms. Elliot. ... I." He couldn't stop staring at her enormous breasts that were just barely covered. Then his eyes focused on her crotch when she flung her skirt at him. His penis twitched when he realized that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Just a pair of sheer thigh high pantyhose and a blouse that only had one button closed. His brain began to shut down as watched her dance around him and run her hands along her body.

She wiggle her index finger at him, beckoning him to come closer. When he got within arms reach, she stopped him by placing a palm on his chest and stroking his belly. Without warning, she grabbed his head and planted a kiss on his lips. He stood there, to numb to comprehend what she was doing. Pushing back to get more oxygen, she undid the last button and shook her shirt to the floor.

That was all it took for Mike to let his other "brain" to take full control of his body. Reaching out, he carefully touched her right breast as if it was on fire. She grabbed his hand with hers and began showing him how she wanted him to play with her breasts. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra and shook it to the floor. She stood there for a few minutes, allowing him to squeeze and knead her breasts.

Gently pushing his hands aside, she knelt down began to undo his pants. Once they were opened, she reached into his underwear and grabbed his twitching and swollen penis. She caressed it for a few seconds before standing up and draping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer so she could whisper in his ear.

"Don't let this thing go off before you get it safely in its new home."

He didn't say anything but from his reaction she realized it was too late. As the first spurts shot out, she grabbed his cock and aimed it at her chest. She stroked his spasming cock until it stopped twitching. A smile of amusement and giddiness crossed her face as she watched his legs buckle as his butt hit the floor.

"Your next load will be released deep inside me." She whispered hotly.

She lifted up her breasts.

"You like these? I know you like them because you can't stop staring at 'em."

His face suddenly became red. She giggled and put a hand on his shoulder. She bent forward a little bit and shrugged her shoulders to draw his eyes back to her breasts.

"Stare at them. Etch a picture of them into your head. I don't care." Smiling seductively she continued, "I bet there is another part of me you would like to look at. Hmm?"

Placing her hand against the side of her breast, she slowly slide it down her side until she reached her hip. She moved her hand in a little bit and lightly drummed her fingers on her pussy a few times before pulling her hand away with a finger catching a lip. For a brief second, Mike could see the very wet and pink lining of her vagina.

He stared down at her pussy in shock at how huge it was. Not majorly huge but a little bit bigger than those he was used to seeing on the Internet.

Turning around, she sat on his lap with her legs on either side of the chair. Then she bent forward and removed his shoes and socks. All he could do was stare at her smooth and sexy body since she had his brain working overtime trying to figure out what he should do.

Sitting up, she turned to her right so both of her legs where on the same side of the chair. Lifting her right leg almost straight up, she swung around so that she was facing him and had her legs on either side of the chair again. She slide forward just enough to feel his penis press against her pussy lips through his underwear.

With a little coaxing, she got him to move his arms so she could remove his shirt. Running her hands down his chest, she grabbed his penis and gave it a little squeeze before sliding off him to the floor, pulling him with.

"Lean back and put your legs straight out in front of you."

With his legs straight, she scooted back and began to tug at his pants. After a few tugs, his brain figured out what she was doing and ordered him to lift his butt off the floor. Once done, she was able to quickly pull them off the rest of the way and tossed them on to the growing pile of clothes. Hooking a finger under the elastic band of his underwear, she got him to lift his hips again and tossed the pair of underwear on top of his pants.

Walking around to stand behind him, she sat down with her legs spread.

"Lay on your stomach and face me."

He rolled onto his stomach and when he looked up, he wasn't sure which part of his body was going to burst, his eyes from seeing Ms. Elliot holding her vagina open with both hands so he could see all the way to the back of it or his penis from the build up of cum and the cold floor.

"Place your hands in front of you with palms together. And prepare to go where you never thought possible."

Grabbing his hands, she scooted forward so his arms bent at the elbows as she guided his hands into her pussy. She slid his hands inside her until she felt his finger tips brush her cervix. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she watched as her pussy lips slowly closed around his wrists.

"Ms. Elliot. W-w-what are you doing?"

He tried to pull his hands out but her pussy clamped down on his hands preventing him from pulling them out.

"Wrong direction Mike." She whispered. Her voice barely controlled due to the million sensations she felt between her legs.

Tugging on his shoulders, she pulled him towards her. Her pussy lips flared open for a second and pulled his hands in, tight against her cervix. Grabbing his shirt, she spread it on the floor behind her and laid down, spreading her legs and pulling her knees against her breasts.

Mike stared in awe and wonder at the view Ms. Elliot was giving him of her body. His eyes slowly traced her long legs from her 3" heels to her hips. Then they moved to drink in the sight of his hands deep inside her pussy and then up to her firm tits. He felt the skin pulsing around his hands and flexed his fingers.

Ms. Elliot gasped and shuddered as her orgasm hit. Mike thought his hands were going to be crushed as her pussy clamped down on them. He felt the muscles in his body begin to relax as his hands and lower arms where coated in her cum.

Lifting her head off the floor, she mouthed "Thank you" to him and squeezed her breasts together. She laid her head on the floor, relaxing as a she felt her cervix open up. Smiling, she began humming a tune made of pure bliss known only to her. As her cervix opened up, the muscles around Mikes hand began to pulsate in a rhythm that began to slowly pull him in.

He watched with rapt attention as his hands and slowly his lower arms disappeared into Ms. Elliot's pussy. After his elbows slipped inside, he felt the timing of the pulses slow down and realized that he was sliding into her a bit faster. He was about to look up when a hand was placed on either side of his head. A few more pulses and he felt her pussy lips start to spread around his head. Now he understood what Ms. Elliot meant when she said his next load would be released deep inside her. She was unbirthing him.

Just before his ears were pulled into her pussy, he heard her say, "Welcome to summer school, baby."

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