tagIncest/TabooSummer Suspicions Ch. 07

Summer Suspicions Ch. 07


**The authors would like to thank carolin_ for her time in editing**

Summers normally go fast but this one flew like no other I've ever known. Before I knew it there was only a week left before Lisa went back to nursing school and I started community college since it was much cheaper than the university. I figured I'd get some generals done, maybe get an associates and then transfer up to the big school. Lacy was nearby, which was another reason I didn't want to leave home for school very fast.

To say we've hit it off would be an understatement. I'm not just talking the sex; we've become a full-fledged couple in the last few weeks of summer. She even calls me her boyfriend and isn't ashamed to introduce me to her other friends as such. We hang out constantly and Lisa and my mother are less likely to be present when we have sex. The one on one time is ridiculously hot. I can devote all my attention and energy on her, worshiping her incredible body with no distractions.

I'm sure you're wondering if the anal thing has happened yet and whether or not I've taken her anal virginity. Well... not quite yet but I have been helping her train. She's graduated to the largest butt plug and beyond. I wanted to try this morning when we were alone but she wouldn't let me since she promised Lisa she would let her witness the big event. It was all I could do not to slide lower and ease my rock hard cock into her tight butt. I know she's ready for it and I can scarcely wait.

This would have been a perfect time. Lacy was way into it. I don't think I've seen her so wet before. My cock was coated in thick white juice from her body. So much that a good amount had puddled around her asshole and would have made the perfect lube. When I pulled my dick from her drenched sex after her second orgasm I noticed the amount of secretions on my cock and her body. Without thinking or asking her, I lowered my cock and began to press into her butt but she immediately stopped me.

"Luke! No! I promised Lisa she could see you do that. I can't not let her after all the help she's been."

I froze, half of my bulbous head was inside of her, I could feel the heat and tight splendor wrapped around my tip and so wanted to press in further. I was all I could do to keep myself under control.

"But... it's perfect right now. She'll never know. We can act like we haven't' done it yet."

"I'll know and I just can't do that to her. Just wait a little longer, okay, Babe?"

"Fine, I guess I can," I said, pulling back and feeding my cock higher into her wide open sex.

She was on her back with her legs up over her head. Her incredible round breasts defying gravity and giggling on her chest. I still hadn't gotten used to doing her and seeing her naked. I expected to wake up from a dream most the time when we're having sex. She's just that hot.

"Mmm, I like when you leave and enter again... It's like starting again and your width takes my breath away."

"I know, it's really good. Are you excited to try anal with me. I think you're good and ready for sure."

"I am... and I think so too. Even as wide as you are, I think all the practice will pay off."

I smiled down at her, reached forward and grabbed more than a handful of her firm breasts and slammed my dick into her over and over.

"That's it, Babe, fuck me... give me that cock.... Yeah... keep that up... I want you to cum."

The breast I didn't have ahold of was rolling around in a large circle as I pounded my new girlfriend with everything I had. She was so wet and slippery it took a while even as hard as I was going to town on her. I think she was ovulating or something because in the couple weeks we've been doing each other she had never been this wet before. The longer I pounded the more I wanted to pull out and take her tight ass. The thought would not leave my head; I wanted her ass so bad.

"Oh... my...... oh... Luke... I'm going to cum again!" she screamed from my efforts several minutes later.

The thought of getting her to cum and while she was climaxing to enter her ass when she couldn't talk to stop me, crossed my mind. I almost did it as she tightened up and began to shake and shudder on my dick. Somehow she became even wetter and her convulsing pussy clenched, making my pleasure suddenly arrive. I still wanted to pull out and do anal but sensibility won out. Yes I wanted anal but I didn't want to piss her off either. I could wait... just a few more days.

I disregarded the urge to have her ass and focused on my pleasure, which was quickly peaking as she was cumming. I renewed my effort, pushing her legs over her head further and increasing the friction on my cock, until the point of my own orgasm was less than a second away. Clenching my muscles, I held my load in, basking in the intense sensations for a moment more. I pulled back far, letting my cock flip out of her drenched sex and without touching it I erupted onto her stomach, shooting all the way to her quivering breasts. I let my cock shoot twice before I took my left hand off her leg and stroked myself through to completion. My cock was just covered in her thick juices and it was so slippery I couldn't really grab hold of it like I normally do. Instead I just used the juices to slide my hand up and down the shaft. I dropped a large load onto her body and I think she was still cumming even after I had finished. Sometimes girls have all the fun with such long climaxes it puts mine to shame and this was her third.

When she opened her eyes and focused she looked down at the mess I made on her body and smiled.

"You know, you could have cum inside... I told you I was on birth control."

"I know," I smiled.

"You just like to cum on me... and I guess it's easier to clean up, but sometimes I like when you go inside."

"I will next time."

"Next time you'll probably be in my ass. Tomorrow starts the last week of summer. Lisa goes back to school so it's this week or never to try and see if all this 'training' has paid off."

"Oh don't worry, I know and I can hardly wait." I said, lifting her left leg so I could fall next to her.

I propped myself on my elbow and watched her nipples rise as the semen on her body began to chill. She was amazingly hot covered in my load. I wanted to take a picture to have the image I was seeing last forever.

"Do you mind grabbing the towel, I can't move," she said, getting my attention.

"Sure," I said rolling over to find it. I first wiped my hand and penis off, folding the towel over before rising up and cleaning her off myself.

"Thanks," she said once I had finished cleaning her incredible body of all my semen.

"You were really creamy today, crazy wet."

"Yeah, that happens every month. Does it bug you?"

"Not at all, it felt great."

"It sure did. You made me cum three times. You're amazing in bed, Luke... I'm so glad Lisa introduced me to you."

I started laughing because it struck me funny.

"Well okay, not really introduced... more like shared your cock with me when we thought you were out cold."

"Yeah... that's more like it. But I have to say I'm very glad she did as well. You're amazing."

"Thanks, you're sweet but I'm going to have to get you to go. My mom should be home soon and she won't like the idea of you here alone with me."

"You should really think about moving out."

"I know, it's just she doesn't charge rent and schools expensive. Maybe after I'm finished I'll move out then."

I reluctantly rolled out of bed. Found my clothing and dressed. Turning I admired her naked body one final time, leaned over and kissed her goodbye.

"I'll call you," I said.

"You better. We need to plan when we're getting together with Lisa to do this anal thing. Talk to her when you get home and let me know."

"I will."

With one final lingering kiss I forced myself to leave. I passed her mother's car as I headed home.


When I got home my dad's car was gone. This was strange on a Sunday afternoon. Inside I found Lisa reading something on her phone. She looked flushed and jumped when I spoke to her.

"Hey, where's Mom and Dad," I asked.

"Dad took her to that movie she's been dying to see."

"Why didn't you go?"

"Didn't want to see it."

"Oh... okay."

"And how is Lacy doing?"

"She's wonderful," I said, smiling big.

"I'll bet... getting some sex in when her mom's working."

"Odd hours, yes but we work with what we get."

"Is she ready?"

"For what?" I asked.

"You know what! Don't give me that," Lisa said, setting her phone down.

I couldn't stop smiling... "I think she is, and she's excited. She wanted me to ask you when we could get together before you leave."

"Anytime, I could have her sleep over again then Mom could join us. I'm sure she'll want to."

"For sure. You should call her and plan it then," I said leaving the room and heading upstairs.

"Hey, Luke... hold on," she called after me.

I turned around and headed back to her.

"I was thinking, since Mom and Dad are gone, maybe you and I could... well you know... before I go... just the two of us."

"Umm... I don't know, Sis... what about Lacy... she's my girlfriend now... that'd be kind of like cheating."

"Cheating! I'm your sister it's just sex and anyway you two owe your relationship to me."

"True... but I still think we shouldn't unless she's here."

"What if I call her and ask her if it's okay... this books got me all kinds of turned on," she said motioning to her phone.

"Well, okay. Call her... I can't wait to hear this conversation. Hey, Lacy... do you mind if I fuck your boyfriend who's actually my brother before I go back to school."

"That's exactly what I'm going to say," Lisa said, dialing the number.

"Sure you are."

"Hey, Lacy... it's me... I was just calling to ask you if I could fuck your boyfriend, my brother... one more time before I leave for school," Lisa said over the phone.

Then she put it on speaker for me to hear Lacy's response.

"Sure, he'll probably last a long time after the load he just shot on me," I heard Lacy's voice say.

I shook my head, but shouldn't have been surprised about these two.

"Cool, he made me call, I guess he was worried you might get mad or something."

"Oh, he's such a sweetie. Tell him hi for me and do him right."

"Okay I will... oh and check your schedule for a night you can stay over this week. We have some unfinished business with you and your butt."

"That's right... okay I'll let you know. See ya," Lacy said and hung up.

"And you were worried," Lisa said, grinning at me as the call ended.

"Wow, that was... wow I don't know what to say to that conversation."

"You loved it. So are you good... will you fuck me now?"

"Umm... sure... where?" I asked meaning a room in the house.

"Well, I was thinking in both holes if that's okay," she said.

"Not what I meant but okay."

"I know, silly, I was messing with you. My room. Let's go."

She grabbed my hand and practically dragged me up the stairs to her room. She immediately began pulling her clothing off and tossing them around the room until she was butt naked before me. It had probably only been a week since I did her last but that was with Mom and Lacy along for the ride. The last time I did Lisa alone was when she was drugged unconscious by her own patches. I still hadn't told her about that. Didn't think it mattered now. My dick sprung new life as I watched her strip. Her body was totally different than Lacy's but she was still plenty hot and nice to look at.

"What's the hold up?" she said seeing me still fully dressed.

"Sorry. I was just watching you."

"Well, hurry up we don't have very long until the movies over."

I guess I wasn't going fast enough because she soon came across the room and helped me finish, yanking my pants down along with my underwear, only to drop to her knees and start sucking my rapidly growing dick.

"Wow, you're really horny," I said as she sucked me deep.

She only moaned a reply and began to bob and spin on my now fully hard cock. Pleasure rushed through my shaft, spreading throughout my body as my sister treated me to her famous blowjob she learned from my mother. Her hands clawed my ass and soon my cock and balls were covered in her saliva. I watched from above her dark hair bob up and down and twist on my tool, sending the thrill of pleasure through me.

"Dang, that must have been some book?"

This made her take me out so she could speak, "Yeah, its erotica I found for cheap... but man it really gets me going. Nasty stuff, real hardcore."

"Obviously", I said as my toes curled when she sucked me deep and hard again.

She only sucked me for a few more minutes before standing up and pulling me over to the bed. When her legs hit she fell backwards on it and pulled me on top of her. I landed with my hands on her breasts, fondling both with my dick wedged between our bodies. She scooted up under me, positioning my dick where she wanted it so I could just thrust forward into her. She obviously was hot and ready and didn't need any more encouragement.

We both moaned as I rushed into her wet sex. Hot slippery bliss covered my shaft and enveloped my head with one lunge. Her nails scratched at my back, down to my ass where she grabbed hold of my cheeks and pulled me roughly into her again.

"Ahhh, yes! Give it to me, Luke!"

I reminded myself to ask her what the book title was because she was crazy wet and hot. She kept a firm grip on my ass, just pushing me away and yanking me hard back into her. Even the expression on her face was intense; her eyes were scrunched making small lines across the bridge of her nose with her bottom lip between her teeth. She really wanted it and bad. Good thing I had cum less than an hour ago because I could tell I was going to need all the staying power I could muster. When Lisa's like this you don't want to disappoint her.

She didn't let up, holding tightly to my body and pushing and pulling me like she had to climax like her life depended on it. I'm sure it wasn't easy and she started breathing heavier and faster the longer she used my body like her own personal toy. I don't know what it is about her but it seemed like she had to work a lot harder than Lacy or even Mom to achieve an orgasm.

By the time she finally climaxed it had taken so much out of her she felt limp and exhausted after the convulsions that shook her frame and squeezed my cock. She was so out of it after it reminded me of when I had fucked her unconscious. She was no longer participating, just limp but breathing heavy. I slowed the thrusts, back to a manageable rhythm and enjoyed the sensations of her sex clinging to my shaft as I pressed in and pulled out.

It took her a good five minutes before she became an active participant again, reaching up and caressing my chest at first. She pinched my small nipples which sent a surprising sensation through my body and intensified the pleasure in my dick.

"Do you like that?" she asked, raising her other hand to do the same to the other.

"Actually, yeah, it feels good."

She used her long nails and trapped my nipples between thumb and middle finger, leaving nail marks on my flesh but a strong satisfying rush of pleasure through my body.

"You have the same nerve endings in them as us girls do, so it's not that surprising," she added.

Man it was really doing something to me. My cock jumped and the pleasure grew each time she pinched, raising my balls tight against my body. I thought I might cum if she kept it up but I didn't get the chance. Suddenly she let go and rolled me over to go on top, her energy had returned.

"So tell me... how many times did Lacy climax this morning before you came?" she asked, rising on her feet to ride me.

"Three... by the time it was my turn I really had a load for her."

"That's what she said... too bad we don't have the same amount of time."

"When is this movie over?" I asked, basking in the ride she was giving my cock.

"It started at 12:30 and is around two hours."

I looked at the clock on her nightstand, "So we only have around thirty minutes 'til it ends and fifteen after that and their home."

"Yep, and I want to cum one more time."

Her hands went to her own nipples, pulling them away from her breasts and twisting them until it looked painful. They stood off her round perky flesh red and engorged when she suddenly let them go, only to palm them with her hands. She picked up the pace, using her legs to squat down and rise up off of me, doing all the work again.

She was soon covered in a light sheen of sweat and breathing hard again. Her eyes were closed and she was riding me with her orgasmic purpose clearly written on her face again. She almost looked angry or in pain she was trying so hard to climax. The way she bent and rode my cock was amazing, like no other woman before or since, so determined in her goal.

I watched the clock, time was passing fast and still Lisa hadn't cum a second time. I feared if I interrupted I'd break her rhythm and ruin all the effort she had put in. I just laid there, letting my sister ride me as fast and as hard as she wanted, not saying a word. Her hands alternated between her breasts and clit, sometimes one on each. Her balance was impressive as was her endurance.

The movie was over for sure... Mom and Dad would be home any time now unless they decided to get lunch or do something else. I was hoping so because I didn't want to have to stop Lisa. She seemed to be getting closer, bending my cock in the same spot for about five minutes and focusing on her clitoris.

Five more minutes and she had achieved climax and it looked and felt like an amazing one. Her internal muscles were extremely strong, just clenching my cock as she erupted in a mind shattering orgasm that left her utterly spent and exhausted. She fell onto me, panting in the familiar way she normally does after ridding me like this. I wanted to cum, I wanted to finish now as well and didn't know how much time I had because the parents should have been home by now. Rolling her over, I stood up off the bed, lifted her legs and reentered her, slamming my cock in her juicy sex.

"Ass... you don't have time to mess around," I heard her whisper; almost so quiet I didn't hear.

She was right though. I had to hurry. Her body accepted my wide and long cock into her ass easily and I began to pump fast very soon after the initial tightness lessened. The pleasure grew quickly but still I was a ways off before I climaxed when I heard my parents enter the house. Mom wouldn't care but if Dad caught us it could be disastrous.

"You better hurry!" she said as loud as she dared.

"Pinch my nipples again," I said, needing a little bit more.

I leaned over and she grabbed both of them, pinching hard as I thrust into her tight ass. She kept pinching and twisting them until I exploded deep inside of her with a well-earned and powerful orgasm that shook me to my core. The nipple play had really added to the end explosion, making me rock on my heels and shake under the barrage of contractions, sending my load deep inside of her. Looking down I watched my cock flex and contract, expanding with each shot of semen, with Lisa's ass firmly gripping my shaft.

"You did it," she asked.

I shook a few more times and looked down at her. "Yeah."

"Good, get dressed quick or we're going to get busted."

"Mom won't mind and how often does Dad come in your room?" I asked pulling away from her slowly so my dick eased out of her.

Just as I finished a knock sounded on Lisa's door. "Lisa? You awake?" my father's voice asked.

"Shit!" we both mouthed to each other.

I scrambled for my clothing and quickly hid in Lisa's closet as the doorknob turned. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lisa struggling to get under her covers, still naked. I heard the door open.

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