Summer to Remember


"Gonna cum baby. Your pussy's too fucking good baby," he snarled and for the next two minutes erupted deep inside me.

He came so hard and for so long I thought a dam broke. His hot cum was flowing out of me like a river and dripped to the floor right beside my pumps. He then lifted my ass right to his crown and began fucking me. I was stunned that my father was still rock hard, especially after just cumming so hard inside me. All the other guys I fucked, including my boyfriend and my brother didn't recover this fast.

"Let me fuck you baby," he commanded, and began thrusting his huge, throbbing cock way up into my pussy, as he held my ass cheeks in his hands. I was going crazy form the pounding of his giant shaft, feeling his huge balls smack against my ass as he lifted his ass off the chair and thrust into me like a jackhammer.

"Oh fuck," I snarled as I came with each pounding thrust. I now knew that this was the type of fucking my father liked, and my pussy was cumming harder than I ever have.

It was all about him pleasing his huge cock, and I was more than happy to let him use my pussy any way he wanted and as much as he wanted. He pounded his huge cock into me like a wild man, as my pussy squirted all over his squirted all over his fat shaft and filled the room with slushy sounds that reeked of lust.

"Fuck it baby. Fuck it just the way you want and need," I groaned, biting my lower lip as I came in a flood, coating his huge cock in my hot liquid, which allowed him to fuck even harder. After I came I fell into him, and kissed him hard as his massive cock lodged inside my cunt, hard and throbbing, in need of a lot more of my pussy.

He then pushed me onto the rug, so that my back was on the rug and my high heels were on the edge of the chair. My pussy was so exposed and so defenseless as he squatted over my pussy and lined his huge cock up to the open mouth. He than began slamming his huge cock straight down into my open fuck hole, as he did these deep squats. I was amazed at his strength and endurance and kept yelling out loud from the force of being pried apart from such a huge cock.

"Oh fuck, you really know what you want," I snarled out loud as he sent his huge cock burrowing deep into the center of my fuck hole.

"So fucking good," he mumbled almost incoherently as he fucked me like a man overcome by the devil. After a good fifteen minutes of punishing my pussy he lifted me back up on the chair and we kissed in a the most frenzied and untamed way, as our tongues skidded over each others.

After I came he had me climb on top of him with my back against his chest.

"Put your high heels on the edge of the chair," he commanded as I sat on top of him. "Fuck that big cock," he snarled as he put his hands around my thin waist and I reached for his huge hard-on and lined it up with my smoking pussy.

For the next half hour I rode up and down his massive shaft as he lifted me at the waist and I pushed against my pumps. I was delirious as my defenseless pussy was being impaled on his huge cock. I came again and again, coating his monster cock with a clear froth that made him explode from being bathed in my cum.

"Lets fuck on the bed baby," he said after a half hour of this relentless pummeling and cumming really hard. On the bed we kissed and played with each other until he fucked me from behind. As he fucked me he pulled on my hips as my wet pussy slid down the length of his huge shaft, coming to a stop when my wild ass met his tight stomach. I began to fuck harder, matching my pussy to the rhythm of his hard, deep thrusts. I was cumming like crazy from the solid pounding and even bit the pillow when I exploded all over his huge cock.

After I came he pushed on my back and I went down on my stomach. He took my left high heel pump in his hand and lifted my leg kept fucking into me a little slower. he slow fucked me like this for almost an hour. It was the most exquisite feeling I ever experienced. My pussy was so stuffed and I closed my eyes and sucked my finger as I imagined my father behind me fucking his huge, tireless cock into me with long, deep, slow strokes. I went wild feeling his free hand roam over my ass and up my back

"You have a beautiful little ass Kate," he said in a deep resonant voice as he slow fucked into me. "Such a sexy little ass," he said in his deep voice, as he fucked me slow and deep. Deeper than I've ever felt any cock. He had my pussy right on the brink of cumming and he knew it. This slow fucking was his way to build up my cum. It was sexy torture and had me squirming. He than let go of my high heel and leaned over me as he continued fucking his huge cock into me, and started kissing my neck and shoulders.

"Such a sexy young girl Kate. With a beautiful pussy and sexy little ass, and an amazing pair of big nipples, he said in his deep voice as he slow fucked into me taking almost a minute to go from his cockhead to the base of his massive shaft.

"Oh god. You have me so turned on. So fucked up," I moaned than turned my head and met his tongue in a kiss, that sent sparks into my boiling cunt. "Oh god. Make me cum. Your great, big cock has me so fucked up. Please baby,let me cum all over that great, big cock," I moaned needing to explode all over his massive slow fucking cock.

"Let it go Kate," he said, almost as if he was giving me permission, than held his huge cock steady once he bottomed out.

OH FUCK," I snarled, as my pussy kept firing over and over his huge cock as he held it steady, and buried deep inside me without moving a mussel.

It was like having a giant log was wedged inside my pussy and I kept cumming all over him. As I came he rolled on his side and we side fucked for an hour. We were kissing like two wild lovers as he held my left leg up and fucked his huge cock deep inside me, making me cum in ways I've never experienced. After cumming I was crazed to fuck him.

"Let me fuck you baby," I snarled as I pushed back and went to my knees. "Don't fucking move. Let me use your great big cock. I want to fuck you now," I snarled and began thrusting my ass all the way down the length of his huge shaft. I felt so empowered to be fucking him. I wanted to get him off like he did me and by the way he was moaning and the way his cock was inflating inside me I knew I had him

"That's incredible baby. You have an amazing pussy," he howled as I thrust back and forth on his mammoth cock.

"I'm glad you like that pussy baby. It's yours anytime you want it," I howled in a hot, throaty voice.

"Oh fuck. You are such an amazing fuck Kate. "I had no idea you'd be this fucking good baby. Such a good fuck," he snarled as his cock began to twitch deep inside me.

"And I had no idea you had such a huge cock," I screamed as I came all over him again. "Fucking cum baby," I shouted as he began to fire inside me.

For the next five minutes I kept fucking like a wild teenager back and forth over his giant cock until he pushed me forward and his huge cock popped out and the remaining cum spilled onto my ass. He laid beside me and we kissed for an hour, telling each other how much we loved fucking each other.

As we kissed I ran my hand across his massive rubbery cock. even soft it was 10 times bigger than my boyfriend and all the guys I fucked and twice as big as my brothers. His hands were making me hot as he ran them over my stockings and over my flat chest and big nipples.

My father and I fucked in and out of the bed, with him leading me from position to position, with a self-assuredness that drove me and my sex starved pussy crazy. In the bed he would fuck his massive cock into me from behind and even squat on his feet while leaning over me, grabbing my big nipples and pulling my hair and kissing me hard and making me cum all over his enormous shaft. He had incredible endurance, and strength to fuck in positions like this for long periods at a time. His huge cock hit my pussy at so many different angels, that I never felt before.

At one point he was standing off the bed, fucking his huge cock into me as he wrapped his hands around my legs, pulling me to his huge cock with every thrust. As he pulled me to him he pounded his huge cock into me, making me see stars as I exploded all over his giant shaft, as his giant hanging balls slapped against the bottom of my ass. Each time I came my pussy coated his fat shaft and allowed him to pound into me just the way he wanted.

"You cum real good baby," he snarled. "I love the way your pussy coats this big cock, " he said in a deep rasp as he thrust it deep, up into the back of my pussy.

"Oh fuck I love cumming all over your great, big cock. I've never felt so stuffed," I moaned back, as I felt my pussy build to another climax. As he was fucking me I started to cum and he instantly pulled out and lifted my legs behind my ankles which angled my pussy straight up in the air. He than went down on me, eating my cunt as I came violently. He than inserted two fingers in my cunt and two in my ass, and fucked me forcefully.

"Keep fucking cumming baby," he snarled as he fucked me like a mad-man using his four fingers.

"OH FUCK,"I yelled as my pussy and ass came hard. I was so delirious, and came over and over in a tsunami, because my father knew just what he wanted to do to get me off.

"Oh god, you really know how to fuck," I moaned as an intense orgasm washed over my trembling body. I was so glad that he was fucking me just like all his other teen fucks, instead of being timid like by boyfriend or some of the other guys I've fucked. The way he was fucking me and making me fuck him was the farthest thing from being father & daughter. I was so turned on to being one of his fucks, one of his best fucks.

As I was cumming he went back down and kept eating me, holding my legs so that my pussy was attached to his mouth. "Oh fuck, I can't stop cumming," I shouted as I exploded all over his face. After I came he pulled me off the bed and kissed me hard. At one point I was on the bed, squatting over his monster cock, bouncing up and down it as my pumps anchored to the bed. As I was fucking him a need to suck his cock and pump him off overcame me.

"I want to suck you off. I need to see that great big cock explode again," I said out loud as I hopped off his huge cock, causing a loud pop to sound when it left my pussy. The second my tight pussy released his huge cock, it bounced off his stomach with a loud thud and before it slap back I scooped it up in my palm and began pumping it as I spit all over it. I flicked my tongue over his huge crown which caused him to roll his eyes and groan.

"You're so naughty baby, he said in a raspy voice as my tongue worked over every inch of his giant shaft.

" Let me see it pop again baby," I said in a hot voice as I felt it expand in my palm. I angled his huge cock to the side, just in case he shot another big load, and so that I could watch it in the mirror too.

"Oh fuck here it comes baby, " he moaned and a second later blast after blast shot up way over my back onto the floor.

"Oh fuck you shoot so fucking hard," I cried out as cum flew out of his cock with an incredible force, in long, thick ropes.

" Keep pumping it," he said in a demanding voice as I kept sliding my palm over his shaft, watching in stunned amazement as it kept spitting out thick, white ropes of cum so much that it formed a puddle on the floor.

Out of the bed he would pull me to his chest and lift me by my ankles and with one hand would reach for his huge cock and fuck it into me as he tilted my pussy to the angel he wanted and fucked straight into me.

He held me like I was a feather, as I turned my head to kiss his outstretched tongue. In this position he thrust his huge cock so far up inside me that I came all so hard , it traveled onto his legs and splattered to the floor. At one point he turned me as if he was carrying me with one hand behind my neck and the other behind my knees, and fucked his huge cock into me as we kissed hard.

"You like this pussy baby," I said as we kissed. "I know this huge cock gets so much pussy," I moaned as he fucked way up inside me.

"You're one of the best fucks I've had baby," he growled as I felt his huge cock expand inside me, thrilled to be driving him crazy. Hearing him say I was one of his best fucks turned me on like mad. He fucked all the time, with some of the sexiest teens I've ever seen, and to hear him say I was one of his best fucks meant everything to me.

"Oh god, I know you fuck all the time baby. I love pleasing your great, big cock," I moaned as I felt my pussy being stuffed so full. "Cum baby. Fill my cunt with another of your huge, fucking loads. Cum for me baby," I moaned hotly. He was rolling my body onto his cock, feeding it deep inside me when he exploded inside me, filling me with so much cum it splashed out into the floor.

Amazingly he kept fucking through his explosive orgasm and put me down and bent me over his desk and kept pounding into me without breaking his rhythm. I was so horny for my fathers huge cock. All I wanted to do was kiss and fuck and please every inch of his great, big, popular cock. As the hours passed, the hunger to fuck each other grew inside both of us, like the intensity of an out-of-control forest fire that couldn't be extinguished.

Although our fucking was untamed and hungry, there were moments where we would just lay beside each other and kiss like two lovers deep in passion. It was so sexy to lie next to each other as his fingers played with my pussy and I pumped up an down his massive shaft lovingly as our tongues twisted in a sexy kiss.

My father was an amazing kisser and had me so turned on with the way he used his lips and tongue. He had an incredible mouth Just the way he kissed made me so hot and horny to fuck him. Our torrid fuck lead us to the pool around 4 in the morning. As I walked out in my thigh high stockings and high heels the clicking sound of my high heels fueled our arousal causing us to stop every few feet to kiss along the way. I would always break away from our kiss to bend at the waist and lick all over his huge cock. We had fucked through the whole night, just like he said we would. As the hours passed, our lust to fuck and please each other grew to the most intense level.

We continued our intense fuck by the pool. As the sun came up my father was hammering his huge cock into me savagely while I laid back on the futon couch under the canopy, with my pumps wrapped around his muscular back, kissing him passionately until he roared and filled my pussy with one last load of cum. His burst was so hot, I felt it boiling inside me, and triggered my spasming cunt to instantly clamp down on him, desperate to drain every last drop of cum out of his mammoth cock.

Taking off my pumps and stockings we went into the pool and kissed and played with each other for almost an hour. He even lifted me onto the diving board and ate my pussy with his incredible mouth and tongue until I came violently all over his mouth and tongue. When I got out of the pool we dried off as we kissed each other. After I dried off I stepped back into my pumps and walked arm-in-arm with him to his bed where we slept for a few hours then started our heated fuck all over again.

During that fuck my pussy never stopped cumming, as my father's massive cock exploded nine different times, in the most powerful orgasms that lasted minutes at a time. My father, at 68 was inexhaustible, and fucked with a confidence I never experienced before. He lead me from position to position, fucking me just the way he wanted. He knew how he wanted his cock to be pleased and I was so turned to let him use my pussy anyway he wanted. I was sure all teens he fucked felt the same way. His handsome looks, his confidence and his huge, inexhaustible cock drove every teen and myself insane with lust, and insane to please it.

I found out later that he fucked four of the girls from the pageant. One was Asian, one was black and one was white. I also learned by my best friend Allison that she fucked him too. The white girl was Stacy. She was a cheerleader with me and Allison. At the pageant Stacy was always coming onto my father, and she was the one who arranged the foursome. The three girls went on his 165 foot yacht for a weekend, and from what I heard from another girl in the pageant, who could resist telling me, was that the girls told her my father had an enormous cock(new flash--NOT) and that he exhausted them all.

She couldn't resist telling me that each of the girls went crazy when they saw his huge cock and how hard and how much cum he had. She was also the one who told me about Allison, and re-capped all the details. When I confronted Allison she admitted fucking my father and said it was the wildest experience in her life. I was pissed, but she also said that she knew he was fucking me and that he had told her how much he loved the way I fucked. Although I was a little jealous of the three girls, and a little pissed about my best friend Allison fucking him, I understood that my father liked variety, and that he fucked all the time. I also knew that he loved my pussy, and as long as I was getting fucked by his huge cock, I was totally ok with him fucking other teens.

One weekend I had an argument with my boyfriend and decided to go stay at my fathers and use the pool. As I walked to the pool area I heard the voices of girls moaning and groaning. I wasn't surprised that my father was fucking, but I was surprised to find my him lying on the large futon, surrounded by Stacy and two of the girls from the pageant. These were the same three girls that were on his yacht. All three were all dressed in sexy lingerie, complete with thigh high stockings, high heels and the sexiest transparent thongs and lace bras. The black teen, Traci had on a sexy white garter belt attached to white thigh high stockings. They were all in a trance, kneeling on the futon and licking all over my fathers huge cock.

" Why don't you join us Kate," my father said seeing me. The girls were so into licking all over his huge cock, they didn't even look up.

The air around my fathers huge cock was filled with deep moans about how huge he was and how bad they each wanted to fuck him. They were each desperate to please him, all desperate to fuck him.

"Let me go change into something sexy," I said in a hot voice as I bent over to kiss him. I came back wearing a pink lace bra and thong with a matching garter set. I wore a pair of pink thigh high stockings and pink high heel pumps.

When I came out the Asian teen Kim was squatting over his huge cock, riding it up and down moaning about how fucking huge he was. Her pussy only went down half way before she bounced back up. When she went don his shaft it actually bent in the center in an L shape, because she could only take half of him. The white girl Claire was sucking my fathers huge balls and licking Kim's pussy while Traci was licking her big, Asian nipples and kissing her. When I came into the hot action I dropped my pussy down on my fathers face and instantly came as he sent his incredible tongue into my tight fuck hole and my ass.

We all got our share of his huge cock throughout the night, each impatiently waiting our turn to fuck him, but being so stuffed, and cumming so hard when we did. At one point we stroked him off, and made him cum all over the cement patio. We had four sets of hands on his monster cock, all stroking him to a steady rhythm until he bust all over the patio. When the three girls finally drove home in his personal limousine at 5am I was on my hands and knees on the futon getting fucked from behind by my fathers huge, tireless cock.

I learned so many things about my father during our hot fuck. The main thing was that he fucked real hard, and could literally pound like a jackhammer without stopping for hours at a time. A huge cock that could fuck really hard was like no other experience imaginable, making my orgasms the most powerful I have ever experienced. I never in my life ever got off so good as when I was fucked by my fathers great, big cock. I didn't even get off half as good when I fucked my brother, and him and I went at it all day too.

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