tagMatureSummer Vacation

Summer Vacation


By Jacob Bard

Having just emptied the dryer, Emma was busy sorting clothes and putting them away when she heard the doorbell. Going to the front door she saw it was her son Rick's friend, William. He must be looking for Rick, she thought to herself. Rick and William were back home from college for the summer. The two had been steadfast friends for most of their childhood and teen years and were now roommates at college.

Opening the door Emma greeted him with a hug and asked if he were looking for Rick. "Yes, maam," William answered, continuing, "I called his cell phone several times and he didn't answer. I figured he was still asleep. I just wanted to get him to go look at a car with me."

"A car?" Emma questioned.

William was excited to explain, "Yeah, since this fall I will start my senior year, dad said he might go ahead and help me buy a new car now instead of when I graduate. My old car is about to fall apart."

"Oh, that's great," Emma responded, "I hope you find one. But Rick's not here. He had an interview for a summer job."

"That's right." William remembered. "He told me that yesterday. When do you think he'll be back?"

"I don't think it will be anytime soon," she answered.

William paused and looked a little uncertain of what to do with himself and the time. "Well, I don't have to be at the dealership for another hour or so, do you mind if I just hang out here?" he asked.

William had spent so much time with Emma and Rick in the years prior to going off to college that it was almost like he lived there too. Anyway, she would be happy to have the company. Since her divorce two and a half years ago, and Rick going off to college, she had spent all the time alone she wanted.

"No, I don't mind," Emma replied. "Come on in and make yourself at home. You know where everything is around here. I'll be in here putting away the laundry if you need anything."


Emma was in her mid-forties, she had shoulder-length dark hair, and kept herself in good shape. She could have had another man by now but she was independent and had been enjoying her freedom from someone always trying to tell her what to do—like her ex-husband. Still, she did get lonely at times. It would be nice to have her son, and William, around this summer at least one more time before he graduated and moved on with his life.


Emma had only been back at her chores a short while before William came down the hallway to the bedroom where she was announcing he was bored and didn't want to watch TV.

"You want some help?" he asked Emma.

"Sure, I'm not going to turn down help. You can start by folding those towels," Emma instructed.

William quietly went to work doing an adequate job of folding. Emma glanced over at him and smiled, thanking him for helping. He smiled back and assured her it was no problem. As he folded towels his attention was drawn to Emma every time she would bend over and get more clothes out of the large basket on the floor. She was only wearing a camisole and a pair of exercise shorts—that were fairly short. She was wearing a bra under her top, but still had exposed cleavage and her shorts were tight enough when she bent over he could tell she was wearing a thong. He could feel his dick begin to harden. He had thought she was hot for several years now and had even fantasized about her at times when he masturbated. Whatever erotic feelings he had for her in the past were now flooding his mind and body in full force!

Breaking the silence, William started, "This is kind of a weird thing to say to my best friend's mom, but..." he paused timidly, not believing what he was about to say, "but you are really hot!"

Emma, taken back by the comment, glanced over at him, "What did you say?"

Embarrassed by her surprise and obvious startled reaction to his comment, he tried to recover, "I'm just saying that you are really good looking for someone's mom. That's all."

"What?" Emma responded partially flattered and partially offended.

Knowing that didn't come out right, he shot back, "I mean you're like a MILF! You know." Realizing that didn't sound right either and Emma now looking more offended than complimented, he tried again speaking more slowly, "All I'm saying is that you are really pretty and I have had a thing for you for the last few years. You are so good looking."

Now, feeling flattered and embarrassed for William she responded kindly, "Thank you William. I appreciate that. But I am old enough to be your mother."

"I know," William conceded, "But I am turning twenty-two next month. So, it's not like I'm a kid anymore."

Looking at William as he spoke she had become aware that he was not a kid anymore. He was tall, muscular, and becoming a handsome man. She had also noticed the bulge in his jeans and a stirring in her she had not felt in a while. Still, this was her son's friend, the son of a family friend...." Her mind drifted off as she listened to William explain how he was an adult now, and tried not to keep looking back at that bulge in his jeans.

After a few minutes she conceded that he was a man now, a young man, but a man. They began to laugh and joke as they were finishing up the laundry. However, the laughing and joking appeared to be turning to flirting and seducing. Who was seducing whom was the question—maybe it was mutual. The only thing for sure was one could cut the erotic tension with a knife.

Feigning being hot, William excused his removing of his t-shirt. It was a novice move to increase her interest, but all he could think of at the moment. Nevertheless, it did get her attention, doubtfully because it was a smooth move, more because she was horny as hell not having had sex for the last six months!

She moved toward him and stood silently in front of him lightly running her hands over his chest, up over his shoulders, and down his arms to grasp his hands, bringing her eyes and attention downward, where once again the bulge in his jeans captivated her attention. Head still down, she cast her eyes up at his looking for his response. His cheeks were slightly flushed and he appeared to be on the verge of trembling, but he smiled back at her with eagerness in his eyes.

Looking back down, she released his hands and then quickly released the button on his jeans, followed by a quick unzipping of his fly. Instantly, his swollen manhood, now being freed, sprang upward to her delight. With a look of satisfaction, she summarily shoved him back onto the bed where he fell, smiling as he landed.

Lying there, she could not tell if his erection continued to grow or was just continuing to emerge from his briefs, either way, she was reminded of what lust felt like and dropped onto the bed. Lying on her right side, she took hold of his jeans and briefs with her left hand, and with him raising his hips in unison with her sweeping motion, she was able to quickly pull them to his knees exposing his hardened cock and scrotum. Much to her satisfaction, he was a well-hung young man. His body was indeed hot and his ball sack dangled between his legs. As she took him into her eager mouth, she moved her mouth up and down and began playing with his testicles as if they were two large marbles in a bag.

Instant moans of pleasure filled the bedroom as William's masturbatory fantasy was taking place in real time. Emma emitted quite whimpers indicating her enjoyment of his flesh, but were barely audible due to Williams grunts and groans as he fought to keep from spraying his cum.

To his delight Emma was sucking him as though his was the most desired cock in the world. At times it felt as if she were wrapping her tongue around the tip of his cock, somehow swirling her lips and tongue around and at times he thought he could feel her tonsils as she went down on him taking him in so far he could feel her breath on his crotch. The pleasure was intense. Equal was the fear he could not contain himself. The last thing he wanted to happen now that his fantasy was being fulfilled, was to have it end abruptly and before he could feel what it was like to slide his cock into her cunt. The fantasy could not end that way! His mind screamed. Too many nights he had imagined the feel of the warm embrace of her pussy for it to end prematurely.

Just as he thought he could maintain control, her head bobbed twice and then she went down on him hard. He could hold it no longer and he felt the unbearable pleasure wash over him as he began to ejaculate before he could warn her. She could not help but swallow some of his jizz, but pulled him from her mouth quickly, allowing the spurts that followed to flow down his shaft and over her hand.

Both were disappointed, but William was embarrassed and immediately began to apologize saying it felt so good he could not help himself. Emma tried to console him as she gently stroked his dying erection.

"It's alright," she reassured him, "I guess I got carried away too. It's been awhile for me and I was lost in the moment."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," William responded.

"You know," Emma said with a lilt in her voice, "it doesn't have to be completely over. You could still make me cum." She added as she rubbed her pussy while glancing down between her legs as if directing him with her eyes.

William's eyes widened as he began to smile, "Oh yeah, I can do that. I would love to do that."

In an instant he was at the end of the bed, between her legs, with his mouth planted firmly on her pussy that was already saturated with her juices. Though he had little experience in the area of cunnilingus, giving oral pleasure, his desire and eagerness to pleasure her made up for the technique he lacked. As he threw himself into his effort, and seemed to enjoy it so much, Emma found the physical sensation of his lips and tongue as he kissed her and licked at her labia, sometimes inserting his tongue and occasionally stumbling onto her clit, in addition to his lust for her, was enough to bring her to orgasm. And as William would discover, this was an orgasm Emma must have been holding in for some time. One moment he was lost in the act of eating her pussy and thinking to himself this was too good to be real. and the next moment Emma had grabbed him by the hair of the head, thrown her legs into the air, and was pulling his face into her crotch forcefully as her body bucked and shuddered under the spell of a powerful orgasm.

At first, William having never brought a woman to orgasm that way, was not sure if he had done something good or something wrong. However, by the time her grip was released and her moans died down he had figured out that what just happened was a good thing. Raising his head up and looking at her, his hair disheveled, but with a smile of accomplishment, he observed with a hint of questioning, "That was good, wasn't it?"

Still breathing hard Emma replied, "Yes. That was good."

Bowing his head once more he imparted a final kiss to her vagina before standing up and proudly pointing to his crotch saying, "Here's something else that's good." With a look of satisfaction and renewed confidence he was pointing to his revived erection.

"Oh my!" Emma responded excitedly and she hurried off the bed and onto the floor where she got on her knees in front of him.

As great as the orgasm had been, she really had an appetite to feel a man's firm cock inside her. It wasn't huge, but it was stiff and she knew it would satisfy her need. Elated by the renewed prospects of getting fucked for the first time in a long time she took hold of him and began licking and sucking—her intent was only to secure his full stimulation—but William was taking no chances. After only a few seconds of oral stimulation he stopped her cautioning her, "You do that too good. Let's do something else."

Emma giggled as she got up and crawled back onto the bed lying onto her back. William crawled up between her legs and inserted a couple of fingers into her to test her wetness. She was still well saturated and he was as eager to feel his cock in her as she was to feel him penetrate her, so he wasted no more time.

This time it was as if he were an experienced lover as he smoothly plunged himself into her waiting cunt as if it were the most natural movement he could make. Finally!, Emma thought to herself, unaware William was thinking the same. The feeling for both was beyond description. For William, sex was still something new and he was unaccustomed to the wonderful sensations of two bodies united. To have this experience with a woman for which he had lusted after since he was sixteen, and who he regularly fantasized about when he masturbated, was an incredible experience. For Emma, sex was not a novel experience, but it was not something she had enjoyed many times in recent years. Make no mistake about it, she was enjoying the sex, but equal to or more so, she was enjoying being desired by a man—and a younger man at that. She was still desirable. She could still inspire lust in a man's heart. Within itself, that was almost enough. Nevertheless, this stiff cock pumping in and out of her completed her sense of gratification.

To her amazement and enjoyment William picked up his pace and intensity of thrusting. The upward curve of his cock along with his movements, by chance or by design, was hitting her g-spot just right. By bringing her knees up to her chest, appearing to almost curl up in the fetal position while lying on her back, allowed him to penetrate her deeper. It was not just about the feel anymore, part of the exhilaration was the basic expression of lust between the two as they became more and more enthralled in the moment of their raw sexual expression. William had gone from thrusting his cock into her to pounding her pussy as if driven wild by his sexual desire for her. Everything about the moment, the circumstances, the taboo nature of what was taking place, as well as the feel of his cock that seemed to have increased in providing her pleasure finally sent her over the edge and she squealed out in pleasure jutting her legs out straight as she climaxed, tightening her grip on his hips to the point he could no longer move. As her orgasm subsided she relaxed and he pumped slower while taking in the beauty of the obvious feeling of ecstasy on her face.

"I'm close too." William announced to her.

"Okay," Emma responded, "just pull out before you cum."

William smiled, "I'll do my best. It just feels so good."

"I know," Emma replied with a whimper.

Once again William picked up speed as Emma tightened her muscles, increasing the sensation he was feeling.

"Oh, yes. That's it." He announced in short halting sentences. Then beginning to moan, his jaw clinched, "Umm...ah! Yeah, yeah, Oh," he yelled out! Then, jerking his cock out just as he exploded all over her crotch and stomach, he let out a prolonged grunt. Looking down she saw the cum pulsating out of his cock and onto her and felt the warm fluid run down between her legs before he collapsed onto her, exhausted and out of breath.

William and Emma made sure not to act as if anything was different between them, especially in front of her son, and his best friend, Rick. Behind the scenes, however, it was not that easy to pretend nothing had taken place that morning in early summer. In the weeks that followed, William found himself "dropping by" as much as possible when he knew Rick was at work. William's family was not wealthy, but they were comfortable to say the least. In spite of this, during the summer he did have to work at the family business, or at least look like he was working. Nevertheless, as a rule he could control his coming and going without anyone questioning him. There was always an errand to run for the business or some other excuse to be out. And when he was out, he was usually at Emma's and since Emma was a teacher, she had most of the summer off work. It was during those times they were able to be alone that William learned how to make love to a woman.

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