tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 03

Summer Vacation Ch. 03

byD.C. Roi©

Tommy's Uncle Dave was away on a sales trip and Kim hadn't gotten home from college yet, so the young man and his aunt were going to be alone until Sunday night.

At breakfast Saturday morning, his aunt asked the young man if he'd mind mowing the lawn. Tommy, glad for something to do, happily acceded.

"I have some things to do at church," his aunt told him as they cleared the breakfast dishes. "I may not be home for lunch."

"No problem," Tommy said. "After I get the lawn finished, I think I'll take a run down to the municipal pool and get in a swim."

His aunt smiled at him. "After getting all hot and sweaty mowing," she said, "a swim will probably feel wonderful." She headed for the door. "See you at dinner."

"'Bye, Aunt Karen," Tommy said. He watched his aunt go out the door.

The lawn didn't take as long as he thought it would. His aunt and uncle lived in a modern ranch house, all on one floor. The yard around it was large, but they had a riding mower, so the job went very quickly.

He put the mower in the garage, swept the grass clippings off the sidewalks, then he went into the house. The phone was ringing when he walked in, but before he could get to it, it stopped. "Oh, well," he thought, "if it's important, they'll call back." He went into his room and got his work clothes together, then he changed into his swimsuit and got ready to head to the municipal pool. He was just about to leave when he heard a car pull into the driveway. He looked out the window to see who it was.

He saw Aunt Karen getting out of her car. He was surprised to see Reverend Ben Grayson, pastor of the church his aunt and uncle attended, get out of the passenger side of the car. The couple headed for the house. The door to his room was ajar, and Tommy could her his aunt and the minister talking as they came in.

"His car's here," Aunt Karen said, "but nobody answered the phone when I called a little while ago. He likes walking places, so he probably walked to the pool. I'll check his room, just to be safe."

Karen was nervous. She shouldn't be doing this, bringing a man other than her husband to her house, but Ben had balked at her suggestion they make love in the church office and his wife was at the parsonage so they couldn't go there. She convinced the pastor to come to her house after she called to make sure Tommy wasn't there.

Tommy didn't know why he did it, but he stepped into his bedroom closet and closed the door just as his aunt entered the room.

"Tommy, are you here?" Karen said. She looked around and saw no sign of the young man. She relaxed. Her nephew wasn't home. It was safe to do what she'd brought Ben home to do. Ever since her husband had begun taking long sales trips she'd been lonely. At the same time she and Ben, who was so nice and so sweet, had grown friendlier and friendlier while they were working together at church. Then, one afternoon, without either of them intending to, they'd found themselves in a hot kiss. Things had gotten out of control from that point on.

Tommy knew he should have responded to his aunt's call and he wasn't sure why he was hiding in his closet. Mostly he also was curious about what his aunt and the minister were up to, so he kept silent. Maybe he could find out what was up.

"I guess he walked," his aunt said. "He has to go to work afterward, so we have plenty of time."

"Come here," Tommy heard the minister's rich baritone voice say, then things got silent.

Quietly, the young man pushed the closet door open, walked to his bedroom door, and peeked down the hallway. He couldn't believe what he saw! His aunt and the minister, standing in the living room, were locked in an embrace, kissing! It wasn't just a friendly kiss, either. They were really going at it! The young man swallowed hard and bit his lip to keep from gasping out in surprise. Aunt Karen, who he thought was a strait-laced, church-going woman, was having an affair with the minister! He looked again, wanting to be sure he hadn't been imagining things. He wasn't. It was happening, right there in front of his eyes!

"Let's go to your room," Reverend Grayson gasped when the fervent kiss ended. He guided Karen out of the living room and down the hallway, his arm around her waist.

His heart pounding, Tommy stepped back into his room as his aunt and the minister walked by on the way to her room. The young man picked up the bag that had his clothes for work in it. He'd slip out the door and Aunt Karen would never know he'd seen her.

He silently stepped out of his room into the hall and stood there, torn about what to do. Aunt Karen's room was next to his, the front door was in the other direction. Tommy stood in the hall for a second, his mind whirling, then he tiptoed down the hallway to his aunt's bedroom door. He stood outside her door, filled with excitement and fear. What if they caught him? What would his aunt do to him?

"Oh! Oh, yes, Ben! Yes! Yes!" Karen groaned as the minister's hands stripped her clothes from her and began moving over her bare skin. She couldn't believe the way his touch made her feel. It was so good! Dave never made her feel like this any more!

Tommy heard his aunt's moans and knew she wouldn't be coming out in the hall and catching him any time soon. She sounded way too busy for that. Carefully, he pushed her bedroom door open a little and peeked inside. His heart thudded harder as he stood there, unable to believe what he was seeing!

Both of the people in the room were nude. Aunt Karen was lying on the bed and the minister's face was buried between her legs. Tommy's cock surged. Reverend Grayson was eating his aunt! He was actually watching two people make love! This was a helluva lot better than the porno movie he and his friends rented one time!

He studied his aunt's naked body. Aunt Karen wasn't bad-looking nude. Her skin was kind of dusky and looked really smooth. Her legs were thick, but not flabby, and as far as Tommy could tell, the rest of her body was pretty terrific, too.

Karen's breasts were big and sagged a little, and she had the biggest nipples he'd ever seen. They were hard as rocks. Aunt Karen was pulling on her nipples and crying out in ecstasy as the minister's mouth worked on her pussy.

Tommy had heard about eating women -- he had even talked about it with his friends -- but had never seen it, except in that movie. Aunt Karen acted like she enjoyed it a lot more than the woman in the movie had. Her ass wriggled and squirmed on the bed and her legs quivered as the minister's tongue punished her.

"Yes! Oh, Ben! Yes!" she groaned, clutching her breasts even more desperately. Her face was flushed and her head rolled from side to side on the tangled mass of her black hair. Ben was an absolute master of cunnilingus! He ate her so well! "Oh, Ben! I love it when you eat me!" She gripped the minister's head, forcing it deeper between her quaking legs. "I'm going to come, darling! Yes! Yes! Don't stop! Don't stop! Please! Please!" she cried while her hip motions grew even more frantic.

Tommy continued to stare at the couple on the bed and while he did his cock swelled and sticky fluids began oozing from the tip. He put his hand inside his swimsuit and stroked himself, unaware of what he was doing.

When he saw the minister's hand begin to thrust Tommy realized the man was finger-fucking Aunt Karen and eating her at the same time! The young man gulped and stroked his cock a little harder.

"N-N-N-N-ow! Yes! Oh, yes!" Karen shrieked, her body going into spasms of delight, "I'm there! Yes! Yes! I'm there! Yes! Yes!" The movements of her hips got so wild the man eating her had to hang on to her bottom for dear life as she thrashed out her delight. Finally, she collapsed, limp, on the bed. The preacher stretched out next to her and kissed her.

Karen took the minister's face in her hands and kissed him back, passionately. "That was wonderful, my sweet," she purred, "you have a magic tongue."

"The better to please you with, my dear," Reverend Grayson replied. His hands began to roam over Karen's magnificent body.

Karen rolled over and grabbed the minister's cock.

Tommy, whose eyes were as wide as they'd ever been, gulped and watched. His aunt, his holy-roller aunt, had the minister's cock in her hand!

Karen had no idea she was being observed and would have been mortified if she knew. Right then, all she could think of was getting Ben's cock inside her. She needed him driving his erection into her! She tugged at her lover, urging him closer. She was going to give the preacher man a real thrill today! She bent her head toward his erection.

Tommy was surprised by the size of the minister's swollen cock. "Shit, mine's bigger than that," he thought. He wasn't prepared for what he saw next. His aunt took Reverend Grayson's cock in her mouth and began sucking it and playing with his balls. The minister groaned and squirmed as Karen sucked him avidly.

"She does it better than the women in that porno movie!" Tommy thought while he watched his aunt turn the man in her bed every which way but loose.

"Karen, I-I don't want to come like this!" Reverend Grayson groaned. "I want to be in you!"

Karen rolled off him, leaving his cock standing proudly, glistening with wetness. She lay back, spread her legs, and beckoned him. "I want it in me, too, Ben!" she murmured. "Now! Hurry! I need you so bad!"

With a groan the reverend rolled atop Karen's lush body. Tommy saw his aunt grab the man's cock and center it on her pussy, then the stiff rod disappeared into her.

Reverend Grayson was a little flabby and kind of out of shape. When his cock was in Karen, he went wild. His hips pounded like a jackhammer, making her shake. Her legs quivered and flailed against the bed, then locked behind his.

"Harder! Yes! Give it to me! I need you so much! Ben! Oh, Ben! Yes! Yes!" Tommy's aunt moaned, her hands pulling at her lover, her body arching off the bed to meet his. She knew this was wrong, very wrong, but she couldn't help herself. She needed this, needed the satisfaction Ben gave her! Her hips drove up against him.

"Can't wait! I can't wait!" The man screamed, and the motions of his hips got even more urgent. "I'm cumming! Ahh!"

"I can feel it! Yes! Yes! Yes, Ben! Take me! Oh, yes! Take me! Uh! Uhh! Uhhh!" Karen groaned. Her body quivered, shook, and worked against that of her lover.

Tommy's cock began to pulse and throb and, at the same moment his aunt cried out her joy, he exploded in his swimsuit. Limp and spent, he sagged against the wall next to the door, panting, trying to get his breath. When he was sure his legs would hold him, he pushed himself away from the wall and started staggering back toward his room. He was going to have to change into another swim suit. He couldn't go out with the sticky mess in it!

"I know this bothers you," he heard his aunt tell the man lying next to her, "but we aren't hurting anyone, are we? Dave's away all the time and I know he's having other women. And you told me your wife was frigid, didn't you?"

The man's reply was very soft and Tommy couldn't hear his exact words. Though he was shocked by what he'd seen, the young man knew that what his aunt did was none of his business. Actually, he wouldn't mind it if he got to watch again. He cleaned himself up as best he could and slipped out of the house without being heard. As he walked toward the pool, he smiled. People weren't always what they seemed to be, were they? Aunt Karen acted so prissy and righteous, but she was screwing around! With the minister, yet! She let Reverend Grayson eat her and she'd sucked his cock!

The young man never got to the pool. He spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets, pondering what he'd seen. Finally, he went to work.

Tina noticed something was wrong, and when they left work later that night, said, "You were quiet tonight, is something wrong?"

"Ah...no," Tommy said, "it was just a weird day."

"We all have those," Tina said. "I'll see you Monday."

"Yeah," Tommy said. He'd forgotten he wouldn't be seeing her the next day, since the Inn was closed on Sunday. That was disappointing. He started trudging toward his aunt's house.

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