tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 13

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 13


The English teacher has been forced to submit to her student, suffered at the hands of her best friend, forced to have sex, spanked, body piercing and is now going to be taught by adults about servitude to men. Teacher begins to learn her role in life.

The Fantasy Adult Bookstore was located in a lower end shopping district that was comprised of tattoo parlors, tanning salons, lingerie shops, an adult theater and a couple of discount furniture stores. Bill Fraser had owned the building that the bookstore was located for several years and when the tenant defaulted on his rental payments, Bill stepped in and took over the operation. Bill had to make several verbal threats indicating that there could be some physical threats delivered if the owner did not move out as directed.

Bill had been in the business of adult themed shops for almost 15 years on the other side of town. This side of town was a much better location for low crime and it attracted a "higher" class customer if one could be defined. He still had the scum clients that came along with this type of business, but in this location he was able to encourage those types of clients to leave his location.

Bill Fraser was a very big man in stature measuring over 6' 5" tall, blond hair, scruffy two-day old beard and weighed a very trim 235 pounds. He is a former football player at the state university and had contacts through-out the state via his more legitimate real estate holdings. But, it was this industry where he found that he could do favors for higher level people that could trust him to be discrete and in turn, they put him into transactions where he could take advantage of changes in zoning, interstate access or foreclosures in the area.

Because of these real estate connections, Bill from time to time was asked to provide women to some of his friends when they were away from their wives visiting the big city. More often than not, the men liked submissive women; a woman who would do what they were told to do, when they were told to do it and without any lip. Bill surmised that the men wanted to feel powerful in the bedroom in the same way they were powerful in the board room.

Through the years, Bill had been able to identify quality women to meet his friend's requests. With the evolution of the internet, Bill had been able to more readily identify women who were good candidates for submissive roles and more often than not, the women were almost always married, bored housewives. Bill's stable of women varied. He currently had two recent high school graduates, working for him at his tanning salon just down the street. He had three married women who liked to dabble and have fun from time to time. Bill also had two 24/7 sluts that lived in his condo downtown who were at his beck and call. It had taken him several months to fully break both women. One woman had been married at the time he found her on line at the Wives Who Need Sex website. At the time she was looking for some fun on the side, but she was the perfect candidate to be fully submissive. Her transition to a full slut had taken only two months and her transformation into a 24/7 slave was one of his best triumphs. His other 24/7 slut was his former maid who he had hired as a house keeper who was an illegal resident. She was very easy to turn with the threat of deportation as his strongest ally. He currently was working on another woman, who was married and was a real estate agent. Lisa was going to be a challenge, but he felt like he had identified the appropriate traits of servitude even though Lisa could be down right dominating with the women that worked for her.

And now, his protégé, Todd Spillers, was hand delivering a school teacher to him who he discovered at the Wives Who Need Sex website. This teacher had already submitted to Todd's various initial demands because of his ability to blackmail his teacher. Todd had shown Bill all of the pictures that he had taken of Summer Wayne in the various positions and situations. It had been Bill's recommendation to take Summer to Marcos for the piercings as he owned the building and Marcos owed him lots of favors.

As Summer touched the door to the Fantasy Adult Bookstore, her skin began to crawl. "What am I doing here," Summer said to herself as she pushed the door inwards to gain access.

Bill Fraser was standing behind the counter and noticed the beautiful, mature brunette walk through his door. She was more stunning than Todd had led on. Her tits were on display as the blouse she was wearing only had two buttons and the size 36 breasts were straining against the poor restraints of the blouse. The tight skirt was slit up to mid-thigh and her outfit was completed with the four inch black strapped heels. Sandy had called to tell Bill that all Summer had on was the blouse and skirt. Sandy had also said that she had been able to fuck Summer with her strap on dildo, but she did not allow Summer to cum.

Slowly, Summer's eyes adjusted to the darkened space. There were red, green and white flashing lights around the inside of the bookstore reflected in the mirrored walls. Summer could see the racks of dirty movies, shelves of marital aides as they were called and a couple of racks of those dirty magazines that James brought home sometimes. Summer could also see a sign over a doorway that indicated that some type of arcade was in the adjacent room. Summer looked around until she found the counter and was surprised to see a very nice looking, big man standing behind it. Summer had always thought that it was a sleazy place and that anyone going into a place like this would also be sleazy.

Slowly, Summer approached the counter and watched as the man behind it was giving her the once over. Summer felt like the man was stripping her clothes off with the way he looked at her. Her black heels made the familiar clicking sound as she crossed the showroom floor, which brought her unwanted attention from the seven patrons she had noticed looking through the racks of dirty movies.

Bill could not contain his thoughts. He wondered to himself how an 18-yearold boy could coerce his high school English teacher into becoming his slut. Bill knew right away that Summer had the makings to be a 24/7 slut and he had wished that he had found her first. Bill, though he dealt in a scrupulous world, wanted to make sure not to trespass onto one of his best client's son's conquest. He would be a good boy, give her the training that Todd had requested and then force her out of his store by no later than 7:50 PM.

Bill watched Summer's breasts bounce as she walked right up to him at the counter. He noticed that she never took her eyes off of him and that she did as she had been told which was a very good trait. Looking at Summer, Bill asked, "Are you lost lady?"

Summer just stood there not knowing what to say. She had hoped that the man would know why she was there and that she would have to have only a limited conversation with him. Summer looked at Bill and said, "Sir, I was instructed to hand you this list."

"Who instructed you to do that ma'am," asked Bill.

Now Summer was in a bit of a situation that she was not prepared to discuss with this stranger. So, Summer tried to answer a vaguely as possible, "My husband is out of town and thought it might be a good idea for me to buy some of these items in anticipation of his imminent return."

Summer slowly handed the list over to the man behind the counter. Bill took his time unfolding the piece of paper and smiled to himself when he saw what was on the list. He had done this before when Todd introduced him to his slut Abby. She had been very easy to break, but she too had a bit of a dominant streak when it came to women, but Abby loved to be made to please men for sure. Todd had shared the pictures that he had received from Lisa, the real estate agent that Abby had taken in the restaurant bar. That was the first interaction between one of Todd's stable of sluts with one of Bill's pending sluts. Bill felt that eventually Lisa would be problematic for Todd and his relationship with Summer and he knew that eventually he would have to force Lisa to back off.

Bill looked at Summer, he saw that her chest was heaving and he bet that her palms were damp. Then he said, "What is your name lady?"

"What does it matter what my name is? I just need those items on the list. Are you going to help me or not," Summer bravely said to Bill.

"Well first of all, you came into my store, dressed like a slut and tell me a load of crap that your husband sent you here for these items," Bill retorted.

Bill continued, "Secondly, I think you are acting on the instructions of a dominant man who you so want to please."

"So, I ask again, what is your name slut," Bill demanded.

"I cannot see why that makes any difference to you. I am here to purchase those items and if you will not help me, then I will just have to go some place else," Summer said hoping to show that she was in control of the situation.

Bill knew that he had her now. "Well slut, I do not believe you can go anywhere else. The note at the bottom of the page tells me that you must buy the items from this store." Bill continued, "So, slut, were you instructed to come to this store and hand this list to me?"

Trapped, all Summer could say was, "Yes I was told to come here."

Bill coolly responded, "See that was not too hard now was it slut. So, tell me your name."

Summer then told Bill her name and then asked him to please help her with the list. Summer was getting nervous as she could see out of the corners of her eyes that the men in the store had begun to mill around closer to the counter. Summer could feel their eyes on her and one man had been so bold as to rub up against her ever so slightly as he passed by.

"Well Summer you still have not been truthful to me and have not told me who really sent you here today," Bill said to her.

Summer was now trapped. She was being questioned by this complete stranger and the hands on the clock were clicking closer to 8:00 PM. She dare not be late getting back to the tanning salon as she did not want all of her belongings thrown out into the parking lot.

"Can you please help me with my purchase and not ask me any more questions," Summer pleaded.

"Well Summer, this list is very specific in nature. It appears to me that the person who made out the list is someone you either are being made to please or that you are willingly pleasing him. So, which is it Summer," Bill asked.

"I am being made to purchase those items by someone who is making me do it," Summer confessed.

"That is a good first response Summer, but it does not give me any indication of the kind of man forcing you to come into my store and purchase a list of very erotic items. So tell me who sent you," Bill loudly commanded.

"Please, won't you just help me out," Summer once again pleaded.

"Get the fuck out of my store slut," Bill shouted.

There were seven men in the store and they were listening intently to the conversation. They were turned on by this sexy woman standing before Bill's counter and they figured that it was just one of his sluts that he was having a little fun with today. But, the more they watched and listened, it became apparent that this was a new woman. Each gazed at the woman's ass and tried to get glimpses of her breasts through the stretched fabric of her blouse.

"Please, please don't make me leave. I have to purchase those items today or I will be in big trouble," Summer once again pleaded.

Bill responded quite sternly again, "Listen slut, either tell me who sent you and why you are here, or get the fuck out of here."

Summer was trapped and knew of no other way to get out of the situation than to be honest and tell the man behind the counter what he wanted to know. The whole situation had her on her heels. The fact that she was in that kind of place and that she was being forced to be there was having the same kind of effect she normally associated with instructions and demands from Todd. Summer felt her pussy getting moist and just could not understand why. Her pussy still ached from the sex she had had with Sandy at the tanning salon. Her nipples were pushing against the blouse and she knew that the piercings were making her nipples stand out against the fabric.

Summer gathered her courage and said, "My Master has instructed me to come into your store and purchase the items on that list."

Bill, continuing to apply the pressure, "Well that was not so hard now was it slut. But, you have not asked me politely and you have not even asked me for my name."

"Summer quickly replied, "I am so sorry for being rude as I am just uncomfortable with the store. I am nervous as I have never been into such a place in my life. Would you please tell me your name?"

"Well slut, my name is Bill Fraser and I own the business as well as the building. You can call me Sir, if you want my help," Bill ordered.

"Sir, would you please assist me in my purchase of the items on the list," Summer now pleaded.

"Do you have any idea what is on the list slut," Bill asked.

"No sir I do not," Summer answered.

"Go into the room there left of this counter, through the beads. The first item on the list is a blindfold. Go in, pick out three and I will be there in a few minutes to check out your selections," Bill ordered.

Summer turned to go into the room to the left of the counter. She was very uncomfortable because the seven men that were in the bookstore had gathered around the front counter and could have heard her whole conversation with Bill. As Summer parted the multi-colored beads, she was pleased that none of the men came in right after her. She was able to go into the room and begin to scan the walls in search of the blindfolds that Bill had told her about.

Summer was aghast with the items she found in the room. On the immediate wall to her left she saw a large array of whips, paddles, leather gloves, leashes, chains, clamps and some items she had no idea what they were. On the larger wall, Summer saw a vast selection of dildo's, vibrators, butt plugs in various sizes including very large ones, harnesses with vibrators in them and several different wireless devices like the vibrating egg she had. The back wall contained various types of costumes that one might wear to either freaky or erotic masquerade events, which were all too sleazy and revealing for Summer to even think about wearing.

On the last wall, Summer found a very extensive exhibit of blindfolds, leather masks, many different types of hand cuffs, some type of restraining bars labeled spreaders, nipple clamps, clit clamps, cock rings, electronic shocking devices, lubricants of various types, which Summer thought was out of place on that wall and a large selection of very skimpy, brightly colored short dresses in which one might see a hooker on the street.

In the center of the room Summer saw a wooden pole about the size of a rural telephone pole. It had clamps, hooks and chains variously about the full length of the pole that went from the floor to the ceiling. Summer became very concerned for her safety when she saw the pole, but she also wondered to herself what the pole was used for in this very public space.

Summer went over to the wall containing all of the blindfolds and studied them all for a little bit of time. She was not in any hurry as Bill had not come into the room and she could hear him talking with the other customers.

Summer settled on three blindfolds as Bill had directed: a black one with leopard trim, a black satin one and a deep purple blindfold that wrapped almost completely around the head with a back fastener while the other two had Velcro fasteners.

Summer stood in the middle of the room, close to but not touching the pole. She sort of raised her left leg up by rocking back on the four inch heel of her ankle strapped black pumps. Summer began to wonder how much longer she was going to be made to wait in this room because she was becoming a bit unnerved by the contents and the men who were standing just outside of the room.

Summer nervously looked at the clock on the wall and it read 6:00 PM. She knew that she had a limited amount of time and did not want to be put into a position to arrive at the salon after 8:00 PM. Summer nervously tapped her foot on the linoleum floor and she noticed a distinct disinfectant smell like that of chlorox like she used in her home for deep cleaning.

About that time, Bill walked in trailed by two of the seven men who had been in the lobby of the bookstore. "Have you been waiting patiently for me slut," Bill asked the noticeably nervous teacher.

"Yes sir, I have been patient, but why are those men with you? I thought that this would be a private conversation," Summer asked.

Bill quickly responded, "Well slut, these men are regular customers of mine. They spend a lot of money with me and we are investors in real estate together. So slut, their presence here gives me the opportunity to show them how some of the items in this room can be used on a willing slut. It is my good fortune that you walked into my store while they were here."

"But Sir, please ask them to leave so that we can get the list of items purchased and I can be on my way back to the salon by 8:00 PM," pleaded Summer.

Without responding to Summer, Bill walked over to the poor English teacher and took each of the blindfolds from her. He held them up in front of Summer's face to give the added effect of her being blindfolded while there were other men in the room with him. Bill knew that this further unnerved the teacher, his protégé's slut. He knew that he had some time to play with her, but Bill also knew that for the teacher to fully understand that she was a slut and slave to Todd, she would have to be taught that her body, as well as her mind, were instruments for servitude to her Master.

Bill decided on the purple blindfold that would wrap fully around the poor teacher's head, but had a clasp fastener. Bill told Summer to put it on. When Summer hesitated, Bill simply slapped the poor teacher across her face with his powerful right hand. Summer stumbled backwards and almost fell, but the large pole in the middle of the room prevented her fall.

With trembling hands and a stinging face, Summer slowly raised the blindfold up to her eyes and she covered them snuggly. Summer then had to raise both of her arms above her head to try and fasten the purple blindfold, which caused her full breasts to strain against her blouse. Finally, Summer was able to completely fasten the blindfold in place; her world was steeped in darkness and then lowered her hands down to her sides. Summer knew that Bill and the other man were still in the room, but she wondered if the other customers that were in the store had now joined her in the room.

"Very good job slut. Now, raise your hands above your head and wrap them around the pole," commanded Bill.

Summer hesitantly did as she was directed and tried very hard to calm her nerves. She knew that she was in a bad place and position, but something about this man made her pussy begin to flow and she could feel her nipples becoming even stiffer. As she grabbed the pole, she could feel her breasts jutting outwards and felt that the buttons of her blouse were going pop at any moment.

Summer did not have to wait too long as she felt hands on her blouse and she knew that the two buttons holding the blouse together were being unbuttoned, but by whom she did not know. Once freed of buttons, Summer's blouse immediately spread revealing her deep cleavage, the beginnings of a deep tan from her salon sessions and it was easy to see her breasts rise and fall with each nervous breath.

Bill standing in front of the poor teacher ripped the blouse tearing the blouse from Summer's body. Immediately, Summer lowered her hands to cover her breasts hoping to prevent anyone from seeing her nipple piercings. Her action brought an immediate reaction from Bill who slapped Summer across both of her cheeks, forced her hands back up over her head and immediately hooked the right and then the left into leather bindings attached to the pole. Next, Bill took both nipple piercings between his index fingers and thumbs. Summer gasped in pain as Bill began to pull as well as twist her nipples that were still sore from the piercings from the previous Saturday at Marcos' tattoo/ piercing salon.

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