RMC: Summers Past


Will and Phyllis went to bed too early for me although I went to bed when they did that first night. Phyllis had gotten up early after being up late with me the night before, so it made sense that she was tired, but I wasn't at all.

I started reading a book when I went to bed but after about half an hour I got up and went out to get a glass of water and go to the bathroom. Putting on an oversize t-shirt so I wasn't naked when I stepped into the hall from my room, I immediately heard some voices from Will and Phyllis's room. Tip-toeing across to the bathroom, I stopped for a moment eavesdropping, curious about what they might be talking about.

I heard their voices but couldn't understand a thing until Will's deep voice came through slightly louder, "You'd like that wouldn't you?" Moments later Phyllis moaned and I heard "Oh yeah, baby -- just like that! Suck it!" followed a moment later by an "mmm, that's so nice."

I sucked my lower lip into my mouth, realizing what I was hearing, feeling a sudden tingle between my own legs. Suddenly feeling bad about eavesdropping I turned and went to the kitchen. Despite having walked away, I couldn't help but imagine what they were doing, the fun they were having, and when I went back to my room, I couldn't help myself, I had to stop and listen again. This time I could hear a rhythmic creaking from their bed along with inaudible voices. The tingle gradually changed to an inferno, and I went back to bed. The book never got opened. I took care of myself, wondering while I did whether they were still doing it and wondering what my girlfriend Amy was up to. It was going to be a long summer without anyone to play with.

The following night I decided to stay up and watch a movie when they went to bed. I couldn't help but wonder if they were doing it again, so "I went to the bathroom" maybe half an hour later, stopping by their door to listen once again. This time I didn't hear anything, so went back to my movie. One movie led to another, and it was in the wee hours before I was finally got tired and crawled into bed.

The house was quiet when I got up the next day, I didn't hear a thing. When I glanced out the window I saw the car so figured Phyllis was there, but didn't know if she was up or had gone back to bed. I wandered toward the kitchen -- and stopped at the kitchen door.

Phyllis was facing the sink, totally nude. A plate of cut up fruit and cheese was off to one side; she was washing up the last of the dishes from the night before. The dirty dishes were in one sink; she washed each dish, dipped it into the rinse water in the second sink and then put them in a rack to dry.

I just stood and watched for a moment, before stepping forward. "Can I help?"

Phyllis immediately turned her head, shaking the excess water off her hands into the sink saying "Oh, Gayle, I didn't hear you get up," before turning and reaching for her robe. Slipping one arm into the robe and throwing it over her shoulder reaching for the other arm. "I hope I didn't embarrass you."

"No, it's ok, I'm not embarrassed, but you don't need to get dressed for me. Is that so you don't get your robe wet?" She stopped, looking at me, one hand pulling the robe together in the front, but not totally in place yet.

"Yes, partly." I could see that she was weighing her answer. "Actually, I hate to wash clothes -- it's a lot easier and cooler to wash my body. That, and well, we've got a very private little farm here, so Will and I just don't often wear clothes when we're home alone."

I bobbed my head in understanding. "That's cool. You've been wearing clothes because I'm here?"


"I'm here to spend the summer living with you. You shouldn't have to change just because of me, so is it ok if I just go naked with you?"

Phyllis smiled, actually looked quite pleased with my question. "If you'd like." I didn't even answer, just reached up and pulled the tube top I'd put on over my head, folded it once and placed it on the kitchen table, followed by my shorts and underwear. Phyllis just stood and watched me getting undressed. I'm not sure whether she really believed I was going to do it or not, but as I folded my shorts and underwear, she slipped her robe back off, draping it across the chair once again, and turned back to the sink.

I grabbed the dish towel hanging from the oven and just started wiping the last of the water from the dishes drying in the rack. I saw Phyllis glance over to me. "You're sure you really don't mind going naked, even if Will's around?"

"Are you kidding? I love it! I always sleep naked, I hate getting twisted up in pajamas or something else. That's why I was closing my door -- I didn't want to offend you in case you saw me!" Phyllis began putting the dishes I'd already dried and stacked away while I finished drying the last few in the rack. I finished the last one and put the towel back on the oven door.

"I've got some fruit and cheese cut up over here, are you hungry?"

"Oh, that sounds good. Have you eaten?"

"I ate earlier with Will."

"So this is all for me?" I'd just swallowed a piece of melon and turned to Phyllis. "That's so sweet of you." She'd just put the last dish into the cupboard as I leaned over to give her a hug and kiss her on the cheek. Turning just as I did, instead of her cheek, I found her lips.

I hadn't intended to kiss her on the lips, but just like that, suddenly my stomach had the flip-flops, my mouth felt dry and I looked directly into her eyes. Without saying anything, her hand came up and caressed my cheek -- and her lips met mine again. This time we didn't pull away, our mouths opening, our tongues intertwining, in a full French kiss.

When we finally pulled away, she said "Are you sure about this?" I didn't answer, instead leaned in and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. I felt her hand stroking the hair on the back of my head. When I pulled away, I smiled and reached for her hand, leading her to my bedroom.

After several hours, we were cuddling in each other's arms when Phyllis asked me if I wanted something to eat. "Again?" I answered with my naughtiest grin. "Are you insatiable or what?"

She laughed, as did I. "No, you little imp. I was talking about your fruit and cheese that you never ate."

"I'm ok for now," I answered snuggling against her, a hand fondling one of her big breasts. "You're a little bigger than Amy," I said. "I like big breasts, they're so sensual."

"Umm." She cooed, "Then we're a match, because I like nice medium ones like you have."

Sated for the moment, my mind began to wonder about other things, including that my Uncle wasn't home and didn't know about this. "Do we tell Uncle Will?" I asked.

She didn't say anything for a moment. "Gayle, I don't want to offend you, but Will and I have a different kind of relationship. We both love women, we both love having a woman join us in bed at times."

Neither of us said anything for a moment. "Are you inviting me into your bed?" I finally asked.

"If you'd like to."

I nodded my head against her arm. My mind had already told me this might be where this was going. "I think I'd like that."

"Just a minute," she said, and reached for the telephone beside the bed. Dialing it, she lay back on the bed again while it rang.

"Will?" I couldn't hear what he said in return. "Can you guess where I am? ... How about in a cute little sexpot's bed? Uh-huh... Naked of course! She thinks she likes going naked and likes the idea of spending the summer with us like this ... Uh huh, all morning long." She giggled. "Ok, we'll be waiting for you."

"Sexpot, huh?" I questioned. Phyllis giggled at me in response.

"That's what he's been calling you the last couple of nights. He thinks you're a real hottie; we both do. We were so hoping you'd be up to joining us for the summer."

At first it felt a little strange being naked and just walking around the house, and later the yard, that way. My girlfriend Amy and I had sunbathed naked and we always ended up naked when we slept together, but just walking around the yard and house naked at first felt a little strange. By the time Will came home it seemed more normal.

After talking to Will on the phone, we went and fetched the fruit and stuff that Phyllis had previously cut up and fed each other in bed, interspersed with more hot sex. We were both still naked when Will got home; his eyes immediately traced my body from head to foot.

"Well this is certainly a welcome surprise," Will said after ogling me for a moment "I guess you two have been playing all afternoon without me?" He stepped over to Phyllis who looked up and kissed him, his hand sliding down her back to cup and squeeze her ass.

"Uh huh, you didn't expect us to wait did you?"

He'd kissed me on the cheek the day before when he got home, this time I could tell he was holding back. "What, no kiss for me?" I teased. Reaching out with his free hand he pulled me over and when he turned his head I looked up and he kissed me on the lips for the first time.

With his arm in a cast, he needed help to get undressed. Phyllis went in and helped, but moments later Will was naked with us.

Will had unabashedly looked at my body as he walked in minutes before; I didn't hesitate to check him out as he walked back into the living room. Besides the obvious problem of his arm being in a cast he was otherwise pretty physically fit. A trail of black hair ran down the center of his body to where it meshed with the short trimmed pubic hair around his genitals. He wasn't erect, but he wasn't totally flaccid either, a nice sized circumcised cock. Muscular legs finished the trip to the floor, and I didn't need to see his backside, I'd determined when I saw him walking away from the airport in his shorts that he had a nice ass.

"So what all did Phyllis tell you about us?" He asked, patting the couch beside him. I sat down next to him, Phyllis sat in the easy chair immediately adjacent and facing me.

"Not much, just that you normally go naked at home most of the time, and that you both love women, and sometimes you like to have a woman join you in bed." He nodded.

"That's part of it." He paused momentarily before continuing. "I guess you can say we've got an open marriage. We love each other, but we both think that sex and love are different things. We don't just sleep around, but we've got a group of three other couples, like minded couples, that we regularly play with." He glanced over at Phyllis.

"It's fun to have three in bed -- or even more. Especially when it's two, or three, or even four virile men all taking care of just you." I looked at her, taking in and assessing what she was saying. She liked women; she liked men, and lots of them. Neither of them said anything more for a moment.

"Or having a couple of beautiful women simultaneously taking care of a man," Will inserted.

"Of course dear," Phyllis reached over and patted Will's knee, moving us into a bit more of a triangle as she did.

"You're swingers." I said, non-judgmentally I hoped.

"Yes, I suppose we are." Will nodded. A moment later he said "I guess what we're asking, or offering, is that if you'd like to join us, share everything with us -- we'd enjoy having you -- as part of our family."

I sat for a moment, thinking about all that they'd said. The immediate thought that went through my mind was that my greatest fear had been that I was going to go the whole summer without sex, and now it looked like I'd be having as much as I wanted. "You're asking me to join you in your bed, and in the beds of your friends?"

"We're not asking you to do anything you don't want to," Phyllis said.

"Oh don't worry," I shook my head, "it's just that I haven't yet had my first threesome and you're offering me so much more. Do they know about me?" I questioned.

"A little," Phyllis said. "They know that we're going to have our niece with us for the summer, and they all asked how that was going to affect our group dynamic."

"You mean, was I going to spoil the fun?"

Phyllis giggled, a smile on her face. "You certainly cut to the chase without any problem, don't you?"

"I guess I've only got one question."

Phyllis glanced at Will. "What's that sweetheart?"

"Who gets to sleep in the middle?"

"Alright!" Phyllis reached out and took my hand, "that's fantastic! And as for the middle, well -- we generally rotate, because whoever's in the middle gets attention from both sides. I think that tonight -- you should get the middle."


"So Will and Phyllis taught you about sex, is that it?"

She laughed. "Yeah I guess you could put it that way. Good, guilt free, sex at least. I mean, I knew about the basics, how pieces go together and everything, but there is a world of difference between knowing what's supposed to happen and experiencing it without worrying about jealousy. But it wasn't just Will and Phyllis -- it was the other couples too."

"How did that happen? Did they just call up and say "do you want to come over for sex?" or what?

"Oh no, nothing so complicated. About once a month we'd have a planned party where everyone would show up; other times someone would call up or we'd call someone or maybe see them at the store, and ask if they wanted to join them for dinner and the evening."

"Hmm. And the thing about your college boyfriend? Was this the group you took him too?"

She sighed, and answered slowly, "That was a mistake."

"How so?"

"That was Tony. I should have just dumped him. I really thought I liked him a lot, and I ignored the signs. He kept talking about my roommate, and how cute she was, and always hinting that he'd love to get into her panties. He was always talking about threesomes -- not that I was against sharing with others, it's just the feeling that I got from him that it wasn't sharing -- it was taking. Finally I called Will and Phyllis and talked to them. I told them all that had been happening, that I thought that Tony might be my one, and that we'd been talking about having an open lifestyle, including others. I asked if they knew how to get in touch with like-minded couples where we were, and they didn't exactly, but asked me more and more questions about Tony. Finally they said that if I was really sure about Tony, that as a member of their group I was welcome anytime to join them, but as we had both been with others, we needed to provide a clean health screening and that we'd be welcome to join them.

I didn't tell Tony that Will and Phyllis were related to me, just that I knew of this group and if he was really interested I thought I could get us invited to a party. I told them that Tony wouldn't know either, so we kept that a secret.

To say the least it was a disaster. Tony acted like he was god's gift to women, and Aunt Phyllis didn't like him from the start. When the party started, he was all over the place. I was having a good time, but he wasn't even paying attention to me. I saw him fucking each of the other three women, my friends, during the evening but Phyllis had told him no, she wasn't interested. When I heard a commotion from the other room, I went to see what was happening, and Will and Mikey, his big friend, were physically throwing Tony out the front door. When I asked what happened, they said he'd approached Phyllis again. She said no again, but he tried to grab her, saying "Come on -- I've banged everyone else -- don't you want the best?"

I grabbed our clothes, ended up apologizing for him at the same time and we headed for home. I told him I'd been so embarrassed, that I had no idea he was going to be such a rude, crude, idiot. On the way home after we got done fighting, I got to thinking about what had really happened. He'd had sex with the other three women, but not with me and not with Phyllis. Phyllis had made no bones that she wasn't interested in him, and that's when it hit me; he wasn't really interested in having mutually enjoyable sex with others he was just interested in racking up his scoreboard.

By the time we got home he was all sorry and begging for forgiveness, playing the adorable guy that I'd fallen for. Like an idiot I forgave him, at least momentarily. I got a call on Monday from Phyllis, telling me that everything was OK, but that Tony was never invited again. I told her I understood and was sorry. She ended it by saying, "He's not your one sweetie. When you find him, you'll know it. There won't be any "maybes".

"So did you drop him?"

"Not for another three days. I, um, guess I forgave him that night, at least partially. But then on Wednesday I had a class that got cancelled. When I came in two hours early he was fucking my roommate on the kitchen table. He tried to act like it was my fault, that I'd led him on to thinking including others was my idea and I'd known he had the hots for my roomie. And that was it -- I dumped him, moved out on her and moved on with my life."

"Ok, I can see that. For my own curiosity -- what did you see that he was doing that was so different from what you'd done?"

"A world of difference. Our group was a caring, loving group. We took care of everyone, and we shared. Tony was taking -- and he wasn't sharing, he was cheating. He knew Phyllis had said no, but pushed it. He knew I'd said no about my roomie - I knew she wasn't interested in threesomes, but he was just interested in another notch on his belt."

"Sounds like it." Neither of us said anything for a moment. "So Judy's bi also?" I asked, changing the subject back to her and her in-laws.

"Oh yeah, big time. She didn't know it at that time, but was curious. That first night at the camping trip, when we all realized we were with each other's partner and we were all ok with it, we just never changed back. We each did it several more times before morning."

"The guys got up and went fishing again, Judy and I slept in for a couple of hours. When we finally got up, at first Judy was embarrassed about what had happened, particularly in that she'd pretty much been the first to say she wanted to continue when we found out, but I told her it was all of us that had made the decision, and we'd all definitely had fun. Once she knew I wasn't upset, she let on how exciting it had been for her. She was as excited as a kid at Christmas, and eventually it came to whether we were going to do it again or not.

I think it was while we were talking that I realized that being married to Fred and thinking I was monogamous, that I was really just fooling myself. I realized that I really loved Fred, but I also loved Amy, I loved Phyllis and Will. I realized how stifled I'd felt, that I missed playing with Amy; playing with Will and Phyllis and their friends. Anyway, Judy asked if I thought we should swap again that night. We talked about it, and decided that we should probably swap back that night in case the boys were feeling bad, but it turned out we didn't need to worry. The boys decided that the fish weren't biting, or perhaps they just thought playing around would be more fun. They showed up about noon, supposedly for lunch, but they were all hot and horny too. It turned out while they'd been fishing and catching nothing, they were talking about sex just like we were. After the night before -- it didn't seem to matter if we had any privacy, we all ended up naked in the tent and in the daylight there wasn't any pretending. Judy and Gary ended up on their bed while Fred and I ended up on ours, but that was just the start. We were all resting afterward when Judy said "Let's swap and do it again!" Once we'd established that nobody minded, we actually ended up more as a foursome doing everything together."

"The following day with the boys off fishing, Judy asked me how I'd started with women. I told her my girlfriend and I had played together long before boys, but that there had been many good friends since then. I asked her if she'd ever so much as kissed a woman, and she said no, so I just leaned over and kissed her. One thing led to another -- and she found like me, sex is good whether it's from a male or female."

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