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Summy Toy


She Wore a Toy Inside Her Treasure Trove

Beneath her skirt she wore a comely toy
It spread her pussy lips with wanton joy
A touch or two would cause it to vibrate
Inside her love canal and undulate
For use by me or her to masturbate
This wondrous toy could restive spirits sate
She wore this toy deep in her pleasure cave
Remotely I could make this girl behave
Turn up the volume, make her squirm and writhe
Imagine this device between thighs lithe
Her Holy hole thus had a gift divine
It turned her mind to naughty thoughts sublime
When we would meet she’d be my every touch
I’d work her hard; she’d wish caressing much

This toy was hard insider her like a fist
Just let me yank and she would squirm and twist
In public places she would wear this thing
It was our band, more than a diamond ring
This vibrator madder her a sexy thrall
She’d be attention, offering to ball
Without delay she’d climb up on a rack
And spread her legs, that dildo was shoved back
I never knew a girl could be so hot
Her toy was worn inside her sopping twat
It made her come more often than my use
Wit it she could perform her self abuse
She’d stretched her vulva wide enough for me
To take my massive member tenderly

There was a time when I belonged to Gor
That was the role that I had played before
Now Summy’s toy has change that obtuse scene
And turned her pudenda to ways obscene
She’d come on hot and wet, her toy’s delight
Erotically she’d beg with all her might
And stand before me oozing nectar pure
Her sultry scent is strong; I can’t endure
To keep my fingers from her perfect pearl
And stroke her clit, she is a perfect girl
And touch her breasts, proportioned perfectly
And rub her nipples, stars most heavenly
Her areolas pucker wantonly
And wondrous hemispheres in harmony

I’d bind this girl and rub her teats all night
Until her tender nubs would be her plight
And she would beg to fonder her dark hole
Since in her pussy, toy was charging toll
Her hot vagina was too sorely teased
Now only ass remained, she was not pleased
To offer her dark passage tight and firm
But in her love canal she had to squirm
That toy was precious, more to her than gold
It filled her treasure trove and made her bold
She’d to in public and beneath her dress
The vibrator was lurking nonetheless
No man could help but want to tune her toy
And watch her squirm, a climax to enyoy

My wicked lips once sucked her hot pink pearl
And made her come, a gorgeous sexy girl
My tongue would slide deep into her wet slit
And she would squirm and writhe a little bit
But this vibrator blew her mind away
Now she is horny all the livelong day!
I watched her climax, multi-climax too
I had to jack-off ‘fore my balls turned blue
Before I’d pant and “ooh and ah” so much
And watch my girl respond to every touch
Now I just ram and yank and wiggle lewd
That dildo animated in ways crude
My fleshy member simply can’t compete
Against a vibe with sexual modes replete

Now Summy is a girl I did deflower
And she is mine, some days for one whole hour
I’d love to have her as my slave in Gor
But she’s a mind to ask for something more
She wears my collar and those bracelets firm
Yet it’s not teats or clit that makes her squirm
He toy will make her come repeatedly
And stretch her vulva open flagrantly
I’d love to yank it out and shove my pole
Up to the end of her most slippery hole
But better still I’d leave her toy inside
And sodomize this girl from her backside
I’d make her beg while shaking from the vibe
For me to use her with a backward dive

The avatar’s a priceless work of art
Expensive skins can make the human part
And animation modeled with great care
Role-played in chambers furnished well to share
But that dildo is simple yet sincere
It opens up a girl’s fair pussy dear
I love to see her with it in her slit
Beneath her mini-skirt it shows a bit
Enough I say to catch a Master’s eyes
And make him peek between those luscious thighs
And see a dildo ready for his use
It would complete this girl to issue juice
She cannot hold back from her climax true
This cool girl must offer what is due

"Summytoy" a poem by Taunus 03/09/2006

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