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My name is Charles Gerald. I am a young black man living in Atlanta . I've always been what most people consider to be quite large. At twenty three years of age, I stood six feet two inches tall and weighed exactly two hundred and seventy pounds. Add to that the fact that I'm jet-black, and you will understand what life is like for me. A lot of people aren't comfortable around tall, large black males. I don't know if they're aware of it or not but that's just the way things are.

My passion is Sumo Wrestling. I've always been a fan of that sport. I started a secret Sumo Wrestling Club with my friend David Amarillo a long time ago. David is a tall, large Hispanic male I've known since high school. We grew up together. He's around six-foot-three, and weighs around three hundred pounds. He's a construction worker by trade. Like me, he's into contact sports, especially Sumo Wrestling. The sport of Sumo Wrestling appealed to us because we're large men and it's about the only sport which appreciates folks like us. In Japan , Sumo Wrestlers are respected. In America , large people of both sexes are often ridiculed.

Our Sumo Wrestling Club gathered quite a following. David invited his buddy Nicole Sanford to join. Nicole Sanford is a tall, large and somewhat plain Irishwoman from Boston . This alabaster-skinned, red-haired dame was always complaining about her appearance, until she joined our Sumo Wrestling Club and began to feel comfortable about herself. Nicole is around six feet tall and weighs two hundred and fifty pounds. One of the rules of the club is that you have to reveal certain details about yourself. Height, weight, and occupation, along with special interests and health status are all matters of common knowledge.

Another member of the club is Kyle Grant. Kyle is a tall, large blond-haired, blue-eyed man of Polish and English descent. He's around six-foot-four, and weighs two hundred and eighty pounds. He used to play college football. These days, he's a police officer in the city. He's a good man and like us, he's also an enthusiast when it comes to Sumo Wrestling. Kyle brought along another member. A young woman named Kendra Brown. Kendra Brown is a black woman from New York . She's around five-foot-eleven and weighs two hundred and sixty pounds. She's _mocha-skinned and short-haired. Like Kyle, she's a wrestling fan who decided to join our club to see what's up.

Theresa Yasimoto is a tall, sturdy Japanese woman we met not too long ago. This black-haired, green-eyed, golden-skinned dame was a Sumo Wrestler in her ancient prefecture in Japan . Her father was once a Grand Champion in the sport. Yeah, she was an expert. This six-foot-two, curvy dame was one of the toughest Sumo Wrestlers I ever encountered. At three hundred pounds, she was nothing to sneer at either. She took the sport very seriously. We welcomed her into our ranks.

The last member of the club is Robert Stein. He's a tall, burly German athlete and actor. This six-foot-six, ex-champion bodybuilder weighs two hundred and ninety pounds. He's got long blond hair and pale blue eyes. We met at a bookstore. He joined our club a few months ago. He used to play soccer and wrestle throughout his high school and college days. These days, he's a Thespian. We welcomed him to our midst. Sumo Wrestling is a lot more difficult than it seems. We practice rigorously against one another. We became quite close over the years. One night, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of our top secret Wrestling Club by having a party at a rented mansion.

We were drinking and celebrating. Congratulating ourselves on the success of the club. It was my dream to make the sport of Sumo Wrestling available to men and women everywhere. It was really popular in Asia , especially Japan. I wish my fellow Americans would gain a certain appreciation for it. Watching my fellow Wrestlers laughing and partying, I smiled. To many more days like this one! It's always special when you see your dreams become a reality. This club was my dream and now it was expanding and growing. How I longed to watch it expand and grow. Maybe one day, we'd have national headquarters!

I guess I must have had quite a lot to drink and passed out. While I was passed out, though, I had the most vivid fantasies. I was sitting in the living room of the mansion, and my fellow Sumo Wrestlers were engaged in all sorts of sex acts. It was eerie.

Nicole sucked my cock and licked my balls. I looked at her, and she winked at me and continued what she was doing. I don't know where the gal picked up her skills but she was good! I watched as my fellow wrestlers indulged their carnal desires in a variety of ways. David and Kendra were going at it quite passionately. Kendra was on all fours, and David was fucking her from behind. He held the large black woman by the hips and thrust into her.

I looked further and saw Robert and Kyle doing their own thing. Kyle knelt before Robert and sucked the big man's cock. A large man sucking off another large man. This was seriously hot! Kyle kept sucking off Robert until the big man came, then Kyle drank his seed. Robert then climbed on top of Kyle and impaled himself on the big man's cock. Kyle held Robert by the hips and thrust into him. Meanwhile, Theresa watched, fingering herself as the two large men fucked each other. The big Japanese woman seemed to really enjoy the sight of two big men fucking each other!

Kyle propped Robert on all fours and fucked him from behind. Meanwhile, Theresa came and spread her thighs before Robert's face. Robert licked and fingered Theresa's pussy while Kyle fucked him from behind. They changed positions. Kyle got on all fours and Robert came up behind him. He began to pound the hell out of Kyle's butt, shoving his long and thick cock deep into the big man's asshole. Kyle screamed as Robert fucked him. While Kyle got fucked by Robert, Theresa sucked Kyle's cock. After a few moments, Kyle came and Theresa drank his seed. Moments later, Robert came as well, filling Kyle's tight ass with his hot cum.

The fun continued. Now, Theresa was sucking on Robert's cock while Kyle fucked her from behind. Kyle spread the big Japanese woman's ass cheeks wide open and slid his cock into her tiny asshole. Theresa's eyes widened as Kyle's hard cock went into her asshole, but she didn't scream. Not that she could, with Robert' s long and thick cock in her mouth. Robert thrust his cock into her mouth, loving the feel of Theresa's warm lips. Man, this was seriously hot to watch!

David and Kendra were still doing their thing. Now, David lay flat on the floor. The big man stroked his cock while the large black woman straddled him. Slowly, Kendra lowered herself onto his member. Her big body was quite sexy. I watched as she held David's cock and slowly drove it into her asshole. Damn, this was seriously different! I didn't know Kendra liked anal sex! The female Sumo Wrestler began to bounce up and down the big man's cock, driving him deeper into her. David held her by the hips and thrust into her. Clearly, he was loving every minute of it.

Meanwhile, Nicole continued to suck me off. Hell, she even surprised the hell out of me by sticking her finger into my ass. I was surprised but I didn't mind. If anything, it made me get harder! When I came, Nicole gulped down my seed. I looked at this big, beautiful woman and found her incredibly hot. I was dying to return the favor. So, I spread her thighs and began munching on her pussy. I licked and probed her. Nicole moaned in pleasure as I quickly made her cum. Sated, she smiled at me. We both laughed. I pulled Nicole into my arms and kissed her. She kissed me back, and we rolled around on the floor. Playfully, we wrestled. I found myself on top of her. She wrapped her arms around me, pressing me against her. I spread her legs, and slid my cock into her pussy. Nicole gasped as I entered her. Oh, well. I was kind of big, in just about every way!

Nicole and I established our very own rhythm. Slowly, I fucked her. I thrust deep into her. She screamed, and begged me to go harder and faster. And so I did. I thrust into her with everything I had. Our screams of passion filled the room. We fucked like this for some time, and then lay there, not quite exhausted but pleasurably sore. Nicole sucked me off again, and this time she slid two of her thick fingers into my asshole. Damn, it felt kind of good! I gasped in surprise as she replaced her fingers with a slim dildo. She worked it in and out of my asshole while sucking my dick. It felt odd at first but really, really good later. I came so many times, and she drank me dry.

Nicole and I continued to explore this little anal eroticism of ours. She asked me to fuck her in the ass. I watched as this large, beautiful woman got on all fours and spread her huge ass cheeks wide open. Damn, she looked hot! I slowly slid my cock into her asshole. Her ass was tight but I could tell that she'd done this before. I held her by the hips and fucked her. I don't often get to indulge in the pleasure of fucking a hot woman in the ass. This was a rare thing. I thanked my lucky stars, and went with it!

While Nicole and I did our thing, the others were quite busy. I watched as Theresa, the sexy Japanese Sumo Wrestler, got sandwiched between Robert and Kyle. Kyle lay on the floor, his big body covered with sweat. Theresa climbed on top of him, and impaled her pussy unto his thick cock. Meanwhile, Robert came up behind her, and began fucking her asshole. Theresa was getting serviced at both ends, a brave woman! As Robert plugged her asshole by burying his cock deep inside of her, Kyle began hammering her pussy with swift, deep thrusts. Damn, watching them got me even more turned on! Three large Sumo Wrestlers going at it. Two bisexual men and one very willing woman doing their thing! The hottest thing I'd ever seen!

Watching those three going at it got me so hard that I came, sending my cum deep inside Nicole. Nicole screamed as I filled her tight asshole with my cum. I was still rock hard, so I continued to fuck her. I looked across the room, to see David and Kendra trying all sorts of crazy things together. Kendra stood up, leaning against the wall while David sucked on the plastic dildo which was strapped around the large black woman's ample waist. Kendra appeared to be enjoying this. David got on all fours, and Kendra pressed the dildo against his asshole, and pushed.

David winced as Kendra's strap on dildo went into his ass. He began stroking himself while she fucked him. I suddenly wanted some of that. I've always been a little curious about bisexuality. Why not explore it now? I pulled out of Nicole's asshole, and smiled at her. She asked me where I was going. I wanted to try something I'd been dying to try for a long time. I went to David and smiled at him. His ass was getting a serious pounding from Kendra's dildo. I looked at his thick, hard cock. Damn, I wanted some of that. Fortunately, my friend was willing to indulge me.

I got on all fours, and David spread my butt cheeks before sliding his cock into my asshole. I gasped as he entered me. I noticed Nicole watching with interest. David began to fuck my ass, while Kendra drove her dildo deep into his ass at the same time. I loved the feel of his hard cock inside of me. It hurt a bit at first but it felt really good. He fucked me for some time, then came inside of me. Kendra slowly pulled out of him, and then she began sucking my cock as I came. The sight of this sexy, large black woman sucking my cock instantly got me hard.

I wanted to try that dildo of hers. Kendra smiled, and spread my butt cheeks before sliding the dildo into me. Meanwhile, David sucked my cock. Kendra's dildo felt different from David's cock in my ass. Really different. She was pretty good at using it, though it was my first time trying on anything that size. Once David got me nice and hard, he spread his butt cheeks wide open and guided my cock into him. I held him by the hips and thrust my cock into his tight ass. Yeah, I loved the feel of a tight asshole around my cock. I didn't care whom the ass in question belonged to. A hole is a hole, damn it!

While I fucked David and Kendra buried her dildo into my ass, Nicole decided to join the action. She got on all fours before David, and he spread her buttocks, before sliding his hard cock into her butt hole. David began to shove his cock deep inside Nicole's asshole and Nicole appeared to be loving every moment of it. The harder Kendra fucked me, the harder I fucked David's asshole, and the harder he fucked Nicole. We changed positions. Kendra was curious as to what it was like to be double penetrated. David and I indulged her. I lay on the floor, and Kendra climbed on top of me, impaling her pussy on my cock. David came up behind her. He spread her sexy, large butt cheeks wide open and slid his cock into her asshole. Deep down where the sun didn't shine. He began thrusting into her, loving the feel of yet another tight ass around his cock. Meanwhile, I gave Kendra's pussy the hard pounding she so desperately craved. Nicole watched, fingering herself as we fucked. We were all having the time of our lives. Would you believe how many times we all came that night?

Theresa, Kyle and Robert were doing their own thing on the other side of the room. Robert was bent over, getting fucked from behind by a strap on dildo, courtesy of Theresa, the Japanese Sumo Wrestler. While Theresa fucked Robert, Kyle was driving his hard cock deep into her asshole. Theresa screamed as Kyle pounded the living daylights out of her tight asshole. They went at it like this for a time, before switching positions yet again. Now, Robert had Theresa on all fours and was fucking her in the ass while Kyle fucked him. Now, that's why I call a good reversal!

When the evening ended, we all shared a shower, and some pretty good laughs. If you ask me, this little orgy should become part of the tradition of our Sumo Wrestling Club. We were all laughing. That's when I snapped out of my reverie. I found myself sitting on a chair, passed out drunk, with my fellow Sumo fanatics watching me. There they were, all of them. Kyle, Robert, Kendra, Theresa, Nicole and David. My entire Sumo Wrestling troupe. They were inquiring about my well-being. Slowly, I came to my senses and realized that the entire evening had been a dream. No wild orgy had taken place. I looked at them, and smiled. When queried about my well-being, I was quick to reassure them.

Nicole drove me home, and made sure that I was tucked in. before leaving, she gave me a kiss on the lips, smiled, and told me to get some rest. I watched her head back to her car. Damn, this dame was hot! I went back to my bedroom, suddenly lucid. I lay on my bed, thinking about my fabulous wet dreams. Damn, if only I could make them a reality! I realized that I certainly could. A man can dream, can't he? I closed my eyes, and my hands went under the covers. And the good times started to roll.

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