Sunbathing Saturday


After a few minutes of energetic coupling, Patricia lifted herself from my glistening prick. It was coated with her juice, and I could see that my lover's thighs were slick with the wetness that had poured from her. Patricia lay back on the bed and offered herself to me again in a wide legged invitation.

I pushed myself into her and Patricia wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. We kissed and made tender love gently for a while until her need grew urgent. I lifted myself up onto my palms, arms fully outstretched, and I began to fuck into Patricia with hard, savage strokes. Her back arched and her fingers clawed at the sheets as I powered into Patricia's soaking cunt, slamming myself viciously against her, my pubic bone clashing against her large, oversensitive clit.

'Come on lover; make me come,' she cried out shrilly at my efforts. 'That's right, hard and deep. Come on, fuck that big, fat pick into my cunt,' she exhorted. Patricia was certainly vocal when she was aroused, and I found her use of profanity very exciting.

'Come on, that's it… I'm going to come. Oh yes… fuck me, fuck me with your lovely, fat fucking cock… YES!!!!' Patricia screamed as her orgasm took her. Her hips bucked spastically as she let the waves of her climax break, her big tits wobbled on her chest, and I saw the cords on her neck stand out alarmingly as Patricia screamed out her joy.

Finally I fucked my mature teacher from behind, holding her broad hips in my hands as I fed my meat into her. Patricia was on her elbows and knees, her big, shapely arse high in the air, and she was sobbing with sheer pleasure as we fucked like a pair of rutting animals.

'Oh fuck, I'm going to shoot into you,' I said through gritted teeth when I felt my spunk begin to surge.

'Do it in me baby, let me feel it shoot inside me,' Patricia responded, panting as she lifted herself, resting on her hands now rather than her elbows. She pushed back against me to meet my thrusts, and the sight of her rippling buttocks tipped me over the edge. 'Fuck, oh shit… here it comes,' I grunted as my cock began to spit its hot load deep into Patricia.

'I can feel it, I can feel it,' she cried delightedly as my seed jetted into her molten cunt. I could only grunt in reply as my prick unleashed its venom. It felt as though Patricia's body was sucking the very core out of me, the marrow from my bones, and I sobbed with the intensity of the release.

I pulled my cock out of Patricia and lay spent, my body glistening with sweat from the exertion, my chest heaving as I fought to control my breathing.

Patricia cuddled up close to me and pressed her soft body against me. We kissed and talked long into the night and I fucked the wanton bitch 3 more times before dawn's early fingers lit the morning sky. My parents weren't due back until that evening, so I had ample opportunity to play with my lover for the rest of that day.

I wonder how long my aunty Pat is going to be staying? I think I'll have to go and visit her at work sometime when she goes back. Perhaps meet some of her girls!

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