tagLoving WivesSunday Morning Going Up

Sunday Morning Going Up


The wind howled as I crouched behind the trees at the side of the house. "I hate the cold," I muttered, but there was nothing to do but endure it. This had to be settled, regardless of the weather.

The house's security system looked like a good one, but after years of working in construction, I knew something about how such systems are installed and how to breach them without triggering an alarm. It only took me a couple of minutes' work with the tools I'd purchased. Once I had a window open, I tossed the tools away and pulled out the automatic I'd bought at the gun show in Reno. I took a deep breath. It was time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hey, Andy, have a look at this," my wife said, handing me a glossy brochure.

When I flipped it open, I saw that it was a promo piece for The Paradiso, a new luxury resort that was scheduled to open in two weeks on the Gulf Coast.

"So?" I asked, "what about it?"

She flipped the brochure open to the center, revealing an invitation for the coming weekend.

"Looks pretty pricey," I said skeptically.

"Oh, you can be sure about that," she said with a laugh. "It will be very pricey once the place opens. But this invitation is for a pre-launch opening, sort of a "shakedown cruise" to work the bugs out before the paying customers arrive. Our agency is handling the resort's publicity, which is why I got one of these. Come on, it'll be fun, it won't cost us a dime, and it'll be good for the two of us."

I had been ready to demur because my fútbol club (that's soccer for my Anglo friends) had a match that Saturday. But Felicia's last words made me pause. After eight years, our marriage had hit a rough stretch -- nothing serious, but uncomfortable enough that we were both aware of it.

A part of the problem, of course, was my construction company, which had struggled mightily ever since the big recession hit. We'd had some lean times – we'd even had to sell the house I'd built for us and move into a small condominium to cut our monthly expenses. But we'd survived, and now business was starting to come back, which made all those long hours worth it.

Thank goodness for Felicia's job. She was a vice-president in the biggest PR firm in Orlando, and her ability to move seamlessly between the Anglo and Hispanic communities had made her a rising star. Of course, it didn't hurt that she had a face and figure that showcased the best of her Cuban heritage. I'm Cuban too, but I'd be the first to admit that Felicia looked way better than I. At any rate, her income kept us afloat during the depths of the recession, but her success brought increasing demands on her as well: late nights and long hours were an all-too-frequent occurrence.

The impact of all that was that we'd lost some of the excitement that had once enlivened our marriage. We used to spend entire weekends in bed with each other; lately we were lucky if we found the energy for a quickie in the evening. We'd agreed on the need to make changes and had even discussed ways to spice up our love life, but so far we hadn't done anything.

So when Felicia proposed that we enjoy a long weekend together at this new resort, it occurred to me that this might be exactly what we needed to rejuvenate our marriage. The fact that she was the one to suggest it made it even more important for me to go. Besides, there was really nothing pressing at the office, and my fútbol compañeros could do without their centrocapista for one game.

Once we'd accepted the invitation, we packed our bags on Wednesday evening. I was really pleased to see Felicia pull out her skimpiest bikini along with some of her hotter lingerie. "She's really going all out," I thought.

On Thursday we both got away from work early. We started out driving west until we hit Weeki Wachee, then heading north along Florida 19 past Crystal River until we saw the signs for the turn-off to the resort. "Damn," I exclaimed, "this place is out in the middle of nowhere! Why would they want to build a resort out here?"

"That's the answer," Felicia said. "The developers think there's a potentially lucrative market in Gainesville that isn't being served. They're hoping to attract wealthy University of Florida alumni coming in for the home football games. It's almost impossible to find a place to stay near the campus. Why not go to a beautiful seaside resort only an hour's shuttle bus ride from the stadium? The resort has no competition: you'd have to go all the way to Clearwater to find anything comparable."

I winked at her. "I can tell why you're such a good PR woman," I said with a smile.

"I can be pretty persuasive when I want to," she said.

Once we got to the resort, I had to admit that I was impressed. In addition to a series of beachfront cottages with all the amenities, the resort offered a high-rise hotel. Our room was on the eighth fIoor, and I was really impressed when I realized that Felicia had managed to snag us a suite with an ocean view.

We unpacked our bags, then I made a call to the front desk. By the time we had changed into swimwear and were seated on the porch, a smiling young man had brought us two mojitos. As we basked in the sunset watching the waves coming in, I leaned back and took a long sip of my drink.

"This was a great idea, corazón. So tell me: how much would all this cost if we were paying for it?" I asked.

"Let's just say that you're going to have to build a lot more buildings before we can afford to stay here on our own," she said with a grin.

By the time we had finished our second mojito, I was feeling quite relaxed, and as I shifted my gaze from the beach to my wife's bikini, I began to have amorous ideas. But when I scooted my chair over next to hers and began stroking her neck, she shooed me away with mock annoyance. "Hold on there, tigre," she said with a smile. "It's almost time for us to get cleaned up for dinner. They have two different restaurants here at the resort, and I want to see if they're as good as the owners say."

Then she trailed her fingers across my chest. "But if you're still interested after dinner . . ."

Before I could grab her, she'd skipped away toward the walk-in shower that was big enough for two people. "Maybe we can try that out as well this weekend," I thought to myself. This was already looking to be a very good getaway indeed.

When Felicia finished with her shower, I took one as well, and after I'd dressed for dinner, I dropped down in front of the massive flat-screen tv to watch a Mexican fútbol game while she did her make-up and got dressed.

"Do you approve?" she asked, and I swiveled around to look. She was wearing a white silk dress that seemed to flow over her body like water, outlining her curves as it ran down them. Her jet black hair was cut very short yet it had been styled in a way that was absolutely feminine. She had a necklace of obsidian hanging from her neck, and her four-inch heels brought her to within an inch of my height. "Magnifica," was all I could say.

We chose the American Grill for our first meal, and it did not disappoint. I had the t-bone and Felicia a petite filet. As we shared a slice of cheesecake for dessert, Felicia remarked, "I think this place stacks up very well with the grills we've been to in Miami." I couldn't disagree with her.

When we had finished, we walked hand in hand over to the hotel night club, where a Latin band was playing salsa. Felicia was a better dancer than I, but it was a treat just to follow along as best I could while admiring her sinuous movement. How anyone could dance in four-inch heels was beyond me, but Felicia made it look both graceful and sensuous. I couldn't help but be proud of the many glances she got from others in the club, both male and female.

Finally I dragged her off the floor, pretending exhaustion. "If we don't stop now, I won't have any energy for you back in the room," I told her. She quickly grabbed my hand and began tugging me toward the door. "Oh, no," she said, "I have big plans for you tonight."

We kissed and embraced as we rode up in the elevator, but when we got in the suite she held up her hand to stop me. "No lights," she commanded, "just the moon off the ocean."

I hurried to comply, and when I turned around she was standing in the center of the room facing me. She gave me a sultry little smile, then reached up and did something with her fingers. Suddenly the white silk dress slithered down her body and pooled at her feet, revealing a gossamer bra and a tiny thong in matching white lace. She stepped out of the pool of her dress, still wearing her heels, and strode over to me like a model on the catwalk.

I started to embrace her, but she pushed my hands away and began to undress me, all the while rubbing her body up against mine with feline sensuality. When she had completed her mission, she turned me and pushed me toward the king-size bed until I toppled over backward. Then she removed her bra, knelt down and began to caress my legs, running her breasts up my thighs, getting nearer and near to my throbbing cock.

I tried to pull her up beside me to return the favor, but she stopped me. "No," she said, "this is all about you. You can show your appreciation later." Then she continued her journey until her mouth reached its intended destination and engulfed me. I could do nothing but drop my head back on the spread as she drove me to ecstasy. She was relentless, and in no time I reached my peak and exploded.

When she returned from the bathroom, she had removed her thong and had brought a towel for me. Then she snuggled down beside me and began to caress my chest. It took me a minute to regain my breath, but then I rolled over and took control, determined to repay her in kind. Using my lips and tongue, I proceeded to explore every inch of her body. Long before I reached that delta between her thighs, her hips had begun to rock, and from the little whimpers in her throat, I knew how badly she wanted this. I repositioned myself between her legs, lifted them up over my shoulders, and began to feast on the fragrant moisture seeping from her pussy.

I decided that I wanted to make this especially memorable for Felicia so I took my time, repeatedly bringing her right to the edge of an orgasm only to back away and let her come down from the brink. After several trips she was begging for me to finish her, and finally, having brought her to the lip yet again, I began to stroke her clitoris faster and faster until she screamed three times and then collapsed on the bed. This time, I was the one to hand her a towel.

"That was so sweet, Andrés," she whispered when she pulled me up beside her. I held her in my arms for a while, and then began to caress her lightly, but she stopped me. "I'm so tired, corazón. Let's wait till tomorrow." I smiled, pulled the covers over us, and we soon slipped off to sleep.

The next morning I went down to the beach for a jog, and when I returned and had showered, Felicia and I went down for brunch. That afternoon we explored the property and I was impressed by what I saw. I still wasn't sure if the venture was viable financially, but there was no question that the management intended to treat their guests to a first class experience.

Later Felicia tried a massage at the spa while I swam laps in the pool. When she came back she was tired, so we both took an afternoon nap. When we awoke, it was late, and by the time Felicia had put on her little black dress, the Continental restaurant was full. We had just resigned ourselves to returning to the American Grill when a man sitting with a woman at a nearby table waved at us.

The man got up and walked over. "I couldn't help notice you were having difficulty getting seated. I'm Don Cavendish and this is my wife Mia. If you wouldn't mind dining with strangers, we'd love to have you join us at our table."

I looked at Felicia questioningly, and she nodded encouragingly, so I reached out to shake hands with him. "Don, I'm Andy Salazar and that's my wife Felicia. We'd be delighted to accept your kind invitation."

As we moved to their table, I took the opportunity to look them over. They certainly made an attractive couple. He was an Anglo about my height, maybe a few years older than Felicia and me. Mia wasn't a trophy wife, but she was definitely an MILF. Her dress featured an intriguing décolletage that drew all eyes to her impressive bosom. To put it bluntly, she was stacked and proud of it.

We began to chat about ourselves and about the resort. Don and Mia had only arrived that day from Ocala, so we were able to tell them a little about what we'd discovered. From there the conversation evolved into a wide variety of subjects, and by the time the tiramisu arrived, I was startled to realize that dinner had flown by.

Don insisted on offering us an after-dinner cordial, and when the glasses had been distributed he proposed a toast "to making new friends in unexpected places." All of us joined in heartily.

When we'd finished, Don wasn't ready for the party to end. "I hear they have a great little nightclub here. What do you say we have a dance or two?" I looked at Felicia, and she was beaming at me. "That sounds good, Don," I told him, and we were off.

The nightclub was crowded when we got there, but Don must have slipped something to someone because a table big enough for the four of us magically appeared. After we'd ordered a drink, Don stood up and bowed to me. "Would you mind if I asked your beautiful wife for a dance?" he asked.

"Only if you'll allow me to do the same thing with yours," I responded, and Mia gave me an encouraging look.

The band tonight was playing classic rock, and all four of us began to bounce and move to the beat. After the first dance we switched partners and went on for two more numbers before returning to our table to finish our drinks. I leaned over to Felicia. "Are you about ready to go?" I asked. "As I recall, we have some unfinished business back in our room."

When she nodded her head, we made our excuses and prepared to leave. Don and I gave each other a man hug, then he hugged Felicia while I did the same to Mia. I thought she might have made the embrace a little tighter than mere friendship would dictate, not that I minded. Then, as we started to go, Don spoke up again. "Hey, would you two care to join us for brunch tomorrow at 11:00? We're in one of the beach cottages (he gave us the number) and we're going to eat on the patio. Can you make it?"

I turned to Felicia. She whispered, "I'm really enjoying Don and Mia, and I'd love to get a peek at one of those beach cottages."

I turned back to our new friends. "If you're sure it's not an imposition," I said, "we'd love to come."

With that settled, we headed for the elevator bank to take us back to our room. "What a pleasant surprise!" Felicia exclaimed. "One minute we were sitting down with complete strangers and the next minute we were dancing with old friends!"

"I felt the same way," I told her as I opened the door with my card key. "What did you think of Mia?"

"She seemed really nice," Felicia said as she began to undress, "but I didn't get a chance to talk with her at length." Then she whirled and gave me a saucy smile. "But I certainly know what you thought about her. You couldn't keep your eyes off her tits!"

I tried to deny it, but Felicia would have none of it. "Well, I think it's time you paid a little attention to this pair here. They may not be as big as Mia's but I think you'll find they'll respond very nicely if you give them a kiss."

That was all the excuse I needed to sweep my lusty wife into my arms and deposit her on the big bed. Neither the meal nor the dancing prevented us from some very satisfying love-making.

It was late the next morning when we made our way over to Don and Mia's cottage. The brunch they provided was truly impressive, and dining on the large screened-in porch at the back of their cottage was delightful, especially with the breeze from the ceiling fans helping to keep the temperature down.

By now we all felt very comfortable with each other, so when Felicia and Mia made plans to work on their tans beside the resort's infinity pool, I wasn't surprised. Don had a different idea, and invited me to join him on their yacht for some deep-sea fishing. Despite living in Florida my whole life, I'd done very little deep-sea fishing, and I was eager to go out with him.

He and I headed down to the dock where his 38-foot Chris-craft cruiser was berthed. Don picked up a chest full of beer and ice, and asked me to grab a couple of jerry cans of gasoline. "When you're out on the ocean, you can't have enough beer or gasoline," he said with a laugh.

When we'd gotten several miles out in the Gulf, Don brought out the rods and baited our lines, and we began trolling. We didn't get much action, but the beer and the sea air made for a pleasant afternoon. Don was an interesting guy, and if the cottage and the cruiser weren't sufficient, his stories soon made it clear that he and Mia were loaded.

Suddenly, the rod I was tending bent double and the line began to whine off the reel. "You got something!" Don yelled, and helped me grab the rod. Then he took the wheel and began to steer the cruiser to help me bring whatever it was in toward me.

I thought I was in pretty good shape physically, but it took everything I had just to stay in the boat. Suddenly, Don yelled, "There it is!" and I looked up to see a blue-white torpedo leap out of the water.

"What is that?" I yelled, and Don came over and clapped me on the back. "Unless I miss my guess, you've hooked a mako shark, Andy!"

The fish jumped several more times as it struggled to get free, but I slowly made progress in reeling it in toward the boat. As it got closer, I could make out its shape swimming near the surface, and I was startled at just how large it was. I turned to Don. "Are we really going to try to land that?" I asked, but before Don could reply, the shark bit through the line and swam away.

Don tried to console me on losing "my" shark, but frankly I was just as glad not to get any closer than I already had to that snapping monster. I was exhausted and ready to return to the resort.

When I got back to our room, I couldn't wait to tell Felicia about my big adventure, and she gave me all the right responses. But I could tell there was something on her mind, and when I had finished my "one-that-got-away" account, she seized the opening.

"I had a bit of an adventure myself today," she said with an expression that I couldn't quite read. When I raised my eyebrows, she went on, "Mia and I had a very interesting conversation out by the pool. She told me that she and Don like to swing sometimes."

"I don't understand," I said blankly. "What do they like to swing?"

Felicia looked at me like I was a naïve child. "No, Andy, they're swingers. They like to swap partners for sex."

"Oh!" I said, as comprehension dawned on me. "Oh, wow, I would never have guessed that."

"But that's not all," Felicia went on with a little smile. "Mia wanted to know if we would like to swing with them tonight."

I sat down abruptly on the bed. This was a lot to take in at one time. We'd only just gotten to know these people and now they were offering to have sex with us? Mia was certainly attractive enough, but still I thought this had been a weekend for Felicia and me to reconnect.

"I don't know, honey. I mean, I really like them, but this is kind of sudden. What do you think?"

Now it was Felicia's turn to sit down beside me. "I think we should do it. We've been talking about trying something like this for quite a while, and we'll never have a better opportunity than now. We don't know these people that well and we live in different cities. It's not as though we're going to be running into them all the time. Besides, you've got to admit that Mia is pretty hot."

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