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Sunday School Teacher


It was early Sunday morning. I watched as she drove up the winding driveway in her bright red car and stopped outside the front door. She demurely stepped out of the car, showing off her elegant but prim blue dress. She looked every inch the Sunday school teacher. Even the curly blonde hair that stretched past her shoulders gave an impression of innocence and sweetness.

"Good morning, fair lady," I said, going out to meet her. I had not really expected to see her, knowing that she had Sunday school duties. "Did you get lost on the way to church?"

She ignored my question. "Do like what you see?" she asked, coyly twirling in a little circle. Her dress rose above her knees, revealing her exquisite legs: softly tanned, long and lean.

"You look ravishing," I replied.

"Ravish me then," she said with a wink. "Don't hold back, I need it badly."

"Doesn't your husband give it to you?" I asked.

"I saved it all for you," she said cheekily. "This pussy is all yours for you to play with. When I leave today I want to be filled with your cum, and your cum only. Do you like that?"


Her eyes had a hungry twinkle. "I want to able to look at all the people at church, and look all sweet and prim. I want to talk to the other women about boring little things. All the time I want to bask in the knowledge that I have been a very naughty girl; that I have had sex with another man and my womb is filled with his seed. How do you like that?"

"You are impossible," I laughed. My cock was already throbbing in anticipation. "How can you turn me on so quickly?"

"We don't have much time," she said hastily. "Let's hurry."

"Sounds good to me," I said happily. I led her straight to my bedroom. Her eyes lit up; everything was perfect. Even the time was right: the room was magically lit by the early morning sunlight. "I've never seen your room so beautiful. It must be the early morning light." she said breathlessly. "I think this will be our best time ever."

I drew her to me. We kissed urgently. Her mouth opened and her tongue wiggled softly against my lips as I played with her nipples.

"Do you like me when I am naughty?" she asked breathlessly.

"You are perfect when you are naughty."

She quickly undid the buttons of her dress; they were on the front and easy to reach. My eyes stretched in surprise: she was not wearing a bra. Her perfect round breasts stared out at me, the pink nipples jutting out like little towers. I kissed them, but she pushed me away.

"There is no time for foreplay," she urged. "I'm ready, you're ready..."

She swept off her dress and hung it on a convenient hook. Then she turned and showed off her panties, 'Fuck me' emblazoned on the front. It was my present to her. "I did it," she announced. "I put them on in the bathroom and said goodbye to my husband while I was wearing them. I can't believe that I did that."

"Let's take that off," I suggested. I took it off, and immediately I smelt the musky odor of a randy female. I looked into her eyes enquiringly.

"I am feeling so horny," she giggled. "Last night I told my husband that I had a headache, but I was saving it up for you. I could hardly sleep thinking of what you are going to do now."

"Do you mean your husband got no nookie last night?"

"Yes," she growled hungrily. "Now come and take all you want right now."

With furious determination I threw her quivering body onto the bed. "You bitch!" I shouted. "You were made for only thing. You were made for fucking!"

With a willful smirk she pushed up her hips, placing her naked pussy fully onto display. "Stop talking and do it," she said huskily.

I lined my cock up against her entrance and drove in her hard, forcing her down.

She wrapped her legs around my back and drew me in towards her. She closed her eyes, breathing heavily as I pumped into her with long heavy strokes.

"Squeeze your tits, bitch," I ordered. "Show me how you play with yourself."

Her hands eagerly reached to her nipples. As I watched her she rubbed her breasts for me, lighting new fires of hunger.

"Tell me what you are feeling," I demanded.

"Oooh, it is so good. You are deep inside of me, driving me out of control."

"What am I doing to you?"

"You are fucking me," she said proudly, knowing exactly what I wanted.

"Tell me more!"

"I am as horny as a bitch, and you are fucking me. I am hot and fertile and naughty." She was working herself up, panting for breath, but eagerly talking dirty. "I can't wait for you to shooooot your cum into meeeee!" Her face tightened into the mask that told me that she was approaching her climax. She gasped out incoherently and jerked against me, signaling her first climax.

I slowed down for a few minutes, my cock moving gently inside her, letting her relax.

I thought of how I had seduced this previously sweet, innocent married woman, and turned her into a fiery ball of sex. It had been a difficult chase, but now that I had her where I wanted her she was worth every bit of it.

After she caught her breath, her eyes opened. "Do you still like what you see?" she asked.

"You are beautiful," I said. "I have never had another woman that compares with you."

She purred, lapping up my compliment. "So why haven't you cum yet?"

"I am saving it up," I said.

"You can't save it up because I must leave now."

"You aren't going anywhere until I've filled your pussy with my cum."

"I am getting up now," she said. She made to get up.

I forced her down hard, pushing her shoulders down against the bed. "I am in charge here, and I will cum when I want to," I said loudly.

"Prove it," she challenged me.

I held her down, but now I flexed my hips, moving them ever so slightly upward. "That will be very easy, woman." Once again I slammed into her.

She pretended to struggle, but I could feel that it was just for show. I let my cock hold its position there, deep in her womb, before making my point again. "I am in charge," I said quietly. "And I am going to put my seed into your hungry pussy when I feel like it."

She did not say anything but looked deep into my eyes, a willful and rebellious look on her face, then slowly started rocking her hips against mine. As she did so I felt her pussy squeezing my cock. It felt as if she were deliberately milking it. The sensation enthralled me. I felt as if my entire being were slowly squeezed. For a long moment I stayed motionless, letting my body bask in the attention.

This could not go on indefinitely. Suddenly my cock starting to tingle with excitement, and I knew that I could not last much longer.

Something in my expression must have told her what was happening. Her expression became triumphant as she took in that I was about to shoot my load. "I order you to cum now," she said boldly.

"I won't!" I said stubbornly. "I'll keep you here all day."

She jerked her hips against mine, almost causing me to explode instantly.

"You will cum now," she ordered, her eyes focused in concentration.

I would not let her have her way in the battle of wills between us. "No!" I shouted.

"Now!" she ordered loudly, jerking against me once more.

It took every last ounce of my will power, but somehow I held myself back. Then with terrible energy I pulled my aching cock halfway out of her slick tunnel of pleasure and then immediately slammed it deep into her. I followed that up with several more strokes, chanting, "I will keep you here all day."

But it was all bluff, and she knew it. "I know that you are going to cum now," she said huskily. Just at that moment her eyes suddenly stretched out in surprise. "Oh no," she gurgled. "It's happening again."

I did not have to wonder what was happening. Her eyes closed in ecstasy and her arms fell limp and unresisting. I felt her shake under me like a leaf as a new orgasm shot through her body. She moaned under me in excitement driving me to even greater efforts.

My body could not hold out a moment. I drove in one more time, shooting my sperm as deep within the woman as I could. Every spurt felt like a river driving deep into her smooth, soft and moist depths. Her clitoris danced against my spasming cock, welcoming each seed into her and encouraging it to search deep and well.

It took only a few moments according to the clock on the wall, but the pleasure of our joining was enough for a lifetime.

Slowly my thrusts became weaker and her body became still once more. I rested on her and then slowly lay down next to her, panting heavily. We lay close together, sharing the moment. I kissed her gently, and lay back spent.

My kiss seemed to be a signal to her. She whispered, "I really have to go now," then got up shakily and went to the bathroom. I heard the sounds as she douched. As I lounged on the bed, she came in still naked, and quickly dressed in front of me, taking care to show off her beautiful form to best effect. I was surprised at how quickly she was able to look modest and tidy. Then she opened her handbag and took out a small makeup set. Looking into its little mirror she quickly repaired the ravages of our passion. She looked at herself critically in the mirror, gave a nod of satisfaction, then blew me a kiss.

With that she went to the door. Her hips swayed provocatively in complete contrast to her staid dress and shoes. She turned around and waved, her wedding ring glinting in the light. Then she marched off to her car, every bit the business-like Sunday school teacher.

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by Anonymous04/03/18

Sexy story

One thing that would've made the story even sexier is if the writer had the Sunday school teacher wearing a cross necklace.
As he penetrated her, he kisses & sucks on her beauties & sees that cross necklacemore...

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