tagLoving WivesSunita: Neighbour's Erotic Wife

Sunita: Neighbour's Erotic Wife


Neighbour’s Wife is a pleasure on the Bed…..A Story with Revenge in Mind.

Heera returned to her house very very bewildered and anxious, Manju was not the kind who would easily forgive her and was not a very aggressive man too, she just started wondering on how he would react.

She was getting into her house when the neighbours’ door creaked open and out came Ratheesh, the third neighbour on the same floor, finding Heera on the door he became slightly sheepish and went off quietly to his house. Heera was very surprised to notice - Sunita quickly closing the door on them and bolting inside.

Sunita and Saranya (Ratheesh's wife) were neighbours. They both were known to fight with each other and it never really mattered to the husbands till one day (a few months ago) Sunita decided to get an upper hand- she seduced Ratheesh during the summer holidays when Saranya and children were away for a vacation.

" Where is your husband, haven't seen him for quite a while?” Ratheesh was in his jockey shorts and sweat shirt coming back from the GYM whereas Sunita was returning home with her young daughter Sush (4years old) and all of them were in the lift. Sunita was very cordial and told him, Ramesh -her husband had gone to Malaysia and would be way for couple of weeks.

Ratheesh blurted that he too was alone and was stunned when he heard " I know- the fighter peacock and her siblings are gone for some time, there will be some peace", Ratheesh was taken aback and wanted to retort but was distracted by the 'cleavage' show he got with the chuni sliding away and the deep neckline of the kameez all aglow on the fair skin, the boobs temporarily rubbed against each other- in the small lift, he could not do anything but watch the exhibition and 'exhibition' it was, Sunita did not bother to cover her self and when their floor came- she picked up Sush and walked away dropping the chuni there and there on the lift floor.

Ratheesh picked up the garment and handed it over to the young girl overlooking from her mother's shoulder, " Join us for dinner, and you may get to pick up the rest of the clothes dropped from my body" saying Sunita went inside her house without any bother to look at him, she knew the 41 year old man was lusting for her 26 year old juicy pussy.

The stars seemed to be favoring this 'unusual' union and Sunita had no way of knowing that Ratheesh and his cock was aching for just such an opportunity.

Poor Ratheesh was unaware of her exploits in the past and was ignorant of her sexual history, so he like a typical middle class male was hesitant to get into a scandal and become ridicule in the family - that was the last thing he wanted.

He avoided the 'dinner' invitation but did what he was always 'best' at- masturbated watching a Indian blue movies of-course thinking and visualizing Sunita as the girl on the screen.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh- what an ejaculation he felt, his cock felt much harder then it usually was in such a state, he knew this tempting invitation could not be ignored for long. He was thirsting for Sunita from the time his wife had started complaining of her antics in the 'common' verandah, which both the flats shared.

Sunita was sitting on the slanted wooden bench in the 'common verandah' and was bent over the bucket 'full of wet clothes', when Ratheesh opened the door to pick up his towel- it was a Saturday and he had got up late, their eyes met and Ratheesh got a jolt once again in his loins- she looked at him agape and white teeth showing her intent clearly, she wanted him and wanted the 'dong' badly.

Ratheesh picked up the towel and went back quickly and was about to get into the bathroom when he stopped. He stealthily went back and started leering at Sunita through the window behind the curtain, she was now about to hang the clothes on the string tied end to end in front of her room in their flat.

Being at home she was dressed pretty flimsy, wearing a T-shirt with buttons and a pleated skirt, her hair was braided and coiled, held with a thick towel hair-ring, she was very much aware of the 'voyeur' and to make things very complicated for Ratheesh did some real stunning stuff.

While bending back to pick some more clothes, Sunita unbuttoned her T-shirt and with her legs bare as she bent over, the lapels of her T-shirt swung low and he saw the luscious swell of her breasts, her long mangalsutra glistening on her dusky skin, nestling in her deep and inviting cleavage, she was not wearing any brassiere- going only to suggest what she had on her mind. Ratheesh was already feeling his lips moving over and covering over her nipples, he was thirsting for her and ogled unabashedly, enjoying the sight when he noticed a erotically brownish beauty spot on the inside of her right breast.

Sunita knew that he was watching her and decided to excite him to 'death' and did not straighten up for more than a minute, it was a sight worth a million and for this 41 year old man it was a full of thrill and filled with excitement, patience was running out and being in the broad daylight, perhaps, it stalled him from going and grabbing her there and then - otherwise nothing could have stopped the copulation, after all things were to definitely work out for them.

Reaching up to her forehead to wipe off the settling sweat Sunita removed the towel band from her head and re-coiled her long braid into a knot high on the back of her head – retied the towel-band while accentuating the sweep of her neck. The gold chain 'mangalsutra’ glistened on her flesh just above the T-shirt, which was just covering her boobs.

Ratheesh could see her pause and smile on her reflection in the water filled bucket below. She was clearly onto creating trouble for him, her shimmering white teeth gleamed while she turned her head this way and that, eyes sparkling with mischief showing on her mind, Sunita suddenly bent her head down over the T shirt and held her hands between the breasts and with the tip of her little finger, she slowly weighed and lifted her breasts.

She started to rub her thumbs on both nipples without any caution and to add to Ratheesh torment, she moistened her fingers on her tongue and resumed rubbing the same on the nipples and the jutting aureoles, over the cloth of the T-shirt.

The poor nipples stiffened with the excessive pinch, which she tweaked and twirled turning them into hard stubs.

Ratheesh saw her breathing get faster and could feel her getting tense, she parted her lips and one could easily feel the flaring of her nostrils, these were all clear messages of lust building up and one could easily make out she was out to 'trap' the male watching her from the window – as an unmistakable sign of sexual arousal, she gave a final tug to the T shirt and squeezed hard on her breasts, the flesh turned red and crimson blue on the insides with her tongue moving lasciviously over her upper lip.
From his window, Ratheesh was watching her silently and while watching her, he did not realize that there was a groan, which he felt from within and in a sub conscious state he had already pulled his erect cock out of his shorts and began to masturbate slowly.

He pressed his eye to the window again. She was still fondling her beautiful breasts - she knew she was being watched, she liked the fact that he desired her and today - she promised herself, she would entice him to fuck her.

Finally, she straightened, the T-shirt was damp with sweat and he could clearly see the sharp points of her nipples and the dark shadows of her aureoles. His cock was leaking on its own reminding him of his teen age days when he used to have similar experience watching Renu across the balcony- he was 'Babu' in those days and had come a long way from then.

The itch began near the back of her anus and found its way right on up and over her erected clitoris. That certain itch which comes only to women in desperate need. Sunita was more than familiar with the lovely yet agonizing feeling. It was time ... yes ... Sunita knew it was that time. She closed her eyes, not wanting to ... but the demand was there, spinning in her brain, warming her body.

He's going to fuck me!

Sunita watched him come around the end of the sofa from the wet outside 'verandah'- he was unable to resist it anymore and mindful of the fact that it was just 11 am in the morning and was broad daylight and that the 'common verandah' opened out into the emergency exit (spiral staircase) from where the servants climb up, Ratheesh dived into the act without any more remorse or thought.

Sunita was sure and knew in her mind that it was going to happen and she felt her heart pound. She felt a thrill begin tingling through her belly, making her pussy-tunnel squirm warmly in a way it hadn't for nearly three years.

Ratheesh reached for her beyond the sofa and caught her lovely hair band from behind and pulled her on to his chest, " Ouch - that hurts, have patience my lover, I am all yours- but first tell me why you did not come in the night, you mustn’t have slept ofcourse and I am also sure you would have 'come' over and over again wanting these', saying Sunita had her left arm draping across the boobs whereas the right hand was 'sawing' between the legs.

Ratheesh was going mad and blank with the 'lust' overpowering him, it had been ages since he had fucked a 'other woman' and that was just after his engagement, he was in his twenties and got an opportunity to sink his tool into a wet pussy of the receptionist at his office those days- she had seduced him in her own house while he was visiting to meet her 'ailing' parents.

Sunita felt almost hypnotized as he pushed her down on the knees, his strong hands on her wrists, his long thick manly shaft was jutting out of his jockeys and he pulled her over to the same, he wanted her to suck his cock- his wife hadn't done anything of that sort for ages now and he had but one desire - make Sunita drink his 'jism' and suck him to 'nirvana'.

He finally bent over and put his mouth to hers, during the long kiss that followed he had his tongue drilling well into her mouth. She wanted to resist, making it not quite so easy for him, but her will power had gone, it seemingly had disappeared into that empty bucket outside on the 'verandah'.

Before her lips were released from his mouth, she was returning the tonguing and rubbing her tongue-tip along the edges of his thick dirty gums and at the back of his scaled teeth. She knew all this will give her the power over 'him' and eventually over 'Saranya' who had to be 'punished' for her audacity and impersonal authority over Sunita, in her heart she was feeling victorious- a sign of relief and wanton release of stress.

"You are a real randi, aren't you?" he chuckled, pulling her to her feet. She nodded and shook against him, moving her face to his as they kissed deep and her tongue grew more and more hungrily into his mouth.

Ratheesh moved his hands over the T shirt and unbuttoned the remaining buttons and just slid the garment off her shoulders- Sunita was naked from the top and the T shirt was a lump of cloth around her waist just above the shorts, Ratheesh had a long look at her boobs and was lost in the sight in front of him.

"Like them" muttered Sunita with her lower lip between her teeth as she squeezed her breasts, while his hands felt her buttocks she reached out to him undid his jockey; they puddled at his feet. He pulled off her pleated skirt and along with it the T shirt also tumbled out and fell on the floor, they both were as naked as they were on the day they were born.

Her body was firm and trim and his hands explored her warm, naked flesh. She whimpered softly and pressed hungrily against him. "Fuck me, Ratheesh," she moaned. "Fuck me slow and real hard, Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.....but promise you will never fuck your wife after today......I promise you my body and a lot more of other damsels' " saying she slid down and was facing his tool before her eyes, it was in a semi erect condition.

Sunita dragged her tongue and teeth up and down his shaft and over his balls making Ratheesh groan as she gently took his cock-head between her lips.

He cried out and his belly drew in sharply. His cock throbbed and sputtered pre-cum juice that she swallowed greedily and pressed her sluttish tongue to the slit on his cock-tip, it was oozing more and more jism, which she smeared on her breasts and nipples. With the aromatic juice flowing, the cock in her mouth tasted wonderful tasty - misty and erotic, her head swam in excitement as this was heaven. "Yes ... Ohhhh yes ... suck it! Mm ... yes ... suck my cock, Sunita slut ... Ohhh yes!” Ratheesh was lost and was gasping for breath.

Sunita had been tormenting Ratheesh for quite a while now- both have been watching each other since 2 years and she was aware of his glances though not sure it would be so easy to get him to succumb to her body's wishes.

She was very lovely, a dusky beauty, sensual with a lot of flesh at the right places, her boobs measured 38D and she had large, dark eyes, which were today laced with 'kajal', her thick black hair fell right on to her waist in a well formed braid.

She took the cock out of her mouth and rubbed it around her nipples and at last on the smooth and clear skin on the inside of her boobs which had the several attractive - sexy birth-marks on the inside of her left breast, Sunita was wearing a 'bindi' on her forehead.

Sunita dragged her nipple across his body and took him by his hand inside to the master bedroom- in no time Ratheesh was using his teeth and gums and the roof of his mouth on her lovely nipples, they were smelling of her sweat and there was no mistaking that it was erotic in all possible manner- he was enjoying the sweat of a person who was not related to him and that made it more 'erotic'.

Sunita shuddered and arched under him, Ratheesh twisted on his side beside her and slid his hand into her crotch, 'Aaaahhhhh-----Veyi.........Odu.......Cheya kandi.....Dengutava na puku....Aaaaaaaahhhh' she screamed in Telugu and her legs forked apart readily and she groaned " Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh' as he slipped a thick, long finger into her cunt, it was hot and wet and he felt her cunt contract immediately on his fingertip, Sunita murmured her pleasure, her hips writhing erotically.

In no time, the erotic couple reached crescendo after crescendo and Ratheesh was finger-fucking her simultaneously in her cunt and ass even as his tongue flickered like lightning between the two adjacent holes, he was really enjoying the heated 'sweat' dripping from and in between the two holes and it was 'mesmerizing', Sunita's body lurched and thrashed and writhed frantically as he tormented her without any relief, providing her with a series of explosive orgasms with his finger and tongue.

After she had 'come' couple of times on his hands and left them 'frothing' with her juices and before she could 'come' again, Ratheesh stopped and rose to his knees on the bed.

Sunita was bewildered and shocked by this act and really showed her frustration, " Don't stop now, you bastard!" she hit out at him, "For god's sake, not now!"

Ratheesh just laughed and dragged her legs over his shoulders and in a jiffy dipped his dick into her well oiled pussy- what a feeling, the 41 year old had been wanting this cunt for more than 6 months now and here it was 'all his' unsheathed and unprotected, he was fucking her for all she was worth.

' Don't you wear a condom, you could be risking AIDS ' said Sunita, ' Don't worry I am not HIV + and am sure you aren't too'.

Ratheesh had gone far into the act and was really not going to be deterred- he just leered at her and jabbed at the duo boobs in front of him juggling with all sweat drops sliding in/out and all over.

He was having a whale of time - especially drinking and smelling all her sweat. Finally the neighbour's wife was under his body and her 5'5" slut figure was curved into providing the pleasure of its lifetime to the cock .

"OH ma uhhhh yes Oh my god Ratheesh yes!" she cried, her back bowing, "Unhhhhh uhhh yeh!" Ratheesh shouted, his body bending inward as her cunt bent on to his penis, his cock drilled her cunt, grinding in/out deeper and deeper, going in till he was buried to the hilt, his balls pressed between their two bodies.

He paused to take a breath with his cock meshed in her pussy lips, Sunita was biting her lower lip, squirming and shaking her hips against his pubic area, and his cock throbbed in her cunt while she started feeling light-headed with lust.

"Fuck me," she hissed. "C'mon, MAN... ... fuck me hard ... god, I love your cock in my cunt, I want to have you along with my man-servant Sukumar- he drills well in my ass and you look too good in my cunt, Aaahhh...aaahhhaaaaahhh---aaahhhhhhh!"

Ratheesh was grinning, as he squeezed her breasts hard, making her gasp and straightened up again, he began fucking her slow and with meaningful thrusts, swinging his hips steadily thru and fro.

His 41 years old prick glistened and shone as it 'went in' and 'came out' from the delicate, distinguished pussy lips.

Between the lovely buttocks of Sunita, his thrusts went in deep and each brought an uncontrollable 'erotic' groan of pleasure from her.

"Ohhh uhhh Ohhhh uhhh Oh yes oh yeh oh yeh uhh Ohma uhh yes ... do it, Ratheesh, do it!" she gasped and both came together, Ratheesh could not hold it anymore and he came in spurts and spurts in her cunt. Sunita 'came' 5 times this morning and was very happy- her young body was responding well to 'consensual ' sex of this nature where there was no inhibition.

He went down with her, his cock still in her cunt and they rolled over on the bed soiling the bedsheets over and over again, Ratheesh cupped her breast, squeezing it, nibbled her earlobe, and smelled along the nape of her neck.

Their bodies were slippery with sweat. "I hope you enjoyed and it is enough for today?" he whispered, sliding his tongue through her ear.

Of course it wasn't enough.

For Sunita 'sex' was a continuous 'affair' -nothing was enough. She had succeeded in getting her 'rival's husband ' in her bed, rest would be to enjoy and savor.

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