tagFetishSunny Days and Watering

Sunny Days and Watering


There was a light breeze in the air, as he hung the washing on the line. It was so sunny, it had seemed a waste to not do the towels, and as he had time, he had stuck them in the washer. As was usual though, he was naked. The garden was quite private, only really overlooked where he was now by the back window of next door, but they were at work, so he was safe. He pottered around, pegging washing, enjoying the sun on his back.

Behind the nets, Sarah let out a little sigh. "Oh good boy!" as she watched him, ending to the basket, then stretching as he pegged another towel out. As tall as he was, he never felt the need to drop the prop and lower the line. Sarah admired the way his lean frame stretched and reached every time he hung another towel on the line. His face was hidden by the washing already out there, but she smiled, as she knew she could pick him out in any line up, face or no face!

The sun burnt onto his back as he neared the finish of the washing. It felt so good, and so refreshing to be out here like this, nekkid, just him, and the air. There were only a few more things to hang out, but his bladder was becoming insistent. He looked around, checking. No one in sight (that WOULD have been a surprise!), no sounds from next door.

As he pegged the next bath towel out, he spread his legs, reached up, and let go, his warm pee splashing the flowers on the raised garden in front of him. The release was so gratifying, almost sexual, as his bladder stopped protesting, and his soft five inches of shaft dripped the last few drops out.

Almost immediately though, it began to harden, enjoying the release, and enjoying the sun.

Sarah was enjoying the show, much as she had for the past five weeks. Short time at work wasn't what she really wanted this year, but the advantages of being at home when obviously the neighbour next door thought she wasn't..well, it had been a revelation!

She had enjoyed the sight of his tall body, slowly turning a tanned shade, and had been so happy with the sight of him oddly scratching himself, or even better - once - stroking himself openly, and unseen (so he thought!) This had given her the chance for many a happy stroke of her own, and many a satisfying orgasm. She gasped, sitting closer to the window, as she watched the faceless torso and legs behind the wash line.

Was he?..he bloody well was! He was peeing, on the garden. She was shocked! Not by that, but by the immediate flooding in her fanny as she watched him, full force, dribble, then drip. He only had a few towels more to hang out.

She ran down the stairs, two at a time, naked, her breasts swinging, till she reached the back door. She hesitated, hand on the knob (oh god, that thought..) and then quietly, but assuredly, opened the door wide, wider, fully open and stepped out. "Hi" she called, watching as his head snapped back. She had to keep him talking, no need or him to bolt out of her way now that she had him! "Been sent home! they gave me the morning off!" she cheerily smiled at him. The fence was the right height for them to be able to see each others heads, maybe shoulders too? but nothing below.

"Oh, that's, erm, that's nice for you. Nice day for it too!"

"Yeah, I wanted to catch some sun, but didn't know you were here.." She let the sentence trail as she watched the thought dawn on him she would be naked, could already be. Could he see her bare shoulders?.

"Oh, I'm off soon, don't worry about me!" he laughed.

"I wanted to water the garden, do you think it's a good time?" she asked.

"Umm, bit early, the sun'll be hot. What about later on?" he replied as he bent down -- (probably to pick up the last of the washing in the basket, she thought to herself) So he didn't see or sense her stepping to the fence. As he bent down, she stepped onto the low garden wall in front of the fence, which edged the low border plant bed, and placed her breasts onto the top rail of the fence, all the while admiring his bum cheeks, his balls hanging between, and then his face as he turned, his semi-hard cock swinging, bobbing towards her.

"Sarah!" he called out, stopping as his eyes locked onto her breasts, looked into her smile, watched as her lips parted, and her pink tongue darted out, and heard the splash of water, as if a tap..

She shuddered through an almost mini-orgasm, as she felt his eyes feast on her, she eyed his cock, harder now, more erect, and enjoyed the naughty thrill of peeing - unseen - but obviously peeing in front of her neighbour.

"Well, I saw you...doing yours" she smiled, and stepped down, daring herself to walk the few paces to the interjoining gate, and her hand fell on the latch. As she heard it 'clunk!' and opened it, she saw him on the other side, smiling.

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