tagLoving WivesSuperBowl "Fuck my Wife" Party

SuperBowl "Fuck my Wife" Party


MY WIFE LINDSAY SHRIKED "I WANNA GET FUCKED SO BAAAAD" while her wet cunt spasmed around my penis. I held her hips tighter, ramming my pelvis into her butt, shoving my cock deeper into that quivering juicy vagina from behind. Her fourth orgasm of our bedtime fucking was the hardest of the night, making her shiver and shake and gasp for air. It was delicious. It put me over the edge, and I shot my load into her cunt.

Drained, her body fell away from my penis onto the bedsheets. Her long dark, reddish hair was matted from all the sweat, tangled from me pulling at it. Her 34B-cup tits glistened with perspiration, her knobby pink nipples pointing straight out for the last 90 minutes. And her shaved pussy, over her long legs, was smeared in a mixture of her pussyjuice, my cum and our sweat. That 5-foot-6 frame of hers, a divine size 6, smelled like a gymnasium from our animal fucking.

We'd gotten so turned on talking about our upcoming Superbowl party, three nights away. We'd planned every detail meticulously. She couldn't wait for it, and neither could I. She even stopped slutting around for the last 2 weeks, a lifetime by her standards. She wanted to SAVE all that sexual energy. We laughed, collapsing on the bed together, that maybe she'd wasted some of that energy tonight, but I assured her that a good slut like her would find all the energy she needed.

The next three days passed slowly, but finally it was Super Sunday. The early afternoon we spent getting the preparations -- beer of all kinds, chips n dips, and pizza ingredients to make some pies. Then with my help we got Linsday ready. We jointly shaved her pussy, legs and armpits; we wash her hair thoroughly; amply dapped not-so-subtle perfumes; and I watched her apply just a dash of makeup to her eyes. Then she put on the outfit we'd planned: first a white high-cut thong, which arches over her hips and diving down inside her buttcrack so her ass looked almost naked. She also put on a bikini top, made of thin-fabric triangles barely surrounding her 34B tits with a strap behind her back and a second strap around her neck. Then she put on a tight haltertop that showed tummy, and a pair of white cotton short-shorts that clung to her skin so tight like it's painted on.

To get her all horny, right before everyone started showing up, I make Lindsay watch me strip and I jerked myself off on the bed, getting a couple of minutes' help with her sucking my penis, until I cummed hard all over myself. The relief was great, for me at least. Lindsay, being the 27 year old slut she is, was forced to do nothing but lick my salty gooey cum off of my skin, and she dutifully swallowed it good. It leaves her so wet in her tight thong and shorts.

The game kicked off around 6:18, but the guys come over by 5. We set this up through the Internet; it's all local guys, but none she'd met in person. To entice them, I let each of them have phonesex with her that week. And, at my request, each guy shows up at the party with a Bill of Health -- you know, a negative blood test result dates within the last week. So much more fun when you aren't worrying about shit.

When each guy walks in the house, she get eyes instantly ravaging her body. The guys are:

-- Alan, a studly and muscular white guy with short-cut brown hair, married and about 35 years old, 6-2, 200 lb;

-- Bob, a young single guy with longish brown hair, 5-9 180#, he's 24 years old;

-- Chris, curly blonde-haired 31 year old single cutie, he's short (5-6) and wirey (150 lb);

-- Dave, a brown-haired married 28 year old, a little taller (5-10) and lanky (165 lb); and

-- Earl, a light-skinned black guy who's 30 and single, former football player, he's 6-0 and a muscular 210lb.

They were all nice guys -- and, better, horny guys. The two married guys, Alan and Dave, made appropriate lies to their wives to come to the party. Earlier that week I even talked to both wives, you know, calling them to ask if Alan/Dave were there, so the wives knew their hubbies were actually going to a superbowl party and not out cheating with some slutty married whore.

As they arrived, everyone hooked up with beer and kicked back on chairs around our big-screen TV, watching the pregame, but always keeping eyes on Lindsay. As she walked around in her tight outfit, she could tell the guys were staring at her ass as she bend over, and at her tits too. She winked often and giggled, which she does alot anyway, but especially when she's horny for cock. Lindsday I'm sure saw everyone's rock-hard cocks in their pants, bulging and huge, everyone is so hard to give her hours of pleasure.

We draw lots before the game, do a "grid" pool. That's where we set up a chart, with 10 row and 10 columns, each one numbered 0 through 9 down the side and across the top. Then each guy picks one box, one at a time, taking turns going around the room. Since there are 5 guys, each guy gets 20 boxes. So any box is uniquely identified by two digits, the row number and column number. We assign the row numbers to the NFC team, and the AFC team gets the other. Most people are familiar with Superbowl pools like this, I didn't invent it. I just, um, kind of changed the prizes for the winners.

We go over the rules too. Anyone that breaks the rules gets tossed from the house; but they all look like nice guys, so it won't be a problem. Each time any team scores a fieldgoal, Lindsay would give everyone a kiss for 30 seconds, but no one can touch her body during that kiss other than, obviously, her lips; if a team scores a touchdown, she'd give everyone a kiss for 60 seconds, and their hands can wander over any part of her body except her crotch. (That'll make her busy for 5 minutes after each touchdown.) Each guy that wins the pool at the end of each quarter gets a blowjob, either in front of everyone or in private for only ME to watch. Otherwise everyone's willies stay in their pants.

The game kicks off. We had Lindsay in the TV room assembling the pizzas while we watch the game. Fortunately, the NFC teams scores a TD on its first drive, so with hoots and hollars Lindsay walk around the room, moving over to each guy's chair, bending over each guy, and give out long 60 second sloppy tonguey kisses. Five pairs of hands cup her tits and slide around her covered ass and naked thighs. Each guy kisses different, smells different, but they all wanted her so bad. I just remained in a chair in the corner watching contendedly, all of these males enjoying my young slut wife's hot body. Then the other team gets a field goal later in the first quarter, and Lindsay went around again giving shorter kisses but not getting touched. Meanwhile Lindsay also assembled the pizzas for the oven, and got everyone refills of beer and chips.

The pool is an interesting dynamic; the "leader" at this point in the game was Alan, who has square number NFC 7 / AFC 3, which is the last digit of each team's current score. Other guys are rooting for another score by the end of the quarter, so the score at the end of the quarter matches their boxes. Like, Bob wants the NFC to get a quick touchdown so the score would be 14-3, because he has box NFC 4 / AFC 3.

But it doesn't happen, no scores for rest of quarter, so studly manly married Alan wins. First, he gets to take off Lindsay's first piece of clothing, which I decreed would be her haltertop. (The guys mourned the lost opportunity to remove her shorts.) With more giggles, Lindsday stood in the middle of the room and raised her hands, and Alan slid off her haltertop. The guys admire the shape of her boobs shown by her tight bikini top. Her nipples were so hard, they were piercing through.

Next, and better, Alan gets a blowjob from my slut. He wants it in public, so he lies back in his seat and got Lindsay to kneel between his legs. "Suck my dick baby," he moaned, and believe me, all the other males in the room were watching and muttering the same thing. Alan stared at Lindsay as she pulled his jeans open, and no shit why he wants a public BJ -- he had a massive, 8 inch cock. Thick, huge, he's proud of it. Lindsay grinned at him, smiled quickly at me (because she wanted me to know how badly she loved Alan's big prick), put her head down, and her tongue and lips work on that massive penis while the game goes on behind you. Alan was so hard, soon he squirted his delicious jism down her throat. Lindsay choked it all down, and a round of applause erupted. Then Alan zipped back closed, while Lindsay stood to give us a courtsey and return to fixin' the pizza.

But already in the game the AFC team was driving downfield while she was sucking Alan. There's a fieldgoal, just as Alan blows. Time for more kisses. The guys make Lindsday drink some beer, so she didn't taste like cum, then she gave another round of 30 second kisses. A turnover happens; a couple minutes later the AFC gets its first TD. Now another round of kisses, while the males pawed at her body through her clothing. The guys rubbed her tight hard nipples through her think bikini top, making them ache even more. Linsday's pussy was aching so much inside her tight clothing, she can't wait for more action.

The game slows down, but just before halftime, the NFC returns a punt for a TD. Score is 14-13 NFC. That means another 5 minutes with their tongues in Lindsay's mouth, and their hands all over her tits and ass and legs. She was manhandled during these kisses, the guys are just using her body, feeling her flesh. It makes them happy; she make them happy, it makes me happy.

Bob is ecstatic, cuz he has box NFC 4 / AFC 3, and the score is 14-13 at halftime. Linsday stood in front of him so he can do the honors; he unzipped and unbuttoned her skimpy shorts, and he peel them off. My wife's white thong was saturated in her juice, and her tight asscheeks were on display for everyone. The tight damp thong showed off the shape of her pussy inside, and everyone admired it. She did a little dance in front of everyone, showing off her body. She was giggling, but in lust with the attention she was getting.

Then Bob gots his prize. Only, he's a little shy for now, so he and I took her into the bathroom (after she got the pizzas out of the oven, so the other guys could munch on them). Then, in the bathroom, she got on her knees and unravel Bob's 7 inch cock. Not as long or as thick as Alan's but still meaty. She greedily stuffed it in her mouth as she kneel in front of him, and he fucked her mouth and throat then grunted and squirted his semen into her. She enjoy licking off the delicious cum from his hard shaft.

Guys make her give them more pizza and drink (we're strickly onto soda by now -- no one's gonna be drunk), just so she had to move her body around in her bikini top and her thong panties to provide for everyone. Everyone asked Bob how the blow was, and he gave it two thumbs up, making my horny wife giggle.

The 3d quarter finally starts after the interminably long halftime. The AFC comes out smoking hot, scoring a quick TD. The guys cheer for their kisses. With her just in bikini top and thong, they can touch all of her naked skin, all over her body. Hands cup her almost-nude buttocks, groping and playing with her ass. They also each grab her thong and, though they can't remove it or touch her pussy, they pull the thong up HARD between her buttocks, making it squeeze tighter on her cunt and clit. Makes her kisses even more horny.

But Lindsay wasn't even done with the 4th kiss, even, when the AFC gets another TD. Score is 27-14, AFC, if you're keeping track. Now, she have to complete the round of kisses for the prior touchdown, then immediately do the other round... so for 10 minutes straight, she went from guy to guy to guy 10 times over, letting them shove their horny tongues in her mouth, groping and cupping her body all over. She was so horny you'd think she should have fainted. I could see that lust in her eyes; I know it well, I live to see it.

But the scoring for the quarter wasn't done. Only a few minutes after completing the two rounds of kisses, the NFC gots a fieldgoal to pull within 10, and she had to give 30-second kisses to everyone. Then the NFC scored a TD too, and yet another round of kissing-and-groping erupted. She'd spent 17 1/2 minutes kissing these guys in this quarter alone. Thank god for all of the commercials during the game, so most of the guys didn't have to miss the action on the field to get some action with my slut wife.

And with the score AFC 27, NFC 24, the winner of the quarter had box NFC 4 / AFC 7, which was ... Bob again! Bob's a lucky man, but he graciously declines his blowjob, not wanting a second cum so he can save himself for the fun AFTER the game. He does, however, get to do the fun part of standing behind Lindsay, untying her bikini top, and showing the room her perky 34B tits. My they look nice, don't they? Nipples so erect, so hard. she cup and play with them for everyone. Since she have to give a blowjob, I had the guys draw straws (ok... they picked Cheetoes from my hand), and the winner was Chris, the single 31 yr old curly-haired, scrawny blonde.

Chris was so hard he wants a public blowjob, so she knelt in front of his chair and pull his pants down. He had a very hard average 5 1/2 inch dick. At my encouragement he gave her the tonguelashing that makes her wet. "Show me what a good whore you are," he muttered playfully, pushing her head down. He was so horny she hardly had to suck it; he basically just held her head stiff and ramned his cock into her mouth, fucking her. She moaned and cup his balls for him, and not even 2 minutes later he's relieved himself of wads of jism into her throat, even before the 4th quarter starts.

With 3 cums of semen in her tummy, and her nude body covered only by the skimpy tight soiled thong, she watched the game as the AFC gets close to another TD. But they don't, just a FG, so she gave a round of kisses with no touching. Fortunately later the AFC does get a TD to take a 37-24 lead, and she had to give out five minutes of sexy, tongue-filled kisses, while the boys all play with her nude tits. She ware such a slut to let me do this to her.

The game is heating up. The NFC hurriedly goes in for a TD to make it 37-31. Bob is happy, that's his square too, NFC 1 / AFC 7. But there's still time in the game, so the ultimate winner is still unknown. But Lindsay had to give out the kisses again, and I amended the rules to say, guys can either kiss she for 60 seconds or lick her tits for 30 seconds. Every single guy wanted at her breasts, so she spent 2 1/2 minutes sticking her tits in various wet mouths, while the men paw at her almost-nude butt, holding her thin body in their grasps.

It's an exciting end to the game. The NFC gets the ball back with 1:20 left... goes down for a score... but... fumbles into the endzone on the last play of the game, so the AFC wins 37-31!

And now the fun begins...with five super-horny cocks, and one enormously wet slut.

Bob seemed to have all of the good squares, he's the winner, holding also NFC 1 / AFC 7. We all move into the master bedroom, all seven of us. Linsday wasn't saying much, just smiling ear to ear, her naked tits even more pointy than ever. She lay on her back on the bed, and Bob leaned over and, as the winner, got to peel off her thong. There's her messy shaved cunt for all of us to see. Bob spread her open and licked her twat, finally giving her cunt some delightful attention for the first time all day. Lindsay fucking SHRIEKED; she moaned "OHHHH FUUUCK" and spread so wide and grabbed his brown hair, pulling his mouth into her vagina, and only a few moments later cummed hard with an orgasm that had been eluding her all day. With his mouth dripping from her cum, he sat up and spat, "she fuckin' came!" and the rest of us, standing around the bed, mumbled and applauded.

Then it's time for the good stuff. Bob takes off his pants, showing my wife his 7 inch prick again, and crawled over her waiting naked body. She wanted it so bad, she moaned, "Fuck me baby." We were encouraging Bob nonstop as he put his penis over her wet cunt ... and ... SHOVED it in. She squeeled, pulling her legs up more, pull him into her, and with me watching she let him fuck the daylights out of her cunt. He's so turned on to finally fuck her, even though he cummed in her mouth earlier at halftime, he came deep in her vagina in like 5 minutes.

Lindsay, spreading to reveal her gapping-wet cunt, remained on the bed on her back. Since they didn't get BJs, I let Earl and Dave cum next. Earl undressed and proudly shows us his enormous 8 inch black cock. He made my wife sit up and suck it a bit, while Dave got nude. Dave is average too, about 6 inches but thick, he says his wife never sucks him so he wants a blowjob too. Linsday sucked both cocks back and forth, the males kneeling on the bed around her, as the rest of us watched. Then I said "someone fuck the slut," and Earl moved into position. He crawls between her thighs, whle she still had her head turned to suck Dave's penis. She could feel Earl's HUGE cock at the entrance of her cunt, and he pushed in to fuck her. She pull back, and GOT FUCKED. Dave was content having my wife swallow his hard penis.

After watching Dave and Earl fuck my wife that way for several minutes, I put her on her fours, so Earl could fuck her doggy-style, and she had more freedom to suck Dave. Earl grabbed her little ass firmly and pumped his shaft into her soaking aching vagina, stretching it open. Dave grabbed her hair and humped her mouth. She got pulled back and forth between the two horny males. After about 10 minutes Earl lets it rip, jetting his blackman's sperm into her cunt. Dave was nearing the edge and wanted to cum in her pussy as well, so as soon as Earl pulls out, he moved around to kneel behind Lindsay's cute little ass and he fucked my wife doggy style too, cumming in her cunt about 60 seconds later. Meanwhile Earl had crawled around to her face so she could lick the sloppy mess off of Earl's cock.

Alan, who's the other married guy, said he has to be getting home, it's almost 10:30. So he gets his turn next, having her on her back. She stared in his eyes and moaned, "Fuck me Alan, fuck me," while he humped the sexiest, prettiest, sluttiest girl in his whole life. She was doing him a fucking service she know, letting him fuck her body. Alan, who's almost as big as Earl, works his 8 inch erection in and out of her wet pussy for about 10 or 15 minutes. Meanwhile Chris, the only guy yet to fuck her, has her stroke his penis on the side. Bob too has her rub his hard cock, so she end up with pricks in both hands while Alan was towering over her, humping her cunt. Finally he screamed and cummed deep in her pussy.

Alan gave her a big good-bye kiss, and he left. Chris was so horny, it's his turn. Dave, the other married guys, indicated he should get home too but wants one more turn with Lindsay, so he wanted to go next. I say it's ok, while we watch Chris do the slut. Chris is really horny and can't last long, cumming in her cunt in about 3 minutes.

My sweetie got all that cum in her, and still four hard cock around her. Dave said he wanted her tight ass, but I said, only if she had a cock in her cunt too. So Bob, who was ready for another round, got on his back. She crawled over his body and slide her cunt down along his 7 inch penis. Then Dave knelt behind her butt and rubbed the head of his 6 inch cock on her butthole. Suddenly she screamed, she have TWO cocks drilling her, filling those holes, rubbing against each other inside her body. She screamed and screamed while they fucked her hard in unison, rhythmically, until both blow their loads almost simultaneously in her body.

Dave got a good-bye kiss from my slut, while the remaining three guys get ready for more turns. Chris and Earl want to do her each by themselves too, not in a 3some. Earl went first, lying on his back and having my brunette love ride on top of his massive 8 inches of meat, so he could play with and suck her tits. She rode his manhood for it seems forever, until he finally spewed again in her cunt. Immediately Chris pulled her off of Earl and she her get on her fours, and Chris quickly went to fuck her doggy-style. Lindsday looked back and him and begged him to fuck her harder; she was such a nasty, filthy slut, fucking all this cock. If before Chris had only lasted 3 minutes, now he lasted like 30. (Show-off.) He's fucking her so long, Earl and Bob go watch some of the post-game interviews in the other room, and I almost fall asleep on the chair by the bed, as Chris kept ramming her silly first from behind, then on top of her. He made her say she loved his penis (it's only 5 1/2 inches long, for Chrissake), make her say she love him fucking her , then finally made her beg for him to cum in her cunt. Which he did, spilling his third orgasm of the day, the second in her pussy.

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