It was a dark and lonely night. The wind was howling thru the trees and the rain splattered against the window pane. Nicolle lay huddled up in her bed, softly crying.

“Oh what am I to do,” she cried.

She got up and wrapped a gown around her naked form and went downstairs. Searching thru all her drawers and cupboards, she looked for something she could use to remedy the situation. But there was nothing.

“Oh God, I can’t stand this for too much longer. This is just too cruel.”

She went to her lounge room and turned on the telly, dropping into her lounge and trying to get comfortable.

“Maybe some tv will get my mind off it.”

The screen lit up to a man and a woman kissing deeply ... sensually.

“Oh no, aaaaagghhh. This is just not fair.”

Just then, as always happens during the best parts of the movie on telly, an ad came on.

“Folks, do you need the services of a superhero?” the man on the tv droned.

“The Greater Good Heroes have a superhero to help with any situation. Just call 1 2 I NEED U and chose from our extensive lists of protagonists. There is one for every possible need. So don’t delay folks call now 1 2 I NEED U. The first 50 callers will receive, at no extra charge, one of our beautiful imitation snakeskin wallets guaranteed to impress.”

Nicolle thought to herself, “Mmmmm I wonder.”

“Oh well what do I have to lose and the worse that can happen is that I will get myself a new wallet.”

She picked up the phone and dialled the number. As she waited for it to answer, she started to run her fingers over the bare skin she saw down the front where her robe had come apart. Goose pimples came to her skin and she moaned softly as her fingers went to her nipple. It sprang into hardness at the first touch of her fingertips and she started to pinch and tease it. Her nipple was soon throbbing and her pussy starting to dampen when she realised that the phone had been answered and they were already up to the k’s.

“Kitchen King helps out with any kitchen disaster from spilt milk to burnt dinner parties for 50. So if he is the super hero you need punch the numbers 1 1 and then follow with the hash key. They droned on till they got to the S’s. And next we have Super Dad. This superhero specialises in the plant world but is also extremely helpful around the house. If your needs fall into this category just key in 19 and follow with the hash key. Blah blah blah blah blah.” the voice droned on but Nicolle was already punching in the numbers.

“I mean it stands to reason he should be able to help me with my predicament,” she thought to herself as she waited for another answer.

Her hand had gone to the other nipple and had it as hard as the first when a strong masculine voice picked up on the other end. She felt her stomach clench as her pussy pushed out a mini orgasm and she moaned.

“Ma’am, are you okay?” the voice asked. “Can I help you?”

“Oh God yes,” Nicolle answered in a voice husky with desire.

“I need the help of Super Dad immediately at 155 Ineeda Drive. I will be waiting upstairs thru the first door on the right. Please hurry.” she cried into the phone as her fingers made their way down her stomach to her pelvic area.

She dropped the receiver onto its cradle as she dragged herself out of the lounge and up the stairs to her room. Removing her robe as she crossed the room, she threw her body on to the bedcovers. Her hand once again traversed the smooth silky skin on her stomach down to her nether regions. Her fingertip had found her hard little clit and was rubbing it vigorously as one of her other fingers paused at the entrance of her love canal.

Just then the door burst open and a tall, dark, handsome superhero stepped thru the doorway. A large red S emblazoned the manly chest and the sleeves of his shirt clung to his bulging biceps, showing off every ripple in his gorgeous body. The snug pants he wore did nothing to hide his huge manhood and Nicolle’s eyes opened wide with lust. He had taken in her naked form and watching this beautiful sexy redhead masturbating was having the obvious affect on him.

“I’m so sorry Ma’am, I should have knocked.” he mumbled in the same sexy voice she recognised from the earlier call.

He was backing from the room when Nicolle called, “Please stop! I need you!”

She sobbed into her hands and he rushed to her side.

“There, there little lady. It’s okay. Super Dad is here to help you.” he said soothingly as he rubbed her shoulder.. her soft silky-skinned shoulder.

“Oh my, I must control myself.” he thought to himself.

Meanwhile as Nicolle sobbed her eyes were widening ... watching his love shaft growing remarkably.

“My God it is enormous.” she thought to herself.

“Tell me what your problem is little lady,” said Super Dad as his back rubbing inadvertently became caressing.

“Well it all started in the shower this morning.” started Nicolle.

“I was washing myself when I noticed I had a little stubble growing down there. So I lathered up and got the razor out. After all a smooth pussy feels so wonderful. When I dressed I made sure to wear my silk thong. I love the feel of the silk on the smooth skin of my pussy. And I was wearing my tight blue jeans so the seam in the crutch was pulling the silk up my crack rubbing it on my clit and my pussy. It got me so horny when I was shopping. And all the men over 18 seemed to be in tight jeans. I had to rush home and relieve myself.”

She sighed and took in a deep breath before continuing.

“I got home and raced to my bedroom. Throwing off my clothes as I ran to my bedside table. I took out my little toy and turned it on and NOTHING!!!!! The batteries were flat as a cat on the road. I searched the house to find some. There were none. My sister had used them all on her rotten Walkman. It was too late to go to the shops for more. I am left here feeling so horny and no vibrator to help me release my tension. Can you help me, Super Dad?” Nicolle implored.

A groan was the only thing that Super Dad could manage to get out. He pushed her back onto the bed and started at her lips. Tasting them ..... licking ..... kissing. His tongue pushed thru her lips to find hers and they danced together in a long sensual kiss. Feeling her heart beating rapidly in her heaving bosom, his hands came to the nipples and he caressed them as lovingly as a sculptor caressing a fine piece of marble. His thumb pads ran over the hardening peaks. His mouth kissed its way across her face to her neck and ear. Down onto her chest, his lips kissed and his tongue licked until it reached the other nipple. Taking it between his teeth he pulled gently at it before suckling it.

A loud moan escaped from Nicolle’s mouth and she writhed under his touch.

“Oh please go down to my pussy, Super Dad. It is hammering for your touch.” she implored.

“Happy to oblige Ma’am,” he answered and continued across her stomach.

The kisses left a burning trail on her skin as he went lower and lower until he reached the red line of hair she left there. His tongue darted out flickering over her clit as his thumbs pulled the hood back to allow him access. She bucked beneath him as he sent shocks of delight thru her. One of his hands went to the entrance to her beating pussy and he stroked the wet crack from her puss to her ass, making her little rosebud quiver. Her pussy was running with her love juices and his tongue went to the entrance to lap at them.

Flexing his tongue he forced it deep inside her and Nicolle couldn’t believe how long and hard it was.

“I guess that is part of his super abilities.” she told herself briefly before losing all concentration to her bodies building orgasm.

His tongue licked her inside from left to right, top to bottom pausing only seconds to push at her g spot. She gasped as she felt her body reach the pinnacle before tumbling over with an almighty orgasm. Rocking her body from her head to her toes, it came wave, after wave, after wave. All the time his tongue licking and lapping, taking in her juices. Finally after what seemed like an eternity her body stopped shaking .... stopped pushing out her sweet warm cum.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh argggggghhhhhhhhhh.” she called out.

“My goodness gracious!!!!!!!!! Super Dad that was unbelievable. I have never cum so long or so hard. You truly are a super hero. But why do you look so sad?” Nicolle asked.

“Well now I have my own dilemma.” he said.

“Wha! Oh I see. Can’t have you heading off to save the day like that can we?” she laughed as she pushed him back to pull off his pants.

Climbing up astride him ... placing his massive head at her sopping wet entrance.

“For the glory of the Greater Good!!!!!!!!!” she called out as she impaled herself on his gigantic cock.


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