tagSci-Fi & FantasySuperheroines Bk. 02

Superheroines Bk. 02


WARNING... This is an "Erotic" Science Fantasy story.

If you are offended by commonly used sexual words and graphic descriptions of various sexual acts then stop reading this now.

There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own.

Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities.

On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers.

As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power.

Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones.

These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes.

They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

The rules are simple

If the Super heroines win, the bad guys go to jail.

If the bad guys win, the Super heroine gets raped.


The Lady Shiva and Demoness

The Mayor of the City was holding a Charity Ball and the main attraction was to be the presence of the City's top Super heroine the Lady Shiva.

There would be other Super heroines there but they would just be a supporting act to the most powerful woman in the world.

Shiva was at home having a shower before she left for the Ball.

Being a very shy young woman, she was both very nervous and yet elated at the same time.

Since becoming a Super heroine she had done her good works quietly and without seeking publicity.

She had faced down death more than once in the line of duty.

Although she was scared at the time, it was a very different fear to the type she was feeling at the moment.

For one thing she had to lie to her parents as to where she was going tonight.

She hated lying to anyone especially her parents, however they didn't know that their little obedient daughter was the all-powerful Super heroine Shiva.

Therefore she couldn't tell them that she had been invited to a Ball by the Mayor of the city.

She had told them that she was visiting a college friend who lived nearby, but that she would be home before midnight.

Normally she had more freedom to pursue her self appointed task of being a Super heroine as she lived on campus.

However she had been staying with her parents for the weekend.

The most powerful woman in the world stood just over five feet tall and weighed about 100 lbs soaking wet, which was how she was at the moment.

A good portion of that weight; was made up with her long waist length hair, and her large firm breasts.

She had full womanly hips and a trim waist, "child bearing hips" as her mother was wont to say with a smile.

Or as her male classmates would say, " a very fuckable ass"

She had once been referred to as a living blow up sex doll.

The idiot who had made that remark had found himself stark naked in the main square of the city.

Shiva having telepathically ripped his clothes off, and lifted the bulky man the two hundred yards to the square by the power of her mind.

Shiva was a well brought up young woman of Indian extraction, and wouldn't allow any sexual innuendos to be made about her or any other woman in her presence.

Her long shiny hair was jet black, and her flawless skin a pleasing golden coffee colour.

She had enormous eyes that captured the attention of all that met her.

They were bright blue, an extremely rare colour for an Indian girl.

Her parents were from Calcutta, and had been living in America for over 30 years.

Her real first name was Shilpa, and she had been brought up as an American girl all her life, but she had the upbringing and morals of an Indian girl.

Shilpa was a bit of a loner in college as she just couldn't bring herself to chatter about sex and boys like all her friends.

She had been brought up to believe that sex and other personal things shouldn't be mentioned in public.

She believed firmly in making the punishment fit the crime, which was why she had treated the rude man so harshly.

Her large breasts had always embarrassed her, but she couldn't do anything about them except try and hide them under her usual loose clothing.

However when she appeared as Shiva she wore a skin-tight body stocking that made her appear from a distance to be naked.

It was golden and matched her face perfectly; she had deliberately chosen this costume so as to separate her two lives as fully as possible.

When she had come into her power she had suffered a slight personality split.

Shilpa was the perfect little Indian girl, whilst Shiva was the avatar of the Goddess herself, "The Destroyer of Worlds"

Thankfully for the humans of the city, Shilpa's good nature controlled the power of Shiva.

Shilpa was 20 years old and still studying at college; her parents wanted her to become a lawyer and that entailed years of study.

She was still a virgin, a rare thing indeed for a beautiful young woman in a college environment.

Like all Super heroines she had come into her power at puberty.

Her mental powers had started of weak and intermittent.

She found she could bring small objects to her hands and close doors from a distance.

Shilpa thought that doing such things was somehow naughty, and had hidden her ability from her parents.

This reinforced the naughtiness, as she knew that she shouldn't keep things from them.

Her mind solved this moral problem by creating a second Shilpa, a secret Shilpa who embraced her power hungrily and practiced it in deserted areas until she could lift cars and lorries with ease.

You needed a very good imagination to be a powerful telekinetic.

If she had tried to lift a lorry without the correct preparatory work she would have been crushed.

The laws of physics were not to be taken lightly.

In order to lift heavy objects she first had to form mental braces similar to an A-frame.

Sheer power was useless unless the person exerting it was braced against something.

She used this configuration to lift dead weights; the weight of the object was taken by the mental braces and not by her fragile young body. Needless to say this took her months to perfect, until she could form the necessary mental tools to do almost anything.

Shiva was not a crime fighter as such, she preferred to save lives from the shadows, taking no credit and fading back into the shadows when the police or fire fighters arrived on the scene.

Her first act as a Super heroine had been when she happened to be near a high-rise building that had caught fire.

The Ladders of the fire engines couldn't reach the trapped people and some of them were thinking of jumping to their deaths, rather than wait to be burnt alive.

One such man leapt into space and screamed in terror as he hurtled to the ground.

Shilpa stepped back against the wall of a building and imagined two strong arms that braced her against the wall; another two arms reached across the street and held her body securely.

She then conjured up a giant hand that caught the plummeting man and lowered him to the ground gently.

With the same hand now joined by another, she scooped the trapped people from the windows and lowered them all to safety.

Just then a scarlet sports car screamed up to the group of firemen, and she saw a beautiful masked woman climb out and confer with the men.

From her scarlet skintight costume and the gold flame blazoned on her full chest, Shilpa recognised the Super heroine known as Blaze.

Shilpa was puzzled at her appearance, as far as she knew Blaze was a powerful pyrotechnic, and as the building was already on fire she couldn't see the point in her turning up.

The firemen were explaining about the miraculous rescue of the people. Shilpa saw Blaze shrug her wide shoulders in puzzlement, before she stood and faced the burning building.

By now the Press had arrived and the cameras were recording the scene.

Blaze lifted both arms towards the blazing building.

She opened her hands and with a muffled whoosh the fire imploded on itself and was extinguished instantly.

The hot and weary fire fighters whooped with relief and gathered around the beautiful woman, to pat her on the back and shake her hand in delight.

They were only too pleased to be given an excuse to touch this beautiful woman in her skin tight catsuit.

Blaze smiled her dazzling smile at the cameras, and jumping back into her flame coloured car, sped off into the night.

Shilpa was impressed at the performance, and decided then and there to come out of the shadows and become a Super heroine of her own.

The next morning the papers were full of the story.

The Super heroine Blaze had come to the rescue; saved the trapped people and put out the roaring inferno.

No explanation was given as to how she had done this; it was simply attributed to her Super powers and left like that.

Shilpa had no idea what she could call herself until she was browsing through one of her parent's books on the pantheon of Indian gods.

There was a picture of one of India's most powerful gods.

Shiva the Destroyer of Worlds.

The picture depicted an Indian woman with long black hair held in a rope pigtail.

The woman had six arms and each arm held a different object.

This reminded Shilpa of her arms that she created to brace herself against the kinetic energy of the falling man.

She smiled to herself and looked at her mirror.

By the power of her mind she lifted her long black hair, and braided it to resemble the pigtail of the goddess.

The Shiva in the picture was naked; the goddess was beyond mortal taboos and flaunted her nakedness as proof of her overwhelming power.

Shilpa had to draw the line there; her upbringing was too ingrained to go out naked regardless of her power.

She compromised by buying a dark golden body stocking and matching boots and gauntlets.

She purchased these items from different shops so no one would connect her with the finished result.

She had to make herself a mask that covered most of her face leaving only her eyes, nose and mouth visible.

Her pigtail protruded from a hole in the back of this mask, and hung down her back like a shiny black rope.

When she first regarded herself in the full-length mirror she gasped in horror.

Her costume was beautiful, her mask disguised her completely and her gauntlets, belt and boots set of the whole outfit perfectly.

However she looked completely naked, her costume was the same colour as her face and the material clung to her body like a second skin.

Her large firm breasts with their prominent nipples could be clearly seen, as could the folds of her pubes.

Shilpa had always shaved her armpits and pubes, as she just couldn't stand having hairy armpits and she found a hairy pussy distasteful.

Her ass was clearly visible from behind and when she walked her ass cheeks moved in a frankly erotic manner.

She at once decided to wear a bra and panties under her costume, but these could be seen clearly and their outlines looked silly.

Even the strings of a thong could be clearly seen, and actually drew more attention to her nakedness than without.

Realising that no one would know who she really was anyway, Shilpa decided to dispense with underwear and wear the body suit as originally intended.

She had been practicing for months and could even fly by using her imagination to catapult herself into the air, and then forming invisible wings to keep herself aloft.

Eventually she did this without conscious thought and simply flew.

Shiva fully intend to use her powers for the good of humanity, it never even crossed her mind to use her enormous power for personal gain.

Unfortunately there were other super humans who had a completely different point of view.

Such a one was known as Demoness, a female Super human with apparently magical powers.

She seemed to be able to cast spells and do impossible things.

It was widely believed amongst a large portion of the city, that she was in fact a female demon that had been summoned by a practitioner of the black arts and that she had escaped his pentacle and killed him.

This had allowed her to stay on this plane and cause havoc and chaos wherever she appeared.

She had no compunctions about killing people, and was wanted for murder and many other crimes by the police.

The few people that had seen her and lived to talk about it, described her as looking just like a small red imp.

She was red all over and had two small horns sticking out of her head.

The area in which she operated was rife with gang warfare, and every one who wanted to survive carried a weapon of some sort.

On the outskirts of this part of the city was a branch of the City Bank.

Owing to the lawless nature of this area, the banks security was very good indeed.

It was regarded as impossible to rob, as the vault could only be opened by the Manager and Chief Teller's retinal patterns; being recognised by the vaults scanners simultaneously.

This was not counting the dozen heavily armed security guards, scattered around the building.

Into this financial fortress walked Demoness, she didn't look like a little red imp; she looked like a small beautiful black girl with large breasts.

This was because she was a small beautiful black girl with large breasts.

She was holding a piece of paper and asked the nearest security guard where the ladies room was.

He smiled down at the diminutive young girl and directed her.

'Thank you,' she said touching his wrist, ' now ignore me' she commanded, and walked on to the next guard where she followed the same routine.

After a few minutes she had touched all the security guards, and from that moment on they ignored her totally.

She then walked over to a customer services desk and shaking hands with the cold haughty woman manning the desk, told her to summon the Manager as a very rich young socialite wanted to open an account.

Without demur the woman contacted the Manager telling him that a very rich young woman wanted to see him.

The Manager came out of his office beaming his special smile reserved for rich people and shook Demoness's hand.

'Take me to your office' she commanded, smiling at him innocently.

He happily complied and when they were seated she instructed him to summon the Chief Teller, as she wanted to make a withdrawal.

This important personage came into the office and shook her hand.

'Nice to meet you,' she said, ' I want you and the Manager to go down to the vault and fill this carryall with as much money in used high denomination notes as it will take. When you have done this you will bring it back here to me. Tell no one why you are doing this. Do you understand me?' she asked them both.

'Yes of course, no problem,' they replied and taking her empty carry all went of to do her bidding.

As the highest ranking officers in the bank no one had the right to question them, or even thought to ask them what they were doing, and they were soon back with the money.

While they had been gone the young girl changed into her distinctive red costume.

She pulled on the red helmet that covered her face completely except for her eyes, and adjusted the small horns that protruded from it.

She could have simply walked out of the bank as anonymously as she entered, but that was not the way of the Super Villain.

She wanted to be credited with the robbery, and knew that the ordinary people would believe she had used magic to achieve her aims.

Demoness was very pleased with the men and stroked their cheeks.

'Forget you ever saw me and go back to work as usual,' she ordered both men and walked out of the office with the money.

As she carried the bulging bag across the bank floor the security guards ignored her totally, it was as good as being invisible.

The bank's customers saw her and one of them tried to get the nearest security guard to arrest her.

The guard thought the man was drunk; he couldn't see any red imp carrying a bag.

CCTV later showed the two bank officers stealing the money, but they both strenuously denied doing any such thing.

They honestly believed the tape had been doctored, in fact none of the bank staff questioned could recall anything suspicious.

Only the CCTV tape of Demoness walking unconcerned across the floor with her bulging carry all, switched suspicion from the bank officers to her.

The outside cameras showed Demoness riding off on a bright red motorcycle into the dark area of the city.

Demoness was chuckling to herself as she rode away; it had gone just as she had planned it.

Her reputation would be enhanced by this audacious robbery, and she was in a very good mood.

This mood disappeared instantly when she was forced to stop at a barricade of cars that blocked the street she was using.

A large thug with an Uzi machine pistol sauntered over to her.

His face was in a habitual sneer as he took in the red Bike and the little woman with the big tits in the red leathers.

Demoness never wore a helmet as the two horns sticking up from her head made it impossible to wear one.

However her horns were the last thing he was staring at.

It was her full breasts straining the skin tight red leather jacket that had captured his attention, and that of the rest of the gang that were now surrounding her.

'This is our turf bitch, if you want to go through you pay us OK?' he demanded truculently.

'How much is it?' she asked.

'Oh just a piece of that fine ass will do,' said the man rubbing his crotch in anticipation of the fun to come with this little bitch.

This was a big mistake on his part; she had been considering slipping them a small amount of money to let her pass.

However the implied suggestion that they thought they could rape her, brought the real Demon in her to the fore.

Looking him in the eyes she slowly unzipped the front of her jacket.

She was naked underneath, and her large breasts came into view.

She sat still while his hand approached her skin, and as his fingers brushed her breast she whispered.

'Kill them all.'

Without hesitation the thug lifted the Uzi into firing position, and gunned down every one of his gang that were standing around the bike.

Demoness swore as she had to put her hands over her ears to protect them from the painfully loud chatter of the machine pistol.

'Fucking Hell, I fucking hate guns,' she swore glaring at the last thug standing.

The members of the gang had been taken totally by surprise, and fell before they realised what was happening.

Demoness was just about to order the leader to shoot himself; when she had a better idea.

'Call the cops and hand yourself over to them without a fight. Tell them it was Demoness that did this, she possessed you and forced you to kill them all,' she ordered.

'Now move that fucking car out of the road you idiot' she said. and when he had complied she roared off into the night.

She liked to spread the story that she used black magic to do what she did.

The real reason was her secret and she guarded it closely.

All Super humans that could fly did so by some form of telekinesis, and Shiva was the most powerful Teke in the world.

Like most Super heroines Shilpa had a police scanner, and during the evenings would listen to the voices of the police and emergency services as they waged their unending and often thankless war on crime and disaster.

Her first publicised rescue came when she heard that an express train was careering along the main track into the Central city station.

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