tagSci-Fi & FantasySuperheroines Bk. 04

Superheroines Bk. 04


WARNING... This is an "Erotic" Science Fantasy story. If you are offended by commonly used sexual words and graphic descriptions of various sexual acts then stop reading this now.

There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own. Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities.

On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers. As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power. Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones. These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes. They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

The rules are simple If the Super heroines win, the bad guys go to jail. If the bad guys win, the Super heroine gets raped.

Amazon -- Warrior Woman and Tank - World's Strongest Man.

It was HOT, Fucking hot, and so dusty after a month of no rain. Amazon had her large breasts out of her halter for coolness, and she was glad that she wasn't wearing anything under her loincloth. She enjoyed the breeze as it blew across her nipples, and moved through her thick black pubic hair. It felt like naughty fingers playing with her pussy, as her Hummer sped along the dusty road towards the roadhouse. She opened her legs wider to give the cooler air free access to her sweating labia.

She had a wet pussy, but it was only with sweat that stung her sensitive vagina. This was a completely different feeling to the one she had last week, when she had been making love to Dynamo. Dynamo, whos real name was Diana had been licking Amazons pussy until it was soaked in her cunt juices. Diana had joked that she was drowning, as she tried to slurp it up between her Amazon's wide-open legs.

Amazon had rescued Dynamo from a gang of thugs, but not before they had raped her cunt and ass. They had filled her with their hot sperm, in an attempt to stimulate her breasts into lactating.

Amazon had severely punished the men, and had then taken Dynamo, to her home to comfort her. Diana was distraught at being so humiliated, and had clung to Amazon's strong body. Amazon's comforting kisses and caresses, had changed to love making as Diana responded eagerly.

The next day Diana had kissed her goodbye and gone back to her own home. Amazon wondered how she felt about what happened between them. However she had enjoyed the love and sex, and was content to wait and see what transpired. Although she wasn't a lesbian, she had enjoyed the company of Diana and wouldn't have minded if she had stayed longer.

The deserted roadhouse loomed up before her out of the glare and dust. It looked like a refugee from a Ghost town it was ramshackle and boarded up. This road had once been the main road into the City, and the roadhouse had been a profitable business. However since the interstate highway had been built, it had become a side road and the owners of the roadhouse had moved on.

The biker gang were all inside drinking and celebrating their latest haul of booze from a lorry that they had robbed. Amazon shrugged her breasts back into her halter, and debated how she should handle this situation. She could have asked them to surrender without a fight, but she was hot and sweaty and felt like some serious ass kicking. She decided to do her trademark entrance, and walking confidently up to the dried out wooden door she kicked it in.

Just inside the door was an old table, to ensure she had their attention she picked it up and threw it like a Frisbee into the centre of the crowd of drunken bikers. After a few seconds stunned silence, there was a roar of rage and they jumped on her. Amazon was in her element; she was totally outnumbered and totally surrounded by enraged men.

They had been terrorising this part of the city for days, since they moved in from Seattle. The Mayor had asked The Lady Shiva who was the leader of the Super humans in the City, if she could send one of her team to suggest that they moved on elsewhere. Amazon had been on call at the time, and jumped at the chance to do some serious ass kicking.

The gang were easy to find as they had taken over an old abandoned roadhouse on a now disused road, off the main drag to the city. Amazon had a lot of experience with biker gangs; they were big on strength and individual courage and rarely resorted to using firearms to sort out their internal squabbles. They preferred the law of the fist and the boot. This was just as the giant warrior woman liked it. Any weak coward could use a gun; it took a real man to fight with his fists, and of course a real woman.

Amazon considered herself to be a real woman; she was 6ft 6" tall and built like a brick shithouse. 220 lb of solid muscle all packed into a beautiful female body. Her face was attractive rather than pretty, her eyes were a stormy grey. She had the overdeveloped breasts of the female Super human, they were barely restrained by a strong leather halter.

She wore a leather loincloth with nothing underneath; Amazon didn't do panties. Often in a brawl her breasts would burst out of their restraints, and her loincloth would be ripped off exposing her hairy pubes and naked ass to all and sundry. Amazon didn't give a shit; she regarded her tits and ass as distractions for her foes, and had often taken advantage of this in a battle.

Her pubic hair was thick and wiry and as black as the hair on her head. She also had matching underarm hair; Amazon didn't do shaving. A pair of tough leather sandals finished off her costume, if indeed it could be called that. Amazon carried no weapons; she was the weapon. She also didn't have a magic lasso; if she wanted the bad guy to tell her the truth she simply kept hitting him until he did.

She had always been a big girl when she was young; a kind friend had described Victoria King, as well covered. Unkind schoolmates tended towards the big fat fuck, type of description, if asked to describe the clumsy big girl of the class. Her power hit her at puberty, as it did for most of the Super human females.

Her body became suffused with energy; she found that she couldn't sit still for more than a minute. She took up running and weight lifting, anything to try and burn up this flood of animal energy that got stronger week by week. By the end of her transition she had exchanged fat for muscle, and her energy was tremendous. She was strong and tireless, her stamina was amazing and her reflexes were incredible.

Her body was not only strong and fast it became toughened to the extent that she could survive being hit by a car. Although she would still be flung yards into the air, she would be able to shrug the impact off as if it was nothing. Her regenerative powers were remarkable, and she thanked the gods every day for such a wonderful gift.

She grunted in pain, as a chain-wielding thug got a good whack at her back. She spun around and grabbed the chain before he could swing it back for another strike. She jerked it towards her and as he came flying in, he met her fist going the other way. His lights went out, and he lost all further interest in the battle.

The limp bodies of five of the thugs, already surrounded her and she hadn't worked up a sweat yet.

'Come on you fucking load of pussies, is that all you've got?' she screamed at the enraged gang, who were all trying to land a telling blow on this awesome warrior woman. Picking up one of the unconscious thugs, she threw his limp body at a group of bikers who were trying to encircle her.

The heavy body hit them like a bowling ball hits skittles, and the entire group were knocked off their feet and sent sprawling. She blocked a blow from one man, and her fist smashed his partner into the thin wall of the roadhouse. Dust drifted down from the impact of his body and the noise covered up the scream of the next man whom she had head butted, breaking his nose and splashing blood over his face.

Seeing that they were moving away from her with a view to running for it, her hunting instincts took over completely. Her personality had suffered a major change during her transformation, and she was now more like a tigress than a human. If it ran away she had to chase it.

She sprang up onto one of the few tables left intact, and using it as a platform leapt into the centre of the group of men. She kicked and punched tirelessly, an unholy joy filled her soul as they fell beneath her blows. She shrugged of blows that would have rendered a human female unconscious. She screamed her battle cry out loud in the sheer joy of battle It was only in battle that she felt truly alive and she found that she didn't hate these men; she regarded them as fellow warriors but on the wrong side.

Finally there was only the leader of their gang left standing. He had become leader by beating off any and all challengers. Up to this point he had sat on the balcony overlooking the fight, and allowed his men to try and subdue Amazon. He hadn't stayed out of the fight due to fear, he had just wanted to watch her in action before he took her on himself.

She looked up when she heard his slow clapping as he applauded her triumph.

'Well done Amazon, I see that you are a worthy opponent. My name is Wolf and I am the leader of this pile of shit. If it is all right with you, I will meet you outside in the sun. If you win then I assume we will be given our marching orders. However if I win then I will take great pleasure in stripping and raping you in front of my men,' he stated calmly.

'Bring it on little doggie,' she replied grinning up at the confident man. As Wolf made his way down the stairs Amazon took the time to slug a bottle of beer from the bar. Fighting was thirsty work and her body burnt up a lot of calories when exerted. She was looking forward to a good feed when she got back home.

Wolf was looking forward to taming this fine specimen of womanhood. He had been born big and strong, and although uneducated by city standards, he was extremely streetwise and had survived in the rough world of the Gangs. His mother had been a biker's whore, and he had been born in the shadow of a Harley when her contractions hit her on the highway.

She was now long dead after a knife fight with the alpha female of a rival gang. Wolf regarded himself as just that, a Wolf amongst sheep. Wolf was 6ft 4" tall and his body was whipcord tough, it was covered in battle scars from knives guns and boots. He didn't have Amazons regenerative powers, or her super strong body.

Instead he wore urban armour, full-face helmet, steel gauntlets, and heavy steel-toed boots. He also wore a heavy leather jacket and jeans, and a flak jacket to protect his chest from knives and bullets. He had worn this outfit for so long that it was like his own skin, and it didn't slow him down at all.

As leader of the gang, he had his pick of the women who were drawn to this life. He loved sex and fucked as many of them as he could, at the moment he hadn't chosen an alpha female but this woman in front of him was a definite possibility.

'I've changed my mind Amazon,' he stated as they faced each other outside in the dusty car park.

'If I win I won't rape you, but I will want you to become my Alpha female. You will have power and respect, and together we could take over the City.'

'Dream on little doggie,' replied Amazon 'One -- you won't win, Two -- if you did win, and even if I became your partner, we would be up against the Super heroines and Heroes of the city. Most of them could take you out easily, however if by some chance in a million you beat them, you would have to face The Lady Shiva.

I once asked her why I should give a flying fuck about her, or her suggestions as to my future missions. She just smiled at me, and lifted me up twenty feet into the air. With all my strength I was as helpless as a baby in the grip of her mind. The scary thing was that she wasn't even trying; I was like a fly in her hand. When she gently lowered me to the ground, I had to acknowledge her strength. No thanks little doggie, the rules apply, take your best shot.'

Wolf shrugged, he had offered now he would take as usual. He was about to attack when she sprang at him. From a standing start, her body slammed into his with the impact of a locomotive. He was thrown backwards and landed in the dust. Amazon had continued her charge and turned it into a forward roll that enabled her to be back on her feet facing him. Wolf was impressed; he hadn't seen her coming at him.

She was just standing there grinning at him infuriatingly. He noticed that her halter had allowed one of her breasts to partially escape, and her nipple was exposed to his eyes. It was erect, and he realised that she was enjoying this confrontation. Wolf had fought many battles to become Alpha male of the gang, but he never enjoyed them. They were just something he had to do to keep his place in the hierarchy.

This woman was a natural warrior, she lived for fighting and he was beginning to think she was holding back to make it last longer. His pride wasn't having that, so he decided to provoke her into making a mistake. His gang was painfully stumbling out of the roadhouse, and had formed a big circle around them. They wouldn't interfere in this, as he was their Leader. Whoever won here would be the Leader; that was the law.

'Patience Lads,' he bragged, 'when I've beaten this dyke on steroids I'll make her a present to you. She's too fat for my tastes, but I'll watch while you all fuck her up the ass. That's easier to find than her pussy hiding in all that undergrowth,' he taunted Amazon.

To his surprise this verbal attack actually had some effect on the woman. Her grin disappeared and was replaced by a scowl. Amazon was always being regarded as a Dyke, Lesbian etc. in fact she was just a powerful energetic and sometimes lustful woman. Her sheer size and power had scared off all the males in her circle, and she was still a virgin as far as men were concerned.

She'd had a brief sexual relationship with the Super heroine Dynamo and she enjoyed the time that they had spent in bed together. However she regarded this as a nice way to pass the time until she met a man that she could love and respect. His taunts had hit a nerve and she began to get angry.

Like most women she was looking for a partner in her life, however there was no man in the City who would want to be seen as her date. She towered over them all, and he would look foolish standing beside her. Reminding her of this was a mistake on Wolfs part. She walked towards him slowly, until she was in range of his fists.

He grabbed this opening, and threw his strongest punch to her abdomen. His steel gauntleted hand slammed into her body with a loud thud. He swung his other fist up to meet her chin coming down as she bent over in agony from the blow. The problem was that she wasn't bending over in agony; she was still standing upright.

Her super strong stomach muscles had taken the full force of his iron clad blow. He had left himself open to her counter; fortunately his Kevlar breastplate took most of the force of her punch. However he was still knocked off his feet, and landed in the dust yards from where he had been standing.

He was gasping for air, and his ribs felt as if they were cracked. Her eyes were focused on him totally; he remembered a natural history film about a tiger hunting a wildebeest. At the moment before the final charge, it focussed on its prey in an identical manner.

Sheer courage got him to his feet, and he advanced towards her his fists raised. She suddenly crouched down in front of him, and then with a surge of her powerful leg muscles she leapt straight into the air over his head. As she passed over him her fist slammed down onto his helmet, cracking it like an eggshell. The shock drove him to his knees and he fumbled with the straps to release the useless helmet, and allow it to fall to the dust in two pieces.

Amazon was crouched on the ground regarding him, reminding him of a line backer before they exploded into action.

'Nice to see you at last Little Doggie, it's a shame I'll have to take you in you will make some inmate a good bitch.' She had decided to let the rest of the gang move on, but she needed a trophy to take to the Mayor. Who better but the Leader of the Gang.

'Over my dead body' he snarled in rage, and hurled himself at the disrespectful female. As he leaped towards her she seemed to retreat before his charge until she was lying on her back in the dust. His hands went for her naked throat, clenching in anticipation of choking and then raping this woman who had dared challenge the deadly Wolf.

His hands were just about to grip her throat when he felt her feet pushing against his belly. Using his own momentum against him Amazon had lured him into a position where she could use her super powerful leg muscles to thrust him high into the air. Such was her power that he flew up over the heads of his gang, and crashed through the rotten roof of the road house. After the noise of splintering wood and falling tiles had subsided, there was only silence from within.

Amazon sprang to her feet and stared at the gang.

'I won! That makes me your Leader, listen carefully I will say this only once, my first order is this. FUCK OFF; get out of this State. You have ten minutes to disappear or I start ripping off balls,' she yelled at the stunned gang. The totally chastened gang climbed onto their bikes, and with a battery of glares full of hatred roared off towards the Interstate.

Amazon watched them go, and when the last bike had disappeared over the horizon she relaxed and brushed herself down. She was just tucking her breast back into her halter, when Wolf came stumbling out of the wreckage of the roadhouse.

'I'm impressed Wolfie, I thought I would have to carry you to jail,' she said.

Wolf was standing only by virtue of his enormous pride. Every bone in his body appeared damaged in some way, and he was a mass of pain.

'Well it appears I've been promoted from "Little Doggie" to "Wolfie", doe's this mean we're engaged or something?' he croaked painfully.

Despite herself Amazon liked this man, he was still superbly confident, and seemed to hold no petty grudge against her for besting him.

'I demand respect, and I give it when due' she replied, grinning at the dusty battered man. Amazon walked towards her vehicle, it was an ex-army Hummer. It was the only type of motor that she could fit into.

Amazon didn't have a secret identity, it didn't matter what she called herself, her unique physique would give her away. She sometimes wished she could have been more like the fabled Wonder Woman. She was the beautiful slim Diana Prince, until she spun around and miraculously changed into her crime fighting aspect of Wonder Woman. There were times when Amazon would have loved to be able to spin around and become a normal little woman.

Amazon had a real name, Victoria King, and she could have used it on her driving licence. However like all Super heroines it was too dangerous to reveal her given name to the public. She still had family in the City, and they could become targets if her real name was known. Consequently she was Amazon, and stayed Amazon all the time. She lived in an apartment over the Headquarters of the Federation of Super humans. When she wasn't on a mission she was head of security there.

'Want a lift to jail or would you rather walk?' she asked Wolf.

'Thank you Amazon, I would love a ride with you. Perhaps we could go up to Lovers Leap and make out' he replied, grimacing as his ribs dug into him. Amazon laughed, ' Well at least your dick isn't broken. If you weren't a bad guy, who knows what we could have got up to,' she answered. She dropped him off with the desk sergeant at the Jail, and as she left him he blew her a kiss.

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