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Superheroines Bk. 07


WARNING... This is an "Erotic" Science Fantasy story. If you are offended by commonly used sexual words and graphic descriptions of various sexual acts then stop reading this now.

There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own. Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities.

On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers. As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power. Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones. These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes. They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

The rules are simple If the Super heroines win, the bad guys go to jail. If the bad guys win, the Super heroine gets raped.

Featuring:- Shiva - Joy – Mort – Demoness – Verity – Introducing Catharine

It was the middle of a wild and windy night; the Super humans that were patrolling the city; were cursing the wind as it screamed between the high rise buildings and blew dust and garbage along the alleys and rooftops. Only the most dedicated thieves and criminals were out tonight, and even they would rather have been in some warm drinking den.

The headquarters of the Super humans was dark and deserted, apart from two windows that were glowing with a soft warm light. One of these windows was on the very top floor, and the other window was in the basement.

The light from the lowest window was from Mort's room, she lived in the basement so as to be as far from everyone as she could get. Her very presence made people feel ill, her body sucked in energy from all living things without her control. If she actively desired to cause harm, she had only to touch or even look at someone to seriously drain them. More than a few seconds of either usually meant death.

The person's life force would be sucked out of them in seconds. Their bodies would turn to dust, and Mort would be invigorated at the influx of their energy. Mort had the potential to be a terrifying Super villain. Luckily for humanity Pamela Black was a very nice person, and tried her best to stay on the side of the law.

She was lying on her lonely bed watching the TV and wishing she was with Caroline, when she heard a tentative knock on her door. Pam was very surprised; she never had casual visitors. The closer a person got to her the worse they felt, which meant that no one ever came to visit her.

Her lover Caroline had to wait until Mort was sated with life force, before she could be with her safely. Mort always went to see her, Caroline had never been to the Super human's headquarters. Assuming that it was Shiva, who Pam knew was still upstairs working on something, Mort walked to her door and opened it.

To her astonishment there was a young girl standing there. Mort was puzzled, as she seemed to recognise the girl, but was sure that she had never actually met her. Pamela had put on her mirrored shades before opening her door. She hadn't wanted to kill Shiva by accident.

'What the fuck are you doing girl? Don't you know who I am? Get away before you get hurt,' was her first startled words to the young girl who was standing nervously on her doorstep. The young girl just looked up at the tall woman, and to Pam's horror put out her hand and touched her face. 'Don't worry Mort, my name is Samantha, we almost met in the waiting room when Dynamo was assessing us. Don't you remember me?'

Pam had automatically jumped back from this mad girl, and was standing as far away from her as the room allowed. 'No I don't remember anybody that was there, it is too dangerous for me to stare at anyone,' she replied angrily. 'Please Mort, I know your power, but I really don't think that you can harm me,' persisted Sam.

'My power is the opposite of yours; I am a healer I give out energy. Please let me touch you, I can feel your loneliness and it breaks my heart.' Samantha walked slowly towards Pam, her hand stretched out in supplication. Pam had to stop her touching, so reached up and took off her mirrored shades.

'Don't touch me!' Pam screamed in fear for the girl, she looked Samantha full in the eyes in order to stun her. She was ready to avert her gaze the moment the girl dropped to the floor. The deadly black holes of negative energy that were Mort's eyes looked into the warm loving eyes of Samantha, and were simply cancelled out. Nothing happened, it was as if Sam wasn't a healer and Pam wasn't the Angel of Death.

Pam couldn't retreat any further, her back was against the wall and she flinched as Samantha's fingers stroked her cheek. Again nothing happened, Sam showed no ill effects at all. 'Phew, I'm really glad I was right about this,' said Sam looking up at Pam's incredulous expression. 'I wasn't totally sure that this would work but I just had to try.'

'Are you out of your fucking mind? You weren't sure you could look into my eyes and survive? I can't decide if you are very brave or just fucking stupid,' yelled Pam in a mixture of anger and relief. 'Oh I'm not very brave, I was shitting myself at meeting you, but part of my power is that I am drawn towards those who need me. Any chance of a coffee?' replied Sam plonking herself onto a chair.

Pam was only too glad to do something as prosaic as making coffee, it gave her a chance to calm down and process this new situation. She had put her shades back on out of habit, and Sam didn't comment on it. Pam was afraid to believe her luck, this girl seemed to be immune to her deadly power. Pamela was so lonely, that the very thought of having an actual friend was intoxicating.

She had Caroline and loved her, but she was always aware that it could be because Caroline was the only person who cared about her. 'You said you could feel my loneliness, how can anybody feel another person's loneliness?' she asked, as she handed Sam her coffee. 'Hey I'm just as new to my power as you are to yours, I have no idea how I do what I do,' said Sam sipping her coffee.

The other super humans that Sam had been in contact with had mentioned Mort, and how she kept away from them. Sam had taken it upon herself to ask Shiva if she could approach Mort. She had been proud when Shiva had trusted her judgment when it came to healing.

Since coming into her power, Sam had been busy healing as many people as she could. Her power seemed to work by the transference of energy from her, to her patients. Her energy was enormous but not limitless, she could usually heal four or five people depending on how ill they were. She had early on realised that she had to limit her healing, or she would end up exhausted and of no use to anyone.

Tonight had been her night off, and she thought correctly that if she were just using her power in a passive way to block Mort's power, she wouldn't be drained. Sam was smiling at Pam; she was studying this mysterious and feared woman. Pam was a tall, pretty woman, not classically beautiful but she had a cheerful face.

'You don't have to wear those glasses you know,' said Sam. Pam blushed and took the mirrored shades off, and placed them on the table. 'Sorry Sam, force of habit, you can't know how it feels to know you might kill someone just by looking at them,' explained Pam. The fact that Pam had already killed humans was her close secret; she had killed the two thugs that had attacked Caroline.

She had then gone out hunting to lure prospective rapists to her, so she could drain their life force for the purpose of enabling her to make love to Caroline safely. She had killed two more thugs, but not before one of them had drugged and raped her. Pam could feel her breasts filling with milk as a consequence, and dreaded Shiva noticing this and asking embarrassing questions.

She had decided to keep a low profile for a while, and give up her love for Caroline. Mort had never felt so depressed in her life; she had managed to put up with being shunned by the other Super humans. She had got used to being lonely, but once she had a taste of love and affection, it was heart breaking to go back to her lonely existence again.

Dare she hope that she could have a real friend in Samantha? 'Fancy going out?' asked Sam. 'What do you mean, going out? out where?' asked Pam. 'I know a nice bar where we could have a drink or two,' said Sam grinning at her. 'I don't understand Sam; OK I accept that I can't hurt you because you are a super human with opposing powers.

However if I go into a crowded bar I dread to think what would happen. Normal humans would only have to bump into me to be in danger.' 'Well I think that if I stay by your side my aura will counteract yours, and all around us will be safe. Anyway if anyone does get hurt I can heal them,' said Sam with confidence.

'Er can I ask you a big favour Sam? I would much rather go and visit an old friend of mine. If you were with me, then I could see her without any danger to her,' said Pam. 'No problem, lead on Mc Duff,' said Sam. Pam's heart lifted, she could go and visit Caroline without having to kill anyone.

Caroline was relaxing in front of her TV when she heard the doorbell. She had been thinking about Pam, and whether or not there was any future in their relationship. So she was astounded when looking through her spy hole, she saw her lover standing outside her door. Opening her door she threw herself into Pam's arms, kissing her passionately.

When she came up for breath, Pam blushed and introduced Sam who had been standing un-noticed behind her. Over a cup of coffee Pam explained the situation to Caroline. Sam's plan seemed to be working; her aura was cancelling out Pam's. As long as Sam stayed close, Pam was no danger to those around her.

Caroline was very happy and thanked Sam profusely. Although she wanted nothing more than to drag Pam into bed, she was content to just sit and chat to Pam and her new friend Sam. Caroline had never felt so happy and upbeat in her life, just being in the same room as Sam was a joy.

Sam's power was so strong that even after cancelling out Pam's dark aura, there was enough left over to raise the spirits of anyone else close to her. 'I really envy you your power Sam,' admitted Pam, ' I wish I was you, everybody loves you and loves being near you.' 'What is your Alias Sam?' asked Caroline. Sam blushed as she told them that as her mere presence had such a positive effect on people, she was called Joy.

'I was going to call myself Nightingale, after Florence Nightingale the famous nurse. The problem with that name was that a Nightingale is also a song bird, and people might expect me to sing to them as I healed them.'

Sam understood where Pam was coming from regarding their differing powers, however there was a down downside to every power including hers. She knew that for every person she healed, there were hundreds that she couldn't. She was only one person, and couldn't heal the whole world. Sam had concentrated her efforts in healing children; they were her favourite patients.

It was a fantastic night for Pam; she was just sitting with other girls chatting about nothing important. She was basking in the personal love of Caroline, and the all-encompassing love of Samantha. Outside on Caroline's fire escape sat a small figure dressed in red leather. Demoness was back; she was somehow drawn to this place.

At first she rationalised her return as being curious about Mort's power, or even that she fancied Caroline. Demoness could have sex with anyone she touched; she was a very powerful coercer, however she was also twisted sexually. She could order Caroline to make love to her, but that just wouldn't satisfy her at all.

Demoness needed to be forcibly raped to enjoy her sex, it was the pain and humiliation that turned her on and made her orgasm. After she allowed whatever nameless thug she had allowed to jump her in some dark ally to rape her, she would touch him and order him to die. Her power was so immense that the thug's heart would stop immediately.

That was only if she was in a good mood. There were occasions when she had felt that the man wasn't putting in the effort. She would then order him to jump off a bridge, or stand in front of a train. She had lost count of the men she had killed.

Whatever the reason, she was back watching this normal woman called Caroline, who somehow had become involved with two Super humans. Demoness had interrogated Caroline as regards Mort, and now knew all that Caroline knew about her. Afterwards she had told her to forget the interrogation, and carry on as normal.

Demoness or Mandy as was her real name, knew about Mort, but this new Superhuman had her puzzled. She had never seen or heard of her before, and was intrigued as to why she was here, and what her power could be. What she did know was that she was feeling very happy and contented. Just to be sitting outside in the dark, looking in at the three girls laughing and chatting to each other over coffee and cookies, lifted her heart.

Demoness was living in a big isolated house on the outskirts of the City. She had found it by checking through the Internet house sales sites. The owner was out of the country and Mandy decided to live there for a while. She had popped into the office of the realtor in charge of the sale, and told them to destroy all paperwork regarding the house, erase the electronic data on it and then to forget that it ever existed.

Under her coercion they complied and she had herself a big house for nothing. Supermarkets were a doddle, as she simply loaded up her trolley and told the checkout girl that she had paid and to forget she was ever there. Being a coercer had it good sides, and living well free of charge was one of them.

However her house was big and lonely, and as she sat listening to Caroline and her friends, she decided to move in next door to this girl. She couldn't put her finger on it but she just felt so happy and contented here, compared to her big house. Decision made she faded into the night, and went about her nefarious business.

Back at headquarters, alone in her office on the top floor, Shiva was burning the midnight oil. She was trying to make some sense out of this Super human thing. Shilpa was now the acknowledged leader, of this bunch of Super mutants in and around the City. It would be nice if she knew a few basic facts, concerning numbers and abilities.

She was trying to work out some form of league table, with the strongest at the top and the weakest at the bottom. She was also doing this, in total secrecy. If the Super humans realised what she was doing, there would be an Ego explosion. Shiva had just come from a meeting of quiet spoken men in black suits. They represented the Government, and had asked her to compile such a list.

They had reminded her that Super humans were allowed to run around doing their own thing, because the Government allowed them too. No threats were overtly made, but she could read between the lines as well as anyone. This was a matter of National Security, and she had to try and comply with the needs of her country.

She had started the list from the bottom, and was working her way up. Most Super abilities were innocuous, and barely changed the person's life. However the government was only interested in the top ten of the list; and she was trying to find a way to rate her fellows in a fair way. To her great embarrassment, the smart money had her down as the most powerful Super human of them all.

She could lift far more than Tank, she could fly as well as any of them, and she could throw up a shield stronger than Shield maiden. True she couldn't set fire to things or walk through walls, but these other talents came under the heading of parlour tricks to the government. Blaze could set things on fire with her mind, but so could a soldier with a flamethrower.

Mist could walk through walls, but a tank could smash though the same wall. Come to think of it Mist could smash through a wall as well as a tank, depending how she felt at the time. Shiva was thinking along the lines of some sort of competition to determine who was the top dog.

It was like trying to compare apples with pears, it was difficult to make any competition fair. Verity was a very powerful telepath, but she didn't look very imposing unlike Amazon. However Shiva knew that Verity could get into Amazon's mind, and influence her to do anything.

Which reminded her of Demoness, she was a weapon and no mistake. What if she coerced a head of state and told him to attack America. Demoness couldn't fly, but did that make her less powerful than Eagle or Falcon. They could fly, but apart from having super strength and attitude, they had nothing else.

Then of course there was Angel; she looked like an Angel, beautiful and innocent. However she had recently made the most powerful Super human in the world i.e. Shiva, lick her pussy. Angel gave out sexual pheromones that blasted all control from those around her. All that was left in their minds was the imperative to fuck.

To her deep and lasting embarrassment Shiva had been affected in just such a manner. She had made love to Angel in a mad passionate daze. She was only brought back to her senses by Mort, who's deadly aura counteracted Angel's sexual one. Was Mort the most powerful Super human? She could kill at a glance, Shiva was glad that the Government didn't know about Mort, she would be the ultimate assassin.

Normal people looked up to Super heroes, they envied them and wanted to be like them. What they didn't realise, was that there was a lot of deep-seated fear of them as well. It was because of this fear that a Super human could be evil; that the Super heroes and heroines existed. It only took one Super villain, to set their public relations campaign back years. There was always the story of the witch trials of Salem, to remind them how tenuous their existence was in the world.

Shiva hadn't realised until she became leader, that the US Government subsidised Super humans. This very building was Government sponsored, and quite a few of the Super humans worked directly for the government. Shield Maiden was the personal bodyguard of the President, she was always to be seen standing behind him. She could create a force shield impervious to bullets or even bombs, in an instant.

The FBI had also called in the Super telepath Verity on various occasions, to read the mind of a suspect. Unlike Shield Maiden, Verity worked covertly, as mind reading was considered by the law to be a breach of the suspect's human rights. Although her evidence could never be used in court, it was usually sufficient to solve the case and put the suspect behind bars for a long time.

The Powers that be were astute enough to realise that other countries had their own Super humans. It paid the Government to keep their own home grown American Super humans sweet. In the end it all boiled down to money, everybody needed money even Super heroines and heroes. It was a pretty stupid Super human, who couldn't make a few bucks by exploiting their power.

Shiva had been pleasantly surprised to learn that she was now considered a member of the Civil service, and received a generous salary with benefits. This made it easier for her to tell her parents that she now had a good job, and had decided to leave college. Being leader of the Super humans was a full time job, and sometimes a thankless one.

Not all the Super humans agreed that she was fit to be their leader. There had been that incident at her inaugural meeting when the Super villain Falcon, had challenged her right to tell her what to do. Falcon was a female flyer with a nasty attitude, she hated men and loved to swoop down on any man that she didn't like the look of and rip him with her strap on claws.

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