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Superheroines Bk. 08


WARNING... This is an "Erotic" Science Fantasy story. If you are offended by commonly used sexual words and graphic descriptions of various sexual acts then stop reading this now.


There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own. Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities. On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers. As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power. Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones. These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes. They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

The rules are simple If the Super heroines win, the bad guys go to jail. If the bad guys win, the Super heroine gets raped.

Featuring Shiva and Angel Shiva had received a message from the Special Agent that had taken Mist's recorder for analysis. There was a note that accompanied a transcript of part of the conversations of the terrorists. Shiva read this note and then read the transcript, by the time she had finished reading this her normally placid countenance was almost snarling with suppressed rage.

The transcript of the terrorist's conversations was chilling; it proved that the Super humans were being targeted specifically. All terrorist cells were kept separate, and usually this meant that one cell didn't know what the next cell was up to.

However men being men; one of them couldn't help but brag about the women that they had captured, and the fun that they had with them before they were executed. The Note expressed the sorrow and regrets of the NSA as regards the deaths of these girls and suggested that the Super humans investigated this story and retrieved the bodies of the girls for burial.

Shilpa did something unheard of, 'Fuck it, this is my responsibility they are my girls and I will be the one to clean up this mess,' she swore. Shiva knew more than any other about the Super humans. The Government knew a great deal but not everything. Shiva made an executive decision and decided to visit one of the Super humans most closely guarded secrets. She contacted Verity and asked her to meet with her at the care home where Catharine lived.

Catharine was a Super human female with a very singular power. She could travel in time and space by the sheer power of her mind. Tell her any moment in time and she could jump you there. She had agreed to transport Shiva back in time and space to the location of the terrorists in an attempt to rescue the four girls before they were killed.

With Verity's 'Good luck,' in her ears Shiva vanished back into time. Shiva appeared in a small copse of trees, the farm was in sight. She stripped off her distinctive golden costume and donned her street clothes. She now looked like what she in fact was, a small girl of Indian extraction. Slightly built, apart from the trademark large breasts of the female Super human. Long black hair and striking blue eyes, all wrapped up in a floppy jumper and jeans.

Shilpa had thought of and discarded various plans on the way, and had finally decided to try the straightforward approach. She would walk up to the front door and ask for directions to the nearest town. The sun was shining and the birds were singing, as she crunched her way up the long gravelled driveway to the farmhouse front door. After all her subterfuge it seemed as if there was no one in residence, and although she knocked loudly there was no response.

Shilpa thought she heard a noise coming from the rear of the building, and walked around to the back. There was a large barn with crates of milk churns stacked outside its double doors.

The terrorists were all young men and discipline had become lax due to the fact that the farm was very isolated. Had it not been for the intelligence gathered by Mist they would never have been discovered. Also like all young men forced to stay isolated they were very horny and were unable to believe their luck at the particular mission they were involved with.

Their leaders had heard the rumours about the effects of imbibing the milk of superhuman females. It was said that if a normal human drank the breast milk of a super human then they would temporarily gain the same powers as the super human. If true this would be another weapon to use against America and it's allies.

The main problem would be to capture such super human females in the first place. They had already almost lost a complete cell by foolishly trying to capture Amazon. The leaders had reasoned that with her strength they could increase the effectiveness of their agents ten fold.

However as in making rabbit pie the first step is always to catch your rabbit. Amazon was no rabbit as the gang discovered when they ambushed her on patrol one night. She had been striding down a dark ally when six men jumped her. She liked to walk down dark alleys, as it was almost certain that she would find trouble and Amazon loved to find trouble.

As they wanted her alive there were no guns used which guaranteed they were going to get hammered. With a scream of pure joy she hurled herself into the gang and laid about her. As the men were normal humans and unarmed, she restrained herself by simply slapping everyone in reach. Being slapped by Amazon's iron hard hands was like being hit with a oak plank and men were flying backwards stunned and bleeding from broken noses.

Within a frantic minute she was standing over a heap of groaning bodies. Using her cell phone, she called the cops who took the injured men away for questioning. However they're training in keeping silent held; and they were eventually fined and released back into the population. This experience had made them anti Super human, and they longed to get their revenge.

The wiser heads in the terrorist organisation had decided to advertise on the Internet for all those new Super humans to join a help and advice Website. This was working well and as new Super human females joined the site they were eventually lured to a secluded place where they were drugged and taken to the farm for processing.

Their catch so far consisted of four girls, their powers were flight, speed, sonic blast and one girl who could stay immersed for over an hour without needing to breathe. They had kept these girls sedated and tried to express milk from their breasts but with no success.

It was then that additional information reached them informing them that in order to lactate the girls had to be deflowered and their wombs filled with sperm. This would initiate the allergic type reaction in their bodies that would cause their breasts to lactate.

One of the girls was named Jane, and although she was kept drugged she was still aware of her breasts hurting. They were bruised and sore, where the men had been squeezing her nipples trying to get milk out of them. Jane was a virgin, and there had been no chance that her breasts had any milk in them. However that hadn't stopped the men from playing with her large soft breasts, and squeezing her nipples until she moaned in pain.

Her power had manifested at puberty, and had been growing ever since. It was Super speed, and she had hidden it as best she could for fear of being ostracised by her friends for being a freak. The strain of consciously having to slow her speed down was making her miserable. She had discovered a Website that held out hope of helping her, and had become involved.

She had met the organisers at a Motel, and after drinking a beer had fallen asleep. Jane had regained consciousness at the farm. All four of the girls had been kept lightly drugged and naked, in a shed next to the main farmhouse. Up till this point the leader of the group had forbidden his men to have sex with the girls.

This was not due to any desire to protect the girls; it was simply a way in which he could enforce his power over his men. The terrorist cell used code names instead of real names to protect their identities. The leader was referred to as Racoon, and he was a fundamentalist of the strictest form of his religion.

He regarded women as only one step higher than animals, and treated them accordingly. He had no feelings whatever for the girls, as he planned on executing them once their mission was completed. This all changed upon the new information and he relished raping these soft western women. However he could still pick whom he wanted to do the actual raping of the girls.

Jane had been given to a thin man with the burning eyes of the zealot. He was named Hawk and despised anyone who wasn't of his faith and treated all women with distain. He was pleased when the leader chose him above the others to humiliate the western girl and tied her down over a table.

It was fortunate in a way that Jane was drugged, as it made her defloration less traumatic than it would have been if she was wide awake and alert. Even though she was drugged it still hurt as he thrust himself into her virgin vagina, and pounded away at her making her breasts bounce from the force of his assault. It had been a long time since he had fucked a woman, and within a minute he was pumping his cum deep into her abused womb.

To make sure that Jane was well filled with semen, Racoon told two more of the men to rape her as well. They did so with wild enthusiasm, and when they had finished their cum was running out of Jane's vagina and pooling on the floor between her naked legs. The other three girls were then raped in a similar manner, and then they were all thrown back into the shed and locked in.

The next day they were again tied down and raped, this time the leader watched as his men fucked the girls up the ass. He was determined that their every hole should be filled with male semen, and loved to watch the faces of the girls as they were buggered in front of him and the men.

Jane was not the only girl to scream in pain, as her virgin anus was cruelly stretched by the men's rampant cocks. Their abasement was still not complete, as the next day they were made to suck the men's cocks until their mouths were filled with cum. They were ordered to swallow all of it, on pain of a whipping if any semen ran down their chins onto their naked breasts. The repeated rapes had broken their spirits, and all the girls dutifully sucked and swallowed as ordered.

After a week of this constant sexual abuse, Jane felt her breasts becoming heavier as they started to fill with milk. One morning when the leader roughly squeezed her breast, he saw a drop of milk ooze out of her swollen nipple. He was relieved to see this, as he was beginning to believe that this story about Super human breast milk was just a myth. At last there was some small proof that the theory was valid.

He ordered that all the girls be thoroughly raped again. After checking their food and water rations, he locked them in the shed again. They spent that night as they had spent the previous ones, huddled up to each other for warmth and some comfort. The other three girls looked to Jane for comfort, as she seemed to be the strongest of the four.

The next morning all the girl's nipples were leaking milk. Racoon took great pleasure in squeezing a small amount of this milk from each girl and labelling it, before sending the samples to a laboratory run by friends of the terrorists for analysis.

The next day he received orders that the girls were to be well fed and watered, in order to ensure they could produce sufficient breast milk for human testing. Jane and the girls were so hungry that they tore into the food and drink provided and then fell into a deep sleep. The food had been drugged again, and they awoke to find themselves strapped into the stalls where the farms cows had been penned whilst being milked.

To the girls horror the suction pads of the milking machines were attached to their nipples, and the machines began to suck their milk from their breasts. All the girls' breasts were full of milk, and the machines suction drained their breasts steadily until they were empty and their nipples were sore from the intense suction.

Each girl had produced about a pint of milk and then they were un-strapped from the milking machine, and thrown back into the shed to eat drink and sleep. The leader had been authorised to experiment with one of the samples, to see if the milk did indeed impart the powers of the donor to the imbiber.

He had labelled the bottles with the names and powers of the donors, and was sitting at the table deciding which power to try out. He had no interest in making a noise or holding his breath, so that left flight or speed. Like all normal humans he had always dreamt of being able to fly, and so chose the sample from Sandra the flyer.

With a prayer to Allah for protection from devils, he swallowed the entire bottle and sat still trying to feel if there were any changes happening to his body. After repeated raping the girls had told their captors everything they knew about their powers, and how to implement them. The leader knew he should relax and think of getting lighter and floating.

He was just thinking that it was a complete waste of time, when he felt the pressure of the chair seat on his bottom fade, and he began to rise up into the air. His first reaction was to panic and try and get back down again, but his men grabbed hold of him and steadied him until he regained control of his fear. Once he had settled himself mentally he told his men to release him, and with a mental effort lifted himself up into the air until he could touch the ceiling of the room.

He thought this test had proved the theory of power transference via breast milk, and decided not to try and fly outside until another time. All that was left to do was to time how long a pint of milk lasted. As it transpired it lasted just under one hour, before he felt gravity reasserting itself on his body.

Mission accomplished he thought, he would authorise one last milking of the women before executing them. He informed his men of this decision and told them that as the mission had been such a success, tomorrow they could rape the females one last time after their breasts had be pumped dry by the milking machine. Thankfully the girls knew nothing of this, and were comforting each other as best they could under the circumstances.

Little did they know that the next day when they were dragged to the milking machine, that it was to be their last on earth. Up until now when they were being milked they had been left alone. This time as the suction pads drained their breasts, the men stood behind the girls and fucked them unmercifully.

All their holes were used and abused, as their milk was pumped from their breasts. By now they had been raped and buggered so many times, that they barely made a noise during the assaults. The only noise was the mechanical sucking of the milking machine, as it did what it was designed to do.

Four bottles were eventually full of the girl's breast milk, and the leader checked that his pistol was loaded for the execution. He ensured that all his men were wearing their suicide vests, and pistols. This was standard practice when the team was driving, as it was vital that the American Government didn't capture them alive. Once the team were in the van and ready to go, he supervised the loading of the milk into the van and went back into the shed to execute the females.

It was the noise of the milking machine that attracted Shiva's attention, and she had arrived just as the men were loading their van preparatory to making their escape. Shiva was looking through a window at the back of the milking shed, and saw the four naked girls strapped to the machine. They were almost comatose, from the draining and raping that they had just undergone.

None of the girls noticed the leader approaching with his gun ready. Shiva did notice this however, and she also noticed that the man wore a suicide vest. The special agent had warned her about these men. If there were a good chance of being captured they would detonate their belts, and kill themselves and all those around them with out hesitation.

The vests contained C4 explosives and were detonated by a switch on the belt; and it was always within easy reach of the wearer. From her position Shiva could see the leader approaching the helpless girls, and behind him the van with the rest of the team in it. They were waiting to hear the shots that would signal the deaths of the females, and the end of a successful mission.

Seeing the bruised and battered state of the four girls, and noticing the trails of semen that were dripping from their vaginas and anus's brought a cold rage into her soul. For the first time Shilpa seemed to feel the goddess Shiva possessing her body, and Shiva was the Destroyer of Worlds.

She realised that she had to put the leader as far away from the girls as possible. Shiva concentrated her immense power on the man and picked him up off his feet. Shiva then threw him with all her power at the van waiting outside the shed.

The sheer impact with the side of the van crushed him like a bug. However Racoon didn't have time to feel it, as Shiva activated his belt switch telekinetically. The van disintegrated into a fireball of heat and jagged metal. At the instant of the gigantic explosion Shiva formed a mental shield around the entire shed. This protected herself and the girls, from the flame and shrapnel that blasted the area in a circle of destruction around the van.

The rest of the team's explosive belts had triggered at the same time as the leaders, and there was nothing left of the men or the van. Shiva felt nothing for these men; they were cowardly scum and deserved to die.

She now concentrated on releasing the girls and carrying them with her power out of the shed and into the warm sun. The farmhouse was still standing and it had a bathroom and shower. Shilpa helped the girls clean themselves up, and cooked them a good hot meal while she decided what to do with them.

Jane had taken charge of the girls and had found their clothes where they had been thrown into a corner of the farmhouse. She ensured that the girls were clean and dressed and was helping Shilpa cook a good meal for them all.

Despite putting on a brave face Jane was just as traumatised as the other girls and Shilpa told her to sit down and rest while she served up the food. Even though the girls were weak and shaking from their experiences, they were still amazed when they saw the plates of food floating towards them guided only by the power of Shilpa's mind.

Watching the girls eat gave Shilpa the chance to consider her next move. She realised that she couldn't be associated with this rescue, as she was not supposed to be here at all. She called on one of her most trusted sisters, Blaze. Shiva gave Blaze the location and asked her to get there as quickly as she could.

Less than an hour later Shiva heard the scream of Blaze's powerful sports car, as it sped towards the farm. It skidded to a halt in a spray of gravel and Blaze jumped out. Blaze was a pyrotechnic and her costume was themed to suit. It was scarlet and her mask was shaped as a flame, her eyes also were a blazing red.

She hugged Shiva warmly and asked how she could be of assistance. Shiva told Blaze the whole story, trusting her with the secret of Catharine. She asked Blaze to take the credit for the rescue, and the destruction of the terrorists. Blaze was honoured to be trusted with this information, and promised to take care of everything.

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