Supernatural: Watch Over Me Ch. 01


"So college boy, what does it say?" Dean asked, turning the old rusty key in the lock, opening the door.

"There's a lot of paperwork here." Sam replied, following Dean into the house. "According to this, Jesse and Nicky Remington own the adjacent land to ours and they are contesting the boundary lines."

"Remington?" Dean cocked one eyebrow.

"You know two guys named Remington?" Sam asked as he spread the paperwork out on the dusty kitchen table.

"No, I just think it's kinda weird that our last name is Winchester and their's is Remington, that's all. Winchester is a better gun anyway."

"Let's just hope that it doesn't turn into the Hatfields and McCoys over this land." Sam looked up from the papers. "If the surveyor is right, they could take over half our land."

"How can that be?" Dean asked, opening cabinets and drawers looking for food. "This land has been in our family for generations and nobody has ever questioned the boundary lines before."

"Back in the old days boundary lines were estimated. Now surveyors have more high-tech equipment like GPS."

"So what do we need to do?" Dean asked, leaning against the kitchen counter. "Do we need to get our land resurveyed? I'd hate for half this land to go to them after Gramps worked hard all his life to pay for it."

"Yeah, I know." Sam propped up on one elbow. "We could always go talk to them."

"Yeah, right!" Dean scoffed. "If they've gone to all the trouble of hiring a surveyor and serving us with papers, I think they're pretty serious about fighting us for this land."

"It would be worth a try, Dean. Maybe we could work out a deal." Sam said as he went to the kitchen window, looking out at all the gorgeous land they could possibly lose.

"Let's talk about it later. I can't think on an empty stomach anyway." Dean replied as he finally found a box of macaroni and cheese in the back of a cabinet. It was probably left behind by Bobby when he was on one of his annual hunting trips he often took there at the Winchester house. "Bobby comes through again! Yes! Let's eat bro!"

"How old is that mac n cheese?" Sam turned his nose up when Dean knocked a thick layer of dust off the top of the box.

"It doesn't expire until next month! Geez!" Dean rolled his eyes. "Hey, it's either this or tree bark!"

"Ok, whatever. We don't have much of a choice until morning anyway." Sam said as he found a metal bowl and filled it with water to boil the macaroni noodles in. The house didn't have a microwave, so they realized they had to cook all their meals on the electric stove.

After a very light meal of just macaroni and cheese and water to drink, the two brothers stepped out onto the porch and took in the summer air. It was late afternoon now, and the humidity of the day was slightly starting to cool.

"Man, it's nice out here." Dean said as he sat down on the top step of the porch. "I had forgotten how great the summers are here."

"It sure is." Sam said sitting down across from him on the porch. He slowly closed his eyes, resting there with his head against a post.

Suddenly Dean started sniffing the air. "Hey Sammy!" Dean stood up quickly. "Do you smell that?"

Sam opened one eye. "Dean, I told you to stop eating cheese if it doesn't agree with your stomach!"

"No dumbass!" Dean hit him in the back of the head with his hand. "I smell a charcoal grill!"

"So? Somebody's having a cookout." Sam rubbed the back of his head.

"No duh, genius! That means there's food cookin' on that grill. And by the smell of it, it's nearby! I think I detect a cherry pie cooling on a windowsill also!"

"My brother the bloodhound." Sam laughed as he watched Dean briskly walk out to the car. "If it's women or food, he'll find it!"

Dean returned to the porch with binoculars in hand. "I'm gonna find out where those delicious smells are coming from!"

"Uh, yeah. Ok. Whatever floats your boat, bro!" Sam closed his eyes again.

Dean went to the end of the porch and scanned the tree tops looking for smoke from the grill. Not seeing anything, he went into the house. Sam could hear him going from room to room and window to window searching for the source of the food.

Growing tired of sitting on the hard wooden porch, Sam went inside to find Dean at the living room window staring intently through the binoculars.

"Find the food yet, Great White Hunter?" Sam said sarcastically, standing behind his brother.

"Yeah, I found it alright." Dean licked his lips, not taking his eyes away from the binocular lens.

Sam went to stand at the window. "So where's the cookout at?"

"Take a look for yourself." Dean smirked, handing the binoculars over to him.

Sam gave Dean a puzzled look and took the binoculars from him. Putting the lens up to his eyes, he focused in to see two very attractive women standing over a grill. If they looked this good from a distance, Sam was anxious to find out what they looked like up close. "Ohhh, now I see what you were staring at! We have some awesome neighbors!"

"Damn right we do!" Dean snatched the binoculars from him, looking through them again. "I knew these binoculars would come in handy one day. And to think you laughed at me when I bought them at that Army surplus store. Humph!"

"Wonder who they are?" Sam asked, squinting toward the wooded area where the gray smoke circled the tree tops. "Hey, I wonder if they are the girlfriends or wives of the Remington brothers."

"I dunno." Dean shrugged. "Hey Sam, what do the letters cu, ti, and a musical note mean?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Maybe it's some sort of code or something. Look through these again and tell me what that means." Dean said, handing the binoculars to him again.

Sam grabbed the binoculars once more from his brother. Looking through the lens, he focused in to see the ass of the blonde woman. She was bent over putting more charcoal into the grill. Written across the back of her shorts was "CuTi" and the mathematical symbol for pi. Sam couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"What the hell is so funny?" Dean scowled. "That's not a guy in drag is it?"

"No Dean." Sam grinned, shoving the binoculars into Dean's chest.

"Well?" Dean asked, following him into the kitchen. "What does all that gibberish mean that's on her shorts?"

Sam sat down at the kitchen table, propping his feet up. "Who's the clueless one now?"

"Dammit, if you don't tell me I'm gonna kick your ass!" Dean yelled.

"You should've paid more attention in biology and math class." Sam teased, knowing this was really getting to his brother.

"What the hell does high school have to do with this?" Dean frowned. "Now c'mon, quit playing around and tell me!"

"Ok, ok!" Sam laughed. "Her shorts say Cutie Pie."

"How the hell do you get Cutie Pie out of that?" Dean asked, puzzled. He didn't get it.

Sam realized he'd have to spell it out for his brother. "Ok, pay attention." He teased. "Cu is the abbreviation for copper, and Ti is for titanium on the periodic table of the elements. And that funky symbol is the mathematical symbol for pi. Put it all together you get Cutie Pie."

"You're making that up." Dean scoffed.

"No I'm not!" Sam protested. "I can go get the laptop and look it up for you if you think I'm lying!"

"No, no. I believe you. That's way too nerdy even for you to make up. Why in the hell didn't they just say Cutie Pie like normal people instead of all that confusing stuff?"

"It's a play on words. She must be a science and math buff."

"That's all I need is to be out in the boondocks surrounded by nerds!" Dean laughed. "But I was right...I did smell pie!"

Sam's face dropped. "Just when I was enjoying sharing an intellectual moment with you, you turn it into something dirty!"

"Hey, what can I say." Dean smiled wickedly. "I like pie! What do you say we pay our new neighbors a visit and see if they have any extra burgers?"

"Sure, why not. That mac n cheese didn't fill me up at all." Sam frowned.

"C'mon then." Dean motioned for him at the front door. "I'm still hungry too!"

The two brothers jumped into the Impala and headed a short distance down the road to the next gravel driveway that led up to their next door neighbor's house. A huge two story farmhouse welcomed them as Dean pulled the Impala behind a mint condition 1967 Chevy Camaro.

"That's a sweet ride!" Dean whistled as he got out of his car and shut the door. He made a beeline to the Camaro like a moth to a flame.

Sam got out and propped up against the front fender of their car. "Do you two need to get a room?"

"This car is completely badass!" Dean grinned like a kid on Christmas morning as he looked through the driver's side window.

"I wonder if they heard us pull up?" Sam looked toward the front door of the house watching for any movement.

"I dunno, but they definitely have good taste in cars!" Dean drooled.

"They are probably around back where the grill is. But I'll go knock on the front door first to see if anybody is inside."

"Huh? Oh, ok bro." Dean said, rubbing the top of the candy apple red Camaro. "I'll wait right here for you."

"Don't drool on that paint job too much." Sam laughed. "Whoever owns that car will be so mad!"

As Dean continued to look the vintage car over from top to bottom, Sam just shook his head and walked toward the front door. Stepping onto the front porch, he knocked heavily on the wooden door. Waiting several seconds, he knocked again. When nobody came to the door, he spun around and headed back to join Dean in the driveway.

"Did the horny housewife not come to the door because she doesn't like nerds?" Dean looked up as Sam stood beside him.

"Ha ha!" Sam said sarcastically. "Maybe we should just forget it and go on back to the house. We are trespassing after all."

"Don't be such a wuss!" Dean protested. "Those women we saw earlier are here somewhere. They wouldn't leave a grill burning. C'mon let's check the backyard."

"Yes mother." Sam mumbled as he followed Dean around the side of the big house.

In the backyard the grill still smoked, sending delicious smells into the air and into the brother's noses. A big wooden picnic table covered with a brightly colored tablecloth set with colorful plates and cups invited them into the yard.

"See, they were expecting us Sammy!" Dean said as he raised the domed lid of the charcoal grill.

"I still don't feel right about this." Sam frowned, watching the back door for the women.

Suddenly the sound of a gun being cocked shattered the smoke filled air.

"What the hell was that?" Dean asked, snapping his head over to look at Sam.

Sam just shrugged his shoulders as a voice answered from behind them.

"Hold it right there. Don't either of you move a muscle!"

Dean and Sam simultaneously raised their hands up in the air like they were being arrested. They both realized it was a female voice, and concluded it was one of the hot women they had spied on earlier.

"What the hell are you two doing in my backyard?" The voice hissed.

"Well, Miss-" Dean started to turn around to face her.

"Did I tell you to turn around? Explain yourselves!" She abruptly cut him off, shoving the barrel of the gun into his back.

Dean kept on facing forward as he glanced over at Sam. He motioned with his eyes as a signal for Sam to use his puppy dog eyes on her. Dean knew women were a sucker for Sam's deep hazel eyes, and he figured this female would be no different.

Making a protesting face, Sam huffed, then replied. "Sorry to intrude on you Miss. We were looking for Jesse and Nicky Remington to settle up some business."

"What do you want with Jesse and Nicky?" She used the barrel of the gun to spin Sam around to face her. "Who are you two?"

Sam turned to see the hot blonde that had on the "Cutie Pie" shorts - the woman Dean had been salivating over earlier. She was gorgeous, and he knew Dean would be very attracted to her when he finally got a close up look.

She had bleached-blonde shoulder length hair that was cut in layers, and dark blue eyes that were framed with long black eyelashes. She had a very toned tight body, and he noticed her arms were very toned and muscular for a woman. The pink short shorts really complimented her long legs, and she wore a black AC/DC t-shirt that looked like it was one size too small.

"Dean's really gonna dig her." Sam thought to himself as soon as he saw the AC/DC shirt she was wearing.

"I asked you a question, bean pole!" The woman pointed the gun toward the taller brother again.

"Would you tame this shrew already!" Dean whispered through clenched teeth, his hands still in the air.

"Look," Sam looked at her with his hypnotizing puppy eyes. "We didn't mean any harm coming onto your property unannounced. I knocked on the front door and nobody answered. We saw the smoke from the grill, and figured someone was back here."

The woman's hostile demeanor seemed to ease slightly when she looked into Sam's soft hazel eyes. Her intuition told her that he was being sincere, so she lowered the gun, powerless against his cute puppy eyes. "That still doesn't answer my question of who are you?"

Dean took a chance and slowly turned around to see who had been pointing the gun at his back. He was dying to see the face that matched that sexy voice that filled his ears. When his eyes met the almond-shaped blue eyes of the woman, he felt his mouth suddenly go dry. She was absolutely gorgeous and he liked the way she filled out her t -shirt.

Sam opened his mouth to answer her question only to be cut off by Dean. "Let me handle this Sammy." Dean blurted out, looking her up and down, settling on her buxom chest. "Hey, I'm Dean Winchester and this is my baby brother Sam."

"My eyes are up here, jerk!" She said, irritated.

"My bad." Dean smiled wickedly, finally looking her in the eye. "What's your name?"

"So you're the Winchesters from next door, huh?" She said, clicking the safety on the rifle. She was instantly attracted to Dean, it was unmistakable. His short, dark spiky hair and alluring green eyes just drew her in. His broad chest and muscular arms were also very sexy. She could feel herself becoming very wet the more she took him in. He was the classic bad boy, and she intended to stay as far away from him as possible.

Sam took a seat at the picnic table and watched the two exchange banter. "Oh this is gonna be good!" He thought to himself as their body language spoke volumes of their instant attraction to each other.

"You never told us your name, sweetheart." Dean replied, sensing her resistance to his charms.

"First of all," She snapped. "I'm not your sweetheart, your honey, or your baby. Got it!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Dean smiled smugly. "Man, she's spunky! I love spunky women!" He thought to himself, getting more turned on by the second. His cock was already fully erect and he felt like he could explode at any moment.

She turned to look at Sam. "How in the hell can you two be brothers? You seem so sweet. Your brother is an asshole - please tell me he's adopted."

Sam laughed out loud. "I wonder that sometimes myself. So, what's your name?" He could feel Dean's eyes burning through him, but Sam didn't care. He found this woman hilarious!

"You already know my name." She revealed. "I'm Jessi Remington."

"Oh, we just assumed that Jesse was a guy's name." Sam said looking over at Dean who still fumed.

"Yeah, the geniuses at the courthouse spelled my name wrong on the documents. It's Jessi with an i. My sister is Nikki - also with an i."

"Can I check those burgers for ya?" Dean piped up, noticing the smoke had changed from light gray to dark black.

"Sure hot shot." Jessi said flatly. "Knock yourself out."

Dean went over to the grill and opened the lid. The hamburgers were done and they smelled delicious. "Can you hand me a plate?" He asked Jessi quickly. "The burgers are done."

Jessi gingerly propped the gun against the table and reached to get a glass platter. She then went to stand beside Dean and held the platter so he could use the flipper to put the burgers on the plate. Dean took in the smell of her between bursts of black charcoal smoke. She smelled really nice; like a mixture of roses and lavender.

Dean stared down at her as he placed the burgers onto the platter. "Watch what you're doing dumbass!" She shrieked in his ear as he dropped a burger down into the coals.

"Dammit!" Dean yelled.

"Smooth move, x-lax!" Jessi glared up at him. "That one is yours, by the way."

Sam was sitting at the picnic table enjoying the show. "They want each other - it is so obvious." He thought to himself as he felt something wet against his short sleeved arm. Pulling his arm back, he looked down to see a big golden retriever at his side. "Hey boy, where'd you come from?"

"Atom!" A female voice yelled from behind him. "Leave that guy alone! Come here, boy!"

Sam turned to see a gorgeous woman with long, dark hair that was put up in a loose bun on top of her head. Wild tendrils framed her pretty face, and dark blue eyes smiled back at him from behind small square-framed glasses.

"Wow!" Sam thought to himself, sucking in his breath just by the mere sight of her. She was average height, but still considered short compared to him. The white thigh length shorts she wore really didn't compliment her legs, and he wondered what the rest of her legs looked like under the fabric. The pink t-shirt she wore did show off her cute figure, though. She had a peaches and cream complexion, which made her blue eyes really pop from behind those glasses.

"I'm really sorry about my dog." She replied, walking closer to where Sam was sitting with Atom at his side. The dog rolled and rubbed up against Sam's arms and legs begging to be petted.

"It's fine, really." Sam smiled, locking eyes with her. "I love dogs." He could feel his cock beginning to get hard as he sat there admiring her.

"He seems to like you too." She laughed, sitting down beside of Sam. When he turned his head to look down to pet the dog, she took a quick glance, looking him over from head to toe. "Damn, he's hot!" She thought to herself as she continued to stare at him. He had broad shoulders and finely chiseled features complete with killer dimples when he smiled. And those hazel eyes were so deep and soft she feared she could get lost in them - if she let herself. When he looked back at her, she turned her head to look down at the dog. "Atom doesn't like just anybody, believe me!"

When she looked down, he took a quick glance looking her over. She was even prettier up close. She looked to be about his age, maybe a year or two younger. He took in the closeness of her body to his, and he noticed how she filled out her t-shirt very nicely. Looking closely, he noticed that her shirt had elements from the periodic table written on it.

"Your dog's name is Atom? That's an unusual name." He said, petting the dog on the head again.

"Yeah, I'm a science nut." She smiled, looking shyly over at him. "My name is Nikki Remington, by the way."

"I figured you liked science when I saw your t-shirt." He smiled back, locking eyes with her again.

"So do you have a name?" Nikki blushed after several seconds of awkward silence had went by.

When Sam realized that he was staring, he blushed. "Oh...I'm Sam. Sam Winchester."

"Nice to meet you Sam Winchester." She smiled, extending her small hand.

"Nice to meet you Nikki Remington." He extended his hand to clasp hers in his. Both their hands were sweaty from nervousness, and they shook hands, laughing nervously. The chemistry was so obvious between them, and Sam could feel his cock begin to get painfully rock hard just being next to her.

"So you like my shirt?" She looked down at her shirt, changing the subject quickly. "Most people don't get it."

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