tagFetishSupersize Me Ch. 03

Supersize Me Ch. 03


Tim and I continued to see each after that first encounter at the beach. I couldn't get enough of his big cock and the massive loads he plastered me with whenever we fucked.

The competition was rapidly coming to a close and I was trailing my good friend Jo which was really getting to me. I had fucked some big guys in the past few weeks and was now a self confessed big cock junkie, I was obsessed. My life was spiraling out of control as I continued on my quest for that elusive mega-cock. But still I trailed Jo in the competition who took great delight in reminding me of this fact usually by e-mailing new photos of her and Brody in some outrageous sexual position with his 11inch cock inevitably stuffed obscenely up her tight little pussy or with her lips wrapped around it his massive cock.

Jo, to her credit, was not resting on her laurels. She continued to search for an even bigger cock than Brody's and when one day I got home to find an e-mail waiting for me titled: That's not a cock, that's a foot! I had a sinking feeling as Jo and I had often discussed the possibility of finding a guy with a foot long cock.

I clicked on the e-mail and text went something like this:

"Hi Cathy, well sister I have finally done it! Yes I have found that guy we have longed talked about - a guy with a 12inch cock. It happened just yesterday when I least expected it. I was out doing some shopping when I found myself in the fruit and vegetable section starring at these massive cucumbers. They were huge some over a foot long. I had picked one up and having quickly checked out no one was near pulled out my tape measure to see if I could measure one as I wanted to get one exactly 12inches in length.

I must have got carried away because the next thing I knew this guy who worked in the store was standing beside me watching me measure the cucumber. Feeling a slightly bit embarrassed I put the tape away and quickly put the item in my trolley. He looked like a bit of a geek and not some Adonis who would be packing a weapon of mass penetration – oh how wrong I was to be!!

He introduced himself as Kelvin and took the cucumber from my trolley holding it in one hand saying that this was the second time today he held something this big in his hands. I took a double take and said what did you just say! He replied that he might look small but that there was one part of his anatomy that certainly measured up.

I looked down at his crotch and I swear it looked like he stuffed a cucumber down his pants, in fact I wasn't sure that this wasn't exactly what he had down. So without asking I placed my hand on the huge lump and was amazed to feel this throbbing sensation in my hand. My God! This guy wasn't kidding. Geek boy was about to become pony boy the horse hung geek.

This time I didn't think that photos would do justice to the situation so I have left a video tape in your letterbox of me and pony boy. Enjoy!!!"

I could hardly get to the letterbox quickly enough. As I ran my huge tits bounced obscenely as I had removed my bra earlier and my panties were getting moist in anticipation. As I reached into the letterbox my hand was shaking. There it was the tape which Jo had tantalizingly titled "The adventures of Jo and Pony Boy".

I ran back in side and quickly put the tape on. Boy I have to hand it to Jo she really has a way with this type of thing. She had obviously put a lot of thought into this one. The tape just didn't contain a quick and dirty clip of her and Pony Boy fucking they had actually made a mini porno which went something like this.

Jo was dressed in some tiny shorts, singlet, with her hair up and sitting on the couch doing her nails when the door bell rang. When she answered it there was Kelvin delivering the groceries Jo had bought earlier. Jo appeared to lack any interest in the guy who looked like a real geek with thick glasses, greasy hair and top button done up. Jo told him to take the stuff inside as she continued with her nails showing not the least bit of interest in guy.

Kelvin was stealing dirty little glances at Jo as he entered the kitchen to drop off the groceries. Jo soon joined him and still pretended to show not the least bit of interest in guy. However as he pulled out a large cucumber things began to change. Jo suddenly became interested in the vegetables and grabbed the cucumber from the guy. The rest is probably best told through the words of Jo and Kelvin.

"Here give me that, you don't deserve to hold such an impressive thing in your hands," said Jo ripping i.

"Oh lady if only you knew, if only you knew," replied Kelvin.

"What do you mean you little geek?" queried Jo.

"I might look small and weedy but I have a secret," stated Kelvin.

"Oh yeah and what might that be?" demanded Jo agitated by Kelvin's comment.

"I have a cock that would put that thing to shame lady," boasted Kelvin.

"What did you just fucking say you geek?" replied Jo.

"I said that I have cock so big that I bet you couldn't take in your hot little pussy," said Kelvin.

"Is that a fact is it. My boyfriend has an 11inch cock and I take that with ease," replied Jo.

"11inches, is that supposed to impress me is it. I had an 11inch cock when I was 15 and it has been growing ever since," said Kelvin.

What follows was amazing. Jo who had started off so confident and in control suddenly looked unsure of herself and geek boy grew in confidence. Jo demanded he prove that he was in fact as big as he said he was and as he dropped his pants I was stunned. This guy had a massive, raging hardon that stood out from his puny body like an iron bar. Jo had collapsed onto a sofa and watched as Kelvin slowly stroked the monster cock to its full length first using one hand and then two. After a couple of minutes Jo placed her two hands on Kelvin's shaft and ran her hands along its entire length finally stopping to massage its huge head before proceeding to lubricate its shaft with the ample precum that was oozing from it.

His impressive cock glistened like a well oiled piston, a flesh piston that looked poised ready to shaft Jo. I still couldn't believe what I was watching as Jo hesitantly placed her lips over the huge head of Kelvin's cock as she slowly began to take the first tentative steps of taking Kelvin's cock in her mouth. Her hand, which was wrapped tightly around his cock in an effort to maintain some control over the situation, was nowhere near close to closing around its girth and her eyes bulged as her lips were stretched wide as Kelvin eased his cock into her mouth. She almost looked frightened but still she attempted to stuff as much of the oversize cock in her mouth. Kelvin just kept on taunting her as he was now in complete control of the situation.

Occasional Kelvin removed his massive weapon and rubbed Jo's face with it leaving a trail of sticky precum all over her face. It was so big that at times her beautiful features were obscured by it its shear size. After teasing her he would then place it at her lips and demand that she once again took his shaft in her mouth.

Kelvin had now removed Jo top and was squeezing her nipples and massaging her big tits. Jo could take no more and removed his cock from her mouth and positioned herself in front of Kelvin so that he could slide his monster cock between her huge tits and fuck them. Jo assisted by cupping her breasts in her hands and holding them together as Kelvin thrust his cock up between them. The first thrust caught Jo by surprise as his cock burst through her tits and bumped into her chin.

"Fuck! Be careful with that thing will you. You almost knocked me out. That thing is like a fucking baseball bat," yelled Jo.

"Sorry, I just got a bit carried away. Your tits are awesome, so big, so deliciously fuckable, do you like getting them fucked do you? Please tell me you do," challenged Kelvin.

"Shutup and just tit fuck me will you. I think I'm going to cum just by having your huge cock do my tits you big stud," screamed Jo.

Kelvin was really going for it now. He was thrusting hard and his cock was moving like a piston. Every now and them Jo would take it two hands and rub her nipples with it, then rub it all over her face, give it a lick before once again wrapping her tits around it.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming, fuck my tits, that's it do my tits pony boy!! Fuck them good and hard!" gasped Jo.

Jo collapsed in a heap, panting and gasping for breath as Kelvin stood over her his cock still rampant and throbbing. Jo finally looked up and said what are you a fucking machine? You haven't even cum yet. Kelvin just looked at her.

"Now who's a geek, me? Am I a geek?" questioned Kelvin.

"No you are a god. You are pony boy," replied Jo.

"Pony boy, I like that. Now its time for you to ride this pony," stated Kelvin.

"No, first I've got to know how big you are," said Jo.

"Well lets find out," replied Kelvin as he walked over and picked up a ruler laying on the table.

As Jo prepared to measure Kelvin cock he started stroking it to make sure that it was at its maximum length. As Jo placed the ruler along its shaft my heart skipped a beat as I realized that Kelvin's cock was indeed 12 inches long.

I had been slowly rubbing my pussy throughout the video but now I was feverishly masturbating and sucking my nipple as the reality of seeing my best friend prepare to fuck a horse-sized cock sunk in. I was soon shuddering as one climax followed another.

But back to the movie!

"How do you want me pony boy?" begged Jo now rubbing one hand in and out of her dripping pussy while sucking the fingers on her other hand.

"On you your knees and hands baby, I'm going to fuck you like a stallion would now get ready because here it comes!!" yelled Kelvin.

"Oh yeah, take it easy big guy that's no ordinary cock you've got there. That's it, oh yeah that good," said Jo as Kelvin started to slowly insert his huge cock her dripping pussy.

"What do you mean good, I've only got four inches of this fuck stick in. The funs about to really start," laughed Kelvin.

"Shit, your cock so big, your cock is fucking huge, your cock is a weapon of mass penetration. FUCK that feels good, please don't stop fucking me!!" howled Jo.

What happened next was awesome. Kelvin hammered his cock into Jo until she finally had all 12 inches stuffed up her. She was screaming! One minute she was begging for more the next she was pleading with him to stop as he was splitting her in two. Now Jo is not a big girl, except for her tits of course which are huge, her waist is small and she has a terrifically toned bum. Kelvin had his hands around her waist pulling her back onto his cock while occasionally running his hands over her tight buns. His cock seemed out of all proportion to her as he rhythmically pounded Jo.

Kelvin's cock was now glistening with Jo's juices and he was really doing her now. He would withdraw all of the 12 inches and her pussy looked like it was being sucked out as it hugged his huge cock before slamming it into Jo until his balls slapped against her tight buns. Jo was in one continuous climax, it was hard to tell where one ended and the next began. She was wildly thrashing her head around her mouth open and nipples rock hard as Kelvin to continued to fuck her senseless.

Finally Kelvin looked as if he was about to come.

"Fuck baby I can't hold back any more, I'm going to explode" said Kelvin.

"Finally, but please do it all over me. I want my friend to see you blow a massive load all over me", replied Jo turning around eyeballing Kelvin's cock.

"Here it comes baby, here it comes!" yelled Kelvin as he furiously jerked his colossal cock and the first of many wads of hot cum flew from his cock landing all over Jo's beautiful face. Stream after stream of glorious cum flew from his cock covering Jo's tits and soon she was covered from her belly to her face.

So ended the movie with Jo covered in cum rubbing her tits, licking her lips and stroking the Kelvin's massive cock and looking directly at the camera and saying:

"I hope you enjoyed that Cathy, I know I did!! Good luck for the next few weeks.

I was beside myself. I didn't know if I would be able sit idlely by and watch these two fuck in front of me and not be able to join in. It would kill me!!

I grabbed the tape and called Tim that I needed to come over and see him. When I told him what I had in my hot little hand he said get over here as quick as you can. I've got to see that tape and I have a huge load waiting for you.

So that's it. I have one week left in the competition. Jo is leading but I haven't given up yet. When I went around and showed Tim the tape he was astounded by what he saw and yes we did fuck while watching my best friend get shafted by a 12 inch cock. So if you want to hear about that and what happened in the final week please let me know. Your feedback has been awesome and I look forward to hearing more.

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