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Superstitions Ch. 15



Kai wasn't lucky and he never considered himself a superstitious person, but he made it a point to get to know as many superstitious people as he could. The good fortune he experienced while spending time with superstitious people wasn't luck, it was simply opportunism. Of course, of all the superstitions that surrounded him, Kai capitalized the most on triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13.

He realized the historical and religious significance of the fear, how early Christians noted that twelve witches plus one devil are present at Satanic ceremonies and who can forget how many were present at the last supper. Over the years, triskaidekaphobes watched as the hosts or guests at dinner parties of 13 diners so often came to an untimely end. In fact, Kai learned of the French socialites called quatorziens or fourteeners who made themselves available to numerous dinner parties as the fourteenth guest, saving the party from a frightening fate.

Kai smiled as he walked down the corridor to the invitation only private party, priding himself on his fortune. Fortune, mind you, not luck. Capitalizing on the French tradition, Kai considered himself a modern quatorzien and amazingly he maintained a very active social life among the beautiful people.

Able to react on very short notice he often found himself rushing into events to the panicked thanks of many hosts and partygoers alike. Like today, ready to relax in front of the TV, he received a call on his special line, quickly showered, dressed and headed to another party.

Stepping through the door, Kai was immediately greeted by his naked host and hostess, "Kai, we are so glad you could come," she said.

"And hopefully you'll stay long enough to come again, if you excuse my pun," the host added.

Looking out into the room, Kai replied, "Looks like an enthusiastic party." Silently counting, he scanned across a couple locked in a missionary embrace as they watched an interesting threesome, with a beautiful Asian woman sandwiched between two, pale white men. In the middle of the room Kai saw and heard the wrestling and moans rising from an ecstatic six-person daisy chain.

Unbuttoning his shirt he looked at the hostess and said, "Eleven in the room and you two here, I see why you called. What happened?"

"Someone brought a friend, and you know us, we just couldn't say no. Fortunately we have your number," she replied, licking her lips as she watched Kai undress.

Sendra, the hostess, appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent, her dark skin had a bit of an olive tint to it. Her dark nipples seemed to blend beautifully into the dark skin of her breasts. Danny, the host and her lover, was fair skinned like Kai and he immediately imagined Sendra writhing between Danny and him.

His cock was hard by the time he got undressed and when Sendra kneeled and took him in her mouth, Kai let out a deep sigh. Danny kneeled behind Sendra, kissing down her back and over her ass. Kai began pumping his hips, as he watched Danny turn onto his back and crawl up under Sendra's slightly spread legs.

Kai watched Sendra's eyes close, as Danny ran his tongue up her slit. Enjoying the sensation of Sendra's tongue and mouth on his cock, Kai jumped a bit, when he felt his balls gently caressed. Reaching his hands down to run his fingers through Sendra's hair, Kai realized that Danny was the one caressing his balls so tenderly. The combined sensations nearly sent Kai over the edge, but he quickly coaxed Sendra's mouth off his twitching cock and directed her attention to Danny's lonely member.

Sendra whirled around, straddling Danny's face again as she kneeled over him. She grabbed his thick cock with her hand and lowered her mouth over him. Danny resumed sucking Sendra's clit as Kai, kneeled behind her and eased his throbbing cock into her moist folds.

Hearing his cell phone begin to ring, Kai began pumping himself into Sendra's cunt, faster and faster, until, arching his back, he lunged deep into her and came, spurting his hot cum deep in her pussy. Seeing Kai balls rise up as he came, Danny quickly followed suit, filling Sendra's mouth with his salty spray.

Kai withdrew from Sendra and moved to answer his phone, leaving her to come on Danny's face. He answered the phone as he watched his cum slowly oozing out of Sendra onto Danny's glistening face.

Walking back to Sendra, Kai leaned over, kissed her on the cheek and whispered, "Sorry to come and go like this, but another party is stuck with only thirteen people."

She breathlessly replied, "Okay Kai, thanks for being our fourteenth."

Danny called out from below her, "Another party, you are a lucky man Kai."

"No, not lucky, I'm fortunate," the naked quatorzien replied. He quickly dressed and headed to the other party of thirteen.

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