tagIncest/TabooSupportive Parent Ch. 01

Supportive Parent Ch. 01


I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling with my hand stuffed down in my boxer briefs squeezing my hard-on. Just a little while earlier I had seen my step-daughter Kathy bent over looking in the refrigerator in her panties and t-shirt. Gosh, her ass and thighs looked so perfectly shaped by the light of the refrigerator.

It wasn't the first time that the idea of pounding the living shit out of her had crossed my mind. She loved wearing those short-shorts they called boy-shorts. They weren't really more than solid panties.

I found myself becoming increasing bolder and making up excuses to rub my crotch against her ass. I guess it was because she hadn't complained that I had been continuing down the same path.

I think my wife had been blinded from my overt acts on her daughter by the fact that Kathy and I got alone so well. Kathy's father wasn't such a bad guy, I actually liked him myself, but he and my wife, Katie didn't see eye-to-eye on anything.

It was easy for me to get alone with Kathy. She wanted to have a few beers with me without her mother knowing, which didn't seem to much to me. In exchange, I was privy to the mind of a college freshmen.

Any ways, I keep thinking about Kathy lying in her bed in those tight little panties. I looked over at my wife who was snoring because of a sinus condition. I slid from our bed without causing her to stir. I moved so quickly across the carpet in the dark that I didn't even hear myself.

My heart started pounding harder when I saw that the door to Kathy's bedroom was open. I paused to look back towards my own bedroom and listened for my wife's snoring. I could hear her loud and clear.

I don't even remember passing through the doorway. What I do recall is standing over Kathy and looking how the covers outlined the shape of the juicy buns. She wasn't the kind of girl that had a big butt with thighs that rubbed together. She had a gap between her legs that you can see all the way to New York through.

I guided my hand over the fabric outlining her butt-cheeks, and then lowered my hand gently on her butt with out stretched fingers. That was such a milestone that I thought about celebrating. It was so great that I didn't realize that I had been holding my breath.

I moved my hand away from Kathy's butt quickly when I heard the interruption in my wife's snoring. I froze, holding my breath again. I didn't breathe again until I heard the steady sawing of my wife's breathing again.

I looked down at Kathy and saw a hump in the covers that led up to her butt-cheeks. My heart moved up to my throat as I knelt beside her bed. I tried hard to control my breath as I eased my hand under the covered to her thinly covered ass.

I had fucked around on my wife before, but this was something way above anything I thought I would be doing. I wasn't a real father figure to Kathy, more like an older brother, but I still took care of her need, which made me a parent. So how that did not matter at all at that time.

Before I could lower my hand on Kathy's bottom, she rolled over on her back. I thought quick enough not to jerk my hand back. I hadn't planned on getting busted. She settled down and I found her crotch right under my fingertip.

I touched her crotch ever so lightly as I studied her face in the darkness for a reaction. I struggled to calm myself, because the only sound that I could here was the sound of my heart beating in my ears.

In my mind's eye, I could see the dark curls of her pubic hairs, the folds of her pussy lips, and her budding clit as my fingertip glided over them. I pressed my finger more firmly on her crotch as I moved my up and down.

I could feel the heat of her cunt as I placed three of my fingers over the top of her thinly covered pussy. It took me a moment to realize that she was moving against my stroking fingers.

I sat up with my heels under my butt to get a better look in the darkness. My sight seemed so much clearer as I saw how wide her bent legs were spread and how she held one of her tits under her night shirt. I could barely hear her moans, but they slowly became clearer. To my knowledge, I was actually causing her extreme pleasure, and that I was her man and lover at that moment.

Kathy increased her rhythm and then took hold of my hand and held it tight against her clit. It frightened me, but I didn't jerk my hand away. I could feel her body strain and tremble. She stopped suddenly, and then pulled my hand away from her crotch before rolling over and wrapping herself in the covers.

I took it to mean that play time was over. I sat there for a moment inhaling her scent before going back to my bed. I looked over at my sleeping wife and smoothed my hand over her curvy hips and soft buns. I slid my finger alone the crack of her ass to her crotch.

I was much bolder with my wife than I had been with her daughter. I push my finger under the crotch of her panties and maneuvered my finger into my her pussy-hole. She just rolled over allowing my probing. I imagined that Kathy's pussy would feel the same. She was, after all so much like her mother. I left Katie alone after a while of fingering her wet pussy under the covers. My head was filled with Kathy's thrusting pelvis and wet young cunt.

It didn't dawn on me until early the next morning that Kathy's consent could have been my imagination. She could have thought she had been dreaming and then woke to find my fingers on her pussy. She did move my hand away before she rolled over and wrapped herself in the covers.

I heard noise in the kitchen and saw that Kathie was not in bed. My heart started beating faster as I passed by Kathy's bedroom and saw that her bed was empty. I saw Kathy moving about in the kitchen, but I didn't see any signs of Kathie. I was relieved when I saw that Kathie's car was gone from the driveway. I glanced up at the clock to see that it was passed time for her to be at work.

The next thing for me was to gage Kathy's reaction. Her usual cheerful smile sooth my worries when she saw me standing in the doorway to the kitchen. She asked me to give her a ride to her college campus and offered to share the breakfast she was preparing.

I still had questions about what she thought about what I did to her during the night. The only thing I could think of was to see if she would react negatively to any advancement that I made. I wasn't bold enough to reach over and grab her crotch, but I let the back of my hand slide slowly over her panty covered butt-cheeks. She didn't even flinch.

I moved around in the kitchen becoming more and more excited seeing her plump ass in her tight panties. Her sleeping shirt barely covered her waist, so I had a full view of her hips and ass. It wasn't something new to see the shape of her ass in something tight. I had seen her many times before. She seemed so much different now. I wanted her and I had a hard-on to prove it.

She reached to get plates from the upper cupboards, and I seized the opportunity to spoon her. "I'll get them," I said reaching over her back and pressing my hard-on against the crack of her soft buns. My cotton boxer briefs and her panties didn't prevent me from enjoying the contact. I pressed with a deliberate grind, something I had never done before to see if she would be offended.

"Thanks," she said as I handed her the plates, but did nothing to indicate that she minded.

I felt like I was going to cum in my shorts. She prepared our plates and sat them on the table while I pour juice and made toast. I couldn't keep my eyes off the crotch of her panties or her butt-cheeks when she turned around.

She told me that she was nervous about volleyball tryouts. Her college was a Division I school and all the girls trying out were very good. I had seen her play a few games and I thought she was the best player the team, but she did share my opinion.

The conversation about her tryouts got my mind away from thoughts of having sex with her and more on being a supportive parent. I felt a bit of shame for the first time.

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