tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSure, Why Not???

Sure, Why Not???

byAvalanche Man©

A giant smile was on his face as he watched her get dressed for work, and replayed the events that started this phase of their lives. His mind had gone back to the almost magical time that had been the beginning of this wonderful transformation of a moth into a beautiful butterfly in hovering flight.

The undressing in the dark, the super thick cotton bras and panties, the lack of self esteem and confidence in herself and her body had all been thrown out the window. Despite his reassurances and almost constant begging for a change in attitude and demeanor hadn't made a bit of a difference. All the sheer, lacy things he had bought her had been worn maybe, just maybe once. Only then under something that totally kept it hidden from view, and then was consigned to the back of the bottom dresser drawer.

Watching. as she slid her hands up her legs to smooth out her hose ensuring that they were straight. Then bending, with her proud breasts briefly hanging before being thrust forward as she picked up her light blue, silky blouse. A silent melody was playing somewhere as she let the blouse float gently down her arms and over her chest. She then buttoned it up except for the top two buttons. Then bending again to give him a glorious view of her firm round ass cheeks and the fabulous, clean shaven pussy lips that peeked out from between her legs. She carefully stepped into her short, black skirt one leg at a time.

He often had to remind himself to breathe when he was so entranced in these moments. Side to side, she inched her skirt up over her hips and after tucking her blouse in had zipped it up. She twirled as she fluffed out her blouse in front to make sure that her nipples were not too apparent through the blouse. Turning back towards him, she had a puzzled look at the smile on his face.

"AND, just what are you so happy about??" She asked with a smile on her face.

"I just love watching you get dressed." He softly replied.

"You've got bats in your belfry, and are just a dirty old man", was her laughing answer to what he had said.

"AH, yes.........but they are happy bats, and I am proud to be a dirty old man, and especially ....YOUR dirty old man!!!" He quickly answered back.

"Well, don't wallow in your dreams too long....... as you TOO have to get ready for work." She told him, as she came over and gave him a soft, lingering kiss before sliding her hands over her hips to make sure that her skirt wasn't wrinkled and leaving for work.


"You know that things have to change now," she had said, once the planes engines had settled into a steady, monotonous drone.

"Why??" He asked.

"We've just spent a week on a fabulous island vacation. I did as you wanted and went without a bra or panties for the whole week. And, yes, even topless on the beaches, but it all has to change." She had quickly replied to him.

"Why??" He asked.

"Well, just because I completely and throughly enjoyed it doesn't mean I can continue to do that......." she murmured back at him.

"Why not???" He asked.

"YOU MEAN that you would want me to still go without a bra or panties even after we get back home???" She asked with a quiver in her voice.

"Sure, why not??" He asked.

After a long silence, she had turned and starred at him for quite a while before turning back and starring into the back of the seat in front of her. She then starred out the window for a long time, as he patiently waited for her response. Several times she had turned back to face him as if to reply, but had turned to face the seat in front of her each time. He patiently waited and watched as her chest rose and fell, then as her nipples hardened and became very apparent through the thin tank top she was wearing.

Finally, turning back to him, she asked, "Are you sure that's what you want???"

Looking her directly in the eyes, he answered, "We both enjoyed it immensely, so......Why not????"

She settled back in her seat with a sigh, and starred into the seat back in front of her for several minutes. Glancing down, she starred at her breasts and nipples that seem to want to escape the confines of the red tank top, and her low rise denim mini skirt that barely covered the tiny thong she was wearing.

"Humm, well, I guess I could try it for a while, and even go around the house topless for you." She quietly said. "BUT, you are in charge of keeping me shaved and smooth down there."


With the thoughts of her dressing and new confident attitude about herself, he still marveled at great differences from such small changes that had occurred in their lives. Both were definitely happier and more caring towards each other, and he had to admit to himself that their sex life had taken a giant leap upwards. As he swung his feet off the bed to go take his shower, he thought, "Well, three years later and we're still trying it for a while. If I had planned, begged and pleaded....... it couldn't have worked out better. SO, why not??"

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