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She saw him lying there naked on the bed and knew she could never resist him, he was handsome and loving and that was all she had ever really wanted in a man. He was the one for her and that was all that really mattered. She just pulled off her knickers before crawling across the double bed to him. He smiled at her, his head propped up against a pillow of their bed's. She smiled back at her, pleasure beginning to fill her and move down her body to her groin where she was sure she could already feeling her becoming wet, in readiness to accept him. She stretched herself across his naked body. His hands moved to the edge of her short dress and moved up the back of her thighs, which lay, between his own legs. They ran up to her buttocks and gave them a playful pinch. In her ear he murmured, "I have a surprise for you my love."

"What?" she looked interested and excited at the same time. He smiled, "Later, once we have finished."

She pouted for a moment but then his free hand was trying to find her breast but her dress was in the way. He said softly, "Take it off Bea."

She smiled at him, teasing him, "Took your time noticing didn't you."

He nodded, "Distracted by your looks at first."

"That's alright then." She knelt back and drew her dress off, leaving her only in her bra, not a fancy one since she hadn't expected him to be waiting for her. He added, "And the bra, just a waste of material I think."

"That's a man for you." She smiled and kissed him on the nose lovingly as she undid her bra one handed, "Anything else your Majesty wishes of me."

"Just fuck me."

"Of course, anything you wish. I hope this surprise will be good." She could already feel his cock hardening beneath her.

"It will be, it will be." He smiled knowingly at her and then drew her face down to his to give it a loving kiss.

She was the best woman in bed he had ever known, expect he always ran out of steam before her and it had always annoyed him until she had remarked she wouldn't mind trying out his best friend. It had only been conversation at the time and he hadn't thought much of it since he knew she was devoted to him, wanting only him and was even engaged to him. It had kept coming back and then he found his best friend was attracted to his Bea as well, though he didn't want to take her, just wanted to see whether she was as brilliant as Gary had always said she was if he had drunk one too many. The perfect opportunity had finally arrived and he wasn't going to see it wasted.

He moved his kiss down on to her neck and she arched her neck upwards so he had easy access to it. The soft kisses moved to her chest and to her breasts. She drew back then, "Let me love you today Gary."

"If you want." He replied with a smile of pleasure. She bent over him and kissed his chest. She moved her head to one side and with her tongue circled his right nipple and then his left. He moaned, she always knew what he wanted and once again she had it in one. She moved her lips down his kiss, over his tummy-button and then to his cock. Before she had even touched it he arched his back. She pushed him back down with a hand on his stomach and then took soft hold of his penis and drew her hand up and down it, feeling it's hotness in her hand. She bent her head and then teased the head of his cock with her tongue. He moaned again as the pleasure of it rushed through his body.

His hands went to her back and down to her bottom and he drew her closer to him. Knowing that he was finally ready and before he released himself in her mouth she lowered herself on to his stiff cock. She leant over him as she drew herself up and down it, her pert breasts rubbing against his chest setting him aflame as much as she had when she had taken hold of his dick. Wanting some control over how he was satisfied he pushed her hard on to his penis, for once he wanted all of her. She moaned in her own pleasure though she wasn't close to getting an orgasm. Feeling him growing soft inside her she lifted herself off him and then lay by his side and gasped, "Some what's this surprise?"

"Coming." He replied with his eyes closed and then opening them he climbed off the bed, "I'm just going to the toilet and then your surprise should arrive."

She looked confused, "What do you mean?"

"You'll soon see." He smiled mysteriously and then padded across the carpet to the bathroom.

As he entered the bathroom his naked best friend appeared coming out of it. She stared at him in shock and then smiled, she was to have Richard as well. Having been peering through the crack between door and doorframe and watching his cock was already half erect. He smiled at her and then crossed to the bed and got on. She looked at him as he knelt over her and fumbled with a breast for a moment before he realised it really was happening, he was having Bea, he was going to be the one to make her reach her orgasm without having to wait for Gary to recover.

Making himself calm down he touched her breast more lovingly while his lips ran over her other. She wasn't bothered by what he was doing, since all she really wanted was to be taken to a new height, but if it made Richard harder than he could play at loving her. She ran her hands down his smooth back and cupped his buttocks in her hands. She mumbled, "Forgot the breasts Richard I feel you don't really care for them. Just go straight for it, or should I?"

He realised that perhaps he wasn't being at his best and feeling that Bea would be better he said, "You do it?"

She smiled with pleasure and drew her fingers down her front while he knelt watching her, his breathing growing faster. She entered herself with her fingers, rubbing herself to excite her anewed.

He withdrew her fingers and then placed then softly in his mouth, tasting her wetness. She took her fingers from his gentle hold and with both hands took hold of his head and guided it to her stomach where he kissed it and then moved straight to her opening, his tongue flickering in and out of her opening and its lips. She moaned and for once felt herself arching upwards without her having to make herself do so for Gary's sake.

She found his hard cock and played with it, feeling it's weight in her hands before guiding it between her legs. He pushed into her, bracing himself by placing his hands on either side of her head. She lay there smiling up at him but he began to fail even before Gary would have finished and she hadn't reached her orgasm and began to feel disappointed.

Gary saw his best friend failing and since he had been roused up again by watching his best friend moving over Bea, and he stroking his own cock had it hard again, he pushed Richard to one side, who was thankful to be allowed to regain his composure, not believing he had failed after less than a minute. Gary took over and rammed hard into his fiancée and she moaned and arched her back making him go further into her. She was smiling with pure pleasure though her eyes were closed but he couldn't see her anyway.

She was exploding with her pleasure, in complete ecstasy at what was happening to her finally. She moaned and cried out, "Gary! Gary!"

He pushed harder into her, taking pleasure from it as well. Her hands were around his bottom and pushing him in, wanting as much of him inside her as she could get. She knew she could take all of him, it was normally him who held back, but for once she loved the fact he wasn't doing so.

As both reached a climax, together, he dropped on to her and lay there gasping for breath. She gasped as well. She opened her eyes and saw him looking down at her and smiled, "Thank you... I only want you though so don't worry."

"Thank you." He smiled. As both looked into the other's eyes lovingly they forgot completely that Richard was there. He was slipping away, feeling angry within himself that he hadn't lasted as long as he normally did. He felt embarrassed as well, fearing his best friend may make fun of him later in the day. Having seen the look that had passed to each lovebird he knew that they were a couple and nothing was going to break them up, so what if their orgasms happened at different times, they would always find a way to deal with it, they were in love and that was what mattered most.

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