I had been overseas as a civilian contractor in Iraq for 5 1/2 months. I had been home once, but was not supposed to be back home for another 2 months. I decided that my wife needed a surprise, and after getting some leave approved, I booked a ticket home. An old friend picked my up at the airport, and dropped me off at home about 1 hour before my wife came home from work. I cleaned up the house a bit and took a shower since I was feeling grungy after the long series of plane rides.

Not long after I had gotten in the shower, my wife came home from work... about 30 minutes early! Needless to say, she was surprised to see me and almost fainted. I was almost as surprised when she stripped and got into the shower with me. We have a large (5'x'5) glass and marble shower that leaves plenty of room for 2 people, and this story we made good use of it! I'm 6'4" and 250 pounds and my wife is 5'8" and 130, so we wanted plenty of room to play and designed it that way when we built our house.

I started by turning her away from me and putting some of her favorite shampoo in my hands and lathering it up before slowly and gently massaging it into her hair. She was rubbing her back up and down and side to side on my fat cock, which had been rock hard since I had first seen her come into the bathroom. I let her relax with the water running over her wonderful breasts while I rinsed her hair.

I then filled her shower puff with MY favorite of her bath gels and scrubbed her from top to bottom....paying special attention to her sexy ass and pussy. I decided after rinsing her that she needed a bit of a trim, so I used some of my shave gel to lather up her pubic area and gently shaved her with my freshly changed razor. She was moaning as I moved my hands across her clit to make sure I had gotten all of the stray hairs shaved. To my surprise, she turned around and spread her ass cheeks and told me to shave her butt clean too. I was really hard now, because I knew she wanted to have me first lick and then fuck her tight little asshole with my 7 1/2 inch long and very fat cock.

It got even better once I had her rinsed, because she pushed me down onto the floor of the shower and had me give her freshly shaven pussy a good long licking, one of my most favorite things in the world to do. To her delight, I spun her around and spread her ass cheeks and gave her a preview of the rimming she was going to get once we were done. After a minute or two, she turned around and began to wash my hair....or what little there was of it since I keep it shaved as short as possible! Once she was done rinsing me, she had me stand up and used her puff to scrub me all over with a more manly scented shower gel she had bought when I was home. I nearly lost my balance when she rubbed her finger over my asshole while washing was all I could do to stay on me feet!

She knelt down in front of me and slowly licked the tip of my aching cock. She turned her head and nuzzled her nose into my balls before declaring that I needed to be shaved. Never having let her do this before, I was a bit nervous, but too horny to stop her once she lathered me up to tell her to stop. It felt incredible, if not a little scary, to have her shaving my cock and balls, but I was really nervous when she turned me around and shaved my asshole. She was very careful and never nicked or scraped me, and watched with approval as I rinsed myself. I almost fell down again when she caught me facing away from her and stuck her hot tongue in between my ass cheeks and licked my asshole for a second. When I saw the very dirty look on her face, I could tell I had made a great decision to come home and surprise my little hottie!!!

We dried each other off and I carried my princess into the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and we kissed passionately for what seemed like forever while we ran our hands over each others' bodies. She was so wet she was leaving a puddle on the bed and her juices were streaming between her ass cheeks. Pre-cum was dripping off of the tip of my cock and her leg where I was resting had a large wet spot on it.

She took hold of my cock and told me that if I could make her cum just by licking her asshole, she'd let me give her a facial, something I'd always wanted to do, but she had never let me. I took my marching orders and went to work. After I saw her rubbing her clit, I knew I was ok to cheat and I slipped a finger and then two into her hot, steamy pussy. She took less than 5 minutes to be screaming so loud our neighbors 3 house down probably heard her! I thought she was going to break my fingers she came so hard. She told me, "This was the best surprise ever, and I am going to repay you so well for making me the happiest woman in the world."

She told me to stand up next to the bed and laid down so I could see her great ass as she slid over and began to rub my balls and lick up and down on my raging erection. I was in heaven! She rolled over and began to play with her nipples as she leaned her head back and sucked my balls into her mouth. This was almost too much for me to take, but I wanted to make good on that promised facial, so I held back with all my might. She told me to get on the bed and once I laid down, she pushed my legs back and began to lick my asshole. I'm totally straight, but I loved her hot tongue rubbing up and down my crack. God her tongue is talented.

I let her lick my ass and rub my cock until I knew I could take it no more. I had her lay down on the bed and roll over towards me. I fed her my cock and she hungrily sucked it until she could tell I was close. I pulled out and was thinking that she'd start to jack me off for the facial....which she did....what I did not expect was that she had been rubbing her hot little cunt the whole time she'd been sucking my cock and used her sloppy juices to lube a finger which she slid into my asshole. Shocked would not have been the word I'd use to describe how slutty my little sexy wife was acting, but I wasn't complaining. I laid my cock on her mouth and rubbed all over her lips as she hungrily licked me. I had been waiting for weeks to cum, and I think I gave her a world-record facial. She had cum from ear to ear, in her hair, on her perky tits, in her mouth, and even some that had ran down onto her tight belly. She had never been one to do anything but wipe herself clean with a rag when I came in her, and had certainly never let me cum on her face or in her mouth. So, you can imagine my shock when she began scooping the cum into her mouth and swallowing it....I was hard again almost instantly.

Lustily, she growled for me to lick her cunt. I happily obliged while she continued to eat my cum. I lick her labia softly and gently at first, parting her with my tongue. I have always loved the taste of her pussy when she was shaved, so I was loving teasing her. I slowly began to work on her clit...I have a long tongue, so I would slip it deep into her pussy and bring it out and flick her clit. She was screaming for me to make her cum. I began to flick her clit more and more rapidly as she began to buck her hips up into my face.

I knew she had cum when she stopped screaming and wrapped her long, tight legs around my head and pulled my whole face into her pussy. My face was covered in her juices, which were squirting out of her pussy. She almost choked my off before she relaxed. I moved up and laid next to her and began to kiss her. The combination of my cum and her cum made for a strangely erotic smell.

I slowly began to slip my finger back and forth from her pussy to her ass to lube up her little puckered asshole. I knew how much she loved ass-play, so I wanted to make her work for it! I kneeled over the top of her with my balls in her face while I slowly worked my fingers in one by one into her asshole until I had 3 of them slipping in and out, lubricated with nothing but her pussy juices. I was loving the attention she was giving my sweaty balls. She had both of them in her mouth and was slowly rubbing my ass with her thumb.

I decided she was ready for her favorite sexual activity, which was getting my big cock in her tight ass, so I moved around behind her. She quickly turned over and stuck that beautiful asshole in my face, so I licked it for a bit before I took out the bottle of lube and generously applied it to my cock and her asshole. I found out a long time ago that you can never use too much lube for anal sex. It makes it so much more pleasurable for your woman, and makes you more likely to get to ass fuck her again!

I have to be careful, because my little sexy slut has a really tight asshole. I eventually got the head of my cock into her and left it there for her to adjust to it. She was moaning and rubbing all around her pussy and my balls with her face buried in a pillow. I was being gentle and waiting to make sure she was ready when she grabbed my balls, pulled me forward, and pushed her ass onto my cock until I was all the way inside her.

If I didn't mention it before, her ass is heaven. I can usually only last a minute or two, because she is so tight and so turned on by having a fat cock in her butt. She must have known what she was doing earlier, because that facial I gave her gave me legendary stamina on the second round! Between me thrusting my cock in her ass and her fingers rubbing her swollen clit, she came twice before I started to feel my balls get ready to explode. I grabbed her hips and began to move back and forth faster and faster. I was fucking her ass harder than I ever had and she started to cum again. She collapsed on the bed still screaming, "Oh my God! That's great! Fuck my ass! FUCK MY ASS!" over and over again as I blew another huge load of cum into her ass.

I laid on top of her with my cock in her ass until it began to slowly shrink. When it got small enough, it came out of her ass with a loud, "pop." It was followed by a steady stream of thick cum that ran out and down between her legs. I've never seen her more sexy than that moment, with her asshole all stretched out, her legs and pussy covered in her juices and my cum, and her ling on the bed breathing heavily as I lay next to her. I knew then more than ever that I could never love another woman as much as my baby! She is, as I constantly tell her, "the best in the world!"

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