Shelli turned her key in the lock, pushing the door open as the bolt opened. Tired, she staggered into the apartment. Bob had to work tonight, so she'd spent out clubbing with her girlfriends. They ended up at a club near Bob's, so she figured she'd spend the night there, rather than paying for a cab back to her place. And with all the action on the dance floor, she wanted some action from Bob.

As she crossed the room towards the bedroom, she undid the zipper on her dress. Sliding it down, she stepped out of it, dragging it along with her. Luckily, she kept a nighty and some personal items at Bob's, just in case. She changed, and crawled into bed, figuring she'd wake up when Bob got home at the end of his shift.

But while Shelli's mind had a plan, her body had ideas of its own. As she lay there, she could feel a tightening in her crotch. She found her mind thinking about Bob, driving his cock into her, over and over again. And as time went on, she found herself highly distracted, and very hot and bothered. Back and forth she tossed and turned, looking at the clock, and waiting for Bob to get home.

After 45 minutes, Shelli reached the point where she just couldn't wait any longer. Rolling on her belly, she used her left hand to pull up on her nighty. At the same time, she reached farther down with her right hand, parting her pussy's lips with her middle finger. She found herself soaking wet, and oh so hot. Just that simple action was enough to cause her to gasp, and her body to tighten up. Working her finger in, she slid her finger Round and round, trying to touch herself all over down there.

Finding her clit, she began massaging it. Her hips began moving in time with her finger, helping to grind her pussy against her hand. As the feelings built in her body, she knew she needed something inside her, and it had to be now. She pushed her hand down, her finger seeking out her hole. Finding it, she drove her finger into herself. Tightly she grasped her crotch, pushing her finger deeper. She could feel herself dripping into her hand, she was so wet.

But she also knew that one finger wasn't going to be enough. She wanted more. And with that, her ringer finger joined her middle inside. Pushing them repeatedly in and out, Shelli reached in for her G-spot. Finding the rough spot, she began rubbing it with her finger. She continued to grind with her hips, struggling to still stimulate her clitoris.

Not being successful, Shelli rolled over onto her back, withdrawing her fingers. She reached under the bed, searching. Finding one of the vibrators she kept there, she turned it on, holding it in her left hand. She placed the end of the vibrating rod at the entrance to her snatch. Reaching down with her right hand, she pushed against her clit, rubbing it hard. After only 4 times rubbing back and forth, she forced the vibrator fully into herself, the shaking of it caused her body to tense and shake. Shelli began sliding it in and out of her. She could hear the wet noise when it left her body, upon which she pushed it fully back in. With her right hand, she reached up, grabbing her tit, and squeezing hard. Over and over she plunged the vibrator into herself, not stopping until the very end of it was at her lips.

Reaching up with her right hand, she sucked on her three middle fingers. As soon as they were wet, she quickly moved them between her legs. The vibrator was still touching the outer rim of her pussy as she jammed them all into her. She wanted more in her, to have the feeling of being stretched. Quickly she started to push on her fingers, in and out, in and out. With the vibrator now firmly against her clit, her entire body tensed up, her back arching off the bed. This just drove her to push even harder with her hand, burying her fingers in her hole. She wanted Bob to get home so badly, so he could plow into her.

She could feel a climax building insider her, but it wasn't quite there. Pulling her dripping fingers out of herself, she dropped her hand over the side of the bed, again looking for one of her toys. But it wasn't there. Shelli groaned. She had to find it – just had to! She desperately needed it inside her. Rolling her eyes, she pulled her finger out, and rolled off the bed. Lying on the floor, she reached under the bed, finally finding what she was looking for, her big cock-shaped dildo. Pulling it out from under the bed, she looked at it, grinning.

Her pussy ached to be fucked, and Shelli didn't even want to wait to get back up on the bed. Kneeling on the floor, she began to rub the dildo against her snatch, covering it in her juices. Holding the toy vertically, the base of it resting on the floor, Shelli pushed up on her knees until the tip of the plastic cock just parted her pussy's lips. Then, very slowly, she lowered herself onto it, feeling it stretching her out, pushing upwards into her. As the cheeks of her ass bottomed out on her legs, she began grinding with hips, the cock rubbing up against her, inside.

Reaching down with her left hand, she began rubbing her clit again. As she did, she started bouncing on her toy. Faster and faster she moved, thinking of the last time she'd ridden Bob this way. She could feel it inside her, sliding in and out as the simulated helmet fully left her, then being swallowed by her as she slammed back down on it. It only took several minutes for Shelli to know she was close. She pushed down on the cock as far as she could, every muscle in her body contracting. She rubbed as hard on her clit as she could. Even the muscles inside her pussy clamped down. As they did, she came, a loud moan filling the apartment.

As she started coming down from her ecstasy, she slid forward, lying on the floor, the dildo still buried deep within her. She lay there for quite a while, recovering, and just enjoying that the cock was not growing soft.

She'd lost track of time lying there. But eventually she heard the front door of the apartment open, then close. It had to be Bob. Deciding to surprise him, Shelli stayed on the floor, between the bed and the wall, and thus out of site of Bob, so long as he didn't come over to this side of the bed, which really wasn't necessary. She waited while Bob headed to the bathroom. The lights in the room came on, and she could hear him moving around, getting out of his clothes. While he did this, Shelli figured out that this might also be an opportunity for her to try something with Bob.

Finally, the lights went out, and Bob got into the bed. Quietly as she could, Shelli stood up. "Hi lover," she said.

Bob sat fully upright in the bed. "What the hell!!!" he exclaimed.

"It's just me, love," Shelli replied. She knelt on the bed, and put a hand on his chest. Leaning forward, she kissed him, and pushed him back to the pillow.

"Where did you come from?" he asked, as she straightened up.

"Don't worry about that," she said. "Just ask where I'm going". With that, she slid her head under the covers.

She'd always wanted to take Bob's entire cock in her mouth. But with the size of it, she just couldn't do it. This time, however, she had surprise on her size. Reaching Bob's crotch she found his member with her hand, and was pleased that he was still recovering from the surprise – it was still soft. Opening wide, she pulled him into her mouth, not stopping until her lips were pressed up against his groin. This was exactly what she wanted! It obviously didn't upset Bob either. As soon as he was in her warm, moist mouth, and she started sucking, he responded. She could feel him growing in her mouth, getting harder and longer – the head of his cock sliding her tongue, towards her throat.

"Oh WOW!" he exclaimed. He hadn't been expecting this, but definitely loved it.

Shelli kept sucking on him, wondering at what point she'd have to pull back. But to her delight, her gag reflex didn't kick in right away. As Bob's cock grew towards the back of her mouth, it seemed to slide into the top of her throat before it had grown to full diameter. He almost reached his full size before she found she just had to slide back off him. As she did, she ran her tongue over his full length. As she got to the helmet at the end of his cock, she paused, and sucked as hard as she could.

Shelli knew exactly what she was going to do with Bob as soon as she got him fully hard. It had worked for her, with the dildo, and she wanted it that way all over again. Straddling Bob with her legs, she leaned forward, and kissed him deeply, their tongues intertwined. Sliding down his body a bit, she sucked on first his left nipple, then his right. Simultaneously, she started grinding her pussy against his now fully erect cock.

"My, what a wet pussy you have," Bob joked, grinning.

"All the better to fuck you with"

Pulling herself up, she grabbed his now rock-hard cock, pointing it straight up towards her. Lowering slightly, she put the tip of his dick just inside her lips, at the opening of her pussy. As soon as she had it lined up, she dropped her weight fully down on him, completely enveloping him, her ass smacking against his thighs.

"Ohhhhhh," Bob groaned. "Am I correct in assuming you've been getting ready for me to get home?"

"Mm, hmm," she replied, starting to grind her hips against him. Bob hadn't felt Shelli this wet and loose very often. He was definitely enjoying it. Knowing that she had been masturbating before he arrived turned him on.

Shelli started bouncing up and down on Bob's shaft. Each time, she would rise up to let the head of his cock just exit her pussy. With barely a pause, she'd start back down fast, his cock slamming into her. She could feel his helmet sliding upwards through her, filling her up. When she was fully down on him, she would again grind her hips against his. Bob could feel her juices running down his cock, getting his bag wet.

As she moved, her tits would shook and bounced. Bob couldn't take his eyes off them. He reached forward, and grabbed one of them in each hand, kneading them and pinching her nipples. Shelli's head rolled back, her eye's closed, enjoying the warmth of Bob's body parts against, and in, her.

While keeping up her sliding, Shelli leaned forward, hanging a boob in front of Bob's face. Bob didn't need any further prompting. He took her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard on it. Once in his mouth, he also worked her nipple with his tongue, knowing it turned her on. He also knew how to push her completely over the edge. Reaching down between them with his right hand palm up, he found her swollen mound. He pushed his middle finger between her lips, easily finding her clit. Next, he began rubbing, hard.

Bob had barely touched her, but he knew she was horny. "Ahhhhhhhhh," she gasped.

Shelli was definitely worked up from her playing before Bob came home. The result therefore, was inevitable and quick. Before she could make any further sound, she pushed her shoulders and back up, her muscles all locking. She climaxed. "YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!" she screamed. Bob could feel her pussy clamping down around his cock, tightening up amazingly. She started rocking forward again.

Her now-tight, steaming hot pussy had the desired effect on Bob, too. He started pushing up with his groin, slapping up into her. Not fast, but definitely with some force. With only his third push, he came, holding himself fully inside her. Shelli collapsed onto him, driving both of them onto the bed.

"Ya, baby. Oh, ya," she panted. "That was so good!"

"I'll agree with you, on that," Bob replied holding her close. "Glad to see you weren't completely exhausted from your dancing"

"Are you kidding, I've ALWAYS got enough energy for one more dance with you!"

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