tagLoving WivesSurprise Encounter Ch. 01

Surprise Encounter Ch. 01


I groaned my frustration as my wife pulled her well lubricated fingers out of my burning, tingling ass. At least her other slippery hand continued to stroke my dick, slowing but not pausing. I heard the cap on the Astroglide snap open and I knew she was lubing up a dildo as a replacement for her fingers in my now nicely stretched anus. She ran her hand over my hot, well spanked bottom before placing the tip of the dildo against my now relaxed sphincter.

I was lying face down, stretched out across the bed with my hips on a couple of pillows. She was sitting between my spread legs. She had made me move from my previous position over her lap to this position after giving me a thorough spanking of several hundred swats with various paddles and straps alternating with caresses from her soft hands whenever I started to buck too much for her to hold onto me. Then when I'd relaxed and melted back down over her lap, she'd started in again with a different paddle or strap until my ass was a stinging, flaming, bright crimson. She had placed a couple of nipple clamps on my now awakened and sensitive nipples before having me lie across the towel covered pillows.

As she pushed the head of the realistic dildo into me she said, "You know, you ought to get Jim to do this."

I hissed in momentary pain that immediately blossomed into exquisite pleasure as the dildo slid past my prostate and was slowly but firmly buried deep into my ass. Lightning bolts of pleasure ran between my nipples and my groin.

"What?" I moaned. "Why would I do that?" I was too distracted by the wonderful feelings that had been set off when the pleasure went into overdrive as she withdrew the dong and thrust it firmly back into my bowels.

"AH, AH, AH, Ahhh." I cried in response to her double stroking, one hand driving the dildo, the other gripping my hard dick in a tight slippery grip.

She paused and I groaned again.

"Well, I enjoy giving you pleasure this way, but Jim would get some real sexual pleasure out of it instead of just the more cerebral enjoyment I get from making you feel good. And I've already told you I wouldn't be jealous of you playing with a man the way I would if you ever screwed around with a woman. I know you'd never run off with a man."

I wished she'd just drop this subject and let me concentrate on what she was doing! Selfish? Hell yeah! But this wasn't the time to try to make me follow a conversation! Especially one like this!

"And I've told you, I'm not interested in men that way!" I nearly yelled.

"Well, I'll bet he would enjoy it."

"Not now, for god's sake! I can't think with what you are doing! Please!"

She giggled. "Please what?" She pushed the dong back in but instead of pulling it back, she left it buried deep and unmoving.

"Please get on with it and fuck me! Please, please!

"Oh, OK." She started sawing that length of rubber into and out of me and she renewed her stroking with the other hand. Bolts of joy shot from deep within me to all parts of my body. My toes curled tight. All thought vanished and I started moaning uncontrollably, trembling from head to toe. "Oh god! Oh god! OhgodohgodohgodohgodohgodOHGOD... AAAHHHHHHHhhhhhh!" I thrust against the penetrant pleasure as I came thunderously in giant spasms from head to toe, blood roaring in my ears and stars and galaxies bursting in my head as blast after blast of gooey semen sprayed out onto her hand and the towel.

She slowed and eased her stroking as my orgasm ground down, finally just holding me firmly in her now doubly slick hand, the dildo buried deep within me. I let out a giant 'whoosh' of breath and collapsed across the pillows.

"You don't think Jim would enjoy that? Of course he wouldn't have to use this dildo." Then softly, "Now that is something I'd really like to see."

She slowly slid the dong out of my ass and then gently released my rapidly softening dick. "Yeah, I'd really like to see that." She repeated.

I just lay there and didn't say anything, too blown away to respond. Besides, what could I say?

Jim and his wife, Celia, are very good friends of Debra's and mine. We had originally met them when we were members of a nudist resort but at that time we had just been acquaintances, just casually socializing with them along with everyone else. Then Debra and I had bought our place out here in the country and between the fact that we had so much privacy that we could run around naked to our heart's content right at home and the need to spend time doing a lot of work around the place to get it to match our mental picture of what it should be, we dropped our resort membership.

We did miss the nude socializing, though. And no, there wasn't any hanky panky at the resort. Most resorts are family affairs, just without the encumbrance of clothing. Overt sexual acts in public areas almost invariably result in involuntarily terminated memberships. Do your own research if you don't believe me.

So, a couple of years later Debra ran into Celia in the small town near our home while they were both grocery shopping. It may seem funny, but it actually took them a few minutes to realize how they knew each other since they had never seen each other in a stitch of clothing. It was good for a mutual laugh. Nudists occasionally do for real get the opportunity to say "Oh, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!"

It turned out that they had also just recently bought their little slice of country heaven and had also dropped their resort membership for many of the same reasons we had. And to our further mutual amazement, the property they had bought was about half a mile over the river, and through the woods, well, over the small creek actually, or about 2 miles by road from our place. We both had most of our acreage in woods and the properties actually touched each other. They had just as much privacy at their place as we did at ours, part of the reason for our mutual selections.

We had ATVs-they had ATVs. Visits, both through the woods by ATV after some judicious trailblazing and by road in cars were a foregone conclusion. Come as you really are dinners with soaks in our hot tub or their hot tub were also inevitable. Nudists appreciate hot tubs for socialization at a much higher percentage than the general textile population, and you'll have to trust me on this, but you'd be amazed at how quickly nude becomes normal and non-erotic.

Guys, you'll just have to take my word for it, erections are exceedingly rare at nude resorts. By the time you get over being too nervous to raise the flag pole on the first visit, skin is no big deal and the pole is content to just remain supine. Don't expect to see supermodel bodies, either. Take a look around your local grocery store and imagine the customers and staff nude and that would be a good cross section of what to expect. Ages tend to be slightly older than the general population simply because it takes most people a while to mature enough to say, "To hell with it; I don't give a tinker's damn what Miss. Grundy thinks!" and actually try it. But there are enough exceptions to keep things interesting.

Usually the guy talks the woman into trying it for a lark, but he would likely become bored with it in a year or two when it doesn't match his pre trip fantasies. But it turns out to be a really huge revelation to the woman, a place where she can with absolutely perfect safety go and run naked in a public setting with no risk of unwanted advances. Emancipating!

There is swimming, hot tubbing, hiking, volleyball, horseshoes, lawn bowling, softball, boating, fishing, camping, pot luck dinners, and even church services and live concerts depending on the particular resort and all without any more of a wardrobe than a towel to sit upon. Some even have libraries, though ours didn't have more than a couple of shelves for book exchange.

So it usually turns out to be the woman who keeps them going back. Most resorts insist on a reasonable gender balance or the women would not feel comfortable enough to stay because the place would be inundated with single males, so married or otherwise established heterosexual couples tend to be the rule at most resorts.

But I digress. Enough with the education. Back to our tale.

So Jim and Celia and Debra and I became close friends rather than mere acquaintances. In fact we really hit it off. Jim has a great sense of humor and is fun to be around and he and I often help each other with various projects around our respective properties while Deb and Celia do their own things or help us as needed. Jim and I also go fishing and camping together on occasion, sometimes in the mountains or at the coast and sometimes travelling no further than the creek in the woods between our houses to set up tents and build a fire. The women occasionally join us on these outings but prefer to sleep with real walls between them and the wildlife.

Dinners and cook outs at one place or the other are common events. We occasionally visit some nudist resort or other together, too. Clothing is entirely dictated by weather, safety, or textile social convention and is entirely optional at either of our places. We mostly don't bother with it, though we also do some things away from home or resort where convention does require clothing.

I know some of you are wondering, so yes, Celia is a very attractive woman and if we hadn't been married to our respective spouses, I would never have skipped an opportunity to bed her. But it really isn't any different in kind or degree from socializing entirely in normal clothing, though I don't have to wonder what she looks like under her clothes. Just the usual idle thoughts any guy has when evaluating a woman. Actually some clothing is more provocative or erotic than none. It is human nature to want a peek at what you can't see, but when you can see it all, the mystery is gone.

But enough of that. I'll just say Celia is brunette, pretty but not a knock out, slightly plump, zaftig, I'd call it, you know, plump in just the right places and amounts; you'd never under any circumstances mistake her for a boy. She doesn't feel the need to shave her pubic hair, has a zillion volt smile, and a wonderful sense of humor. One slightly unusual thing; her inner lips always protrude through the outer ones.

Caught you looking, didn't I?

Celia doesn't come close to Debra in the beauty department in my opinion, but I admit that I may be prejudiced. Deb is a coppery redhead with nicely shaped B cup breasts, considerably smaller than Celia's, but she has an ass that is positively heart stopping. Mmm. Highly kissable! Her natural scent causes me to drop one wing and run in tiny circles, crowing all the while. Catching a whiff of her natural scent during hot sweaty sex sends zingers from my nose straight to my crotch. Her scent isn't strong and it tends to be fleeting, only noticeable when she is excited, nervous or hot and it doesn't hang around long, but boy is it wonderful, sort of peppery and completely erotic! Other men notice the scent, too. I've witnessed it for myself so I know it's not just me. It is hilarious to watch a man try to position himself where her scent drifts toward him and breathe deeply once he's gotten a whiff! I understand the need completely. Needless to say, I asked her not to use antiperspirants and she mostly doesn't. She never, ever uses fragrances, doesn't need to. If I was a chemist and could capture and reproduce it, I'd be a billionaire.

Since her hair is red I talked her into leaving her armpits unshaved. It isn't very long or thick there and its paler color in that location tends not to make it highly visible but; oh...does it hold in that wonderful scent and make me snort and paw the ground! She doesn't shave the red carpet either. Why would any redhead want to shave it? It is the first thing a horny guy wonders about them. Is it red all over? You betcha! She has a bit of an exhibitionistic streak, too. She doesn't trim it much so when she is in an ordinary bathing suit little sprigs of curly reds sometimes escape out the sides. They sparkle in the sun, too. I'm quite sure she has caused more than one hardon when we are at non-nude beaches. She clearly understands the advantages of being a redhead. Oh, and she has green eyes, too. And when she smiles it is like the warm sun coming out on a cool cloudy day.

But none of that bears on our story, either. So let's try to get back to it, again. All that nudity without any sex. So let's get to some sex, already.

Ok, neither Debra nor I are very vanilla in our sex lives. We've experimented with lots of the kinkier aspects of sex in our relationship. We've tried the usual things most married couples eventually get to and some less usual things as well. I won't go through the list so I don't wander too far off the tale again except to say that one thing I made certain of before our relationship went too far was that Debra knew I liked to be spanked.

Deb wasn't really into it at the time and doesn't want to be spanked, but has always been quite willing to spank me when I want it.

She had even discovered an enhancement for me. Near the end of one of our all day multiple spanking sessions, way back not too long after we'd gotten together and after we had done spanky play enough times that we were both comfortable with playing, Deb had introduced a new twist. After getting my ass positively blazing and applying some nipple clamps, she lubed up her fingers and slid them into my ass to massage my prostate and ended it with a well lubed handjob that totally blew me away. I was a babbling idiot! I still remember it as the biggest, best orgasm I have ever had.

So we started playing with butt plugs.

That led to a strap on. She wasn't interested in having plugs or dildos in her behind but we had other toys I used on her. We usually did a spanking session once a month or so but on no particular schedule. I'd just let her know I was in the mood and she'd happily oblige me. Sometimes we'd use a butt plug, sometimes a dildo, sometimes a strap-on and sometimes we'd just screw our brains out afterwards. There was no set scenario.

Sometimes it would be one spanking session. Other times it was all day foreplay, where she would stop and spank and tease me for a few minutes several times during the day while we were actually mostly concentrating on doing other tasks. Then when all the other stuff was done, we'd have a very happy ending of one sort or another.

I should perhaps also mention that one time she asked me to wear some naughty black lingerie, garter belt, seamed stockings, black bra and panties for my spanking and, though I'd had some reservations, I had done it. She had worn a similar outfit, and we had cuddled and pretended that I was a woman while I went down on her between bun warming trips across her lap.

I had such a deliciously naughty good time that I'd initiated wearing it on a couple of other occasions. We had pretended that she had caught me playing in her underwear drawer and made me put it on and then spanked me on one occasion and on the other that she had come home and caught me wearing it and spanked me and fucked me with the strap-on. Great fun! While I was still wearing it after I'd come, I had buried my nose in her red carpet and licked and sucked her to so many orgasms that she'd finally pushed me away and just fallen asleep, exhausted.

Our sex life was good, fun, and uninhibited. We'd never really discussed sex with Jim and Celia, though. Nudists as a general rule don't, probably because they can't hide behind their clothes.

So, where were we? Oh, right. Deb had just told me she'd like to see Jim spank me and fuck my heterosexual ass while she was pulling a dildo out of me after an amazing orgasm.

So, to back up just a bit from that, while Debra had me over her lap with my tail shining redly but before she had the fingers and the dildo in my ass or mentioned wanting to watch Jim do absofuckinglutely gay things to me, she told me she had gotten together earlier in the day with Celia for wine and a hot tub soak while Jim and I were doing some pre-winter maintenance on the ATVs and our lawnmowers.

Debra had noticed that Celia's bottom was red and mottled. She asked Celia about it and Celia had gigglingly admitted that Jim had spanked her not too long before Debra had come over. Debra then found out that Jim liked to spank Celia and fuck her ass from behind, bumping against her well reddened buns. Celia didn't mind letting him do it but, beyond the enjoyment he got from it, didn't otherwise care much for it. She wasn't really into spanking and while anal sex was fun and OK with her, it didn't make her see stars or anything.

So that brings us up to date with Debra telling me that I should get Jim to spank and fuck me. Fat chance!

After that, nothing more had been said until a few weeks later when I suggested that Debra should find an excuse to turn me over her knee. During the spanking that ensued, she took the opportunity to remind me of Jim's predilection for spanking and suggested again that I should get him to spank me. She also reminded me that while she would kill me if she ever caught me screwing around with a woman, it wouldn't bother her in the least if I played with men because she knew I wouldn't ever leave her for a man. She reiterated that she would love to see it and hinted without saying so directly that she thought Celia might like to see it, too.

So, of course I told her I would never leave her for anyone at all and reminded her that I was not the least bit sexually interested in men. But I'll admit that I had been looking at Jim in a slightly different light and that the knowledge had aroused a bump of curiosity. I'd have loved to see him spank and screw Celia's backside! But I never said anything to Jim to let him know that I knew he occasionally spanked and assfucked her. Our friendship remained unchanged.

Debra didn't mention anything about it over the next three or four months, even though we did do four or five spanking sessions ourselves.

Lest this give you the idea that spanking was a big part of our sex lives, I should mention that we generally had sex two to four times a week, and occasionally more. Varied sex, too. She liked to be tied up and ravished-I'd blindfold her and cut her clothing off. Her old clothing never got thrown away, just destroyed. I loved, dearly loved, to eat her out. Hot oil massages, hot tub sex (gotta do that up on the edge and before I get too warmed up to be able to perform, though), sex under the stars, or even the closest star, the one named Sol, at high noon for that matter. Our favorite time has always been afternoon delight and outdoor sex is good!

But then once again during a spanking session she said that poor Celia's bottom was getting a lot of wear and suggested that I should offer to stand in for her sometime.

I reminded her yet agaaiiinnnn that I wasn't sexually interested in Jim or any other man. She told me she couldn't see where it would make any difference since I would be face down across the lap for the spanking and couldn't see who was doing it or the difference in her using a strap-on vs. Jim using his natural equipment from behind where, again, I wouldn't see who it was. I made no further comment. I know when I can't win.

OK, so I admit that I secretly thought about it and wasn't totally turned off by the idea. I might have even fantasized a little bit about it during our next couple of spanking sessions, which I initiated within that same month, sooner and more often than is usual. But she didn't mention it again. I did ask her to use the strap-on, though. I usually leave the choice of endings to her discretion since I'm just happy that she is willing to do it, but these times I wanted to think about it and secretly try to work out in my head whether it might work, hence the strap-on. But I didn't mention that and I finally decided I just wasn't interested enough to make it worth the risks to our friendship. Sex was good with Debra and guys just didn't interest me, so why bother.

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