tagGay MaleSurprise Encounter Ch. 03

Surprise Encounter Ch. 03


So while we were fishing Jim and I puzzled over what and how we would tell our wives about our totally unexpected, uh...adventure. We also slowly came to the conclusion that while we definitely were not interested in chasing men, we also definitely were up for a rematch and whatever label that put on us was OK.

By the end of the day I also told Jim that I thought I had the glimmering of a plan for telling our women that would also keep him out of hot water for not letting Celia know all about it right away. We were both concerned that our wives would be furious with us if we waited too long to tell them and that there was no way we wanted to try to hide something they would think to be as important as this.

He pumped me for info but I stalled him, saying I wanted to think through various aspects of the plan first. But I agreed that we would need to have something worked out before Debra got home the next evening. We made arrangements to meet the next morning. We'd discuss it while we felled a couple of troubling trees near our house. I hated to take them down but they were partially hollow and a windstorm could put one or both on the roof, the deck, or the spa.

By the end of the day, we'd caught several keepers and Jim and Celia insisted that I stay to help eat them since Debra was not home. Deb called me on my cell phone as we were triple teaming the after supper clean up. I told her where I was and that I'd call her back in a few minutes, after I got back home. Jim ran me through the woods on his ATV and we grinned at each other and said goodnight.

I went in and immediately called Deb.

"Hey, babe, guess who."

"Uh, Santa Claus?"

"Nope. Strike one."

"The sandman, who brings sleepy time orgasms to good little girls?"

"Closer. Strike two."

"Hmm. Then it must be my hubby, who reads dirty stories to me and brings me the very best of sleepy time orgasms."

"Base hit."

"Base hit?"

"Just a base hit tonight. He probably isn't bringing any orgasms or reading about anyone's naughty doings."


"Nope. In fact I recommend abstinence tonight because I have some very big plans for you tomorrow night and you wouldn't want to be off your game."

"Oh, then what shall we talk about? Tomorrow night?"

"Nope. Tomorrow night will be a total surprise."

Getting into the game she said, "Oh, GOODY! I love surprises...I think. Will I love this surprise?"

"I hope so. I'm pretty sure you will."

Oh, boy! I can hardly wait."

"Oh, by the way, thanks for telling me about Jim's plan to go fishing. You did tell me, right?"

"Oh...Sorry. No I didn't. I forgot. Is everything OK?"

"Sure. It worked out well, though it might have been very embarrassing to a certain husband who was too tired to do his own thing last night, if you know what I mean, and had ended up waiting until this morning to start doing it."

"Ooops. What happened? Did he catch you in flagrante de... dedick in hando?"

"Not quite. I'll tell you all about it during surprise time tomorrow."

"Now you have me very curious. But I'm really sorry that I forgot to tell you."

"No huhu. So what's the plan for tomorrow?

"Well, we finish up this whing ding at 3:00 PM, so we'll stop for supper somewhere on the way home. Can you pick me up at the park and ride? I'll call when we know about when we expect to get there. That way Jane won't have to drive all the way out to our place and then double back to get home."

Click! The last piece of my still somewhat nebulous plan dropped into place and the whole picture suddenly became clear.

"Yeah, that will be fine."

We stayed on the line for a bit longer but you probably don't want to know the mushy and not necessarily erotic details so I'll just skip over it, though I did remind her "no diddling."

"Yessir. I'm saving myself for you!"

"I will eat supper before you get here, but I'm definitely saving dessert for homecoming."

"Ha. Home...Coming. Punny, in a sucky sort of way."

"Sucky. Good idea. I'll do some of that, too."

When Jim arrived on his ATV the next morning, I already had the chainsaws gassed up, a safety rope, though I didn't expect to need it, my ATV and a couple of logging chains to drag off the tree parts once they were down.

I won't go into the boring details of cutting down and removing the trees, but when we were done the only way you could tell that trees had been taken out on the bank above the house were two short stumps and some patches of sawdust and an occasional leaf here and there in the yard. The two of us had made pretty short work of cutting them up into bits just small enough for the ATVs to drag them down to my log and brush pile in the woods.

Jim and I discussed my plan and tweaked it until we thought it would work. I had been nervous that Jim might not want to do it this way, but he agreed that anything else might be harder and it should also keep him out of trouble for not telling Celia earlier. He admitted that he'd had no better idea.

We were gleeful and nervous, laughing and carrying on even more than our usual. Jim was home in time for lunch with the job completely done.

Debra called at 3:00 PM and told me they had left about 15 minutes ago and she would call after they had supper to let me know her ETA.

At 6:30 PM I called Jim and asked if he could come and help with a 'plumbing' problem that had cropped up. They had just finished with supper.

The 'plumbing' issue had been one of his contributions to the plan and we had both laughed at the appropriateness of it. Plumbing of some sort should be happening later.

I also asked Celia if she could pick Debra up from the park and ride when she got back since I needed to get this 'problem' fixed. She said 'sure' but she was watching something on TV and would just leave from home when the time came. No reason for her to hang around men at work.

I told her I'd call when Debra called me to let me know when she expected to get there. Then she put Jim back on the line and I told him I'd just ride my ATV over and pick him up so he could ride back home with Celia when she brought Debra home. They agreed that it sounded like a good idea.

After we got back to our house, Jim and I nervously paced the floor and wondered what might go wrong with the plan right up until the time Debra called. I told her about the 'plumbing' issue and that Celia would pick her up and take Jim home from our place when we finished up.

She hoped that it wouldn't be too long but wasn't willing to be more specific with her co-workers listening. I heard between the lines and assured her that we should be ready for some hanky panky by the time she arrived at the house. Jim was listening and trying not to laugh out loud and let her know he was in the room.

"Hanky panky!" He laughed when the call ended. "As soon as she gets home! Little does she know!"

We both laughed and then went back to pacing. Interestingly we were both still fully dressed from our trip through the woods. We were nervous and not quite ready to be that naked. We kept reassuring each other that this would be fun and the women would love it.

So about the time Celia should have been picking Debra up, we both finally stripped and went to the bedroom to collect the toys. We hadn't wanted to do it earlier in case Celia decided to stop by before going to get Debra.

When Debra held the door for Celia to walk into the house, Celia suddenly stopped just inside the doorway, too stunned to speak, and Debra ran right into her. Celia, knocked off balance, took a step forward and Deb looked around her and said, "Oh! My! God!" as the sound of Jim's first spank landed on my upturned ass. "They're actually doing it!"

Jim was sitting on the sofa which is in the great room, and is visible to someone entering the foyer. I was over his lap, feet and backside towards the foyer. We had spent some time carefully positioning a mirror on the floor so I could see behind me. Jim landed another tentative slap.

Celia was still standing in the doorway, her mouth hanging open. Debra gave her a little push and said, "C'mon, show's on!" Celia took two steps and stopped again, still obviously stunned by the sight. Jim and I were both getting more nervous and the only thing that kept me from getting up and running for the bedroom was that Celia and Debra were between me and that refuge. The panic moment passed when Deb grabbed Celia's hand and dragged her to a rocker/recliner and said, "They are actually going to do it! We've been talking about wanting to see this for so long." Then she turned towards me and said, "Don't stop on our account."

She waved a hand towards Jim who came to with a start and said, "Oh" and gave my tail another tentative swat.

"C'mon, big boy, is that all you've got?" Deb took the very few steps towards us and gave my butt a resounding slap.


Celia giggled and Jim finally woke up and started slapping away at my backside with his bare hand in a businesslike manner, not too hard, perfect for a warm-up. Debra sat in the other chair and unfolded the footrest. "I'm going to really enjoy this! I didn't believe you'd ever do it."

Celia croaked, "Me neither." Instead of relaxing back into the chair she leaned forward and said, "Don't stop now. But I want to know later just how this came about."

"Yeah, me too. Now I get the funny hints you were giving out last night and the 'surprise' you planned, so this isn't sudden. Something happened and I think I'm going to enjoy this story...but Celia's right, don't stop now! Just pretend we aren't here if you need to."

Jim had paused again when Celia spoke but now he started in again, still just using his hand. The paddles were on an end table within easy reach, though, all of them. But he spanked on and on, not seeming to know how to move to the next step.

Finally Debra got up and walked over and picked up the light 16 inch wooden ruler that she usually uses for the warm-up and handed it to Jim.

"Try this. Believe it or not, he likes it."

I blushed but Jim took the ruler and started spanking away with it, really starting to get into it now that the women had given their stamp of approval. Deb is right. I really do like that ruler. It is perfect for the beginning of a spanking because it stings the skin but helps the tissue warm up to accept more serious implements later. The sting it gives is very sensuous in a way that is impossible to describe. It is really too light to be of much use beyond the warm-up period, though.

Debra sat on the floor right beside my head, looking at my face through the mirror, and then leaned down and gave me a kiss. "Nice surprise, honey."

"Welcome home." I replied, grinning.

Celia got up and came closer, too. "Y'know, I've always wondered what I look like when you are doing that..." Her voice dropped almost below hearing. "to me."

Jim paused, looked up at her and said, "Now you know. Sort of."

"Go ahead, rub his butt!" Debra practically ordered. She turned towards Celia. "Wait 'till you see how that makes him squirm!"

Jim dropped the ruler. During our set up we had practiced the spanking position, without actually spanking, though we had considered it. We thought the women would want to see the entire thing. But anyway, I had actually lain across Jim's lap so we could position the mirror that enabled me to see the room behind me. I saw Jim look up at Celia. She nodded and he placed his hand on my barely pink, but warm and tingly bottom. Celia nodded again and he began to move it around, perhaps a bit stiffly at first but getting into it as time went on. He didn't play in the crack, though.

Celia reached out and put her hand on top of Jim's hand where it rested on my bottom. She looked at Debra, who nodded. She slid her hand off Jim's and cupped my right cheek, the one closest to her. I had been too nervous to get an erection up to now, but that did it. I could feel Jim springing up, too.

Debra said, "Spank him a bit more with the ruler and then I think we all need a drink. Uh, do you plan to take this all the way?"

Jim looked at Celia and I looked at Debra. I don't think either of us could find our voice so we both just nodded.

"Ok, then I think there is a story we'd like to hear before we continue and a drink will give us all a chance to relax and settle our nerves."

"A drink, yeah. Good idea. And a story."

"Some of us may need a good stiff drink." I mumbled.

Deb caught on immediately. "A stiff drink for a stiffy, honey?"

"Mmhmm. Both of us."

"Oh, good. Get up, then." She started trying to pull me off Jim's lap. "Celia, looks like we are finally going get to see each other's hubby waving a boner."

Celia laughed. "Yeah! Stand up, both of you, and show us what you've got!"

Debra had tugged me off onto the floor and I just spun and sat down on the carpet, trying to shield my fully erect dick from view. But Debra stood and took my hand and started trying to pull me to my feet. Celia saw what she was doing and grabbed Jim's hand and tried to pull him up, too.

"C'mon, part of you is up, get the rest up!" Celia said to Jim.

I looked up at Deb and she just grinned and gave a little tug with her hand while motioning with her head that I should get up, too. Both of us rose, blushing furiously. I noticed Debra was looking at Jim and Celia was looking at me. Both of us just got harder.

Debra said, "They look pretty much the same except for Jerry's little curve."


Debra swatted my butt and said, "Go fix us all some drinks, honey.

Make mine a white Zin." She looked a question at Celia.

"Uh, Chablis for me."

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of wine glasses. "Jim, I have a small batch burbon that I'm going to open, what about you?"

He came around the kitchen island, an excuse to hide, I think, and agreed that the bourbon sounded good so I set out a couple of short glasses.

"Ice?" He asked.

"Yeah. I think so."

He busied himself dropping some cubes into our glasses while I opened the wine bottles and poured for the ladies. We both started to deflate a bit, not standing so tall and firm now.

But Celia gave Debra an impish grin and said, "I think they are hiding out back there, don't you?"

"Definitely. Let's go get in the way and help out."

I was just finishing pouring Deb's wine when they came around the island, so I tried to distract them by handing them their glasses. Debra wasn't fooled, though. "Oh, look Ceil. They aren't pointing at the ceiling anymore. She set her glass on the counter and reached out to caress my partially erect cock.

Celia checked me out and said, "You're right! She followed Deb's lead and ran her fingers under Jim's dick. We both immediately sprang back to attention.

"OK, pour your drinks and let's all go back in there and sit and hear the story. I'm sure this is gonna be good!"

Jim picked up the bourbon bottle I had set out, opened it, and poured our drinks. Debra grabbed my stiffly waving handle and pulled me back to the sofa.

You know, I keep calling this thing a sofa but it isn't really; it's really a Lazyboy loveseat recliner. It is pretty roomy, though. Deb pulled me to it and said, "Might be a tight fit, but I think we can all fit on this. Guys, you are in the middle." Deb sat at one end and pulled me down next to her. Celia came around, also pulling Jim by his 'handle' and, grinning hugely, sat at the other end and patted the seat beside her.

Jim shrugged and sat down. It was a tight fit but not physically uncomfortable. But Jim and I were definitely in each other's personal space, hip and thigh to hip and thigh and shoulder to shoulder. We were both nude, too, while the women were still dressed in street clothes. Awkward, to say the least. We were both blushing again and trying in vain not to touch each other. Impossible, since we were tightly pressed together, four people in a space designed to be roomy only for two. The worst was that we couldn't figure out what to do with our shoulders.

Jim and I were engaged in a seated dance which wasn't funny at the time but upon later reflection I'm sure was hilarious. Debra finally said, "OK guys, lean back and put your arms behind each other. Jim and I looked at each other and I shrugged with my eyebrows and placed an arm behind him and one around Deb. Jim leaned back and awkwardly followed suit. We tried hard not to touch each other more than absolutely necessary, of course.

Debra leaned forward slightly and took my softening erection in her hand and stroked it enough to start it rising again. She looked up at Celia and said, "Don't let it get all soft and useless." Celia started stroking Jim softly and he responded as quickly as I had.

"Now," Debra said briskly, "from that nice little tableau that you two presented for our enjoyment, I infer that you already done the deed Celia and I have been suggesting, lo, all these months, at least once? I can't imagine that you guys just talked about it and then decided to do it out of the blue with no, uh, rehearsal, so to speak. Something very interesting must have happened."

I felt a hot flush of guilt, excitement, and, I suppose, shame rise up my body into my face and start my ears radiating very high in the infrared. The temperature of the room went up twenty degrees. I nodded, unable to find my voice. I suppose Jim did the same, though I was looking at Deb, whose eyes held mine firmly.

"So tell...the long version, don't leave anything out."

"Um." I squeaked, and tilted my head towards Jim and Celia, so near.


"Uh, some of it is pretty...uh..."

"Kinky? Embarrassing?"

"Well, yeah."

"Well, I'm sure Jim must know most of it and since he is going to have to tell Celia later anyway, you might as well just tell us all now; don't you think?"



"Well, it is all really your fault, you know, when you didn't bother to tell me that Jim was expecting me to go fishing with him."

"So I accidentally did that right!"

"Depends on how you describe doing it right! I was sure caught by surprise and embarrassed no end!"

We grinned at each other. Debra waved for me to continue.

"So...when you went out of town I decided to do a, uh, a major masturbation session..." I glanced towards Celia and felt my face get hotter. I told it long but little purpose would be achieved were I to repeat it here. If you'd like to go through it again, feel free to go back to the point in the previous chapter where I talked to Debra on the phone the first night she was gone and reread it!

Yep, that's right. If she was going to make me tell the whole sordid story the least I could do was describe our phone sex episode in full, discussing Debra's enjoyment of her powerful little eroscillator and her loud sex music as she came. Oh, and that the story I was reading when she came was one about a couple who made love while three other couples, who were fully dressed, watched. I described that, too.

Debra was blushing beautifully and Celia was fanning herself by the time I got to my preparations of the next night. Last night, that is. When I got to the point where I fell asleep with the panties down and woke up to Jim's question Jim suddenly jumped in and took over the narration.

"So he didn't seem to want to get out of bed. He kept trying to get me to go start the coffeepot. I was going, too, but he started snoring again so I went back to be sure he got up.

"I did NOT snore, either! I sighed!"

"Sigh, schmigh, it sounded like a snore to me. So I went back and this guy tries to get me to go anyway. He had the nerve to tell me that he wasn't wearing pajamas! After all these years of running around nude all over the place. Can you imagine?"

Our wives were grinning so big I began to be afraid that the corners of their mouths would meet in the back and the tops of their heads would fall off.

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