tagLesbian SexSurprise for Amy Ch. 02

Surprise for Amy Ch. 02


Surprise for Amy 2: Lust in London

Amy and Ayesha’s adventure continue. Blonde Amy has just arrived from her Canadian college for a week in London, and her first night is spent with sexy Asian Ayesha.

The girls awoke, entangled in sheets and each other. For a moment, Amy hung back, but Ayesha embraced her and so they kissed and smiled and kissed some more. Amy then grabbed her schedule in which every day was planned to the minute.

“It’s almost nine, breakfast until nine thirty, and then St.Paul’s at ten, walking distance from here. You’re on duty this afternoon, for an optional trip to the British Museum”.

Ayesha yawned and stretched, “Great, time to get home and take a long shower and then make myself beautiful for you.’

“You are always beautiful, especially right now in bed with me”, Amy blushed, and kissed her again. Ayesha grabbed the much smaller blonde and attacked with her lips. She was working her way down to Amy’s luscious breasts when there was a knock on the door and it flew open propelled by a very pale redhead of indeterminate gender, wearing baggy sweats and jeans.

“Amy I noticed you weren’t at breakfast so I thought you might be jetlagged so I brought you some……jeezohmigod, I’m so sorry” Alice said, almost dropping the tea she had brought for Amy. Eyes staring, jaw threatening to hit the floor, she stood paralyzed until the naked Ayesha walked over to her, took the mug of tea and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Hello, I’m Ayesha, we met yesterday briefly. Do you think you might grab some more tea and perhaps some toast if there’s any left.” Alice seemed quite dazed, but she recovered the use of her muscles and gave a wan smile, then nodded and left.

Amy and Ayesha hooted with laughter. “I think you may get a reputation, my girl,” said Ayesha in her best headmistress voice.

“Oh, I do hope so…I want a reputation as your lover, lover.”

Amy was in the shower and Ayesha on her knees searching for her underwear when there was another knock on the door. This time Alice paused a moment before entering to be greeted by the sight of Ayesha’s naked ass pointing skyward as she looked under the bed for her missing thong.

“I brought some more tea…and toast,” she said with a slight quaver in her voice.

“My dear, you are just too kind. Now all I need are panties and all will be perfect.”

“Y-you can have mine, brand new, I just bought them for the trip, still in the wrapper.”

“Alice, you are an absolute Samaritan. Quickly now…Run along and get them.” And Alice ran along. Amy finished her shower and dressed in record time. She was applying a little make-up when Alice returned.

“You are a life-saver” Ayesha said and this time she kissed the pale girl on both cheeks, big wet kisses that made Alice want to fall down and be ravished by this big beautiful woman. Instead, Amy noticed her state and quickly thanked her and ushered her out of the room.

“Scared of a little competition?”

“Not scared…but not dumb either. And burn those panties. I don’t want that saucer eyed bitch sniffing them all week. I’ll find the ones you lost.”

“So you can sniff them?”

“Damn right. I’m not letting a good thing go.”

Both girls were dressed now, and as they kissed and hugged they both felt a strong urge to return to bed.

“Back here at 1pm, and then I’m taking you to lunch.”

“I only want to eat you” Amy whispered.

“Well, of course, but later…”

They parted, counting the minutes until they could be together again.


Amy spent the next few hours amidst the architectural splendor of St. Paul’s Cathedral. On her return to her dormitory Amy couldn’t remember anything about Sir Christopher Wren’s jewel other than it had a nice aisle where she and her beloved could advance together in matching gowns for their wedding…or perhaps Ayesha might want to wear a tux? Amy was thinking about this when the object of her affection came into view, and Amy thought again how beautiful she looked, and so sexy. She had changed and now wore a black turtleneck with a black wool skirt and knee high black boots. She was having tea with some one, a girl, Amy couldn’t quite see whom…THAT BITCH ALICE!!!

Abruptly turning away from the two, Amy ran upstairs and to her room, throwing herself down in misery on the bed where just a few short hours ago she had been the happiest woman in London. Now she sobbed, betrayed by her lover and that pale bloodless cunt that was in her class at school.

Preoccupied by the depths of her abandonment by the woman she had met less than twenty-four hours before and knew she loved she didn’t hear the door open. A hand was laid on her back, a weight on the bed beside her, a kiss on cheek.

“My love, what is the matter? I go home to make myself all pretty for you and you run away as if I’m an ogre. And these tears, you’re making me quite sad.”

Amy muttered something incomprehensible through her tears. Only the words “Alice” and “bitch” could be understood.

“Perhaps you are jealous of your classmate Alice, who is absolutely bubbling over with joy at finding not one, but two women who find other women attractive, beautiful, sexy, desirable…She thinks you’re pretty hot stuff, and I’m almost, but not quite as cute.”

Amy was now lying on her side, looking intently at Ayesha, and her sniffling had decreased substantially.

“The poor girl has had the hots for you since she first saw you, but didn’t dare approach you. She thought she was perverted. Innocent or ignorant, in either case she didn’t know that muff diving is an equal opportunity activity.”

So now she’s hitting on you, the cow.”

“Actually, I’ve been teaching her a little bit about sexual relationships…theory only, of course. For a university student, she is remarkably ill informed. I wonder that she’s allowed out alone. She’s a virgin, never been on a date, never been kissed, and couldn’t conceive of the possibility of two women having a romantic relationship, still less a sexual one. And she has a major crush on you, so I should be pissed, if anyone.”

Amy now began to cry tears of remorse for judging Ayesha so harshly. “I…I…thought she…and you…and I…and …and…”

“Listen girl, get naked, get in the shower, and get all prettied up. I’m taking you out and you’re going to look hot, see? And a little jealousy does you good, keeps you on your toes.” With that she kissed Amy and was helping her get naked when there was a knock on the half-open door, and the red hair of Alice appeared.

“Hi, I… I hope I’m not…not interrupting” she stammered,” I just want to apologize for this morning and Amy, I think you’re so pretty, and Ayesha has been so kind, and I hope maybe you’ll let me hang out with you guy’s because I really want to know so much and I’ve never done anything and…and…”

“Alice, Amy and I are going to lunch together, just the two of us, and then we’re going to stroll around the British Museum hand in hand like lovers do, and then we’re going to have an intimate dinner at a cheap Italian restaurant, with a bottle or two of the house wine, and get a little tipsy, and feel each other up and kiss each other at least every two minutes…and then we’re going to a club where there will be lot’s of other horny sexy girls who want to fuck each others’ brains out. You, Alice, may come to the club with us. You may kiss Amy or myself on the cheek only, but if you meet a chick you fancy in the club, you may pull sown her panties and eat her pussy on the dance floor…and that has happened many times in this club, believe me.” She didn’t add that she had done the eating on one of those occasions.

By now Amy was naked and heading for the shower. Alice was wide eyed in wonder and lust, and Ayesha felt it was time for her to leave. She ushered her to the door and then looked in on Amy. She felt a tingling in her loins and her heart beat a little faster as she gazed on the petite blond girl covered in lather. She wanted to strip and climb into the shower with her, and the kiss her luscious lips and nibble her nipples, and then eat her pussy until she screamed at her to stop…and then eat it some more. She resisted the temptation, and just kissed her deeply when she stepped dripping out of the shower.

The rest of the day went as planned. The others declined the trip to the British Museum, leaving the lovers to parade together hand in hand. Amy wore a low cut blouse, a leather mini and knee high boots. Her ass and boobs stuck out and Ayesha had the continuing urge to grab handfuls of flesh and ravish her.

At dinner they shared mouthfuls of red wine when they kissed. Ayesha had one hand in Amy’s panties most of the time. She alternated caressing her clit and plunging one or two fingers into her pussy. Amy was so stimulated that she hardly tasted her food, but she had just enough wine to make her bold. Ayesha by contrast started with a half dozen raw oysters and finished with a fiery liqueur.

By the end of the meal Amy’s thong was saturated and she was so close to orgasm she was getting desperate. Finally she grabbed Ayesha and marched her to the tiny bathroom. There she tore off her thong and pushed the taller girl to her knees before her. Ayesha attacked the offered pussy with lips and tongue. She licked her dripping slit, gathering Amy’s plentiful fluids and then she spread her labia to gently massage her budlike clit with the tip of her tongue. As her tongue swirled around the little button, Ayesha plunged her fingers into Amy’s wet hole. Amy was moaning, low pitched and continuous, and then she grabbed the beautiful woman who was so sweetly tormenting her and pushed her away as she gave vent to an overpowering orgasm. She bit her fingers to try to keep the sound to a minimum, but it was still loud enough in the tiny bathroom. They kissed passionately, and Amy could taste herself on Ayesha. After a few moments, they were ready to wash and return to their table. A few heads turned to follow them, and the two lovers knew they had been heard. They were still giggling like schoolgirls as they paid, and weren’t quite sure if the waiter was being funny when he said “Come again soon”.

It was far too early for the club that Ayesha planned on taking them to. To fill in the hours, she led the way to a nearby pub that had strippers in the back room. It was normally a gay club and all the strippers were men. Amy was taken a little aback at her choice. However, when she got inside she saw that they had arrived on ladies night, and the audience was composed entirely of women, from their own age to ladies old enough to be their grandmothers. All the seats by the catwalk were occupied, and the girls opted to sit at the bar and enjoy the show from there. The barmaid had dyed red hair and too much make-up, and she winked knowingly at the girls as she took their orders. They got their drinks and took the first sips as the lights went down.

In the next installment, Amy and Ayesha enjoy a stripper and then take Alice to a club. Email me with any suggestions/ comments/ critique. All welcome.

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