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Surprise Guest


Chapter 1


Sitting back in my chair with a satisfied smile, I saved the document and shut my laptop with a snap.

"Rargh," a groan slipped from my lips as I stretched my arms high above my head and stood up. I'd been working on my manuscript for hours and wanted nothing more than a long hot shower to relax and wash off the grime.

Pleased with the progress on my latest book, I hummed and made my way down the hallway to the master bedroom. It was shaping up to be a great day. Work was done and Jason wouldn't be home for another hour. Which meant that we would have the entire evening free.

I shrugged the robe off of my shoulders to hang it behind the door of the ensuite bathroom. A grin twitched across my lips as I wondered what we would do to entertain ourselves. I met my green eyes in the mirror that ran the length of the bathroom and the smirk bloomed into a full smile.

"I can think of a few things..." I mused aloud, watching my nipples harden at the thoughts running through my mind. With a toss of my long dark brown hair, I turned to the shower. Steam filled the bathroom and I stepped in, closing the door behind me.

"Mmmmm..." Head thrown back, a moan of pure pleasure rumbled through my chest as the hot water cascaded down on my head and over my shoulders. I leaned forward so that it beat down on my stiff muscles and stood like that for a few minutes, feeling the heat suffuse my limbs.

I took my time shaving, making sure to be careful with the sensitive area behind my knees and around my ankles. Lifting my left foot onto the ledge in the corner of the shower, I spread my legs and let water glide down over my parted lips, then smoothed shaving cream over them, fingers sliding lightly over my clitoris. By the time I was done, my pussy was completely smooth and bare and I massaged myself briefly, sighing, before finally lowering my leg.

I arched beneath the shower spray again before spreading shampoo through my hair. I massaged firmly, enjoying the feeling of my fingers and nails working it through every strand, from scalp to tip. I closed my eyes and backed under the water, rinsing out the suds.

"Ahh!" With a shriek, my eyes flew open and I jumped away from the cold fingers pinching my right nipple. "Jason! Jesus Christ! You scared me!"

Cold air flowed into the warm shower, finally alerting me to the fact that the door was open. Jason's brown eyes moved from my face to my heaving chest and hard nipples.

"Are you going to join me or just stand there letting cold air get in?" He backed away as I moved through the water to give him a kiss.

"Neither." He withdrew his head from the shower and stood, framed by the door, that delicious body still clothed in his work suit.

With his words I drew up short, pouting, and placing my right hand on my hip, asked, "Then what are you doing, mister?"

Jason's eyes darkened and, enunciating slowly, he answered, "I'm here to give you your instructions."

My pussy clenched and I straightened, the pout disappearing from my lips as I waited for his next words.

"Nadya, come here."

Without a sound I moved forward two steps, stopping less than a foot from him; chest rising and falling faster. A different kind of heat crept through my body, pooled low in my belly and made me want to shift my legs restlessly back and forth; an urge I stifled.

"Good. Now I want you to spread your legs." Once again, I obeyed without question, moving my feet about a foot apart as I lowered my eyes.

"Nadya. Nadya, look at me when I talk to you." My eyes widened and my face jerked up as I rushed to meet his gaze. "Good. Now. Your legs aren't as wide as I would like."

Under the weight of his dark stare, emotions roiled inside of me and I inched my legs further apart until two feet of space rested between them. Standing in front of Jason like that, naked and wet, with my legs spread wide enough to part my pussy lips, while he remained fully clothed, dry, and controlled, left me feeling completely exposed.

It took all of my willpower to keep my eyes on his, my legs spread, my hands motionless by my sides. The impulse to lower my eyes, close my legs, and cross my arms nearly overwhelmed me at the same time that I wanted nothing more than to do what Jason demanded.

Warring emotions fed my rapidly mounting desire. My senses lurched into overdrive.

The steam at my back contrasted sharply with the cold air drifting through the open shower door, leaving my nipples hard and causing gooseflesh to break out over my arms. Water dripped slowly from my hair onto the drying skin of my breasts and stomach, rivulets snaking down my torso, inch by agonizing inch. With every heartbeat, more blood pulsed into my throbbing clit and aching nipples. I shivered.

Jason stared intently into my eyes for what seemed like forever; knowing that each second, each heartbeat, brought me closer to him. Took me nearer to that point when need overcomes inhibition. Where my body and mind, drawn taut between modesty and longing, finally submit and I become an instrument under his skilled manipulation.

Finally, he spoke. "Mmm. Very good."

With his left index finger, he caught a droplet on my right breast, traced it down and around my areola, then gently pulled on the nipple. I gasped. A smile tugged at his lips at my response. He continued with another drop in looping circles down my flat stomach before stopping at the top of my slit. I couldn't help but tilt my hips in his direction.

Yes, touch me!

Jason's hand cupped my entire mound, palm resting against my clitoris, the tips of his fingers over my vagina. The breath whooshed out of my lungs and my body trembled, waiting for his next request.

His middle finger slipped inside of me up to the first knuckle and my hips jerked down in reaction. I moaned quietly and my eyes drifted shut as he slowly circled his fingertip around my slick opening, dipping in only slightly.

"Nadya!" My eyes widened in response to his stern tone. "I told you to look at me. I want to see your eyes when I tell you how hot, wet, and tight you are." Jason punctuated the last few words with fast thrusts. Each felt like an electric shock through my body, tightening my pussy around his finger.

I couldn't stay silent any longer. I moaned, "Jaaace..." and reached out towards him. In response, Jason thrust his finger deep inside me three more times, drawing the wet tip up and over my clit before he withdrew completely, evading my hands.

"You're going to run out of hot water soon. I'm going to go change. I want you to finish your shower. After you are done, dry your hair, and I'm going to leave something on the vanity for you to wear. I want your hair down and I don't want you to wear anything else. Do not leave the bathroom until you've done what I've asked. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Yes, I understand." Jason cupped my cheek for a minute, brushing my cheekbone with his thumb, before he smiled and closed the shower door. I heard him place a bag on the vanity and close the door softly behind him.

A shiver coursed through my body.

Wow. Does he rock my world or what?

I slid my own hand over my belly and slipped a finger between my pussy lips, into my vagina, and up over my clitoris, as Jason had done. "Oooohhh." I was soaking wet and massaging my finger over my swollen clit wrenched another spasm from me. I withdrew it quickly, knowing that Jason hadn't left me alone in the shower to masturbate.

What he did have planned consumed my thoughts as I quickly finished my shower and stepped out into the steamy bathroom. Wrapping a towel quickly around my body, I hurried over to the vanity and opened the bag there.

With trembling hands, I pulled out first a pair of black leather cuffs. My breath came faster as I reached in again and came out with my collar, complete with leash.

I dried my hair in record time, all the while imagining what would be waiting for me when I opened the door to our bedroom. Jason knew what this period of not knowing would do to me. He knew exactly how to drive me to the edge without even a kiss.

My hands shook as I fastened the collar and my body seemed to buzz with tiny vibrations as I fumbled with the clasp.

I dropped the first cuff when I tried to put it on. Grasping the edge of the vanity, I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was dry, if a bit messy around the shoulders. The black collar stood in sharp relief against my pale skin, accentuating the curve of my collarbone and the slender lines of my neck. My green eyes had a wild look about them and my lips, swollen and pink, parted in response to the picture I made.

Nearly panting with lust, I concentrated on fastening the cuffs around my wrists before attaching the leash. I let it hang down the front of my body, between my full breasts and over my abs, to rub lightly between my legs as I walked to the door. With a deep breath to calm myself, I reached for the doorknob.

I stepped into our bedroom, eyes searching out Jason. Heat coursed through me once again as I took in the picture of him draped casually in one of the chairs in the sitting area and felt the intensity of his gaze on my body.

Then, suddenly, I drew up short, stopping in my tracks when I realized that we weren't alone in the room.


Chapter 2

Stunned, my eyes darted between the two of them, both looking at me, naked and exposed, standing halfway across the room, with the same hungry look in their eyes. Like a deer in the headlights, I stood frozen, looking back and forth, not sure which direction to go.

Jason sat up straighter in the lounge chair situated in the sitting area on the other side of the bed and motioned towards the slender blonde woman in the other chair as he spoke, "Nadya, you remember Valerie, from the gym?"

I nodded mutely. My thoughts raced.

This is good. Very very good. But... but... I am so... so... naked. And my collar... Oh goodness.

I trembled.

"Come over and stand next to me while we chat." My eyes widened and I hesitated. Jason raised his eyebrows. At that wordless rebuke, I started across the room. The leash got caught between my legs and with every step it slid closer to my aching pussy. Once I stood at Jason's left, he smiled and ran his hand down my spine before cupping my bottom. "Have a seat," he patted the arm of the chair.

"I went for a drink after work and ran into Valerie at the club. When she asked where my beautiful wife was, I replied that you were home, but would be very very disappointed to have missed her. Isn't that right, Valerie?"

"Oh yes, Jason, that's right." Valerie uncrossed her long, tanned legs, exposed by the skirt of her business suit, and scooted forward in her chair. She smiled and I felt caught in her blue gaze. Knowing where this had to be going, I found myself winding tighter and tighter in anticipation, my breath coming in short bursts. But Jason kept talking.

I wanted to scream in frustration. He had gotten me worked up in the bathroom on purpose. Knowing that I would be sitting here, soaking wet and dying with need in a few moments, ready to devour this delicious woman in front of me.

"And so I told Valerie what you had said the last time we saw her at the gym. Do you remember what that was Nadya?" Oh God, he wouldn't. Jason's eyes darkened as he continued, "I can see that you do. Why don't you tell Valerie?"

I sputtered, "Jason -- I -- I uh..." My face burned and I looked at him pleadingly.

The fingers that had been running lightly along my lower back and ass stilled and Jason said softly, "That's fine Nadya. You don't have to repeat it. But Valerie will be leaving, since she came all this way just to hear it from you."

Oh God.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, steeling myself to say the words. My whole body quivered with tension and my heart pounded in my ears; each beat echoed between my legs.

Finally, I opened my eyes to find Valerie staring at me intently, legs crossed again, slowly swirling the ice in her cocktail glass. I met her gaze and spoke slowly, "I said that just looking at your amazing body made me wet and that given the chance, I would give you the best pussy-licking of your life."

My chest moved quickly, but I couldn't look away from Valerie's piercing eyes. Seconds ticked by and I licked my lips nervously. Finally, she put her glass down and spoke: "Prove it."

I stood and looked at Jason. This was what he wanted, it had to be, but I needed to be sure. He just stared back at me and then at Valerie, before popping me on the bottom. I didn't need any more provocation.

I moved across the sitting area and, stopping a foot away from Valerie, eyes on her face, waited for her to make the next move. She smiled and reached with her left hand to caress my right breast, making me tremble and sigh, leaning into the touch. Her hand moved down my torso and thinking that she was going to stroke between my legs, I spread them slightly.

The breath whooshed from my lungs when, instead, she grabbed the leash and jerked my face down to her, seizing my lips with her own. Her right hand wound tightly into my hair and I whimpered into her mouth, drowning in her lips.

I'd never been with a woman like this. Collared. I didn't know how she would react or even how I would react. I didn't worry after that moment. She knew what I needed.

My hands moved to her thighs and I started to push her skirt up further. Valerie broke the kiss and drew back only enough to murmur against my lips, "Eager, are we?" before using the hand in my hair to crush my mouth against hers again. Little sounds of pleasure caught in my throat and my hips twitched.

Valerie noticed and pushed me back into a standing position. "Stand up straight, Nadya, and spread your legs... Good. Now I want you to come straddle my knee." She pulled lightly on my leash to guide me and once I was positioned over her knee, she grasped my hips in her hands to still my fidgeting. Once still, she slid her fingers up one of my thighs, to dance lightly on my moist outer lips.


"Do you like that, Nadya?" I opened my eyes when Valerie jerked on my leash to get my attention.

"Yes, I -- mmmm -- that feels vee-ery -- oh -- good." My voice wobbled as she moved her fingers to my inner lips, dipping two inside my soaking wet cunt and then up to my clit. Then they were gone and Valerie used both of her hands to jerk my hips down onto her left thigh, pulling my hips back and forth against it. "Oh! God... Mmmm..." I moaned at the strong, continuous pressure between my legs.

My hands grabbed the top of the chair near Valerie's head for balance, which brought my breasts close to her mouth, on opportunity she took advantage of. Sucking hard on my nipples, Valerie continued to jerk my hips against her thigh and I felt the pressure of a building orgasm. I moved with her motions and my gasps and moans grew louder as I drew near the edge.

And then... she stopped. I groaned, dazed, and opened my eyes to find her looking at me, smiling. "Oh Nadya, tsk- tsk. I can't let you cum yet... You have to work for it."

She pushed me back and then stood. Leading me by my leash, Valerie drew me to stand in front of the bed and then pulled my face gently to hers, teasing my lips with her tongue, drawing back each time I opened my mouth. Each time she teased me, I gasped and felt a spasm deep inside, accompanied by a pulse in my clitoris. Mindless with need, a low, keening noise slipped from my lips and she stopped.

"Yes... I think that will do. Now. I want you to undress me and do what you promised. Ok?" I nodded mutely and Valerie scowled. "Nadya, when I ask you a question, answer me. What are you going to do?"

I squirmed, blatantly rubbing my legs together as I stumbled over my words, "I -- I'm going to undress you. Mmm. And then I- I'm going to lick you until you c-cum in my mouth."

Valerie smiled and kissed me softly on the lips before murmuring, "Very good... I can't wait." She looked at me expectantly.

I took a moment to compose my thoughts and plan my attack. Her breasts strained against the cream colored button-up top tucked into a grey skirt. My eyes drifted down her legs to her feet enclosed in black pumps. There.

I dropped to my knees, kneeling in front of Valerie as I grasped the backs of her calves in my hands. Instead of moving lower, to remove her shoes, they moved up, skimming lightly over her sexy legs, catching on her skirt to push it up to her hips.

"Mmmm," I murmured against her lace panties, nuzzling the apex of her legs. I breathed deeply, taking in her scent. Placing my mouth over Valerie's panties at the top of her slit, I pushed hot air from my lungs, warming her through the fabric before gently nudging with my tongue. I groaned, allowing the sound to rumble through my chest, throat, and out of my lips, vibrating against her clitoris. Hearing a small sound of pleasure from above, I kissed her chastely and let the skirt fall as I pulled off her underwear, exposing her clean-shaven mound.

This will be fun.

Her shoes thudded softly when I tossed them in the corner, followed quickly by her skirt and shirt, until Valerie stood before me in only a white lace bra that matched the panties in the corner. Standing face to face, I reached my arms around her, our breasts pressed against one another, to unsnap it. My lips grazed along her jaw and across her collarbone before I drew back, sliding the bra very slowly down her arms. Valerie shivered and her nipples hardened.

I reached for her breasts immediately, gently palming them and sliding my thumbs across her nipples. "Mmmm... yes..." Valerie muttered when I pinched and pulled on the rosy points. I took that as a sign to squeeze her smooth breasts roughly in my hands before sucking hard on her right nipple.

Hearing the little exhales as I squeezed and sucked first one nipple and then the other made my body shiver. Panting with pleasure, I pushed Valerie's breasts together and switched back and forth quickly, loving the feel of her in my mouth.

Suddenly I felt a firm jerk on my leash and I straightened.

Valerie stood naked, her legs spread, holding my leash. "Nadya, your mouth feels fantastic, but I want it somewhere else," and she turned, tugging me towards the bed. At the edge, she turned and sat down, jerking my face to hers again.

"OOohh!" I couldn't help it when the sound escaped my lips and my whole body quaked.

Lips just barely touching mine, Valerie whispered, "I want what you promised me." Turning, she dropped the leash and I watched her round bottom as she crawled towards the head of the bed. I quickly followed when she turned around and, propped up on the pillows, spread her legs to expose her glistening pussy lips.

Her legs seemed to last forever as I crawled between them, breasts swinging freely beneath my body, ass high in the air.

I hope she's not in a hurry...

I slid my hands under her firm ass, and starting at mid-thigh, I gently kissed the smooth skin I found there, nibbling and stroking it with my tongue as I worked my way up to the top. Then, drawing back, I blew gently on the skin I'd just moistened with my lips and tongue. Valerie shivered and wiggled her hips in reaction, moving her cunt towards my face.

I don't think so... Not yet...

I gave the same attention to the other leg before stopping with my face just above her soaking wet pussy. I looked up to see Valerie's head thrown back, her lips rosy and parted, hands grabbing at her nipples. Looking at her writhing, before I even touched her, electrified me and my breath came in short puffs.

I looked down at her vagina and licked my lips.

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