tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSurprise Halloween Exhibition

Surprise Halloween Exhibition


I blinked blearily at the fluorescent lighting of the bus as it came to a stop near me. The driver opened the door, and I walked toward it, entering the bus with wobbling steps.

'One too many,' I thought to myself, rubbing at my eyes with one hand as I deposited my change with the other. The driver nodded to me, leering just a little and I stumbled toward the back. 'Get a good look, bud,' I thought as my large tits swayed against my shirt and just over my cupless corset.

My costume had caused no end of stares and whistles and gropes at the party at my friend's house. I'd waited until late to put together a costume, then gone the slutty schoolgirl route. I reflected over the night's activities as I took up station, holding onto one of the hanging straps of the bus. I'd considered sitting, but I didn't want to tease my feet by getting off them just to stand up again so soon in my dangerously-tall mary jane heels.

As I gripped the strap and turned, a guy sitting across from me fastened his gaze on my cleavage. It was displayed prominently, thanks to a rowdy game of truth-or-dare earlier. I'd worn a sheer, white, button-up shirt under my black leather corset. I'd had the top buttons undone anyway when I arrived at the party, but during the game I'd been dared to open my shirt as far as I was willing. Now, my nipples sat just at the edges of my shirt, revealing most of the top and inside swells of my tits. My nipples were hardened from the chilly air and the rub of the fabric against them. They poked the fabric out a little more. If I swayed juuuust right, the staring guy would get even more of a show.

I smiled as I realized he was tenting.

The bus lurched, beginning to move. I readjusted my stance, spreading my legs apart a little more for balance. As I did, a cool breeze gusted up the insides of my thighs. My ripped fishnet thigh-highs offered no protection. The air teased on up, ruffling the pleats of my red plaid skirt just a little.

I almost closed my legs when the puff of air reached my swollen lips. I was still a little slick with excitement. The truth-or-dare game had gone on longer; I didn't stop playing until I'd lost my panties. Another player—some guy I didn't know every well, a friend of my friend's—had been dared to remove my panties with my teeth. I'd worn sexy black panties that tied at my hips, but he didn't know that. He'd gone straight between my legs, diving to slide his tongue between the gusset and my lower lips. I'd squealed at the brief brush, making everyone around us laugh. He'd hooked his teeth around the small bit of fabric and tugged and tugged, much to everyone's delight. Finally, after giving up on that method of removal, he'd nosed around in my skirt until he'd found the ties and slowly unraveled each bow. Then he'd returned to my sex and slowly licked at the panties, making eye contact with me the entire time, until he'd gathered them in his teeth and tugged them away.

By then, I was flushed and breathing ragged. I knew my judgment was impaired from the Halloween cocktails, and I knew if I'd stayed, I'd have done things I may have regretted in the morning. So I'd made my farewells and planned to go home to work out the tension on my own.

As I relived that bit of my evening in my mind, I felt myself getting wet again. I wondered if any of the other people on the bus had seen my ass as I'd tottered down the aisle. My skirt was short enough and flouncy enough that it may have happened.

Just then, I felt a hand on the back of my thigh. At first, I thought someone was just brushing past. Then I realized it was staying, stroking...traveling upward.

I wondered if I should glance over my shoulder. I looked at the guy across from me and wondered if he knew what was going on. No. His eyes were still on my swaying tits, and his hand had crept to stroke his hard-on through his pants.

I risked a glance, but the hand stopped me, squeezing my thigh like a warning. I turned my head forward again, wondering what would happen next. I felt a little trickle of wetness escape my snatch. I wondered if the person behind me could see it. Then I didn't have to wonder, as the hand rose high enough to encounter the wet patch.

The person behind me chuckled, a low sound. I wasn't sure if the voice was male or female. I decided I didn't care. The hand felt good, moving over my bare skin. It progressed out and up, cupping an ass cheek now. I swayed forward a bit. I thought sitting-guy's eyes were going to pop out of his head as my tits threatened to spill completely out of my top.

The hand moved lower again, caressing, circling in and down, until I thought I was going to break from the certain knowledge that soon those fingers—unknown, strange, electrifying—would be stroking over my opening lips.

I moaned softly. The stranger laughed again, equally softly. Impatiently, I pressed back, wanting...needing.

The hand pulled away, and I gripped the hand strap tighter. "Fuck," I muttered. That earned me a brief smart smack across my ass cheeks. The sharp sound faded as soon as it sounded. No one else looked up. To them, it may have been just another random bus sound. To me, it rang and rang in my ears with the lingering sting.

God, that felt good, I thought. I wiggled my ass backward.

I swear I could hear the grin on the stranger's face, even in my alcohol-fueled foggy state.

Two more quick spanks followed, and I cried out. A few heads turned. Sitting-guy actually looked up at my face. I clamped my teeth tightly around my lower lip. I'd bent over partially, trying to stick my ass out more. I didn't bother to straighten. I looked back at the curious faces through my own flushed countenance. Most of them turned back around.

The stranger delivered another pair of spanks, lower, hitting just over the back of my exposed pussy now. I took care to muffle my yelps as best I could. The guy sitting across from me unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, too turned on to hide anything apparently.

I felt the hand pull away, and I whimpered a bit. One hand came up to my hip, then, and I felt something cold sliding along my inner thigh.

I squirmed a bit. 'What is that?' I wondered, but I kept my mouth shut. The object moved up, up, up...agonizingly close...I strained myself down toward it, wanting something inside me.

I heard a quiet click, and then felt a buzz. 'Oh my god,' I thought.

And then, as quick as that, the object was at my wet hole and then in. Two little ears came to rest against my aching clit, buzzing against it. The bigger head nestled against my front wall, curving inside me, thrumming.

"Aaaahh!" I moaned out, unable to suppress my pleasure.

I didn't know if anyone looked then, because my vision narrowed to the hand stroking the cock in front of me. I rocked forward with that first thrust and then just as quickly back. I jammed my hips down and clamped at the toy with my walls. The stranger tightened the hold on my hip and began pulling me one way and the toy the other, then pushing us together again. I tried to control the rhythm at first but then fell into the push and sway, my body wracked with pleasure.

After a few moments of this play, as I got into the swing of things, I began to bend forward a little more, my back arching, heedless of any stares or consequences.

My tits tumbled free of their barely-there confinement in one glorious heave.

In the next moment, the guy sitting in front of me jerked, pulled, and then aimed his sputtering cock straight at my cleavage. Thick ropes of cum decorated my tits, running down over my hard swollen nipples, dripping into splats on the floor of the bus.

I gasped and looked up, brought briefly into the present. The toy shoved insistently into me from behind as I caught sight of the results of my impromptu seduction and show: a woman quietly fingering herself, another couple of men lined up with their dicks out, a couple making out with clothes askew. I realized the bus had stopped, with the driver watching in his mirror.

I didn't care. I needed to cum, needed to explode. I moaned and bucked back against the toy. The thrusting stopped, the toy still inside me. I felt movement, then a body brushing against my back. Lips whispered near my ear, "Clench, slutling. Hold it tight. You cum when I say you can." I thought the voice had a feminine sound. As the stranger pressed against me a little harder, the distinct swell of tits and poking nipples proved my guess correct.

I held the toy tight inside me, the buzzing driving me crazy. I bucked again, but with no returning pressure, the motion was fruitless.

Her hands came up to my shoulders, tugged my shirt off them, down my arms, to leave it hanging from my corset. One of her hands lifted again to swipe at some of the cum, then lifted the finger to my lips.

I sucked on it. I sucked on it like the horniest girl in a hotel room on prom night.

"Good girl," she murmured. I moaned in response.

Sitting guy broke out of his daze and stuffed his wilting cock inside his pants. She must have gestured, because he scooted down a seat. Another guy filled the spot, one of the ones I'd spied in my glance around. His hard cock filled my vision as she pushed on my back, bending me at the waist.

"Suck," she commanded, and I obeyed, opening my mouth for another stranger. His hand left his thick rod to find my hair, pinning me down, pushing inside my mouth. I bobbed back up, my red pigtails brushing over his pants. He resisted and pulled me down harder. So I complied, tightening my lips and rolling my tongue over his meaty head. Salty pre-cum soon coated my cheeks and tongue.

His hand lifted, and I began to move over him, sucking, pulling, squeezing. One of my hands found his balls inside his pants, and I squeezed.

As I felt him about to explode, a new sensation—a probing—caught my attention. Slick fingers—from my own wetness? I wondered—ringed and swirled around my puckered star. I tensed a little, which set off new sensations in my pussy from the still-vibrating toy. I moaned around the fat cock, and then yelped over it as my ass was invaded by one finger, which soon became two.

My eyes watered a moment, and then I recovered. Between the buzzing toy and the soft hands and the cum on my tits and the dick in my mouth, I relaxed enough. The fingers withdrew. I sucked harder on the big fat cock...

...and was rewarded by another pushing into my ass. The man I was sucking exploded, pulling back at the last moment so that I had cum in my mouth and all around it.

I swallowed reflexively, feeling the gooey strings sliding down my throat. I ran my tongue over my lips as I looked up. The toy jostled in my sex as the man behind me began to pound away. I looked at my reflection in the window to see him staring at my jizz-coated face and tits. He didn't last much longer, blowing his load inside me with a cry of joy.

I looked around. Now everyone left on the bus—and a few extras, I thought, who may have come in from outside as the bus sat idling—was masturbating, taking video or snapshots with their phones, or openly fucking a partner.

Everyone except my seductress.

She stood to the side of and just behind me, dressed in a costume of red and orange feathers, a glittering gold mask concealing most of her feathers. Her tits were pulled out above her top as she toyed with her nipples, her exposed skin a dark caramel compared to my milky complexion. Her deep red lips curved in a smile.

As the men pulled away, she sat and tugged me back onto her lap.

I leaned back, and she began to thrust the toy in and out again, making me moan, waking up my tingling nerves. I closed my eyes and gave in to the sensation.

"You're a little cum-slut, aren't you?" she cooed over me.

"Yess...oh...yessss," I moaned. She thrust harder in reward.

"You like being jizzed all over, mmm?"

"Gods, yes!" I cried out.

"How much?" she asked as she pumped a little faster.

"A lot! I want! I want....!" I cried back, words trailing into a whimper.

"What do you want?" she asked with an evil little laugh.

"I...I want...to...cuuummmm," I half-moaned, half-whined.

"Then cum, slutling," she commanded, thrusting the toy hard and high inside me and holding it there. I moaned and writhed over it, ass sliding in her lap. My eyes opened wide as I began to cum hard and fast, the breath knocked out of me so that my voice tapered to nothing. I stared into nothingness for a while, riding the waves of pleasure, before I began to drift back down to myself.

"Mm, lovely," she murmured, and I turned my head slowly to look up into that ruby smile, to see dark eyes glinting with satisfaction behind the mask. Then I slumped back, half-way against her, half-way against the seat.

As my surroundings gradually returned to me, I heard a few sighs and whimpers and breathy moans. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, encountering the heavy smell of sex in the air. I felt myself jostled a little and opened my eyes in alarm.

"Hush, sweets," she murmured. "I'm not leaving you." Her smile twisted up a little. "If you'll take me home with you, that is," she said.

I nodded dumbly and tried to collect myself. I smoothed down my skirt and started to pull at my top, but then realized the futility of that and left it. As I stood, a dollop of not-quite-dried cum dripped from my ass to the floor with a thick splat sound. My legs shook as I tried to step. She put her arm around me, supporting me.

"Is this your stop?" she asked. I looked around and nodded again, then blushed in mortification as I realized how many people I saw regularly may have been privy to the show. She just laughed at my look and walked me to the front of the bus. As we moved, a few stray hands reached out to one of my tits or my ass. I let them but kept moving with her.

Once off the bush, the night air chilled me again. My nipples perked and my skin grew goosebumps. She noticed and did her best to drape her feathery boa around me for warmth. Together, we walked to my apartment, discussing inconsequential things like our names and the brightness of the full moon, our breath puffing in the air.

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