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Surprise Massage


My wife and I have always loved massages and it is frequent that I will give her a massage that ends up driving her nuts and finally over the edge.

One night as I was doing this, I told her I would love to set up a massage with a male massuse for her next time we go to Vegas and would love to watch. She didn't say a whole lot but as I acted it out, she showed me by her body language and by the way her pussy was oozing with juice that she was turned on. We ended in some incredible climax for each of us.

So, I started my search on the internet for a massuse. I found a couple that looked like possibilities and wrote emails explaining what I wanted. I was careful to tell them that she is shy and really would not even consider this and it would have to start slow and innocent and hopefully work into something more, but if she resisted, then he would have to repect that and just play it cool

Well, I finally booked a weekend and the massuse. On the way out to Vegas, I told her that I had a surprise for her and that since we both love massage so much that I had set up an in room massage for both of us. She seemed okay and asked how it would work. I just said that the massage place would send over a couple, a man for me and woman for her and we would just get massages at the same time. She seemed okay with that.

When the time came, we were in robes and waiting and the knock came and I went to answer it, and of course there was only the guy...he knew my plan. He walked in and looked great, young, very studly looking. I told her that there was a problem and that his partner got sick the last minute and could not make it, but that he would still give us both a massage.

I told her that would be okay with me but she was a bit hesitant. He talked to her a bit and seemed to convince her it was okay and besides, I would be right her by her side. I saw her looking at him and it seemed like she sort of liked what she saw.

He said, great, then lets get started with your wife first. He said, get comfortable on the bed, near the edge, face down and I will get prepared in the bathroom.

I helped Kathy remove her robe and said this should be great and feel great and gave her a big kiss, of course with a few feels, I actually felt some wetness between her pussy lips.

When he came back in, Kathy was face down with the sheet on and he was only wearing boxer like shorts with no shirt. He was really built well. Kathy looked over and I could see the surprise on her face that he was nearly naked. But she did not panic and just laid there.

I sat on the chair in the corner just to watch. He started very slowly and really just worked to make her comfortable. Slowly but surely, he kept working the sheets down and working closer to her ass. It seemed forever but finally got the sheet off of her totally and she was naked face down and not saying anything. When I saw that my cock got hard immediately.

He worked up and down her legs and kept getting closer to her ass and I could see her starting to respond and lifting a bit and then she adjusted her legs a bit and spread them apart, just enough that you could sense she was giving a bit of an invitation. He started rubbing her ass with lots of oil and she really started to move around and with that I could see him getting closer to her pussy. He looked over at me and I nodded it was okay.

He stared pouring oil in the crack of her ass and letting it roll down into her pussy. Then he just started to slowly rub from the small of her back all the way down to her pussy and then would massage her lips. By now she was wide open and wanting more. He was really getting into her pussy and had one finger in her ass and one in her pussy. She was now moaning and withering around like crazy. I wanted to come over the fuck the hell out of her but knew I had to wait.

He continued working her and she was going nuts. Finally he asked if she would like to turn over and she did without hesitation. He moved up to her tits and put oil on them all the way down to her navel and pussy. He started at her tits and workig the nipples to hard and erect. They looked hot. He then rubbed down to her navel and circled her pussy which she would lift up in an attempt to make contact.

In the meantime, I could see that he was getting a hard on and it was getting very visible. Being at the side of the bed, his cock was only inches from her hand. I saw him adjust his boxers and then I saw that he let his cock come through the fly. It looked great, nice hard, about 9" and thick. He purposely let it rub by her hand and she did not respond. So he kept rubbing her pussy and was now finger fucking her slowly, while at the same time kept pushing his cock along her hand and arm. She looked over at me and saw me jerking and I nodded and smiled it was okay.

I saw her hand move over and wrap around his cock and she started to stroke it and pump it. With that, he started to quicken his pace with the finger fucking and then bent down and started licking her nipples. This drives her wild and soon he moved down to her pussy and started to lick her and she did not stop a thing.

He moved onto the bed and got into a 69 position and just started to tease her with some great licking. His cock was right in her face. Well, it did not take long and she started sticking her tongue out and licking his cock head and then went into full on sucking his cock.

I couldn't stand it any longer and came over and decided I needed to get in on the action. I suck her nipples and she looked over at me and we kissed so hot. I have never seen her so hot and turned on. The guy moved away from her and went down to the foot of the bed and just focsed on her pussy while Kathy and I kissed and then she wanted to suck my cock.

IN the meantime, the guy started moving up to her pussy and started rubbing his cock head on her pussy and stomach. She was thrusting her pussy at him while sucking my cock. His cock was rubbing up her stomach to her tits and I just reached down and grabbed his cock and stroked it...wow, I never thought I would do that, but it looked so hot.

He moved back down and continued to rub his cock on her pussy lips. No one was saying anything and I gave him the thumbs up, so he just started to slowly put his cock head into her pussy and she started withering like crazy and then just blurted out to fuck her hard...well that's all it took and he went to town. She stared cuming almost immediately and he just started fucking her so fast and furious.

She finally was screaming for him to unload his cum in her pussy hard, and I could see by his expression that he was ready and then all of a sudden he just roared and she was cuming like crazy.

He pulled out and I went down to her pussy and just started licking her, it was odd but very erotic, then I started to fuck her like crazy and came with a gush.

She was so exhausted, she did not know what to say. The massuse didn't say a thing but quietly just got his stuff and left the room.

We just layed there and kissed and she said that it was incredible and wanted to make sure I was okay. Sure I said, it was great and that I loved her and would do anything to make her feel great.

She said, next time, she will arrange for the massage and it will be her turn to watch!

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