Surprise Package


"Lucia!" the Germans laughed as one, positioning themselves to be the first to penetrate her mouth.


"OhhhohhhohhoHHH." Lucia let out a low moan that built in volume and intensity as John began to pulverize her pussy without preamble. The fact that she was already soaking, dripping wet, lent itself well to his impatience, and she found herself utterly unable to focus on her surroundings as her senses were assailed by the sheer pleasure of John's thick member plunging in and out of her pussy with vigor.

She managed only a small, distracted smile as the Germans laughed while they watched John fuck her senseless, trying to acknowledge the trio of cocks wavering before her face, and slapping off her cheeks. Her pearls clinked softly on the table beside her overflowing and smashed tits, in harmony to the wet sounds of fucking emanating from her other end as her body rocked back and forth under John's penile onslaught.

As she opened her mouth to gasp again with pleasure, she felt the opening suddenly fill with rigid, spongy cock as Petr impatiently butted his way to the front of the line. With little lead in, Petr began to use his cock like a battering ram, swiftly and powerfully fucking her mouth, filling it utterly. Assailed from two sides, Lucia could only moan and shudder as two insatiable cocks plunged deeply into her, leaving her feeling rather like a roast pig on a spit.

While Petr and John pumped away, Lucia was barely even aware of Friedrich as he moved in close, and began to rub his leaking cock head on her face from one side. He smeared his precum all over her right eyelid, eye brow, and cheek, slapping it wetly as he went. He muttered in German to himself as he slapped her, and though she didn't understand the words themselves, she gathered from the context that he was telling her what a dirty whore she was.

Without further ado, Lucia found herself writhing in the throes of her second orgasm, moaning and gasping for air wildly around the thick shaft of Petr's cock. Hans only watched, slowly stroking his own cock, steadily building his load of cum as he edged himself close to orgasm and then backed off. Rather than rush to achieve his climax, Hans was dead set on filling Lucia like she had never been filled before, and then plastering her in cum like she had never been splattered before.

Lucia's focus was brought back to reality as John repeatedly slapped her ass cheeks hard, before gripping one in each hand and using them for handles as he redoubled his jackhammer efforts. Lucia nearly squealed around Petr's cock in response, and with that motivation, Petr found himself undone. Lucia's next outcry was drowned out with an audible gurgle as her throat suddenly filled with blast after blast of thick German cum.

Lucia gagged at the unexpected load, which launched itself too deep to be easily swallowed, but too shallow to slip directly down her throat. Lucia coughed up a few splatters around the edges of her mouth and onto Petr's groin as he held himself in depth, enjoying the contractions of her gagging throat. With extreme difficulty, and while John slowed his pace sympathetically, Lucia managed to choke down the load.

Petr slapped her right cheek, covered in precum, lightly in appreciation, and slowly slid his sopping wet and dripping cock from her mouth. Surprisingly, he was not yet soft, and he continued to stroke himself absentmindedly as Friedrich hastily took his place in front of Lucia's slack and dripping lips.


Suddenly, unexpectedly, John ordered a hasty change of plans. He lifted Lucia up from the table in his surprisingly strong arms and carried her to the huge king bed in the center of the room.

"Step back for a few moments, my friends. I've decided to ravage our little slut's cunt first before she will be permitted to enjoy more European cum. Then you can have your way with her, and I shall watch."

The Germans obediently deferred to the request, realizing it was not really a request, but a command. John was the alpha wolf, letting everyone know who was orchestrating the proceedings, and he needed to be sated first. He plopped Lucia down on the bed on her knees.

Lucia's position on the mattress gave John an unfettered view of both potential entry holes. He knew that despite being an unabashed blatant slut, Lucia had one taboo. She didn't like anal. Her pink puckered anus peered out from between her blushing ass cheeks, seemingly winking at John as an invitation, but her asshole would have to wait. For now, at least. But he wanted Lucia to know that he could take her ass at any time, if he so desired. He wanted to further fuck her mind.

John placed his cockhead at the slit of her sopping pussy, her nectars now literally cascading down her thighs, and slapped the tip on her folds as she groaned. She peered over her shoulder in lustful desperation, grasping and flailing one arm behind her back, seeking to grope his dick and guide it again to the bullseye.

"I'd be something less than a gentleman if I didn't acquiesce to your wish at this point, Lucia", he said calmly, evenly, teasing her more by waiting to re-enter her. He continued to leisurely slap his cock on her ass as the Germans scrambled to get a close-up view of the ferocious fucking that was sure to ensue.

John slowly grabbed each of Lucia's hips firmly, aimed, and with one vicious thrust, nearly served to split her saturated cunt in two. Lucia shuddered and emitted an ear-piercing scream at the very first penetration, so deep, John's big dick snapping into her cervix with a powerful, audible 'bang'.

He pulled at that already tangled mane of curls and tugged her head back roughly so I could growl into her ear, "As I said, Lucia, savagely." His heavy balls slammed against her ass cheeks, literally reddening them with each slap. "You want that, don't you, Sweet Lucia, my beautiful whore? You need to get fucked like a captured animal, don't you?" John's own sexual adrenalin had reached a frenzy, it was like some powerful carnal force had taken over his being. His cock felt harder and thicker within Lucia than any she had experienced before.

The cum that oozed out of her cunt, combined with her cries of orgasmic glee, gave John both the answer and more incentive.

John rolled her over onto her back, and the lust-filled stare that she gave him, one of complete submission yet mixed with just a twinge of fearful anxiety, served to fuel him even more. He lifted her legs up onto his shoulders, crossed them into a letter 'X' shape, and ravaged her pussy, filling it to the hilt and beyond, pounding her needy cunt mercilessly.

Lucia writhed and moaned and seemingly teetered on the edge of consciousness, her eyes rolling back into her head, her stomach heaving in one wave of orgasm after another. John took her ankles and gripped them tightly. Her eyes opened as slits in response to the sensation of his hands lifting her higher off the mattress. He pulled his angry cock out of her gash with a 'pop', and teasingly dangled it at the entrance of her most forbidden tunnel. Lucia's body tensed as she fully anticipated her anus to be invaded by John's massive pole.

Instead, John stopped just at her rim and emptied streams over hot, sticky cum that oozed into Lucia's warm sphincter, also splashing ropes of cum all over her buttocks and mound.

Lucia's sigh of relief was mixed with yet another orgasm as, through fluttering eyelids, she saw John turn to the trio of horny Germans while still stroking his cock, "Now take her, boys. All three at once. Freidrich, fuck her mouth. Hans, stick that monster up her cunt and rip her apart more." He smiled as he noticed that Petr had already recovered impressively. "Petr, tit-fuck her. My turn to play spectator."

Hans climbed onto the bed on his back, his dick waving in the air, as Freidrich and Petr lifted Lucia into the air before placing her back down on Hans' impossibly long shaft. Lucia squealed. if she hadn't just been battered by John's cock, Hans would have ripped her in two.

John sat in a leather chair and played the role of director now. "Lucia, it is now time for you to talk. And talk to us like the filthy slut you are."


"Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!" Lucia screamed between gasps for air as she felt Hans' massive member stretch her pussy to what felt like its utter limit while she leaned back, riding his cock like she was at a rodeo. "Fuck me!" She encouraged in a voice that teetered on the edge of insanity. "Fuck my pussy with that huge... *GUK*".

Lucia's outburst was cut short as Freidrich, standing behind her as she rode Hans' cock, suddenly pulled back her head by a fist full of hair, and unceremoniously jammed his long thin dick down her throat. Gripping the back of her head in both hands, Freidrich began to awkwardly thrust his cock downwards into her mouth, his balls resting on her upside-down nose, and smothering her attempts to breathe. Lucia gagged loudly and her chest, and by association, breasts, heaved with the dual desires for more air, and more pleasure.

Penetrated deeply from both directions, Lucia used one hand to finger her clit, while the other reached up and juggled Freidrich's balls, keeping them off her nose so she could catch breaths between his thrusts. Unconsciously, Lucia began to moan loudly around the cock in her throat, a keening sound that grew in pitch and intensity in time with the increasing pace of the two dicks thrusting in and out of her at each end. She was nearly insensible as Petr got back into the action, using the copious saliva that had poured down Lucia's chin as lubricant as he stood straddling Hans, bending his knees to allow him to fuck Lucia's heaving tits. He mashed them together between his hands, and began to fuck the resulting canyon with his thick cock.

Freidrich was the first to give way, relenting to the building pressure in his balls with a lusty growl. Pulling his cock from her mouth, he stroked it quickly, still aiming for Lucia's tilted-back mouth, which she left open as a gaping target, as well as to catch her breath. "Oh yes! Cum in my mouth!" Lucia yelled, and she did not have to wait long for her wish.

Jets of thick, salty semen blasted into her mouth, splattering on her lips and chin as she moaned with pleasure. Her tongue darted out, catching another spurt as it tried to gather up drops that had missed her mouth initially. As his orgasm subsided, Freidrich smeared the last few drops of cum leaking from his cock onto Lucia's forehead, out of reach of her tongue, and slapped his cock up and down in the puddle they formed. Lucia, her lust far from sated, tilted her head back up, and locked her eyes with Petr`s as he continued to fuck her tits.

Seemingly coherent once again, and driven wild with pleasure, Lucia began to grind her hips back and forth on Hans' enormous cock, shuddering as she brought herself to a state of nearly constant orgasm. In between her cries of ecstasy, Lucia urged both men on, alternately commanding them harder or deeper, and commending them on both their efforts and the sheer hardness of their pulsing members.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed, before biting her lower lip hard enough to draw blood. Unable to restrain herself, she plunged her mouth forward to engulf Petr's cock for the second time, frantically fucking his rigid pole with her face. Within a minute, Petr too passed the point of no return, pulling his cock out and stroking it, aiming for Lucia's sloppy tits. Using her two hands, she pushed them together for him, pinching her nipples as he unleashed a surge of cum onto her chest. Lucia massaged it into her milky white skin and moaned with pleasure. "Ohhhhh Petr, I love your hot cum on my tits." Lucia thrust her mouth forward again, sucking the last drops from the head of his cock, this time leaving Petr soft and drained before he stepped away, nearly falling from the bed as he dismounted.

Now covered in cum, her hair a tangled and soggy mess, Lucia looked directly at John as she asked "Do you want me to eat Hans' big huge cock?"

John nodded his silent assent, giving permission to Lucia to go ahead with her desires. With one last bounce on the monster impaling her, Lucia disengaged herself, his heavy dick falling from her pussy with a wet plop as it landed on his stomach. Between John's juices and her own, as well as more than a little of Hans' own precum, his monstrous meat was slimy and shining with bodily fluids.

Without a moment's delay, Lucia pressed her face into the mess, rubbing her lips and cheeks up and down his length, moaning with desire as she licked at the various juices and groaned with joy at their flavor. Lifting his cock by the base, Lucia slathered his enormous balls with her tongue, and pressed his shaft against her nose. So long was his cock that it reached from her chin to above her forehead, and Lucia locked eyes with John from either side of the thick man missile. Never taking her eyes off him, Lucia slowly slid her tongue up the underside of Hans' cock, sliding it back and forth until she was lashing his thick mushroom head.

Winking at John, she took the head into her mouth, and maintaining eye contact, began her descent. At half way down, she paused for a moment to reset her jaw to allow for Hans' increasing girth. Still working slowly, her nostrils flaring, Lucia pushed still deeper, to 3/4 of the way down his shaft. Her eyes watered with effort as she stifled repeated gags, and began a swallowing motion as his hugely thick cock head rested against the entrance to her throat.

With visible exertion, Lucia screwed her eyes up tightly, and thrust her face downwards with all her strength, force feeding Hans' dick down her throat. The very instant her lips reached the base of his shaft, she pulled back sharply, retching violently on the verge of vomiting. Somehow, she managed to control her gag reflex, and between gasps, spat twice to clear her mouth of the thick, sticky saliva that had accumulated in her throat.

Having proved her point, Lucia went to work on Hans' monster with renewed vigor, gripping it in both hands, and twisting up and down simultaneously as she licked and sucked the head of his cock, bobbing her mouth up and down on the first few inches of it. She deepened her oral thrusts as she felt his balls tighten and heard his breathing increase in tempo.

She locked eyes with John again as she fucked Hans' cock with her mouth and hands, moaning in anticipation as she felt the thick shaft begin to pulsate. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she climaxed simultaneously with Hans, and both felt and tasted his deluge of cum as the first shots coated her tonsils and tongue. Her mouth filled quickly, and she pulled his cock out, quickly closing her mouth to savour the taste of his cum while continuing to stroke his cock, its head held upright against her forehead.

His cum continued to flow as she met John's gaze, reduced to only her right eye as a stream of semen plastered her left shut. Hans' cum continued to pump from his cock for what seemed like minutes, until the entire left half of her face was a mask of translucent cum, here and there gathered in white clumps. With an audible gulp, she swallowed the cum in her mouth, and took his head back in, sucking out the significant remaining drops from his massively flaccid cock. She moaned with joy around the softening head, savoring every little bit of Hans' impressively large load.


The Germans quickly gathered their things, tucking their respective wienerschintzels back into their trousers. John resisted their request to shake, not so much because they were covered in semen and various other liquids, but because he sat calmly on the chair, still stroking his again turgid cock. He nodded to each of them, knowing that his trip to Canada to see Lucia would be paid for a hundred times over because of her incredible performance. She was a cock-obsessed fellatrix, allright, a true slut for the ages.

John mused to himself, as he got up from the chair and strode towards the cum-soaked Lucia, if there was a Slut Hall of Fame, where would it be?

Regardless, as he picked up Lucia by her shoulders and lifted her cum-soaked body to the shower for a cathartic cleansing, Lucia would be in that Hall of Fame. perhaps with a display of her very own. She was every bit as advertised and more. Cock suckers like this were hard to find, worth traveling internationally for, that was for certain.

Lucia felt as if she were going to collapse from the vicious multiple pounding that she had just taken. The scent of four mens' cum and her own dripping cunt permeated the suite. The time for humiliation was past and now she hoped John would have some compassion for her battered body.

As if sensing her needs, realizing she had had enough, John tenderly washed the fluids and sweat and cum from Lucia's magnificent, curvaceous body. It was a body made for fucking, it was true, and Lucia used her natural gifts exceedingly well. But now, John knew, tenderness would go a long way to achieve what was expected of her next.

John leaned down as the cascading water rushed over their bodies and slid his long, talented tongue deep into Lucia's acutely sore slit, using it as a magic elixir to chase away all the pain. Rarely had men been interested in going down on her, and it was a welcome change for Lucia to be the recipient of such lavish oral homage She was on orgasmic auto-pilot now, each flick of John's tongue that rubbed against the bottom of her clit caused her to gush another stream of juice down her saturated thighs.

So grateful was Lucia that she just knew she had to reciprocate. No, that wasn't quite true, either. Lucia craved to reciprocate. She needed John's cock in her mouth once again. She knelt, and taking command, turned John so that his back was flush against the tile wall, and her mouth descended on his big, mature cock once again.

She swallowed John's dick in four huge gulps in her best, "Look, Ma, no hands!" mouth-only technique. John sighed and closed his eyes as her velvety young mouth lapped at his balls while his shaft was still buried in her throat. She was indeed the best cock sucker, out of very many, that he had ever enjoyed. He had chosen wisely.

"Lucia, you will fly back to the States with me tonight. I have a convention tomorrow in New York City, and you will be my assistant. I know you will close many sales, you have a unique ability to persuade men." Lucia gurgled on his meat as it grew even more swollen.

"In fact," John continued in that matter-of-fact tone that Lucia now found hypnotizing, "You will always drop whatever you are doing when I come to visit you or I beckon you and send you a ticket to travel to me. Understood?" Lucia sucked harder. John correctly took that as a 'yes'.

"But we have some more time before our flight." John's words echoed in her ears. The time for tenderness was over. For now.

He grabbed Lucia by her throat and face-fucked her for the next sixty seconds, releasing Lucia only once to gag and briefly capture her breath before resuming the brutal deep-throat assault. Lucia felt John's warm cum splatter against the roof of her mouth as he emitted a might roar.

The unlikely couple climbed out of the shower and John toweled Lucia's nubile curves dry, and they cuddled under the coolness of the downy sheets, dozing off in each other's arms.

She awoke slightly thereafter to find John breathing contentedly in a deep sleep. It was quite a day of surprise packages for Lucia, wasn't it? Four cocks, and a strand of pearls. It was like an X-rated fairy tale, And Lucia had found a man who truly understood her. And he had a great cock. She was his, for whenever and however he wanted her.

And she couldn't wait for tomorrow. The Big Apple would meet Lucia, and it would be historic.

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