tagLoving WivesSurprise Party Pt. 02

Surprise Party Pt. 02


Chapter 5

Three hours later Marla was a wreck, begging the clock to speed up so she could leave, but it stubbornly went at regular speed – or maybe slower, she thought – counting down two more hours before the early departure time Sandy had negotiated for her. Not that she'd been much use in the office so far today. She couldn't concentrate and kept slipping into daydream memories of the previous four days and especially that morning's session in the car.

Her boss Terry, like a typical man, assumed her strange attitude had something to do with being on her period. Well, at least he was right about her pussy being the cause of her distraction. Her co-worker Angie, however, sensed something very different than 'woman troubles' was going on with her officemate. Over the coffee pot in the break room Angie said, "You're as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. But you also look positively radiant. What dirty plans do you and that sexy husband of yours have for this long weekend of yours?"

Marla nearly spit out her coffee, was she that obvious? She blushed and said in an embarrassed whisper. "I'm not entirely sure, but I think Sandy has something pretty special planned." Then she giggled.

Angie laughed. "Well, I expect to hear all about it Monday. Or better yet, I want to see the photos."

"You're so bad," Marla laughed. But remembering the home made video from the previous evening she couldn't help but wonder if Sandy did have a camera in his plans. It had been a long time since she'd felt comfortable enough to do it on camera, but she thought tonight it might be fun to be a porn star.

The two women left the breakroom and headed back to work. As Marla turned the corner she almost dropped her coffee when she saw Sandy leaning in the doorway of the small office she shared with Angie.

"Hey, what's up?" asked Angie as she nearly bumped into the suddenly stopped Marla. Then she saw Sandy and a knowing smile spread across her face. She leaned over Marla's shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Going to take off even sooner than planned?"

Marla's throat was dry and she croaked her response in a mesmerized voice. "I don't think I'm allowed to leave."

"Not allowed to... Ohhh." She leaned in tighter, pressing against Marla's body and her lips brushed the other woman's ear as she whispered in a sexy tone. "Shall I come in the office with you or should I run an errand?"

It took a moment for what she'd said to register in Marla's pre-occupied mind. She looked back at Angie with a question on her face, trying to decide if she was being teased or propositioned. "Errand", she finally replied. "You are bad," she added with a smile.

"Hey, once a slut, always a slut," her friend laughed. Marla's eyes flew open. Then Angie blew a kiss to Sandy, grabbed her jacket and walked out.

Marla walked across the main office floor, aware of the looks she was getting from the secretaries and office assistants scattered among the desks. Was she imagining it or did they look at her like they knew exactly what had been going on in her house – and car – the last few days? What she didn't realize or think about was that a week ago the looks would have made her incredibly nervous, but now she was soaking them in, like a striptease dancer on her way out to the dance floor in front of a horny audience.

When she got to her office door Sandy took her in his arms and gave her a solid kiss – not wet and raunchy, but still longer than was appropriate for the workplace. "Hi, baby," he whispered. "Have you been waiting for me?"

She pulled him inside, closed the door and pushed him back up against it, giving him that wet and raunchy kiss she'd been thinking about. "God, yes, where have you been?"

He laughed. "Patience, my love, patience."

"Patience, my ass," she growled.

"Hmm, I don't know if I'll be able to show much patience when I get there. No, I'm sure your ass is in for a very impatient pounding. A deep, penetrating, impatient pounding that will probably leave your tight asshole very sore."

"I can hardly wait," she purred. "Is that what I'm going to get right now?"

"No, what you're going to get right now is what I promised this morning." He reached down and slid her skirt up around her waist for the third time that day. He stuck a hand between her legs and started massaging her mound through the flimsy lingerie. "So what was Angie saying to you? She looked very mischievous."

"Mischievous, that's a good word for it," Marla laughed. "When it comes to sluttiness I think little Miss Angie may be the real deal."

"What do you mean?"

"I may be slutty, doing nasty things with you, but I have a feeling that Angie would do some of those things with anyone she could, making her a true slut."

"And you're just a phony slut?" Sandy laughed. "Well, I don't know how I feel hanging around with a fake."

"Fake?!" She grabbed his ears and started pulling him straight down. "When it comes to being your slut, I'm very, very real. Now keep your promise. Eat me."

Sandy was laughing as he slid down the door until he was sitting on the floor facing his wife's pretty pussy in its erotic wrapping. He scooted between her legs to get a better angle then attacked her muff with his mouth. She leaned her hands against the door for balance and met his attack, shoving her crotch against his face, gyrating her hips to grind her pussy all over his face. The wetness came quickly and her flower opened to admit his searching, sucking tongue. He lapped up her juices like a honey bee, spreading her nether lips with his fingers so he could get deeper inside her, then work his tongue softly over her exposed clitoris. She was still sensitive there from this morning's rough handling, so even the soft touches had her trembling.

Unfortunately for Marla, Sandy was back in tease mode – no orgasm for her this time. He danced around the clit, but never stayed there long. He mostly took long licks along her vulva, breaking off to kiss and bite the inside of her thighs above her stockings. He held those vulva wide open and pulled his head back a bit so he could watch the opening of her love canal. Then he was back tongue-fucking the wet hole, savoring the copious juices that flowed out. His tongue took some of those juices from her open flower and pushed them back, wiping them on her tight rosebud. Suddenly he slid all the way through her legs and went at her ass from behind. Spreading her butt cheeks he reached forward with his tongue to gather more nectar from the front hole to use to lubricate the back hole. She bent over deeper at the waist to give him better access to her private place. "Oh, yes," she moaned. "Lick. My. Ass. Lick. My. ASS."

On the other side of the door Carla and Beth's mouths dropped open; the two young interns being daring enough to sneak up and try to eavesdrop when the obviously horny couple disappeared inside. They'd been well rewarded for their temerity. Carla looked into Beth's eyes and whispered, "Lick my ass." Beth answered the look and the challenge. "You lick My ass." They then turned away from the door, knowing they were each going to give and get some nasty analingus that night to go with their usual hot cunnilingus. Some of the others in the room asked what they'd heard, but the two secret lovers would only smile and say it was definitely hot, but if the others wanted details they had to be brave enough to listen for themselves. Some thought about it, but none dared.

Meanwhile, on the hot side of the office door, Sandy continued rimming his wife's anus. One hand pulled a tight ass cheek to the side, the other explored her cunt, eventually shoving three fingers up inside the clutching sex hole. Marla bit her lip to keep the moaning down and pushed her ass back against Sandy's face. Even without direct contact with her clit she was building towards an orgasm. But Sandy sensed the building excitement and slowed down his actions, eventually abandoning the horny woman's sexy asshole. She pressed her butt further back at him, wanting more, but he just gave one last kiss to her brown eye and stood up, fingers still buried inside her puss.

He leaned up against her and stuck his tongue in her ear, his breath hot and moist. "How's my baby?" he panted, being incredibly worked up himself.

She was so far gone she could hardly speak coherently. "Fuck m'ass," she pleaded. "Fuck hard, cum."

"Did you like my tongue in your ass, bitch?" he whispered harshly.

"Suck my asshole, you fucker," she barked. "Lick my dirty hole and I'll cum on your nasty face."

"Hmm, you do sound like a real slut." He pulled his fingers out of her dripping cunny and leaning further over her shoulder brought them to his mouth, sucking one between his lips. "Mmm, taste like one too. Here, taste." He presented his pussy-fucking fingers to her and she eagerly sucked them clean of her juices.

"Aren't you going to make me cum again, like this morning?" she begged.

He laughed low in her ear. "No, this morning was to take the edge off, but I don't want to dull the sharpness too much."

"Please..." she began.

"Marla," he said in a sterner tone. She remembered her place and bit her lip.

"That's a good "present"," he said more lightly. "I'll make you a deal. I'm leaving now and I'll give you permission to relieve your "tension", under these conditions. You can masturbate, but only if someone or ones from your office are watching." Marla gasped. "Or you can let one of them finish you off."

"What? What are you saying?" she asked in confusion.

"I thought it was simple," he replied. "You masturbate with an audience or you let one of them suck or fuck you till you cum. Or you wait. Your choice."

The overcharged woman turned around to face the man. "And if I pulled the boy from the mailroom in here and let him fuck me you wouldn't care?"

"Oh, I'd care. I'd care to hear all about it while I fucked you second." Her eyes opened wide. "Real slut or pretend slut?" he said with a smile. He leaned in, held his cheek against hers and whispered in her ear. "Happy Birthday, baby, I love you. I also love that you're mine and I can do whatever I want with you. And part of what I want to do is allow you to do whatever you might want to do to relieve that desperate longing in your loins. A powerful, delicious orgasm – minutes away – or hours away. Your choice." He picked her up in his powerful arms and moved her away from the door. Putting her down he kissed her cheek, said, "Happy Birthday," one more time with a dirty smile on his face, and walked out.

Marla closed the door behind him and half collapsed against it, her mind spinning. "What just happened?" she asked herself. Without thinking, her hand found its way to her crotch, feeling the soaked panties and hair, sliding fingers into her gaping pussy. Pulling out and sliding back between her legs, shoving a finger deep into her recently rimmed butthole while the thumb plunged into her cunny. The digits see-sawed back and forth in the two holes while she replayed the last few minutes in her mind. Her other hand snaked to her clit and started rubbing and Marla was on the brink of orgasm in seconds. Suddenly she stopped, remembering Sandy's commands. "What just happened," she answered herself. "Is that my husband sucked my pussy, sucked my fucking asshole, teased me to the edge of cumming and then left. And by the way, said it was okay for someone else to fuck his present." His slave, she thought. That's it, he's making me his sex slave. Well, I don't have to be a slave or a slut for him. With that thought her fingers moved back to her clit and began rubbing again. But only for a few seconds. She wasn't allowed to cum this way, another part of her mind said. The master would know if she cheated, then maybe he wouldn't play with her anymore. She flashed back on all the increasingly dominating things Sandy had done with her and realized that he had made her a sex slave. She also realized she only wanted it to continue, she wanted to do whatever her nasty master required. The admission of submission set off more trembling in her pussy, almost a mental orgasm. God, she wanted to come. How much longer before she was done with work? She looked at the clock, still 1 hour 40 minutes. My God, she thought, all that only took 20 minutes? How could she last?

Her mind was still confused, but the need to pee made it through. She adjusted her clothing and hair, took a deep breath and walked out. Heads that had been staring at her door snapped away, knowing smiles in place. She felt a rush of embarrassment and between that and the throbbing in her crotch she had to concentrate hard to make the short walk to the ladies' room without stumbling. Inside she went into a stall and relieved herself, trying to get her breathing back to normal as she sat. Coming out to wash her hands she found Beth standing at the other sink. Marla took a quick look in the mirror – flushed, but her hair and makeup were still pretty much in place. She washed her hands and patted her face with water.

"You doing okay?" the college girl asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah, fine, thanks," the older woman stammered out.

"Not to be nosy or anything, but that was your husband I saw before, wasn't it?"

"Wha? Oh yeah, my husband... Sandy."

"Hmm, he's pretty hot, if you don't mind my saying so."

Marla looked at the girl's reflection in the mirror. The blonde had a strange look on her face, 'a look of passion' flashed in Marla's mind.

"Why yes, I guess he is...mm, thanks?

"Of course you're pretty damned hot too," the intern added in a husky voice. "I can just imagine the two of you in a magazine." She didn't add that the magazine she was thinking of usually had the woman in leather and the man tied up or the other way around.

"Um, well, thank you." Marla hurriedly grabbed a paper towel, barely drying her hands before turning to leave. "Well, see you..."

"Maybe some time after work?"

"Uh, sure, a drink...or something," she mumbled, rushing out of the toilet and back to the semi-privacy of her office.

She sat down in her chair and grabbed the edge of the desk for stability. Again she was left wondering what had just happened. Had that girl really been hitting on her or was Marla's imagination in overdrive because of Sandy's teasing? She took a drink from a bottle of water on her desk and thought back over the episode in the Ladies'. Actually, she'd kind of suspected something was going on between Beth and Carla and this would go with that suspicion. So, the pretty young things that all the guys in the office were drooling over were lesbians. Or bi-? She had seemed interested in Sandy too. Either way the girl was pretty brazen to hit on her like that. "So brazen that she might come in here and eat you right now if you asked her too," a devil in her head said. "Suck or fuck, Sandy said." The thought of the hot little co-ed with her head between Marla's thighs sent another strong quiver through the woman's core. "What am I thinking of?" she asked herself.

Just then Angie came through the door. "I don't know, what are you thinking of?"

"What? Oh...um...I..."

"That's alright, calm down. Was my 'errand' long enough?" she asked with an evil wink. "Though I have to admit I was tempted to come back earlier and hopefully catch you in the act."

Marla blushed and took another swig of water.

"That's okay, my hat's off to you for having the guts to get a quickie right here in the office."

"Angie." Marla protested.

"Are you saying you didn't do it?" her friend asked dubiously.

"No, no, we didn't," the flustered woman insisted. 'Not because I didn't want to,' she added to herself.

Angie walked up to the other side of Marla's desk and a strange look came into her eyes. Then she lifted her nose as if sniffing the air like a bloodhound on the trail. "Hmm," she mused. "I definitely smell pussy." She inhaled deeply. "But not sperm. You mean he pleasured you without getting off too? What a guy, why can't I find a guy like that – maybe I'd get married too."

"Angie, please..."

"Oh, now you're shy, eh?" The mischievous woman put her hands on the desk and leaned over, bringing her face even with Marla's. "I smell pussy. Hot, dripping, juicy, sweet pussy. Mmm mmm, I can almost taste it."

Marla stared hypnotized as the other woman's tongue made a slow circle around her full lips. 'She would eat me too,' Marla thought in an amazed, but horny, mental voice. 'She and Beth would both lick me, taking turns until I exploded with this orgasm that's burning inside of me.' Underneath the desk her thighs unconsciously spread open and her pussy started flowing again.

Then the door swung open and Marla looked up, half-expecting to see the college intern standing there, beckoned by the scent of her sex. Instead it was Terry and the spell was abruptly broken. Marla snapped her knees together so hard it hurt and she grunted in pain. Angie laughed, blew her a kiss, then turned around to see what the boss wanted.

He explained some changes he wanted in their latest project, Marla not hearing any of it. After 15 minutes he finally realized the woman wasn't tuned it at all and asked, "Are you okay, Marla?"

"What?" she asked, pulling her gaze away from the clock for the 7th time. "Oh, I'm fine, Terry. Just not feeling myself, I guess," she ended lamely.

"Well I'd hate to see you not feeling well over your birthday weekend. Why don't you go ahead and take off now?"

"Really? Oh, that's great!" she answered way too enthusiastically. "I mean, I really appreciate the day off and everything and..."

"Alright, alright, go ahead, get out of here. Happy Birthday, Marla."

"Thanks, Terry, you're the best." She grabbed her handbag and jacket and headed out the door; not knowing what new adventures her husband/master had planned for her, but not wanting to wait any longer to find out.

Chapter 6

As soon as she was in her car she was punching numbers into her cell phone. Sandy picked up on the first ring, almost as if he'd been expecting her call.

"Hey, baby," he cooed. "Calling to tell me how you got your rocks off?"

"For your information my rocks are still very much on. But Terry did let me leave early. I'm in my car now and ready to deliver these rocks to you right now."

Sandy laughed. "Patience won out over passion, huh? I thought you might cheat."

"No, I didn't cheat, you meany. I can't believe you left me hanging like that."

"I told you it was okay for you to finish, it's not my fault if you didn't."

"Well, since you're so eager for me to cheat on you you'll be happy to know I had two offers to finish your work for you," Marla said, a little smugly.

"It's not cheating if I know about it and say it's okay," he replied. "Tell me about the offers. Was it Terry?"

Marla laughed, "Terry? He thought I was ill, not looking for sex. Angie, on the other hand..."


"What did I tell you before? There's your real slut."

Sandy egged her on, "And who was the other?"

"That little blonde bimbo, Beth. She told me she thought we were both hot."

"Well, well, young Miss Beth. Well, she was right."

"Right about what?" Marla demanded.

"You are hot," her husband declared. "In fact, you're so hot I bet your pussy is still melted. Put your hand on your pussy and tell me, wet or dry?"

The woman automatically did as she was told. He was right of course, her bush and panties were still soaking wet. "Wet," she breathed.

"So wet a finger will slide right inside?"

"Unh," she moaned as she followed his unspoken command. "Right inside."

"And the second one just as easily?"

"Oh, yeah. I wish it was your cock."

"Well, let's get it a little closer – put in a third finger. Now the fourth."

"Uh, uh, uh," Marla grunted as she forced all four fingers into her slippery love hole and starting pumping them in and out.

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