Surprise Seduction


I spoke up, "Hey, what are you guys doing tonight?"

"Nothing, really," answered Mike.

I looked at Mary Kay and then to the couple. "We were just going to go in the small Jacuzzi near our room after dinner, do you want to come?"

Mike smiled and shrugged. "I'm cool. Jess, you in?"

Jessica looked at us and smiled a bit shyly. "Sure. Now? Okay, let's go get our suits."

We all stood up and walked out together. I was definitely feeling the wine, and I could tell my wife was feeling good and relaxed after a couple glasses of red. Mike and Jess had had just as many as we had, so I guessed they were feeling about the same.

We stopped by the outdoor bar and picked up two pitchers of the resort's rum punch to drink in the Jacuzzi, then continued towards our rooms. We found that our rooms were right next to each other at ground level in our little building, facing the Jacuzzi, which was surrounded by a low wall with tropical landscaping and several big palm trees, so we walked all the way to our rooms together. As we did, I couldn't help noticing Jess's figure. Her hips were wide and her ass was what many men would consider big but I liked, and she had just a hint of tummy under her sheer dress. As we walked behind her I got a good look at her ass moving, and as I looked at her delicious butt I could clearly see her dark underwear through her sheer red dress. I realized that there was a big printed word printed on them, in what looked like sequins. It took me a moment, and then I figured it out... it said, 'luscious.' My heart beat a little faster, and I felt a tingling stirring in my cock. Jessica had dressed this way deliberately, and wanted to be looked at, given her choice of dress and underwear. She even knew I was walking behind her and probably looking at her ass... women knew damn well when underwear showed through the fabric of their clothes. And we were about to be getting in a Jacuzzi with her and her husband. Tonight, I thought to myself, was looking really promising. Don't get me wrong, my wife is everything I've ever wanted in a woman, and I don't want anyone else... but just because you own one work of art it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy looking at others.

We got to our rooms, and I said, "We'll meet you there in 5, okay?"

"Okay, cool," said Mike.

Mary Kay and I got back to our room and I shut the door behind us. As soon as I had closed the door she asked, "Did you see her underwear?"

I laughed as I dug my swim trunks out. "Yeah, like you had to ask. You noticed that, too, huh?

She nodded, "Hard to miss. What did they say?"

"Luscious." I answered. "I could see you wearing those."

My wife had kicked off her shoes and was getting out of her dress, revealing lacy back bra and panties. She didn't look at me. "I wore my sexy underwear for you... I guess you didn't want to see them after all."

Uh oh. I answered quickly. "I do! Don't you think I don't. Not only do I want to see you in them, but I want to get you out of them... very, very slowly." I grinned, hoping that she wasn't pissed that I had switched plans for us. "You seemed to be having a really nice time talking to Jess, and we had talked about going in the Jacuzzi before we came back to our room for the night, so I thought that inviting those guys would be okay. And I definitely have plans for you later."

My wife turned around, having hung up her dress. She looked amused, not pissed. Whew. "I know. I just wanted to see what you'd say." She unhooked her bra, revealing her large breasts. "I saw you checking her out."

"Yeah. Was it that obvious?"

"I noticed, I'm not sure they did." She paused. "Besides, I was checking her out, too. With that dress she was wearing, it was hard not to, when she's sitting down you can look right down it and she's not wearing a bra." She stepped out of her panties, and walked over to get her suit.

I had pulled my trunks on, and watched as my wife put on a sexy one-piece that cut really deep and showed off her ample breasts. Despite it being a one-piece, it was the most revealing of the several suits she had brought. I took this as a good sign. "Are you trying to one-up her?" I said, nodding towards her cleavage as she adjusted the straps.

She looked me in the eye, and answered, "Yep. I'll give you something else to look at besides her."

I was a bit surprised... that's not something she'd usually say. Tonight was looking more and more interesting. "Well all right," I said. "It's going to be a good night." I walked up to her and pulled her into my arms. She looked up at me as I said, "You know you're the only woman I want, baby. And I mean that with all my heart. I may look at other women, but you're the only one I want to spend my life with. You understand that, right?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I know men are different, and I don't even mind you looking that much... I can't blame you. But sometimes I feel a bit insecure."

"You shouldn't." I said. "This is vacation, and the people we meet here we'll never see again. I guess it's a 'what happens at the resort stays at the resort' kind of thing." I smiled at her and looked into her eyes. "It wouldn't bother me if you looked at another guy... like you look at Eric from True Blood." Her eyes widened, and now I was grinning. "I see you look at him, and it doesn't bother me at all. I'll never look like him, and I know you love me. But I know he turns you on." I shrugged. "Hell, if I were a woman he'd turn me on." I had a thought, "How would you feel if it were Eric getting into the hot tub with us instead of Mike and Jess... and he thought you were hot."

She looked at me with a look I didn't think I'd seen before. I think I liked it. She bit her lip for a second then answered. "I wouldn't kick him out."

"How about if he wanted to see you naked," I ventured, "and I was okay with it."

She actually looked conflicted for a moment, and I could tell she was considering not answering my question. Then said, "I don't know... maybe."

"Liar." I said. "You'd be shy for about 1.5 seconds, then you'd be standing up and sliding your suit right off." She stared at me as I looked down at her in our embrace. I spoke in a more commanding voice. "Wouldn't you?"

She bit her lip for another second, then I could her expression change to a 'what the fuck" look. "Yeah. I'd be embarrassed, but I'd do it, but only for him. I'm not as skinny as I used to be, though."

"Yeah, but imagine he doesn't care. Imagine he looks at you the same way I do: he thinks you're really sexy, likes you exactly the way you look now, and he wants you. Imagine he made you completely forget about the things you don't like about your body." I paused. "Imagine he wanted to fuck you." I kept eye contact. "Would you do it? Would you do it if, just this once, in this time and place only, I wanted you to do it?"

"I couldn't." she answered.

"But would you want to? I'm confident enough about myself and my ability to satisfy you and keep you that I know you wouldn't leave me, and that it would just be sex. Let's say he's got someone with him, too, and his wife doesn't mind... she wants him to do it with you while we watch. Imagine... you're completely nude, and he's looking at you with lust in his eyes. He rises up from the Jacuzzi, water and bubbles streaming down his chest and defined muscles. As he stands, you realize he's not wearing a suit... and his cock is big and hard and sticking straight up from looking at you. He approaches you, and puts his hands on you, and starts to kiss you...and you look at me, and I look amused, not offended, and nod at you." I paused and looked at her. "Would you do it then?"

"It'd be hard, I'd feel like I'm cheating..." she trailed off. "But yeah, I'm not sure I could resist if you wanted me to do it." Then her eyes refocused and she looked at me. "But that's not ever going to happen."

I smiled. "I know, but you see how I'd see it at just sex, not cheating."

"I don't know... this would never happen, but yeah, maybe in that one situation I might do it." She turned it around in her head for a moment. "I was about to say that I don't think I'd want you to do it with someone else though if our roles were reversed... but if there was a woman like Eric that you wanted and it made you happy, I'd be okay with it. As long as it was only once and it was just sex."

She paused again. "I can't believe I just said that."

I nodded and released her from my embrace. "Yeah. Well, the point is moot... we're not swingers and it's not going to happen... but it's fun to talk about. But we should probably get out there, it's been five minutes. And I want to see what Jessica has in store for us.

"Yeah," my wife answered. "I'm more than a little curious, too."

We grabbed our pitcher of drinks and headed out.


Mike and Jess weren't there yet ---nor were any other guests.

We set our pitcher of drinks on a nearby table, and grabbed two towels and put them on two chairs. I poured my wife a drink, and handed it to her, then poured one for myself and we both eased ourselves into the hot, bubbling water.

We had just gotten settled and each taken a sip or two of our drinks when Mike and Jess appeared through the gate.

I think my heart actually skipped a beat... and maybe Mary Kay's did too.

Jessica led the way in, with Mike behind her carrying their pitcher and cups. She wore a dark blue bikini with big white polka dots, and the edges were lined with rolled fabric that continued as strings that tied on both hips and behind her neck and back. The effect was stunning. Even more stunning was her figure and unblemished, perfect skin. Her hips were unusually wide, and her tummy was soft and smooth and stuck out just a bit. She had a clearly defined waist that ended a couple inches above her navel, and her hips rose high. Her breasts were full in her bikini... not as large as my wife's, but not small by any means. The width of her hips made them look a bit smaller proportionately, I thought. But all-in-all, she looked exactly like I thought all women should look, and not unlike my wife, though their shapes and proportions were very different: there was nothing the least bit boyish about this gal.

We said hello to each other as they approached us, and Mike stopped to put their pitcher on another table. Jess continued to walk towards us, and she took her time doing so, inviting us to take a good look at her. Her bikini accented her figure, and I really liked that. A lot of women would try to cover up that figure, but I liked that Jess "owned" what God had given her, and she took her time on her way to the water. As she got to the Jacuzzi she went to the ladder, and turned around with her back to us, saying something to Mike. This gave me a fantastic view of her ass, and I was impressed. I've always been an ass man, and she was built to order. The backside of her bikini was actually cut so that it followed the curve from just barely above the top of her ass crack to the top of her hips, like two wings. The rise of her hips was particularly high, meeting her waist high up, but in my opinion very attractively. The bottoms were cut so that the bottom of her ass cheeks were complete exposed where the cheeks met the thighs. As she stepped down into the water backwards, slightly bent over as she used the ladder, her ass was on perfect display, and I realized just how much there was of it... and how much it turned me on. I felt a thrill in my cock. I tried to think of other words besides, "huge," and "pear-shaped," and failed. That's exactly what she had, but she wasn't fat at all... she was just stacked and blessed with amazing curves.

She was giving us a nice, long, view, I realized. I was staring, and looked almost --but not quite-- apologetically at my wife, who I think was staring herself.

Mike came with her drink, and they eased themselves into the tub. I sat with my arm around my wife, and Mike and Jessica sat a little apart from each other. We chatted amiably about nothing, and continued to sip our drink, which were delicious, a blended mix of several fresh tropical fruits and rum. We had the Jacuzzi to ourselves, and at some point we had each finished our pitchers and a waiter had come back and replenished them once, perhaps twice. We had lost count, laughing and talking. Underneath the bubbles of the water, one of my wife's hands would occasionally sneak down to my crotch, and she would gently rub and squeeze my hardening cock through my trunks.

Over time, as things do with adults, the conversation topic started edging towards sex. Despite what I thought was Jess' obvious flaunting of her body in front of us, at first they both seemed a bit reserved about talking about sex when it came up... perhaps it was partially their being young, but also where they came from, a more conservative Christian part of the country where 'nice' folks didn't talk about such things... but teasing was okay but everyone pretended that's not what it was. They definitely seemed interested and not offended by the increasingly sexual topics we were talking about though, but didn't jump right in on the topics as they came up. When I get comfortable with people, I tend to be out there and speak openly, so as we talked I didn't hesitate to touch obliquely on things around sex and what we liked to do, and they seemed to get more comfortable with talking about such things as we spent more time together and as the drinks flowed.

The topic had moved over to women's shoes and what they had seen one woman wearing at dinner, and my wife looked over at me and asked deadpan, "What would you do if I came home with a six hundred dollar pair of shoes?"

I shot right back, "I'd spank you for that, but that wouldn't deter you... actually, if I threatened to spank you you'd be more likely to buy them." My wife gave me a saucy look, and answered, "Probably."

I was surprised and pleased my wife had run with it... we'd never really talked explicitly about what we do in the bedroom in front of anyone before. Grinning, I looked from my wife to Mike and Jess to see their reaction. They didn't seem too taken aback or offended, but Jess was looking at her drink, and Mike was sitting there quietly. Hum, okay, they didn't latch on to that, so that must be a bit wild to them. I decided to pretend to deliberately misunderstand their silence to keep it going... this was getting interesting. "Don't worry guys, I don't actually spank Mary Kay... well, not to punish her." I put a look on my face like I was worried they thought I was abusive to my wife, and said, "Um, I mean, well, I guess can say this since we probably won't all ever see each other again after this vacation, but what I mean is that sometimes I do, but it's for fun. You know, it's just part of the game sometimes, like with a blindfold and furry handcuffs and stuff like that. It's fun." I tilted my head, and asked, "I guess you guys have never done anything like that?"

Mike didn't seem to know how to answer. "Uh, no..." He looked at Jess, who shook her head, but not unkindly. "We're not that adventurous."

"Oh... well you should be, it's a blast." I said conspiratorially, as if I was embarrassed, but with deliberate enthusiasm sneaking in at the end. I explained further: "For a couple hours in the bedroom, you pretend to be what you secretly want to be, but would never be in real life." I nodded over at Mary Kay. "In normal life, we have a relationship of equals, and Mary Kay carries just as much load as I do, if not more. But doing a fantasy in the bedroom, I'm in charge, and she likes that." I looked at my wife, who looked back at me with no reaction. I had never really said this so directly to her, either. "In the bedroom, Mary Kay likes it when I take command and tell her what to do. I might pleasure her, or punish her, depending on what I feel like doing. And I love doing that to her, because she gets so into it." I paused, then said, "In a lot of ways, it gives someone permission to do what they'd really like to do. I saw someone call it 'permission to be a slut,' in an article I read online once, because it's sort of liked you're being forced to do it, so it's not really you, and that actually gives you the freedom to let loose."

I looked over at Mike and Jessica, to see if I'd gone too far.

On the contrary, I had their complete attention. I smiled at Jess. "Besides, you guys seem pretty adventurous to me." I decided to roll the dice one more time. "You're pretty daring in the bikini you're wearing."

Jess smiled, and seemed a bit embarrassed. "Mike picked this out for me. It's pretty revealing, isn't it?" Her demeanor changed just a bit... she was hoping to hear a certain answer.

"Oh yeah. But you look fucking hot in it." I looked over to Mike, and smiled at him. "Seems to me that your fantasy is to have people drooling over your wife."

Mike's reaction was the strongest we'd seen all night... he started to stammer. "Oh, no, it's not that, I just like how she looks..." He trailed off, helplessly, and his protests made it clear somehow that having people look at his wife was exactly what he wanted.

"Did he pick out what you were wearing at dinner, too?" Mary Kay asked.

Jess nodded, looking at Mike. Her expression was poker-faced, but there was just a hint of something else. Satisfaction, maybe.

"Seems we've got a hint of what Mike's fantasy is." I said, "He wants every guy in the room to want to tear Jess' clothes off." We all laughed, except for Mike. "How about you, Jess? He may have picked your clothes, but you're the one wearing them... do you get a kick out of wearing clothes that show of your hot bod?" I deliberately made the description of her body a bit lighthearted to try to make her comfortable answering.

She hesitated, embarrassed, and I stuck in, "Hey, it's not like we're going to see you guys again. If you can't be honest here, then when can you be?"

Jess looked at me and Mary Kay, then looked down and admitted, "Sure... I like the attention."

My wife spoke up. "Who doesn't?" Jess looked up and Mary Kay smiled. "That's why I wear low-cut stuff, it shows off my best assets." She looked at Jess. "I'll bet you've had guys looking at you all week if you've been dressing like that all week. I'll bet you've worn lots of revealing stuff since you've been here, and you've caught the guys looking at you. Did you wear that bikini on the beach? I'll bet you had guys walking into palm trees."

Jess grinned like she had been caught, and laughed. "Yeah, we've been out on the beach or at the pool a lot the last two days and I've been wearing tiny swimsuits. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but yes, I've had lots of guys staring at me. Yesterday, one guy..."

I turned out that Jess knew exactly what she looked like, and enjoyed teasing the guys and getting the attention... but she obviously hadn't admitted it before. Too bad for Mike. Mike was spellbound hearing her talk about guys looking at her, and while her descriptions were PG-rated, she had really warmed up to talking about it and, I thought, the reaction it was having on Mike. It seemed they just didn't talk about sex stuff, and her flaunting herself and liking was something she had never admitted to Mike before. There was an interesting dynamic here.

And boy, Mary Kay had known exactly what to say to get her talking about a sex-related area she was comfortable talking about. God, I love my wife.

As Jess talked about guys she'd been showing off for, I moved my hand underwater over Mary Kay's thigh to between her legs. Jess actually had quite a few stories, and soon was telling us about another guy by the pool who had actually changed the direction he was walking so he could walk behind her as she went back to her room. As she spoke, my wife had parted her legs for me, and I was rubbing the slit of her pussy through the fabric of her suit bottom. When she finished, my wife said, "Yeah, everyone likes to look, or be looked at." "It's true," I agreed. I took another risk. "Imagine if you left the curtains to your room open while you were changing and that guy was walking by. You'd give him a heart attack." Jess laughed, as did Mary Kay and I.

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