tagFetishSurprise Surprise Ch. 4

Surprise Surprise Ch. 4


It was now Thanksgiving, and Anna was preparing a Thanksgiving dinner unlike I have ever seen before. Anna had begun to sell some of the needle work, and sewing projects she had made since I brought her to America. We had fun times going to the County Fair in September where Anna won a blue ribbon for her quilting project, and decorating the house for Halloween. But Thanksgiving was beginning to worry me, my family knew of Anna, she answered the phone when they called sometimes, but they had never meet her face to face. Anna actually asked if I wanted her to go to a motel for the two nights my grandfather, mother, and sister would be staying at the house. I told her no.

"Anna, the will meet you sooner or later. And if they have a problems with you then they have a problem with me."

Anna almost cried when I told I didn't want her go to a motel. To the few friends we had over all once and awhile, all thought Anna was a girl. Not one guy had ever thought anything other then Anna is fine! I had actually had many of them want me to take naked pictures to show them, but I never did. Anna did once during the summer flash her tits to a few guys that were over playing cards, while she was out cleaning to pool. But they never stayed the night, never were around Anna for two full days. I personally think Anna looks like a girl, but could it be my love for Anna makes me see her in a different light. If there were one time of the day that Anna didn't look like a girl I'd have to say it would be first thing in the morning before her shower and make-up, which she uses very little but, first thing in the morning, I'd still say she didn't look like guy, dressed in women's clothes.

Wednesday arrived and my family got there right about noon. Anna had made up a small platter of cheeses, veggies, and meats, along with some dips and sauces. I opened the door and Anna stood in the dinning area looking to face the family. First one in was my sister, she's young only 16, she came in passing me with only a "Hey" and went straight to the den and began to change channels, as if she didn't even see Anna. Although after second of channel surfing, I did hear a "Hi, Anna!" come from the den.

Anna had come to stand next to me as next my grandfather came up the walk, griping about the ride, and my mother driving being too fast. When he finally, looked up and saw Anna and I standing in the door, he smiled and gave Anna a little wink.

"Well Eric, you finally pick a good one!"

Pop, my grandfather, hugged me and then Anna. Anna helped him in and sat him on the couch, taking a set next to him. I walked down the walk to the drive way here my mother was pulling duffle bags out of the trunk of her car.

"Eric, come here and help me."

I walked to the trunk and began to grab bags as well, when my arms were full, my mother pick up her purse off the ground where she had sat it and started toward the house. That's when I noticed I was carrying all the bags, and mother only had her purse. She began to tell me of the drive down, of how, "Pop only bitched the whole way about Katie's new boyfriend, and the speed I was diving and this and that."

"Well, I hope it wasn't too bad."

I called to my mother as she enter the house and turn toward where Anna and my Pop where setting. I stepped up my pace and held my breath as I entered the door. Mother had already dropped her purse in the recliner and made it over to give Anna and gave her a big hug.

"See Glenna I told he had found a gem!"

My mother stood back and began to look over. She noted Anna's implants right away, but didn't say anything. She then walked over to the table of food and began to sample the delicacies, Anna had prepared. As mother approached the table she whispered to me, "Nice tits." Thankfully Anna didn't hear her or notice, she was to busy telling my Pop of how she and I meet in Mexico.

Katie had tired of the cable TV, and now enter the living room from the den. She too went straight for the table of food, and began to pick at things.

"MMMM, Anna these cheeses, are great."

My mother said as she gave me a nod of happiness. Katie too began to tell Anna of the greatness, of her Ranch dress with the mini carrots.

"Yeah, Anna this carrots are sooo sweet."

"Well then,"

I said as I clapped my hands and made it to set in my recliner.

"let's set and visit."

Anna rose from her spot on the couch and moved to set on my lap in the recliner. My mother took a set next to Pop and handed him a small plate of meats, and cheeses. And my sister took the window bay set opposite Anna and I. Katie voiced up first.

"Well got a new boyfriend, named John. Pop hates him. The other night he was over and we were in the den and Pop came in and had to set next to fire, "He was cold."

Pop sat up a little and began the defense.

"That boy just ain't right! He's got ring in his eyebrows, and wears silly looking T-shirts with skaters on it. And he smells!"

My mother saw back listening to the banter, and was looking Anna over even more closely. I feared that she might be seeing things on Anna I did not. Anna always kept her face and legs very smooth and used herds and plants to make a cream she rubbed on her face and legs every so often to kill the hairs that might try to come up. I never felt stubbly of any kind on her but maybe around her cock, which she tried to keep trimmed and shaved back neatly.

The day pasted in to evening, and Anna had suggested we order a pizza, so she could keep cooking the turkey and side dishes. We ate pizza and talked about my work and about the side business I was trying to get up off the ground. At about 7:00 pm Anna, my mother, Pop and I started playing Gin. After about three games, Anna and I losing two outta three, Pop decided to go to bed. He was taking the front guest room furthest away our room, Anna and I's. Mother took the room across the hall from us and Katie opted to sleep on the sleeper couch in the den. I warned Katie not to use the phone calling long distance, as Anna checked on the turkey one last time before bed.

I was in the master bathroom, brushing my teeth and Anna closed the bedroom door and came into the bathroom with me. She lowered her sweats and sat down on the toilet to piss, odd thing Anna never ever to my knowledge ever stood and peed she always sat I guess to keep up the feeling of being a woman. After pissing Anna, started the shower, warming up the bathroom quickly. I finished my teeth and turn to leave as Anna began to undress for her shower.

I climbed in bed, tired from the stress, of my family's reaction to Anna. I laid there with the lights down low, and began to watch TV it was about 9:30pm and I was use to watching a little TV before the real fun began. After about twenty minutes, I heard the shower turn off and already my cock began to awaken from it's sleep. Anna and I never wore clothes when sleeping unless it was very cold which it never was. My Pop even commented about it being so warm in the house. But Anna and I almost never wore clothes around the house unless we we're expecting guests, so when winter arrived , we began to keep the heater up high to stay warm.

Anna opened the door and began to move toward the bed. She moved around to her side of the bed and began to get in bed. After she settled in bed she grabbed her book from the bed side nightstand, and began to read some. Something she usually did after sex.

"Did you forget something Baby?"

Anna turn to look at me with puzzlement on her face. Lowering her book, she began to ask me in a baffled voice.

"What do you Eric? Your parents are here, if we have sex we're are so loud they hear us."

My mouth dropped open in surprise, this is the girl who has, wanted sex in a bathroom at a restaurant we go to. Anna and I had actually had sex in graveyard, which is another story entirely. Anna continued to look at me. Anna had never denied me sex. This was not something I liked.

"Come on baby…"

I moved closer to Anna and began to kiss her neck as I reached down and began to softly squeeze and fondle her limp cock.

"We'll be quite Anna. No one will hear."

The kisses and fondling began to awaken she cock too. After only a few seconds Anna was putting the bookmark in her copy of 'The Diary of Ellen Rimbaur", she loved Stephen King. As soon as the book hit the nightstand Anna began to move into a 69 position. After having tasted her cum months before, we had gotten into the habit of sucking each other to really get us going. Anna said it helped her relax her butt hole for the dick that would soon be in it.

I felt the head of my dick being licked by Anna and began to suck on her's, licking it like a lollipop. Anna stopped for a second and rose enough to see me sucking her cock. Anna whispered down to me as I tried my best to engulf her fully.

"Let's play 'Follow the Leader'

Anna had told me about a game where one person, does the same thing the other is doing to them. Anna began to lick the head of my cock again, in turn I began to lick hers. After a few seconds of licking she began to suck my cock in and out of her mouth, bobbing at a slow speed, I too began to suck, bobbing slowly with her rhythm. After about two or three minutes I was beginning to taste Anna's precum, as I'm sure she was beginning to taste mine. Anna then deep throated me, I could feel her nose touching my balls. Anna loved to do this to me, I had never been able to hold her in my throat all the way in for only a second or two before gagged. I took as much as I could and still had about an inch or an inch and half to go. I could feel Anna holding me in her throat, trying to swallow it further down . I slowly took the last little bit of Anna's cock. I loved the feeling of it that deep in my throat, but as I tried to do the swallowing action like Anna was doing, I began to chock and pulled off quickly. Anna slowly removed my cock from her throat and giggled.

"You never can do it, can you Eric? It's okay."

The look in her eyes always told me it was okay, that I couldn't deep throat with her skill. Anna's head was at the foot of the bed but she moved back up to lay next to me. I knew she wanted it face to face. I got up and moved to the foot of the bed, Anna was already moving her butt in to position only barely letting her ass hang off the foot of the bed. I lowered myself into a position where I could get my cock head snug in her butt hole's out ring. I could feel Anna relaxing even more, I began to push into her, I began slowly and Anna look up at me lick her lips tempting me with kisses. I lend in more and began to kiss her tits, lick and circling her nipples with my tongue. I could feel Anna stroking her cock slowly moving it in a position so I could lean in more and kiss her lips. I was at a good speed sliding in and out of her shit hole at a steady pace. I leaned in more and began to lick and suck on her lips. I could feel her cock firmly between my belly and her's. I kissed her deeply and began to pump her butt hole harder and faster. Anna pulled her mouth away and whispered in my ear in a heavy panting voice.

"Fuck me, Eric. Mucho Poppi! Mucho!!"

I had picked up some Spanish from Anna and I having sex. I knew she wanted more harder and faster. I leaned back so I could look at Anna melons bounce up and down. Her cock still nicely place between us. Anna reached up and grabbed my pillow and covered her face with it, I could hear her muffled screams and moaning but I knew it was enough that my family wouldn't know a thing. After a few seconds, I felt the hot liquid squirt all over my belly and Anna's. She shuddered violently and began to jerk in spasms.

I pulled out and Anna removed to pillow to look at me, her smile told me it was a big orgasim. Cum ran down my belly and Anna got on her knees quickly and began to lick up her cum and wipe the cum off her belly with her hand, after a quick cleaning on my belly and stood and licked the cum off her hand. I grabbed her head and began to kiss her deeply, she had swallowed some of the cum but left some for me to taste. I dropped to my knees and licked her belly clean and sucked what was left in her cock out.

Anna moaned with pleasure.

"How do you want it Poppi?"

I thought for a second, doggie was my favorite, but stood again and whispered in her ear.

"I want you to suck me off."

Anna pulled back and smiled a devilish smile.

"Okay Poppi, standing up or on the bed?"

"It's up to you baby if you knees can handle it, really either is okay."

Anna motioned toward the bed. I laid down on my back setting up enough that I could watch her work. She started slowly licking and sucking a little teasing me with her loving mouth.

"You like my cum Poppi? You like licking me clean Poppi?"

I nodded my yes and began to lay my head back, as Anna began the deep throating. As I felt my dick sliding past her tonsils, I began to moan softly. Then the point of pleasure was reached, I could feel the swallowing of her throat begin, after about a minute or so, I asked her in a grunting tone.

"Baby I'm close,…You,…you ready?"

Anna head only lightly nodded but the feeling was more then enough, I felt the cum shooting outta my cock, painting her throat white with my cum. Anna began to swallow even hared, and sucking hard and swallowing the load I put down her throat.

Anna rose off my dick only after I was completely done, and drained. Anna rose up and crawled up on me laying face to face. We kissed passionately. Anna rose and went to bathroom to get a warm wash cloth. She return and washed my belly clean then washed herself. Throwing the wash cloth back into the bathroom on to the floor she climbed into bed with me and rolled over to present her ass to my cock.

I reached over and pulled the chain on the lamp on the nightstand behind me, and snuggled up to Anna ass, She lifted her right cheek, and I laid my limp cock between her butt cheeks and reached around to hold her limp cock. Sleep came quick, only laying there about ten minutes, and I was out.

The next day went well, Anna serviced the dinner and everyone enjoyed it greatly, that night we all sat and played cards once again. This time I partnered with my Pop and Anna partnered with my mother. The night past into sex and sex pasted into morning again.

We all rose early, and ate a nice big breakfast. My Pop was already beginning to say that they should head home. Anna asked them to stay another night, but my Pop just wouldn't hear of it. So around 11:00 am Anna, and I began to help my mother and sister start putting things in the car and Anna made then up a nice plate of food to take home.

Everyone went to the restroom and Anna helped my Pop out to the car and Katie got buckled in the back set. My mother approach me and in my ear whispered.

"Anna is very sweet, but I guess I'll have to look to Katie to give me grandchildren."

I was shocked, I could feel the blood drop outta my face as I turned to look at my mother. She smiled and nodded.

"I knew the moment I saw her."

I stuttered a meek reply.

"How did, …how did you know?"

My mother stepped out the front door as I followed she, put on her sunglasses and said.

"A mother always knows. But don't worry your Pop, well go to his grave think you've found the one."

She open the car and Anna had started walking back toward me, mother lowered her glasses enough to look over the top and said.

"Eric she is the one for you."

With that she got in the car, backed-up, and drove away.

Anna began to walk back into the house, and turned when she knew I wasn't following her.

"What's wrong Poppi?"

I turn to look at her and all I could do was shake my head from side to side slowly.

I began to walk up to Anna and she put her arm around me and helped me inside. We sat on the couch next to each other, and Anna became very worried.

"Poppi, what's wrong?"

I looked at her with shocked eyes and all I could manage to say was.

"She knew. She said she knew the moment she laid eyes on you."

Anna too took on the shocked look, and began to ask how.

"I don't know. All she said was knew you weren't a full woman."

Anna began to cry. Worrying that this might upset things.

"I told you I should have gone to a motel. Damn it Eric."

I began to come out of the shock and turn to Anna and took her face in my hands.

"No. No. You Don't understand. She was okay with it. If she wasn't she would have said something out loud the first day they got here."

Anna's sobbing slowed and she began to smile.

"She okay with it? Your mother is okay?"

I was so happy, I stood and began to jump up and down.

"She okay. You heard her tell me that you're the one for me."

Anna stood too and began to undress at a quick rate. I saw how excited she was and began to undress also. After we were completely undressed I sat in my recliner and Anna gather the discarded cloth and took them down the hall into the bedroom. From the hall she called.

"You think I should just wash this clothes along with the sheets on the guest beds?"

Life was back to normal, and I was very happy, no more worries of my family not accepting Anna and I. No more having to tell my mother that I couldn't visit, because of this or that. All was well. Anna returned from the bedroom and I was already starting to get hard thinking of the freedom Anna and I now had with my family. Anna came to me and turned around to set down in my lap, as she did she grabbed my cock and guided it into her warm, waiting shit hole. As she lowered herself, I could tell she needed to shit soon, but I didn't care. Once I was fully in her she leaned back and relax. We began to talk. We often sat like this me in her and not fucking just setting and talking.

"So did they all know, or just your mother?"

It felt good to have my cock safely home in Anna's butt once again. That was the longest we had ever went, with her not sitting on me.

"No my Pop didn't know, my mother said he would go to his grave thinking you were all women."

With that Anna leaned back her head and began to slowly move up and down on me.

"Well he should. I'm all women to you right?"

With that Anna leaned forward and pulled up off me. I looked down and there was her shit covering my head thinly.

"I'm sorry Poppi, I knew I needed to dump, but I didn't think that bad."

I stood and she and I began to move down the hall toward our room.

"No problem baby. I'll start the showered you take a dump."

She smiled at me and giggled out.

"It sounds like a plan."

Another little obstacle out of the way between Anna and I. I felt much more happy and free. Now we, Anna and I, began a new life, a free life with a family that loved her as much as they loved me. This shower was going to be one hell of a shower now. Anna loved to drop the soap when we were in the shower together.

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