tagErotic CouplingsSurprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 08

Surprised By Wife's Best Friend Ch. 08


It was easily fifteen minutes before we had all out stuff picked up and loaded in the car. Linda got into her pickup, still naked and we followed her out, both of us without clothes on. It was dark enough that I wasn't worried about being seen, since even though the house was only half a mile away, the route we had to drive around was a couple miles.

"I have to admit, I'm really shocked." I said to my wife as we drove up the dirt road toward the highway.

"Which part?"

"The one where you didn't divorce me or cut my pecker off."

"Oh that part," she said with a serious look, reaching over to gently play with my still soft dick. "I still could."

"I'd rather you didn't."

"Then maybe you better tell me the whole story. I know that what happened at the lake wasn't the first time."

"Actually, it pretty much was. It started when I was out fishing a few years ago. I accidently stumbled on Linda laying naked and rubbing herself off. I was so turned on that I fell out of the boat. We didn't mean for anything to happen, but I did have sex with her, even though I didn't cum inside her. After that she would tease me a lot."

"Uh huh. And other than that one time, you didn't have sex with her?"

"Before the lake? No."

"And you're being honest with me this time?"

"Yep. one hundred percent."

"Ok how about Emily?"

"That's a bit more complicated. She apparently saw me in the shower one time and after that was trying to entice me to have sex with her. I didn't, not until she caught me at home naked one time. She took her shirt off and, well you know how a set of tits gets me turned on. I guess I let her have her way."

"when was this?"

"Not that long ago. She was nursing."

"Oh lord. Let me guess. Milk?"

"Uh huh." I answered quietly. "Couldn't help myself."

"I guess not. I remember what kind of an animal you were when I used to squirt milk on you from my tits!"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"So other than that, never?"

"Not till the lake. I let things get pretty out of hand there."

"That's an understatement." She said as we pulled into Linda's driveway.

"So you're not angry with me?"

"I should be. I should be pissed as hell. I really don't know why I'm not. What I do know is that you have to make me a promise, right here and now before we go any further."


"I want you to promise that you won't have sex with either of them without me being there. Can you promise that?"

"I can promise that."

"Ok. Now. This is for me, not you. I want to try things. I don't care how you feel about them. You already had your party. This is all about me and you need to do whatever I tell you. Can you do that?"

I put the car in park and then leaned over and pulled her face to mine. I gently kissed her lips, taking time to make it gentle and loving. "I can do whatever you ask me to, no matter what it might be."

"Ok." She said quietly. "Then let's go explore."

"You got it." I said as we opened the car doors and got out. Linda was standing at the house door waiting for us, the moonlight reflecting off of her still naked body.

"I think we need a shower first," Linda said as we walked up.

"Not a bad idea. I think Mike would be happy to wash us both."

"My pleasure," I said, following them into the house.

Linda led us to the bedroom and then the large master bathroom. After turning on the water and setting the temperature, she reached a hand out to Nancy and drew her into the shower with her. I stepped in after them. Nancy put her hand on my shoulder and pressed me down until I was kneeling under the stream of water. She handed me a mesh sponge and squirted a bunch of soap on it. I went to work gently washing both of their bodies, stroking with both the soapy sponge and my bare hand, cleaning them all over and stroking all their sensitive parts while Nancy tentatively kissed Linda on the lips.

I watched while their kissed slowly grew more urgent, my fingers now stroking both of their pussies from where I was kneeling. Linda's hand gently caressed Nancy's breast as they kissed, her nipple growing rigid under her touch. Almost suddenly Linda pulled away and turned around to rinse, pulling Nancy under the water to rinse as well. She shut the water off and stepped out, handing me a towel and using one to wrap around herself.

I used the towel to dry Nancy while Linda dried herself. I was barely done when Linda reached for our hands and pulled both of us toward the bedroom.

"I think I know what you want to try," Linda said quietly as she climbed onto the bed. She propped herself on several pillows and then spread her legs wide like a frog, then held her hand out for my wife. "Just take your time. If you like it fine, if you don't, then you don't."

I moved to a chair by the large sliding glass door that led to the deck and sat down, waiting and watching.

In many ways it was odd to see my wife kneel down between Linda's legs and then lay down so her face was near her pussy. It was a sight that I never in a thousand years would have expected to see. She tentatively reached her tongue out and licked Linda's protruding lips with the tip of her tongue. Linda reached forward and gently stroked her hair, softly coaxing her.

"That's it. Right there. That feels nice. You're so gentle. I like that right there." Linda whispered to her as she explored her lips with her tongue.

For my part I sat, staring at the two, gently stroking my rock hard dick, wishing I could slide it into Nancy's wet pussy. Linda looked over at me, and motioned for me to come to her, guiding me onto the bed and my face to her heaving breasts.

"Oh yes. That's it. Suck on them while she licks my clit. Oh god that feels so good." Linda cooed as Nancy and I worked our tongues on her various sensitive parts. "Oh shit... I'm almost there!" she squeaked as Nancy flicked her tongue across her clit and pressed a finger into Linda's pussy. "UH" Linda grunted as her body jerked, followed by a long groaning tremor through her whole body.

Nancy pulled her face from Linda's pussy, her face covered with her glistening juices. She gently slid up Linda's body until her face was near her tits, and gently kissed me, sharing Linda's pussy juices with me. I gently kissed and licked her face, sucking Linda's wet cum from her face while I gently stroked one of her nipples.

"Oh I am so horny now." My wife said quietly.

"What would you like?"

"I want to switch with Linda. I want to feel how it is on the other end."

Linda simply nodded, still trying to catch her breath. Nancy moved aside and I helped Linda down the bed. Nancy got settled where Linda had been and reached out for me. She gently pulled me to her face and kissed me sensuously while Linda leaned down on the bed, gently licking between Nancy's wet pussy lips.

"Ohhhh that feels different than when you do it." She cooed.


"No just different." She said as she let her head fall back. "Suck my tits. I want to feel you suck my tits while she licks me."

In answer I leaned my head down and sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth while I cupped the mount of flesh, squeezing it into a cone shape.

"Oh god yes." She groaned, prompting me to look down and see that Linda had two fingers sliding slowly in and out of her pussy. I was surprised at how quickly she came, her body jerking and twitching as her juices gushed onto Linda's face.

"Ok," she panted. "I want to try one more thing. Linda, will you help me. I want the two of us to suck him off."

"With pleasure!" Linda said grinning, moving up on the bed. "Why don't we kneel on the bed and let him stand, that should do it."

"Ok," Nancy said, rolling to her knees. I climbed up and stood in the center of the bed, looking down at the two ladies as they alternately licked my dick, their faces and lips periodically touching and kissing while they teased me. I stood there for almost half an hour while they would alternately work my dick with their mouths and then play with each other. I was sure they both knew how much this was driving me crazy, my dick threatening to explode any second.

"Oh god. I am so close." I grunted as the ladies licked up my dick again.

In response my wife slipped the head of my dick into her mouth, letting it press against her cheek as she licked the bottom of the head with her tongue.

"OH FUCK!" I swore as my body jerked, pumping a huge shot of cum into her mouth. My body bucked time after time, pumping more cum into her than I thought my body had left in it. She opened her mouth and let me see that she had captured my whole load, slipping my dick from her mouth. She motioned to me to come down and then pressed her lips to my mouth, pushing my own cum back into my mouth. The salty, slimy taste wasn't as bad as I expected and the two of us aggressively kissed until we had shared my whole load.

"Now I think we can go to bed," Nancy said, obviously exhausted.

"Good idea," Linda said, climbing from the bed and walking to turn the light off.

With the lights off, the three of us settled into the bed, one lady on each side of me, the three of us illuminated by the moonlight streaming in the sliding patio doors. I held them tight while Linda and Nancy gently played with my softening dick and nuzzled my neck, the three of us soon drifting off into a contented sleep.

The sun was streaming into the room when I felt my dick being gently sucked to life by a soft mouth. It only took me a few moments to realize that Linda was working me to hardness, Nancy still sleeping next to me.

"It's been so long since I was able to wake up to a hard dick." Linda whispered while I looked over at the clock displaying seven thirty.

"I see," I replied as she climbed on top of me and moved her legs on each side of my hips. She scooted up enough to reach behind her and rub my now hard dick around her lips and then slid down the bed again, pushing my dick into her pussy.

"Oh yes. That's what I need," she cooed as she began to ride up and down my shaft.

"Couldn't wait, huh," My wife asked sleepily as she rolled over and rested her head on my chest, watching Linda ride up and down my dick.

"Not my idea." I whispered as Linda groaned in pleasure, reaching for my hands and pulling them toward her tits.

I played with her tits for only a few minutes before Nancy sat up enough to suck one of her tits into her mouth.

"OH god!" Linda cried as she rode me harder, her body slamming down onto my legs with each stroke.

"Mother is that you?" I heard Emily call out from the other room before she stepped into the bedroom, the door standing wide open."Holy shit!"

"OH fuck!" Linda cried, her whole body shaking and trembling as her orgasm washed over her. Finally she turned and looked over her shoulder at her daughter while my wife lay her head back against my chest.

"Um... Am I to guess you three slept together last night?"

"Uh huh. Miss Nancy figured out what was going on at the lake. Long story short, we played all night and slept together."

"Um. Ok." She said, a bit of fear creeping into her eyes.

"Yes Emily. I know that you and my husband had sex. No I am not angry with you. I know how much a set of full breasts turn him on... Do you want to join us?"


"Unless you have something else to do."

"Well, mom and I were supposed to go shopping, but... well... "

"Come on. Take off your clothes. I want to see what he got so turned on over."

"Mother," Emily said, looking at her mom roll off my hard dick?

"Up to you, but I think it's a now or never proposition."

"It is," My wife said quietly. "He promised to never have sex with either of you unless I'm there too. I expect him to keep that promise."

"Ok," she said, staring at my glistening dick while she quickly unbuttoned her shirt. She pulled it off and tossed it on the bed as she undid her nursing bra, letting her large milk filled tits swing free.

"I can see why he was turned on," my wife said, gently squeezing one of my nipples while Em pushed her shorts and underwear down.

Now naked, Emily climbed up the bed, not sure where to go.

"Why don't you go ahead and finish what your mom started?" My wife said, gently stroking my pussy juice covered dick.

"You sure?"

"Uh huh. I want to see what he saw when you came and made him cum."

"Ok," she said with a grin, climbing up my body until she was kneeling over my hips. She rubbed the head of my dick around her lips, spreading her mother's pussy juices and my pre-cum around her lips. "Oh yes." She cooed as she pressed down on me, pushing my dick up into her. "I can't believe I'm doing this in front of both of you," she panted as she reached bottom.

"God you look hot doing that," My wife said as she watched her slowly stroke up and down my shaft. "I don't want you to cum. Save it for me, ok?" She whispered in my ear. "I am so fucking horny now I gotta have you fuck me."

"Uh huh." I said, trying to think about anything but the dribbles of milk that were shaking from her tits and landing on my stomach. I lay there while she rode me, slowly working up toward her climax.

"Oh god. I don't know if I can." I panted, trying hard not to cum as Emily's tits squirted a stream of milk across my chest.

"You will if you know what's good for you." Nancy said.

"Ok." I groaned as I slipped my hand around from her body so I could reach her pussy. The least I could do was to get her worked up so I could get her off before I did.

"Oh yes. That feels good," she said as she moved to give me better access.

"OH YES FUCK YES!" Emily screamed as her whole body shook, her tits squirting milk in several directions as her orgasm caused her muscles to all contract.

"Oh yes. I can see why you liked it so much," My wife said quietly as I stroked her pussy, trying everything I knew to keep from shooting inside Emily at that moment.

"How close are you?" I asked in a half groan.

"You're that close?"

"Oh god yes."

"Then we better do something about that." My wife said coaxing Emily off my dick. She lay back and looked at me. "Ok fill me up."

"With pleasure!" I said as I rolled over onto her and pushed my engorged dick into her pussy.

"That's it. Give it all to me. Fill my pussy with your hot cum!" she cooed as I stroked into her.

"UH" I grunted as my dick jerked, pushing a squirt of cum into her pussy. Time and again my body jerked, filling her pussy full of my hot juice until it couldn't hold it all and it leaked around me.

"That's it baby. So nice." She cooed as she pulled me down to her and gently kissed me. She held me for only a few minutes before I rolled off of her so I didn't crush her.

"OH god yes. Stay there." Emily said as she crawled across my wife's legs to eagerly suck my cum from my deflating dick. When she had me licked clean she slid back and lowered her head to my wife's leaking pussy, sliding her tongue up her slit time and again to collect my cum.

I was shocked at how eagerly she licked and sucked my cum from my wife's pussy, tasting not only me but her. She licked until she couldn't get any more and then worked on Nancy's clit pushing her closer to a climax and squeezing more of my juices out for her.

I watched as she finally pulled away, moving so her pussy was facing us.

"Slide toward me," She said to my wife, holding her hand out to her.

My wife looked at me, unsure what she was going to do, but slid down the bed, allowing Emily to position her pussy against hers.

"Oh yes. Just like that," Emily cooed as she ground her pussy into my wife's their clits sliding across each other's wet lips. "Oh yes. Mike... Come suck my tits!" She grunted as she worked her hips.

I rolled over and crawled so I was on all fours across the two of them and wrapped my lips around one of Emily's milky tits. Each suck brought a new squirt of warm juice into my mouth, encouraging me to suck more greedily as she cried out in pleasure. I felt a mouth close around my dick, and guessed it was Linda, even though I couldn't see her from my current position. Between the milk tits and the attention of Linda's mouth and hand, I was quickly growing again.

"OH FUCK!" My wife screamed as her body shuddered and jerked in orgasm as Emily's sliding wet pussy pushed her over the edge.

"oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes," Em repeated over and over as she grew closer to her peak. She rolled onto her back as her body twitched in orgasm, allowing her tits to squirt tiny streams of milk in several directions. I did my best to capture what I could and then gently licked and sucked the small puddles that had collected on her body.

"How close are you?" Nancy asked from where she was laying, her chest no longer heaving to catch her breath.

"Getting close," I answered between licks.

"I want to watch you cum all over her."

I looked down at where Linda was sucking me and she looked back and nodded. It took a minute or two to organize us, with Emily laying on the bed and me kneeling over her stomach. Linda leaned down from one side and my wife leaned down from the other and together licked and sucked on my dick, driving me wild with the combination of the view and sensations.

"Fuck her tits," my wife said suddenly, pulling my dick from her mouth and pressing it down against Emily's body. I scooted up her body as the three of them pressed Emily's tits together, my saliva slickened dick easily sliding into the tunnel that it created.

"Does that feel good," My wife asked as she watched my dick slide in and out of the tunnel, my head disappearing into Em's mouth at the end of each stroke.

"Oh god yes!"

"Cum for me. I want to watch you squirt all over her tits. I want to lick your cum from her big milky tits."

"Oh god!" I groaned, quickly pulling back out of Em's tits and sliding down her body a foot or so. I lifted myself up on my knees and quickly stroked my dick with my hand. My body jerked suddenly, squirting a string of cum that lanced out across Em's tits, hitting my wife in the face where she lay with her head on Em's shoulder. Time and again my dick squirted, covering Em with my entire load, and then allowing my drooling dick to leak its remains out onto her stomach while I struggled to catch my breath.

If I hadn't just cum, I would have in the next few seconds, watching my wife and Linda both gently lick and suck my cum from Em's tits, occasionally sucking one of her tits into their mouths as well.

I reached behind me and gently stroked Emily's pussy, causing her to groan and hump her hips back up toward me. "Oh you're going to make me cum again!" she panted as I stroked her, watching the little spouts of milk shoot into the air as I drove her closer. "OH!" she cried as her body tensed, and the milk shower increased, covering both my wife's and Linda's face with milk.

I leaned down and gently kissed them both alternately, then kissed and licked their milky faces. "That was probably the sexiest thing I have ever seen."

"You liked that huh?"

"Oh yeah."

"Good. I have to admit, I've had a lot more fun doing this than I would have thought." My wife said to all of us as she rolled off and lay down next to Em on the bed. "I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do some of it, but somehow doing it with you made it different. I'm not sure I could have done it alone."

"I'm glad you had fun, I know I did." I said as I leaned over and gently kissed her.

"I don't know about you guys, but all this sex has me starving." Linda said climbing from the bed. "Anyone want some breakfast?"

I looked over my shoulder as she padded naked from the room and called after her, "Definitely!"

"Well come help then," she called back from the kitchen.

"Go ahead." My wife said with a smile.

I got out of bed and followed into the kitchen, my worn out dick flopping uselessly as I went. I looked back and saw Emily roll over to face my wife and gently kiss her on the lips before she whispered something I couldn't hear.

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