tagIncest/TabooSurprised Sister-In-Law

Surprised Sister-In-Law


Working in a factory always brings unwanted happenings. About 10:30 in the evening my boss stopped by my area of the mill and asked if I could stay over and work a double because we needed to get out some expedited rush orders. Sighing, I relented and told him I would stay. My wife was out of town on business anyway with her work position and my sister-in-law Laurie had been staying at our house for a couple of weeks because her ass-hole husband had left her.

I made the call home from the office telling Laurie I would not be home until about 7:30 tomorrow morning. She acted a little ticked because she hated being alone, especially when all she had to think about was that no good husband of hers. I told her she should call one of her friends to stay the night with her, and she said, what the hell, I need to learn what being alone is all about anyway. I'll just order a pizza, take a shower and hit the sack early. I'll have breakfast ready for you when you get home in the morning okay?

That sounds good to me Laurie. Hey I'm sorry about leaving you by yourself, but I can use the overtime. Tell Evelyn when she calls I'll call her in the morning when I get home. Have a good night okay?

At 2:30 in the morning the machine crashed and maintenance would not be able to fix it until they could get a part made at a nearby machine shop. Needless to say, our expedited rush order would not get done tonight and we were all sent home.

Opening my front door at 3:15 in the morning, I dropped my lunch bucket on the kitchen table, kicked my shoes off and headed upstairs for a much needed shower and a good nights sleep. Our bedroom was the first door on the right upstairs and my sister-in-law was in the last door at the end of the hall. Nearing the top of the stairs I could see a faint light on in my bedroom. Either I left it on this morning when I left, or maybe Laurie had cleaned the room and left it on by mistake.

Through the small crack of the door opening I heard what sounded like humming. Was Laurie still in there singing to herself, or humming a tune she knew? Stepping to the side and looking at the wall, I could see Laurie's reflection in the mirror of our dresser. Oh my goodness. She was laying in the middle of my bed, completely naked, her knees way up beside her head, and was running one of her sisters huge vibrators silently in and out of her very wet cunt. Biting her lip, her body quivering, and her seeping juices glistening over every long thick inch of the vibrating cock invading her slick, hairless cunt hole. Stabbing it again and again, driving the vibrating cock to the depths of her snapping honey hole. Her mouth opened into a perfect circle, gasping as her wet cunt erupted violently all over the buried tool. Her body wracked in orgasmic bliss. Her pussy clamping around the plunging thickness of the invading cock like a vise.

Stepping inside and clearing my throat, her eyes flew open, locked to mine, as her back snapped up and again she groaned and squirted her hot pussy juices, cumming hard, holding the vibrating cock as deep inside her exploding tight cunt as she could. Oh fuckkkkkkkkk, she cried. What are you doing here? I thought, I uh, well I um thought you had to work all night. Oh I'm so sorry. So embarrassed. The long quivering cock hummed loudly as she held it tight inside her quaking slick hole. Please don't tell Evelyn about this. Oh fuck I never should have come here.

Walking slowly to the side of the bed, our eyes locked the entire time, Laurie never pulled the delicious thick cock from her cunt, holding it deep, listening to it's incessant humming, bringing her to another huge orgasm when I sat on the side of the bed and reached out, stroking one of her long fat nipples, standing up like marbles on her chest. Leaning over her shivering body, my hand closing over hers, I worked the huge cock in and out of her snapping pussy and her body went rigid, her back arched up and she squirted her exploding juices out around the edges of the invading hummer. I promise you Laurie, I would never utter one word of this to Evelyn. You have my word on it. But this is my bed. Do you mind sharing it tonight? Groaning loudly, she whispered, please, please, oh please.

Her hand snaked between my legs, her fingers tracing every throbbing inch of my swollen fuck meat. Oh fuck, is that all you? As I glided the long thick vibrating prick in and out of Laurie's hungry cunt, she worked my meaty prick out and folded her tiny fist around it, lovingly squeezing it, letting her hand slide up and down every long thick inch. A pool of dribbling cum puddling at the tip, as she leaned over and lapped at the oozing cum juices, swallowing every inch in one gulp.

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