tagNovels and NovellasSurrogate Farm Ch. 02

Surrogate Farm Ch. 02


Episode Two - The Check Up

Sunday evening was warm, sunny and bright. It had been a glorious Taswillian summer' day. I walked around the large house until I reached the Stable Yards and there before me were two entrances. One marked Studs and the other Studesses. Good I thought a little sense of humour goes a long way.

As I approached the door a girl came running past and almost knocked me over. She stopped and stepped back to look at me. 'So you're the new Stable Boy, things are looking up around here.' With that she kept running.

I opened the door to the stable to see a large, open stable with rows of stable yards made of rare Taswillian Blackwood panels.

The stable itself was build from enormous Oregon beams which supported the roof and were held high by large round poles of redwood. I could smell hay, horses and men.

Just as I was adjusting to the sights a rather effeminate man came rushing up with his hand out. 'Jeremy's the name. I'm sort of in charge here, welcome to Surrogate Farm.'

I shook his hand although it felt rather weak I had little time before he began walking down the long and wide corridor with stalls on either side. Stallions seemed to be the only horses present and every second stall there were men and even some boys.

They were all settling in reading, writing or organising their things.

'Sunday is a rest day, Oh yes we sleep with the horses to guard them. Each is worth several million dollars'. Anthony explained as we reached an empty stall

It was clean, with a bed, straw on the floor and a bedside table and draws.

Anthony soon left and I made my way to the shower block.

Once undressed I stepped into the shower room. It was an open area with five shower sprays. There were already two men in the shower. I couldn't help but look down to their waists. To my surprise each one's penis was sticking straight out! I had never seen such a sight, except of course my own. Sometimes it does it without me really knowing why, like when I was being asked about sex and things in front of Sarah Jane.

Both men smiled as I came in. I couldn't just leave so I started to shower trying to face away from the others. But as much as I tried I simply had to look again. They were both standing together facing in the same direction with one hand around their penis.

They both began to stroke up and down the length of their organ. I was frozen with fear and fascination. I noticed they poured some oil onto the palm of their hands which seemed to add to their enjoyment.

They stood with their legs apart and their hands began to move faster and faster, their faces became contorted, their knees started to bend and they were groaning with their eyes directly at me!

Suddenly shower went cold and I woke out of my trance and walked, well almost ran from the shower. I could hear the men laughing as I grabbed my gown and ran back to my little stall.

I lay awake for hours that night with my penis erect dreaming of Lady Sarah Jane Faulkland.

The next day my duties started. My name was on the board with a list of things to do.

Clean, yard, toilet block, muck out stalls
and report for check up 9pm tonight.

I completed my duties and met lots of different people, including the vivacious Emma. That night I waited in my stall for the check up. Anthony walked past in a business like manner and called out for me to strip to my jocks. I did so and waited a little longer until the doctor and his nurse arrived. He checked my pulse, heart rate, blood pressure and listened intently to my chest. Then he sat down on my small stool and said to his nurse, 'He's all yours' and then proceeded to read the newspaper.

She was blond. Wore a short mini skirt, chewed gum and had long red nails, except for one I noticed, her middle index finger. She smiled at me and then kelt down and pulled my pants down. I was in a state of shock. Here I was in the middle of very posh stable, surrounded by people I had never met before with a nurse staring directly at my penis.

I stood stock-still. I wanted this job and if it meant a little humiliation so be it.

She then began to stroke my leg, first along the front then to the back and up to, I can hardly bear to say it, my balls.

She stroked them very, very gently, until cupping them with her hands. My penis was of course reaching for the sky. I dared not look. Then I looked and now she was opening a bottle of baby oil, the scented type. She put a small drop on her finger and began to rub it slowly, agonisingly slowly along the base of the shaft. I was nearly bursting in agony and of course ecstasy. Then she blew on it. Just her warm breath was enough to make me nearly explode.

Then as I looked up, looking as red as a beetroot I noticed a small balcony high above the stalls. There was a red think velvet curtain running along the back with a wooden cedar rail in front. Just then I was shore I saw the curtain move and to my terror I also saw a pair of eyes, the eyes were those of Sarah Jane Falkland.

What was she doing there and why had she come to watch my medical checkup.

Below things were also hotting up. The nurse had now moistened her lips and her tongue was just a few millimetres from my penis, one hand was still playing with my balls and the other gently rubbing the tenderest parts of my willie. Then as I watched a small droplet of liquid squeezed its way from the very tip.

I thought I was going to die. Then the doctor looked up, asked the nurse about a cryptic clue in his crossword and satisfied with her answer said, 'I think that will do don't you?'

With that she skillfully took out a tape from her pocket and measured the length and breath of my penis. 'six and a half inches, average.' she read out and noted it in her folder.

She got up, smiled, said good night and left. As the doctor was leaving he lent back and said, 'listen old chap you had better have cold shower, you may need that (pointing to my erection) later.'

I just stood with my mouth open until Anthony stepped in, looked at my penis and said, 'Nice, very nice Waine' with a rather lecherous smile. He held it for a moment, then patted it and left with a notable sigh.

I looked up and the curtains closed as someone left.

Now readers, any suggestions. What do you want to happen next. Who was behind the curtains and why?

Episode Three: Being Prepared

The next day all seemed to be quite normal. The birds were singing, people, laughing, jostling through their usual morning activities. After breakfast I prepared Sarah Janes horse for her early ride.

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