tagFirst TimeSurrogate Husband Ch. 08

Surrogate Husband Ch. 08


The super market was crowded; as it usually was on Saturdays. "Don't you wish you'd have stayed home," Mother?" Bobby asked Louise.

Louise Chandler shrugged. "We haven't gone anywhere in the last three months. I was beginning to go stir crazy."

Bobby briefly grabbed his mother's hand, squeezed it lightly and then let it go. "I know, Mother. We were beginning to get on each other's nerves."

Mrs. Chandler smiled ruefully and then chuckled. "That's certainly an understatement."

The two of them were walking down the produce aisle when Bobby suddenly stopped. "Mother!" he whispered as he grabbed her arm.

"What?" she asked.

"There," Bobby said. "At the end of the aisle. That's Becky and her mother."

"Haven't seen nor heard from them since they moved out," Louise commented. "Wonder where they've been?"

Bobby tugged on his mother's arm. "Let's go and ask them," he said excitedly.

"Bobby!" she softly scolded. "You know how I feel about Mrs. Brubaker."

Bobby tugged a bit harder. "I haven't seen Becky in forever," he said. "It won't hurt you to be civil for just a little while."

"Oh, alright," she told him. "But make it short and sweet."

It took about half a minute for Bobby and his mother to close the gap between them and the Brubaker women. Mrs. Brubaker was the first to notice them.

"Hello," April said, her voice mixed with surprise and apprehension.

Becky looked up to see who her mother was talking to. Her face lit up with a smile as she hugged Bobby excitedly. "Bobby!" she shrieked loud enough to cause other customers to look their way.

Bobby hugged Becky and whispered in her ear. "Let's go to Subway and leave them two alone for a while." They quickly disappeared, leaving the two women by themselves.

"When'd you get back?" Louise asked.

"Just a few days ago," April told her. "Been living in a motel room all this time."

"Bobby told me about your deal with your husband. How did that work out?"

"Just fine," April said. "Got most of his money and he got his whore. Fair tradeoff if I do say so myself."

Louise smiled. Despite her reservations about April Brubaker, she found herself warming up to her. "Where you living?" she asked.

"Same old place."

Louise arched an eyebrow. "Thought you had to give that house up as part of the deal."

"Ol' Herman had a change of heart. Signed a quitclaim deed and told me to go fuck myself."

Louise was both shocked and amused at April's language. "Why, April," she giggled. "Six months ago you would have read me the riot act if you'd heard me talk like that."

April smiled a bit wickedly. "I'm a different person now."

"I can tell," Louise said.

"Hey," April began. "Becky and I were going to cook spaghetti tonight. That's why we came shopping." She lightly touched Louise's hand. "Why don't you and Bobby come over? Say about six?"

Louise's hand felt tingly. Alarmed that such a simple gesture would affect her so, she was temporarily speechless.

"And bring your mother-in-law also," April quickly added.

Louise nodded and then cleared her throat. Her heart seemed to have skipped a beat. This woman; the one who, until just recently, had looked down her nose at the whole world, was trying to be friendly. "Uh, sure," she said. "Be glad to."

A second later, Bobby and Becky reappeared next to their mothers. Becky looked at her mother with pleading eyes. "Bobby wants to take me to the drive in. Can we cook that spaghetti some other time? Please, Mother?"

April smiled, looked at Louise and shrugged her shoulders. "Some other time," she told her daughter.

Becky hugged her mother. "Thanks, Mother. You're the greatest!"

Bobby sidled up to his mother and put his arm around her. "Is it alright if I take the car so we can get an early start?"

"And how am I supposed to get home?" Louise asked her son.

For the second time April Brubaker casually touched Louise Chandler, this time on her elbow. "I can give you a ride home. Let them go."

Louise Chandler hesitated a moment, exhaled and told Bonny, "Go ahead, son. Have some fun." Bobby and Becky quickly walked away, hand in hand.

Louise walked along beside April as the Brubaker woman picked up the items necessary for making spaghetti, waited patiently while she paid for her groceries and helped her carry them to her car.

"Mind if we go by my place first?" Mrs. Brubaker asked as she put the car in drive and left the parking lot.. "I can drop the groceries off and then take you home."

Her elbow and hand still tingling from April's touch, Louise told her, "No, go ahead."


"I thought we'd never get out of there," Becky said as they got in the car and drove away.

"What movie you want to see?" Bobby asked as he glanced over at Becky's legs, quickly noticing that her skirt had ridden up past mid-thigh.

"Why don't we just go somewhere and park for a while?" she countered.

"I know a place," Bobby told her. "Paddy's Lake."

Becky giggled. "Make out Lake," she said. "I haven't been there in a while."

Bobby raised an eyebrow as he looked quickly in her direction. "Oh?"


Bobby waited in silence for her to continue speaking. Several moments went by before his curiosity got the best of him. "You gonna tell me the rest of the story?" he asked. A quick turn of his head in her direction revealed that she was blushing.

"What makes you think there's a 'rest of the story'?" Becky asked coyly.

"'Cause, you wouldn't be blushing so much if there wasn't."

Becky squeezed his hand. "I'll tell you when we get there."

"Okay, but you'd better not renege on me." He returned the squeeze.

A couple of miles north of town, Bobby turned off the highway and onto a gravel road. Bobby did his best to avoid the holes in the road, but there were too many of them. "Umph!" they both grunted almost at the same time when the car rolled through a particularly wide one.

"I don't remember the road being this rough when I came up here with Junior Grant," Becky said.

After about a mile of bumping along, Bobby pulled into a small clearing that overlooked the lake. "Place sure has grown up," Becky commented. "Used to be more dirt and a whole lot less grass."

Bobby stopped the car, put it in "park" and turned off the engine. "I wonder where the kids go to fool around if they don't come here no more."

The question went unanswered as Becky turned, pulled Bobby's head towards her and kissed him. Tongues briefly touched as their open mouthed kiss began to get serious.

"Let's get into the back seat," Becky urged. Bobby got out and ran to Becky's side of the car to open the door for her but, to his surprise, she was already in the back. He quickly opened the back door and climbed in after her.

Becky welcomed him with opened arms and soon their lips were pressed together and her tongue was in his mouth. Bobby sucked it in deep as his hand found its way to her breast.

"Ummmmh," Becky moaned.

After what seemed like forever, they broke contact. "I've wanted to do that and more for a long, long time," Bobby told her.

"Me, too," Becky said.

For a long while, they were content to just hold hands and silently watch the reflection of the setting sun as it moved across the lake.

When darkness had just about set in, Bobby turned to Becky. He pulled her close. "Now, for the rest of the story."

"What rest of the story?" she teased.

"I suppose it has something to do with Junior Grant," Bobby said.

"It does," Becky said.

Bobby kissed her earlobe. "I didn't think your mother would have let you come to a place like this with anyone."

Becky laid her hand on his thigh. "She wouldn't have if she'd known."

"How did you get away with it?"

"Junior went to church with us. His daddy was a deacon. Mother thought he could do no wrong."

"What did you and Junior do up here?"

Becky began rubbing his thigh. Each stroke brought her closer and closer to his hardening cock.

"We didn't fuck, if that's what you're getting at." Her hand was getting dangerously close to his stiffening rod.

Bobby couldn't help but groan when Becky lifted her hand and placed it directly on his member.

"Junior took me to the prom, you know."

"I remember," Bobby said dryly.

Becky breathed heavily in Bobby's ear. "Mother didn't even want to let me go to my own prom. Father had to convince her.

"How'd he do that?"

"He told her that me and junior were both over eighteen and that I deserved to be treated like an adult."

"I can't believe that's all it took to convince your mother to let you go to the prom."

Becky giggled. "He also told her he wouldn't take her to Cancun like he'd promised."

Bobby laughed. "I'll be damned," he said. "Did you go to the prom or did you head straight for here?"

"Oh, we made our appearance, all right," Becky told him. "We just didn't stay long." She paused. "That was my first time up here, you know. Came up here a couple of times after that, too."

Becky rimmed his ear with the tip of her tongue. She squeezed his cock through his pants. "I used to jerk him off," she whispered.

Bobby's cock jerked in his pants. He groaned loudly. "That excite you?" she asked.

"Uh huh."

"Want me to show you how I did it?"

"What do you think?" he asked.

Becky abruptly pulled her hand away from his throbbing cock and kissed him quickly on the cheek. "I think we need to talk," she said as she scooted a few inches away from him.

"About what?" a disappointed Bobby asked.

"About us."

"What about us?"

"Bobby," Becky began. "I've wanted you almost since the moment we first met."

Bobby reached for her. "We were in grade school."

"Doesn't matter, Bobby. I knew then that you were the one. "Too bad Mother didn't see it that way."

"But you always acted so distant. And you were always with that damned Junior Grant."

"Don't you see?" Becky pleaded. "I had to be that way because of Mother. Besides, you were so damned timid and shy. Took me the longest time just to get you to tell me hello."

"She didn't like me. That's for sure."

Becky laughed. "She hated you."

"Doesn't mean much now," Bobby said. "We're here and with April. . .your mom's blessing." He pulled Becky close and kissed her deeply. With a trembling hand, he began to undo the buttons on her blouse. Her hand returned to his crotch.

"It's okay for you to call her April," Becky said softly. "I know you and her have been intimate with each other."

"B-but. . ."

"But, nothing," she said as she unzipped his pants. "All three of us have been intimate with each other." She pulled his stiffening member out of his pants.

Bobby shuddered when her hand slid down his cock and then back up. He groaned loudly when her hand rotated tantalizingly slow back and forth around the head; much like that of an agitator in a washing machine. His hips involuntarily squeezed together as he humped her fist.

The last button on Becky's blouse was now undone. Bobby, his brain matter quickly transferring to the small, one-eyed monster between his legs, pushed her bra up and off her heaving tits and captured a nipple between his lips. Rapidly, his tongue slashed back and forth across her sensitive bud. He could feel it growing larger as her breathing became more labored.

Becky's hand continued to traverse up and down Bobby's mighty rod; each stroke bringing him one step closer to the finish line. He placed his hand an inch or so under her knee and caressed his way up her leg and under her skirt, lightly kneading her flesh as he went along.

Heat emanated from Becky's womanhood as Bobby's hand moved upwards along her thigh. He could feel the wetness of her desire as it soaked her panties and seeped on through, drenching her legs in her womanly discharge. By the time his hand made first contact with her panty covered pussy, the odor of Becky's arousal had filled the air around them.

Becky's hips were in constant motion, matching Bobby's rhythm as he rubbed a knuckle against her clitoris. Her breathing became more erratic as her passion grew. She felt as though she were going to explode.

"Oh, Bobby," she said, her voice husky with desire. She grabbed the back of his head and pinned his face against her heaving breast. "I love you, Bobby. I have always loved you."

Bobby, spurred on by her profession of love, feverishly searched for the waistband of her panties, grabbed it and literally tore them away from her heated pussy. Down her thighs they went, over her knees and on down until they cleared her feet. He let them fall unceremoniously from his grasp and quickly covered her wet quim with the palm of his hand.

Becky, her legs now spread wide, welcomed the renewed contact with a shudder and a groan. Her dam of pent up carnal desire broke wide open when Bobby used the heel of his hand to stimulate her clit.

Becky's hand lost its grip on Bobby's cock. She cried out loudly, "I'm cumming, Bobby! Oh -- my -- god! I'm cumming!" Her entire body went rigid. She quivered as though she was suffering from a high fever. Suddenly, she went limp and fell back, dislodging her tit from Bobby's mouth. She lay across the back seat, her heaving breasts the only real sign that she was still alive.

Several moments later, Becky's strength was returning; slowly. She raised her head to look at Bobby. The dimness of the night turned focusing her eyes a very difficult task. She heard the rustling of his pants against his legs as he pulled them down. She felt him kneeling between her legs. Then she felt the heat of his throbbing cock pressing against her outer lips.

"No, Bobby," she pleaded.

Bobby, not understanding why she would say no, forced himself to stop and go no further. Whatever her reasons were, he was not going to force himself upon her. He sat back down and waited for her to say something.

Becky slowly raised herself to a sitting position and scooted close. She wrapped an arm around his neck, buried her face in his chest and wept.

Bobby kissed the top of her head. "You okay, Becky? What's wrong?"

Through her tears, Becky explained her feelings toward him. "Bobby, she sobbed. "I want to. Oh, god, how I want to take you inside me and let you make me a woman, but I can't. Not right now."

Bobby caressed the back of her head. That's okay," he told her. "I understand."

Becky's tears were still flowing, but her sobbing had stopped. She looked up at Bobby. "Do you really understand, Bobby? I don't think so."

"That's okay," he said. "Whether I really understand or not; it's your body. It's your decision."

She caressed his cheek. "I do love you, Bobby."

Bobby finally admitted to himself that he loved her, also. Then he told her.

"I love you, too, Becky. I guess I always have. It was your mother that drove us apart."

Becky blinked the tears from her eyes. "Don't you even want to know why?"

He kissed the top of her head once more. "You have your reasons. That's all that matters to me."

"Oh, Bobby!" Becky raised her head and kissed him deeply, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth. Then she broke oral contact and began to talk.

"Bobby, I do want you to make love to me. I want it more than anything else in the world right now. I want you to be the one to take my virginity."

Glad that the dimness of the night covered the shocked look that must surely be spreading across his face, Bobby continued to caress the back of her head.

Becky continued. "Something so special," she told him. "Something so special as this should not happen in the backseat of your car. I want it to be in a real bed; my bed. I want my first time to be in my bed where I can feel comfortable and know that it means something to you also."

"I didn't know you were a virgin," he told her.

"Kept myself for you, Bobby. I've always wanted you to be the first. Always."

"If I'd only known," Bobby said, "I would have waited also."

"Don't worry about it, Bobby. "If you can make me as happy as you have Mother, I'll consider myself to be the luckiest woman ever."

Bobby looked at his watch. "'Bout time for the movie to start."

Becky looked up at him. "There'll be other times to catch a movie. I want you to take me home," she said her voice full of lust and desire.


"Thanks for helping me in with the groceries," April Brubaker said. "Will you stay for coffee?"

"I really should be going," Louise told her. "I need to freshen up before I come over for supper."

"Nonsense," April told her. "It's just us gals. There are no men to impress."

"Yeah," Louise sighed. "No men." She sat down on the sofa. "Do you mind if I call my mother-in-law?"

"Phone's yours," April said. "Meanwhile, I'll make us some coffee. Sugar and cream?"


Ten minutes later, Mrs. Brubaker returned with two steaming cups of coffee. She handed one to Louise and sat down next to her.

"Did you call your mother-in-law?" April asked.

Louise nodded. "She's busy entertaining a friend."

They sipped their coffee in uncomfortable silence, neither of them knowing how to continue the conversation. April was the first to speak.

"How long have you and Bobby been lovers?"

Louise almost dropped her cup. "I'll kick Bobby's ass," she said to herself. "I told him not to tell anyone."

She looked at Mrs. Brubaker and very casually said, "What makes you think something like that?"

"I saw the way you looked at him in the grocery store. The way you hovered so close to him. The yearning look in your eyes as he and Becky left. It shows, Louise. Big time."

"It's not something I want broadcast to the whole world," Louise told her.

April smiled briefly. "Your secret's safe with me."

Louise sipped her coffee. "She's not half bad looking," she thought. "I can see why Bobby wanted to have her around." She scooted over until her and April's hips were touching.

"You've not had that much experience with females, have you?" Louise asked.

"Only Becky."

"So. . ." Louise put a hand on her neighbor's knee. Mrs. Brubaker remained passive; neither accepting nor rejecting her advances. She ran her hand up under April's skirt and began caressing her nylon covered thigh. "I take it that you've never been with a woman your own age."

April Brubaker's answer was a soft moan. She lifted her hips as Louise's hand searched higher, allowing her skirt to bunch at her waist.

Louise Chandler's hand traveled on up April's thigh until it grazed the crotch of her pantyhose. Even through the panties and the pantyhose, she could feel the hard bump of the Brubaker woman's clit. She pressed the last knuckle of her forefinger against that "bump" and rubbed lightly, causing April to spread her legs even wider than they already were.

Louise turned toward her new friend and, now on her knees beside April, leaned in and kissed her full on the lips. She was now rubbing April's clit with the palm of her hand.

With a low guttural moan, Louise accepted April's tongue inside her own mouth. She sucked hard, drawing as much of it in as possible. April's hands held Louise's cheeks lightly as kiss continued.

Louise ripped Mrs. Brubaker's blouse open, popping buttons and sending them flying and pushed April's bra up and over her breasts. She ended the kiss and hungrily attacked those luscious mams.

Louise Chandler teasingly used the tip of her tongue to follow the outer edges of April's areola several times before her lips wrapped themselves around the nipples.

"Oh, yes!" April moaned loudly. "God, yes!"

Emboldened by April Brubaker's passionate cries, Louise cradled the other breast in her hand and massaged it with a tenderness April had not felt in quite some time.

April, anxious to carry this encounter further, lifted her hips and quickly rid herself of her skirt. Much in the same fashion as Louise did for her, she ripped Louise's blouse from her body. She undid the clasp on Bobby's mother's bra and slid it down her arms and off.

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