tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSusan & The PC Lads Ch. 03

Susan & The PC Lads Ch. 03


Sue Hutchinson tired very hard over the next few days to put recent events behind her and hoped they would not use the photos.

After a couple of days she began to get text messages. The first said, are you ready for some more cock yet Sue. She quickly pressed clear. Later that day another arrived, I want your mouth cocksucker. She turned off her mobile for the day but when she it was switched on the next day it immediately rang to notify a message. Hey our little cocksucker we want to fuck you senseless reply. She didn't reply but she couldn't believe how it made her tingle.

She was surprised and although would not admit it, disappointed that she received no more messages for the next two days. Saturday she went shopping with her daughter and husband and was all set for a relaxing afternoon. Her daughter went to her mates and her husband would watch the sport on TV. Over lunch he mumbled something about having his computer upgraded but took little notice.

Then the doorbell rang and her husband got up he said, "that'll be them."


"The lads to do the computer upgrade." Again she was not that interested until they appeared in the room with her husband. "Oh my god no," she thought it can't be.

"Sue this is Ray and Gary they going to upgrade the PC."

"Nice to meet you," grinned Ray "oh..yes h....h hello," She stammered.

"Come on then I show you where it is," her husband said and they went upstairs. Sue was in somewhat of a panic, she was worried they may say something and was unsure what to do next. Her husband returned and switched on the TV.

"Why did you ask them? They are young aren't they." She asked.

"Yes but they come highly recommended by Dave, they are friends of his son Ben." He replied. "Right ok." She said her heart still pounding. "I think I'll make a drink, I'll go and see if they'd like one"


She climbed the stairs, barged straight into the room and shut the door.

"What the hell do you two think your doing?" She said softly but firmly.

"Were upgrading your hubby's PC" Gary," said sarcastically. "Unless you what us to do something else." Ray added as he got up and walked towards her.

"No I'm a married woman and my husband is just downstairs." Ray was now standing almost behind her and between her and the door and Gary shuffled to be sitting on the bed facing her.

Ray grabbed her bum and she slapped his hand away, "stop that," she snapped. He repeated his action and grabbed her wrist when she again tried to slap it away.

He moved in close and spoke into her ear, "You've been a naughty girl Susan, haven't you? "No what why? She stuttered.

"You didn't answer our messages." Gary chipped in.

"You shouldn't send me things like that."

Ray was now massaging her bum through her tight jeans. "I nearly forgot what a fantastic arse you have Sue."

"Great tits too" Gary said slipping his hand up her baggy jumper.

"No, stop it, he's only downstairs." She said trying to grab his hands but they reached their goal. Her nipples were already reacting to the bum massage they were receiving. "Nooo I must go down, I only came to see if you wanted a drink." She protested. "Please let me go"

"We will but you still haven't said sorry for being a naughty girl," Ray told her

"Ooh ok I'm sorry"

"For what?"

"For being a naughty girl"

"That's better, now we're gonna ask you three questions then you can go Ok?"

"Ok," she agreed if it would get her out of the bedroom, and back downstairs

"Now then Susan, have you been fucked since our last visit?"

"No," she said softly.

"No what."

"No I... I haven't been erm fucked since you were here."

"Good, so have you been using your vibrator fuck toy." There was silence. "Well" Gary spoke still playing with her tits.

"Eh yes I have been using my vibrator."

"You're what?"

"My f. f. fuck toy."

"I knew it" smiled Gary. Ray moved close to speak into her ear again. "Spread your legs" he said firmly.

"But I..."

"Spread em now," he repeated his order.

She shuffled her feet apart. Ray went to work on her bum again, spreading her cheeks as best he could in her jeans. Gary took the opportunity to release her right tit and placed his hand on the crotch of her tight jeans. He began to squeeze.

"Oooh Ooh noo pl...please don't touch me there."

Ignoring her protests Ray said, "One more question, ten you can go. Now have you sucked any cock since we were last here?"

"No you know I only erm, I mean no I haven't."

"What were you going to say Sue?"

"Nothing," she lied. "If you want to go you'd better tell us." Gary gave her jean-covered pussy a hard squeeze.

"Aah ooh," she moaned. "Oh Ok I was going to say I only done that with you."

"Done what?" Gary demanded. "Err suck cock" She answered.

"So" Ray enthused "your mouth is ours hey? Our own private cock sucker."

She did not answer. Ray put his finger up to her pretty lips. "Suck it' suck it like a cock," Her mouth slowly opened and Ray slipped hisfinger between her lips. "Suck on it," she closed her eyes and sucked his finger as he slid it slowly in and out of her mouth. "Ha yeh," Ray laughed, "she just loves to suck."

Gary stood up beside her, still rubbing between her ever-weakening legs.

"I'd love to swap that finger with my cock, but we better let her go for now," he said.

"Ok listen my little cock sucking Susan. We'll have two teas, which you will bring up to us and don't keep us waiting." With that he slipped his finger from her lips. "Ok Susan?" Gary asked giving her jeans one last rub.

"OK" she said as she turned and left the room. She lent almost panting against the wall as she closed the door behind her. "Why do these young lads make me behave like this?" she thought and the straightened her clothes and went down stairs.

"You've been a while," her husband called out.

"Oh er yes, I was talking about Ben," She quickly answered. "I'm making tea would you like one?"

"Yes please" He replied. She composed herself while making the tea, trying to see away out of her predicament. She took her husband his tea. "Thanks, would you like me to take theirs up."

"Er no," she replied "no it's Ok, I need to go upstairs anyway."

She put the two mugs of tea on the tray along with a spoon and the sugar basin. She trembled but not with fear as she nearer the top of the stairs. She pushed opened the door. "I'll put it down here" she said putting the tray on the bedside table.

Ray quicly got up, and stood at the end of the bed, to block her way out. "Thank you Susan."

"Ok can I get past please?"

"Not just yet."

"I must go he has been asking why I was so long."

"What did you tell him?"

"I said we were talking about Ben"

"Well done and you can tell him the same if he asks."

"But I must go."

"We won't keep you long." Said Ray. "But what do you want?" She asked bringing a grin to both their faces.

"What we'd like, is rip your clothes off, throw you on the bed and fuck your brains out."

She stepped back against the wall, "b...b..but you you can't."

"Maybe not but for now." Ray said pushing his hand up her jumper and holding her wrist. He was soon massaging her right breast.

"No you mustn't," she feebly protested but Gary rubbed his hand over her bare tummy then moved to undo the button on her jeans. "We can't," she struggled, "he might hear."

"Then you'd better be quiet and co-operative then," Ray added as he pushed her bra over her breast.

Gary pulled away the hand that was trying to push his from her jeans. He could then pull down the zip and thrust his hand inside and down into her knickers.

She had now stopped struggling and just said, "oh please" As one of Gary's fingers glided across her damp pussy lips.

"Spread your legs," Gary told her and she shuffled her legs slightly apart. It gave him better access to her hot pussy and he took advantage. He was soon rubbing his finger over her swelling clit. With a sigh she leant back against the wall.

"Yer you like my finger in your pussy don't yer?"

"please I... I ooh"

"Is she wet?" Asked Ray. "Hear have a feel for yourself, while I get her little present" This panicked her. "Present what present?"

"You'll see, replied Gary as he sat on the bed in front of her, and reached into his bag. He could see Ray's left hand delve into her knickers.

"I need to go ooh now," She tried to move. "Not till you've had your present," Ray said holding her with his other arm and increasing the pressure on her clit.

Gary produced a small silver object from his bag. It was like a small rounded cylinder about four inches long.

"There," He said holding it up between is fingers.

"I think the web site called it a "magic bullet," Ray ginned. "And we are sure you'll love it," added Gary.

Ray had stopped fondling her. "Look I must go now," She said trying to pull away.

"We know and this won't take a minute" said Ray. Gay tugged her jeans to high on her thighs and she went to tug them back, Ray grabbed her hand.

"I should leave em there, if I were you, cause, if not we might have to take em all the way off."

"But," she tried to protest again.

" No buts, I've told you just co-operate like a good girl and you'll be soon back with hubby downstairs." She allowed him to hold both her hands and Gary tugged her knickers to join her jeans and ran his palm over her exposed furry pussy.

"Spread you legs a little more" She decided to comply, as it would keep her jeans and knickers from falling any further, and there position meant she could not get them much wider. As Gary spread her pussy lips, it dawned on her what he was going to do.

"You're not going t...," She started as Gary bought the bulllet near to her.

"Not" what?", He grinned.

"You aren't going to put that in... my pussy" She almost whispered.

He spread her damp pussy lips, "yes that exactly where it's going."

Ray increased his grip on her arms as Gary inserted it. Sue caught her breath as she felt him wedge it between her pussy lips. He the pulled up her knickers, and rubbed his hand over the front.

"Now for the test" he said getting a small gadget out of the bag. "The great thing is, its remote control." He pointed it towards her and pressed the button. The bullet started to gently vibrate. She swallowed hard and took several deep breaths. "I take it it works" Ray inquired releasing her arms.

"Em yes" she said biting her lip. "That is only slow" Gary added "Lets try medium" he said pressing the button again.

"Ohhh," she said as she fell back against the wall and her jeans slipped to her knees. Her hands went between her legs. "Ohh please please turn it off please," she pleaded. Gary pressed the off button. "Thank you, now I must go," she said.

"Of course you must," said Ray mockingly as he pulled her jeans to her hips.

"Eh what about the..."

"That stays," said Ray firmly into her ear.

"No I can't go down with that inside me." Gary hit the slow button again and Ray held her arms. "ooh please" she moaned. Gary turned it off.

Ray's mouth moved close to her ear. "I'm now going to let your arms go" he said speaking slowly "and your going to fasten your jeans and go down stairs" He did not wait for an answer and released her arms. She buttoned her jeans and did up the zip. "Good girl, now we are in charge while we are here, because we've got the control ok?"


"Good, now it it's goes off it will mean we want you upstairs. If you keep us waiting too long we try another speed OK"

"But I" She tried to argue but the vibrator kicked in again. "Ooh ooh K," she agreed and walked to the door. "One more thing Susan"


"Don't even think of taking it out," was the order, as she left the room.

She sat nervously on the settee for about 20 minutes then the bulllet burst in to life on the slow speed. It made her draw in a sharp breath.

"Are you alright?" asked her husband.

"Er yeh fine," she said, "I think I'll go and get those cups from upstairs and wash them."

"OK," he uninterestedly said.

She stumbled as the bulllet kicked in again as she started to climb the stairs. She entered the room and saw the smug look on their faces.

"I see she got our message then?"

"Please you must stop this, if my husband find out."

"Well luckily we have a plan" Gary butted in.

"What plan?" She asked nervously.

"We need a part changing for this computer and hubby is going to fetch it from our mates shop." Said Gary. "Yes and while he runs that little errand, you are going to stop us from getting bored."

"But no I can't it's oooh" Ray hit the medium button then stopped it.

"Off you go," Ray ordered, "I will be down in a minute."

As she went back downstairs she realised she had forgot the cups but was not going back up. Almost immediately Ray appeared and explained to the husband what he needed to do. He was a bit reluctant as he wanted to watch the end of the sport on TV.

"Can't you go Susan?"

She saw a way out. "Yeh I could go." Ray hit the button on slow. "Err" she bit her lip. Ray looked at her then at his hand with the control, she knew what it meant. "Errh no second thoughts, I know nothing about computers and anyway I can record the end of this for you if you like."

After a little more persuasion he decided to go. Ray gave him the part, directions and a note for his mate at the shop.

"Aren't you coming with me?" He asked.

"No we want to finish what we can." With that he left.

"Good girl" said Ray "I thought you were going to let us down for a minute but you can't resist our new little toy can you?" He smirked not waiting for an answer but continued, "Better set that video for hubby then we'll see you upstairs and don't be long or we'll see what it feels like on full power."

With that he returned upstairs. "It worked like a dream" he told Gary.

"Great and Dave will give us a call when he's on his way back so that should give us about an hour."

They heard her climbing the stairs and then enter the room.

"Look" she stood hands on hips, "I suppose you think that was clever but we need to stop all this and I want this thing out." She impressed herself that she had tried to again assert herself. "I'm married and love my husband, so this must stop right now."

The lads just grinned, "the trouble is" said Gary "you don't really want it to stop, do you?"

"Yes yes I do."

"But you know hubby don't give you what you need," Ray joined in as they stood up. "Your tits needed to be played with, your nipples need sucking, your clit needs licking, your pussy needs fucking and your mouth needs a cock to suck." Said Ray. "Yeh and just one cock is not enough for you, isn't that right Susan?"

She didn't answer, she tried to suppress her feelings and stay strong. "I'm ,she said, "this stops right now." She turned towards the door but Ray was in the way. "Let me past" she ordered.

Ray responded by releasing his cock from his jeans, "Are you gonna walk past this."

"And this" Gary said causing her to look and see him with his cock in his hand. "Just drop to your knees and suck this cock," teased Gary.

"Yeh and if you're a good girl we might just eat you pussy" Ray said and pressed the remote. She couldn't stop a sigh leaving her lips and she knew her strong resistance had started to wane.

She tried one last time "p please let let me, leave now" she said but no where near as assertively.

The lads were now enjoying the game. "Ok said Ray "if that's what you really want but if you go, there is no coming back. We will be finished with you forever, But to make sure you know what you will be giving up." Gary spoke close in her ear, "take a good look at thes cocks Susan"

"Do it" ordered Ray. She stared down at their semi erect members, "Do you want to touch?"

"No I can't, no," she said knowing she really wanted too. "Ok Susan," Ray said coming close enough so she could feel his cock rub her leg. "We are going back over to the bed, you can join us and you know you want to or you can leave. If you go through the door I will turn the bullet buzzing in your knickers off, but if you stay, and you're a good girl I might take your knickers off."

They walked over to the bed and zipped themselves back up. Susan just stood there for a moment fighting with her conscience, her mind said go but her body said no. She grabbed the door handle. She thought they would force her to stay but they said nothing as she pulled the door towards her. They were enjoying watching to see what she would decided to do.

She turned to face them and with a tremble in her voice said "Ok, but but this is the last time it st... stops then."

The guys smiled, the gamble paid off, they were back in complete control. "Right," Ray ordered "shut that door and get yourself over here, we've wasted enough time already."

She did as she was told and as she stood by the bed. Gary pulled her hand and rubbed it over his crotch. "This is what you want isn't it?" She didn't respond, "isn't it?" He said firmly again. "yes" she answered. "Tell me what you want" He said still rubbing with her hand. "If you don't tell me you can just go"

"I... I want your... cock"

"That's better, now get it out." She knelt down, undid his belt and button and unzipped his trousers, then pulled his erect cock from his pants. "You want to suck Susan, don't yer."


"Then tell me."

"I want to suck it."

"Yeh course you do my little slut. Go on suck it." She took it into her mouth and began to lick and suck Gary's cock.

Ray knelt behind her and reached round to play with her tits; his hands were soon under her shirt.

He pulled her hair aside and spoke into her ear. "From now on you will be known to us as Susie that will be your slut name. As for when this stops, it stops when we decide. You had a chance to go but we have tuned you into our little slut, that can't get enough cock. Now hands up lets get this shirt off"

He told her and he pulled it over her head and he threw it aside. As Gary's cock went back into her mouth Ray undid her bra.

"Don't you have any front opening bras?"

"Nommph" She said just coming up briefly to reply.

"Then you'd better go out and buy some, the next time I want access to your tits, I want a front opening bra." Ray ordered now squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. "Ok?"

"Mmm" Was all she could say.

She was starting to breath faster and heavier, the bullet that had been gently buzzing in her pants along with the Rays work on her tits was bringing her towards an orgasm. Ray noticed and hit the off button causing a sigh of protest from Susan.

"I think she was about to cum Gaz," He said to his mate. "You're gonna have to work a bit harder to cum today Susie," Ray whispered into her ear. "Let's get her on the bed."

They all stood up and lead her to the bed. She laid down on her back in her jeans and open bra which Gary soon removed.

They knelt beside her "Lets see if you can suck two cocks at once," and both pushed their cocks towards her face. "Open wide," Said Ray and they just managed to get them both in.

Gary lifted her head as she sucked both a once. "Fuck yes," said Gary, "I can't believe this little cock sucker."

After a while they slipped them from her mouth and she gave a gasp. Gary went to work on her tits and nipples, and Ray moved further down. There was no resistance as he spread her legs wide and rubbed his hands up and down her lovely jean clad inner thighs. Them he roughly squeezed between her legs, bringing a sexy squeal from Susan's throat. After repeating this several times, she began to push up towards his hand. He unzipped her jeans and undid the button, then slipped his hand into her knickers to bring out the bullet.

Seeing how wet it was her remarked with a smile, "our little toy works well, we can use that again."

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