Susanne in Africa


He reached beneath her ass, and with a quick flick, brushed the little cloth aside, leaving her plump vagina naked and open to his touch. She shivered when she felt his thick middle finger slide down the length of her moistened slit and then dip between her lips. Pulling his mouth off of her's, he smiled at the two watching men and said, "Yes, she's wet already. I think she will do nicely." He gave her bare rump a slap beneath her skirt and pushed her off his lap. As she stood, all could see the massive erection pushing his shorts out tentlike. "Well, there will be plenty of time for that later. If we are to hold the ceremony tonight, I better go and get Silas, the gardener, to witness before he goes running off," he announced.

"Why a witness?" Susanne asked. "Because all have to know that Nauroo is properly wedded to you. Else other men could dispute his claim on you," the doctor told her. "Is Susanne dressed to your liking, Nauroo, or do you want her to change?" he asked. "No, she will do, though she can meanwhile freshen up, put up her hair and use some make-up."

"All right," the doctor said, "Shall we say maybe in half an hour back here then?" After Nauroo had left, the good doctor, pleased with the evening's progress, smiled at Susanne.

"Well, Susanne, did I detect some reluctance in you to break that kiss? You seemed as if you were enjoying his hand beneath your skirt. You two lovebirds will have all night to enjoy each other, and I bet that Nauroo can hardly wait to mount you thoroughly. But if we will want to have you ready and looking your best, now is not the time to chat. I suspect you will both want to know the wording of the agreement before you sign. Maybe we can go over everything as you get ready, honey."

Together, all three went into the master bedroom and Susanne sat down in front of her dressing table. Klaus plunked down on the bed, somehow relieved that all seemed to have gone much easier then he had thought. Of course, she might bolt at the last moment. As the doctor pulled out a few sheets of paper, Susanne had begun to pin up her shoulder-length blonde hair. "I feel sticky," she announced. "Can you men give me a few minutes of privacy so that I can sponge off?"

"Baby, we don't have time for such timidness...your husband has seen you before and I am a physician and have seen plenty of naked women. You just go ahead whilst I read out the important passages of the agreement."

After just a short moment's reflection, Susanne gave in and taking off her blouse reached in back and unfastened her bra. Good god, the doctor thought, as her breasts came into view...Nauroo is a lucky bastard, to hold those beauties anytime he feels like it. Her breasts were full and firm, sagging ever so slightly. As she let the bra fall away, they jiggled enticingly, the soft skin breaking out in goosebumps as the cool air hit them. The doctor took the wet sponge out of her hand and wiped her back with it. Then, reaching around, he gently lifted one breast in one hand and sponged it. Her nipples stiffened and she did not resist his ministrations. Good, the doctor thought, his cock stirring inside his trousers. Yes, she is ripe, already overtly submissive, and well on her way to be broken to our every desires. She was already turning out to be an asset, and he felt certain that somehow he could profit from her.

After he had sponged her other breast, he handed the sponge back to her and reached for his papers. "Please listen carefully," he said as Susanne was putting on a fresh bra and a new silk blouse. "I will outline first the section dealing with the wife's says here, that the female shall honor and obey her husband, and she shall cheerfully submit to all of his sexual demands. And that she will refrain from any jealousies. It is also left to her husband's sole discretion whether or not he will allow other men to enjoy her company. Finally, it says that she will bear his children as and when he so demands."

Both Klaus and Susanne were already voicing their objections until the doctor interrupted. "Now, listen, this is a standard marriage agreement in accordance with African laws. It has already been signed by couples tens of thousands of times. If you analyze the wording, with the exception of some minor passages which are rarely if ever applied, it is essentially not much different from Christian vows."

"But what about wives?" Susanne said, "Will he have more than me?"

"I guess he could, you know that Africans living in the villages have several females. But that really doesn't apply here in your situation."

"And what about other men?"

"Again, that passage is intended for her to be given to another man should her husband be absent. The intention is for her to be kept within the husband's circle of family relationships," the doctor assured them. "And ensuring her husband's sexual satisfaction and the portion about bearing his children is not so much different from Christian church laws which stipulate that a couple should 'please each other and multiply.'"

"What punishment are they talking about?" Susanne demanded. "Ohh, that again is nothing. Would you not agree that there must be some discipline in every marriage? Some women tend to be quarrelsome and the husband must have some tools to enforce peace and order in his household," he said.

By now, Susanne had finished her hair and had applied new makeup and she looked even more enticing then ever. Somehow, she told me later, that she had begun to feel comfortable with her 'wedding vows', which only enforced my perception of her ultimately submissive personality. Susanne said, it all just felt so right to her. After all, they were in Africa and should they not accept the ways of the country they called home now? She even felt eager to get on with it now. Her pussy tingled as she thought of Nauroo's tongue in her mouth and how his hand had taken hold of her, so matter of fact, so natural, so masterful, unlike her whimpy husband. To head off any more argument from her husband, she told him, "Klaus, don't fuss," she said, "and don't worry about me when you are away. I am sure that Nauroo will take good care of me." Though uneasy, Klaus said meekly, "Yes, if you put it that way it seems to be all right. Its just the way they've worded the conditions in it that raised my questions."

"Well, there you are," said the doctor. "I knew it would be better to discuss any questions that you may have before the ceremony. But we should get going and see if your groom and the best man are back." When they got back into the living room, Nauroo was there, still in his khaki shorts, a fresh drink in his hand. He seemed in high spirits. The man in his own home, as it were. Silas stood nearby, seemingly nervous and unsure what was expected of him. The doctor took a seat behind the dining table, his papers in front of him. "I think we can begin," he said. "Klaus, you will give her away? Come take her arm and bring her closer, and you, Nauroo, please stand beside the table and take her from Klaus's hand."

Then he stood up and, taking hold of their hands, asked, "Who is giving this woman away in marriage?" Without hesitation, Klaus said loud and clear, "I am." Then the doctor looked at Susanne. "Susanne, will you accept Nauroo as your second lawful wedded husband in accordance with African traditions? Will you honor and obey him and faithfully observe your duties in accordance with the marriage agreement previously explained to you?" Susanne looked up at Nauroo and said softly, "Yes, I will."

"And you, Nauroo, will you take Susanne as your wife, shelter her and guard her in accordance with this agreement?"

"Ndio," he said using the Swahili for "yes." Then, the doctor continued, "the couple will sign the agreement first, then Klaus and then the best man." As they all crowded around the table and Susanne leaned over, Silas quickly took the moment to press himself into her, rubbing his hard prick against the crack of her ass. She wriggled. "I now pronounce you man and wife. Nauroo, she is now yours," the doctor pronounced. Nauroo put his arms around Susanne's waist and pulled her against him. Then, holding each of her buttocks in one of his hands, he bent over, his mouth seeking her lips, kissed her deeply. She seemed to melt into him and willingly opened her lips to accept his invading tongue.

The men all watched the couple. Klaus watched with mounting excitement as he imagined how her moist pussy would soon envelope Nauroo's thick Black Cock. Silas with envy as his own cock stiffened, and the doctor with satisfaction that he had ingratiated himself knowing that Nauroo would not forget a favor. "Klaus," he said as the couple broke their kiss, "I can see, all is well, she's in good hands and you are free to pursue your career and provide financial security, and you, Susanne, will help your men to the best of your abilities. Unfortunately I cannot stay and have to leave soon get back to Kampala, but I think that you, Nauroo, and you, Klaus, should discuss the household arrangements before you begin to celebrate."

"Yes, of course," Klaus agreed as they all took their seats around the room. Wanting to start his relationship with Nauroo on a cordial note, he added, "Since I have to leave for the upland next Monday morning anyhow, why don't you move into the master bedroom with Susanne tonight, I can take my things into the spare bedroom." Determined to please her man, Susanne was handing fresh drinks to the men, serving Nauroo first. "Well, I should hope so," Nauroo quipped, "Right, Susanne?" She flushed and thought strange, suddenly I do feel like a bride, wedded and eagerly wanting to submit to my 'new' husband on our wedding night.

Aloud, she said, "Yes, please, I would like him to move in tonight. After all, it is our wedding night." She sat down on the floor, beside Nauroo's chair, her elbow over his thigh. With a pang of jealousy, Klaus who was sitting directly across from Nauroo, saw her other hand sneak beneath her elbow, surreptitiously pushing up his shorts until her hand had found his cock. Ohh god, she thought, he is so big, my fingers won't even close around his shaft and he isn't even hard. Tenderly, she stroked his manhood, still half inside his shorts and half exposed. Seemingly totally unconcerned that they were not alone, Nauroo had his left arm casually over her shoulder, his hand now inside her blouse, the ball of his thumb stroking her erect nipple. Her pussy was tingling now...I wish we were alone and he would take me to bed, she thought.

"Well," the doctor said, getting up, "I wish I could stay, but maybe some other time. Why don't you show me out, Klaus, and give the two lovebirds a little privacy?" He stepped over to Nauroo, shook hands with him, then bent down and kissed Susanne on the lips. "Have fun, dear. I can see that Nauroo is getting anxious and will want to mount you soon."

As her husband left the room to show the good doctor out, Nauroo took Susanne by the hand, and stood up. She suddenly felt a shyness, and demurely lowered her eyes, as she allowed him to lead her by the hand out into the hallway, and down to the master bedroom. Yet at the same time, she could feel herself lubricating, as her female essence juices flowed, with her increasing excitement. Nauroo sat down on the king sized bed, and told her to undress herself for his enjoyment, so that he could see her completely and so that she would realize that she was now his wife, not just in name only, and that she belonged to him, to do with as he pleased. Almost trembling with anticipation and with an incipient realization of just what change had come into her life this night, Susanne complied, first unbuttoning her blouse, and letting it drop to the floor, then her shorts, next her bra, and finally her thong panties, standing in front of her hew 'husband' with only her sandals still on.

Nauroo then told her to take off her shoes, and lie down on the bed, and spread out so that he could fully appreciate her charms. Susanne complied with his every direction, little realizing to what extent she was becoming submissive to him, and his directions for her lifestyle. "By the way," Nauroo said, "I want you to keep you nails, especially your toenails, always painted with a dark color; the contrast of those colors against your white european skin is so intense, and it pleases me to see it." Susanne nodded her head in silent acquisence, she would find that darkest reds, or purple colors, and see that her toe nails especially were always done to his satisfaction.

As he undressed himself, Nauroo's cock was rampant in anticipation of feeling both sets of her lips around him. Susanne looked down and gasped at the sight of his massive manhood. She had heard that African men were large, but she had not expected anything like Nauroo was showing. His cock looked like a fat sausage rather than the penises she had seen before of Klaus and the few boyfriends she had had before her marriage. Shivers ran through her and she could feel her cunt bubbling lubricant. As Nauroo stood in front her her, she sat up on the bed, and then almost against her will, her hand reached for his penis. It pulsed and jumped in her palm, her fingers unable to close around the shaft.

My God, she thought, he's beautiful. The head a deep purple, the ridge flared larger then the shaft, the slit in its tip oozing precum. With a giggle, she leaned forward and with her lips pursed she kissed the crown. She had never done that to Klaus she thought, but somehow it seemed so natural to adore Nauroo. For a while, Nauroo allowed her to kiss the head and watch her as her lips traveled down the massive shaft, lifting him and kissing his heavy balls dangling beneath. Back up she would go and then open her mouth wide to capture as much of the head she could hold in her mouth without gagging.

Finally he said, "Now lay back, and open your legs. I will mount you now and seed you. Later you can suck me again."

"Seed me? What do you mean? Klaus has some condoms here in the night stand. Aren't you going to use those?"

"Are you silly, woman? Of course not, I'm not a weak american man, to uselessly spill my man's essence."

"I will always and only mount and ride you bareback.

"But what if I will become pregnant?" Nauroo looked at Susanne with a frown on his face; "have you forgotten already what the marriage contract says, about bearing our children; if you become pregnant, then you will just have to have our baby."

"Nauroo, no, please how can we go back home to Germany with a interracial baby?" Instead of an answer, Nauroo pushed Susanne back onto the bed, her legs still hanging over the side. Then he reached beneath her knees and pulling her legs up and apart, had her vagina open and exposed level with the head of his cock. Already more than passively obedient to his domination, Susanne helped Nauroo spread her legs yet further wide, to allow him the easiest and fullest entry into her body.

He shuffled forward and she felt the knob centering itself between her outer lips. Then as he increased the pressure, she felt the crown break through the inner ring of her pussy. She moaned and tenderly squeezed his large knob with her vaginal muscles, as he held himself still, savoring the feel of her hot moist cunt enveloping the tip of his cock. Susanne now opened her legs as wide as she could, and she pulled her legs back against her sides, until she was able to wrap her arms around her thighs, holding herself, her entire lower body, now open and accessible to him. He shuffled after her, never losing that sweet contact with her cunt.

Then he knelt on the bed hovering over her and pushed his cock deeper, and then out, then ever deeper into her. Susanne moaned again, her eyes closed. "Do you want more?" he asked her. "God, is there more?" her eyes fluttering open looking up at him, frightened. "Here it comes," he said and suddenly rammed into her to the hilt, as she could feel his cum swollen balls slap against her upraised buttocks.

Nauroo started stroking into her, with slow lunging movements, that gradually built up in speed, strength and intensity. Each stroke seemed to go deeper into her, opening her pussy up, and then bottoming out against, and opening her womb to the big black head of his cock. She could feel her orgasm building. Then her pussy flooded with her climax juices, making her shudder and urgently wrapping her legs around his middle, the back of her feet digging into his rump as if to urge him deeper into her. All fear of pregnancy was forgotten as his battering head pushed against the mouth of her womb. Susanne was completely lost in her climaxes, as Nauroo's hard fucking black cock became her master. Susanne raised her legs up and back, almost over her head, to give Nauroo as much access to her body as he might desire. She could see her dainty feet jerking back and forth in rhythm with his big black cock plunged in and out of her now completely open cunt, with the lights glinting off her bright scarlet painted toenails, as yet another climax flooded through her.

Suddenly, as Nauroo stiffened, raising himself up over her on his arms and looking down at Susanne, who had clearly become his woman, she could feel his cock inflating yet further inside of her and as her muscles milked the shaft, he roared above her and his semen inundated her womb, spurt after hot spurt. Even after his first climax into her totally unprotected cervix, he continued to stroke his still hard cock into her now completely submissive body. She had two more orgasms before he finally collapsed on top of her.

Now, lovingly, she enveloped her lover in her arms and with her legs now wrapped around him implicitly accepting and holding him inside her like a stopper, savored the feeling of his cock subsiding in her. Nauroo held himself inside of her for many minutes, her rump up, her pussy plugged. Finally, he rolled over on his side, releasing her. At his directions, Susanne got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean herself and then brought a wet washcloth to lovingly clean her man's cock, now caked with their mingled juices. That night, Nauroo took her three separate times, riding her bareback each time, dropping his hot, black baby-making cum inside her now totally open, and warm, wet and willing pussy, until they were both sated and fell asleep in each other's arms in the wee hours of the morning.

When after the first several nights of his mounting and fucking her deeply, Nauroo then wanted to use her mouth as his sperm receptacle, Susanne now almost completely broken to his every use of her, was more than willing, always taking him deep in her throat at the moment of his climax, and then swallowing what he had so copiously spent into her mouth. Nor was her rectum spared, once Nauroo found that she had never had a man there before, nothing would do, but that he claim that third hole as his own. Although the first time was one of her more painful experiences, she became quite proud of the fact that she could and would take him anywhere in her body that he desired, without the least discomfort to her, and always for his ultimate pleasure in using her body as he desired, with only her now total submission to his every use.

Nauroo, over the next several months, made such a good job of using Susanne sexually in every way that Klaus often found himself in the spare room, even when he was not traveling. Klaus was somewhat shocked that even when he was at home, Susanne did not ever have sex with him, apparently preferring always to spend the night with her african husband. Susanne did not discuss with Klaus about the fact that she was not using birth control of any sort with Nauroo, always allowing him to ride her bareback as he wanted.

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