Susan's Story


"Stroke my cock," he commanded softly in my ear as he broke the kiss.

I obeyed, letting my hand jerk his cock to hardness once more as he kissed and fondled me. There was no resistance to his touch, not even when he moved between my legs again. This time I was the one guiding his cock to my open wet pussy.

There were a few moments when I gave a start as a shot of pain went through me. These were from the cock pushing through some matted dry pubic hairs on the way to his prize.

This time he eased himself inside me more easily. Then there was no holding back. He fucked my young body long and hard. His hands mauling at my breasts. He grunted as he raised himself up over my body, grabbing my ankles to fuck me deeper.

"Oh yeah, you dirty little slut," he called out as he pumped my body. "Fuck you are good."

I moaned a little. This time my body wasn't reacting the same. There was no pleasure now, just the feeling of being fucked. In and out he plunged. My breasts bounced on my chest. Then he fired a load inside me again, holding my legs up and kneeling up in triumph, laughing as I lay there, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Once more he collapsed over my body, licking my nipples and letting his dirty long cock slip out. More cum slipped from my body to pool under me.

"Don't cry babe," he said tenderly as he got back up onto his knees. "You were wonderful. Don't listen to all that slut-talk, I just get off doing that, lots of guys do."

"Yeah," I managed through a few long sobs.

"Here, clean yourself up," he said reaching for a packet of cleanex that sat near one of the walls of the van.

The small squares of tissue wiped my tears away. I looked down at the creamy white mess between my legs and the little trace of blood on one thigh. Quietly I wiped the visible traces of cum from my body. Matt sat back and watched, stroking his big hard cock again.

Finished with my cleaning I looked around for my clothing. The bra and tank top lay on the shag pile near my hands. I picked up each garment and put it on, adjusting my breasts in the pink bra.

The panties had ended up a little further away and my sneaker was near my left ankle. Once again I looked down at my naked crotch. The denim skirt was stained with cum.

"I...I...can't wear...," I started to protest at the dirty skirt and realised that I had little choice. In fact Matt just shrugged as he watched me button up the tight fitting little skirt, his cock still hard in his hand.

I crawled over to where the panties were lying, a little tuft of white on a deep blue rug. As I crawled over to the little piece of lace I felt Matt's hands grasp my hips.

"Once more babe," Matt whispered, leaning over my back. "One more time, doggy style. See how much you make me want you? You are just too good, I want that pussy so much."

"No, please, no more," I pleaded. I was tired, sore and confused. "I think I should go."

His hand was pushing the tight, damp skirt up over my back. "You wouldn't want to leave me unsatisfied would you?" he asked as he rubbed my bare pussy. "Come on babe, you were loving this so much before. Just once more for me."

I froze as I felt him rubbing his cock through my slit, moving my legs apart a little. I just let it happen. He pushed forward, kneeling behind me. His cock sliding into my wet hole easily now.

"Oh, you do want it babe, you do want me," he grimaced as he began to fuck me. "Oh, yeah, such a good little virgin. Letting me fuck her like a dirty doggy slut. Oh, I love it."

I let out a moan. He had stirred my feelings again. I could feel it deep inside me. I wanted his cock now. I was pushing back against his thrusts. It felt so good. My face was red as I felt the orgasm build. I wanted to scream as it passed through me, forcing me onto my elbows.

Matt slowed to let my orgasm pass as he held my waist. Then he plunged back into the tender swollen wet pussy. In and out, in and out, harder and harder.

"Yes...yes...fuck me," I cried out.

"Ohhh...ohhh," he moaned. Unable to hold on he plunged in one last time and filled me again. His cum dripped down from my pussy as he pulled out immediately.

I turned to look at him. This time I was smiling. Yes, Matt had taken my virginity, but he had also shown me a new pleasure. I reached for the panties.

"No, they stay," Matt said as I picked them up. "My little souvenir my dear. I want to remember you...and they have your scent." He reached out and I let them fall into his hand.

I sat back and pulled on my sneaker instead as matt crawled to a cabinet next the stereo. He slid open a draw and dropped the delicate lace garment inside. I caught a quick glimpse of the draw before he closed it. The whole thing was full of ladies panties.

Quickly he dressed and we slipped out of the van. I was conscious of the dark, wet stain on my skirt, the lack of panties under it and my ruffled look. Matt bent down and kissed my cheek. "Here," he said finding a $50 note in his pocket. "Buy that bottle for your friends."

"I think I might just head home," I smiled back holding the money out for him.

"No you keep it, you earned it," he said.

"When will I see you again?" I asked hopefully.

"Never, tomorrow I will be miles away babe," he said. "I never stay long anywhere. Unless you want to drop by with one of your friends later? I fancy that short blonde chick." He smiled.

"You are a..." I couldn't find the words.

"That's me. By the way I hope you are in some kind of birth control babe, cause we just did that bare back."

The feelings of confusion were returning as he jumped in the van and backed out. I didn't even get a licence plate as he left.

I wasn't on the pill, but fortunately our activities did not produce the outcome he was suggesting, I was lucky. I wondered how many other girls had escaped as luckily as I had. My first sex. Did I enjoy it? Well, I could have sulked and claimed rape, but that's not my style. No, I decided that I would make it a good experience and learn from it.

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