tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSusie's College Adventure Ch. 01

Susie's College Adventure Ch. 01

byM.R. Alicante©

My name is Susie Reneau and my husband Randy has written a couple of stories about some of the crazy things I've done, like play naked football with him and his pals, or convince our two best friends to get naked with us on our vacation in Belize.

Randy has always been a good sport and puts up with a lot from me. He always asks me why I'm so easygoing when it comes to nudity--especially male nudity. I always laugh and say, "It's 'cause I grew up with four brothers!" I can tell he doesn't quite believe me. Probably because that doesn't explain why I get so much enjoyment out of sucking male penises. Or at least he hopes that's not the real explanation.

One of these days I'm going to tell Randy everything, but I'm not ready yet. You'll understand when I tell you this story from my college years, before I met him. So here goes...

At the beginning of my senior year at USL I moved into a duplex with a girl from Lake Charles named Roxy, who played on my intramural softball team.

Roxy and I got along great at first, but after a week or two she turned into a real pill. First off, she was obsessed with boys and sex. That's all she ever talked about. Second, she never did any work around the house, and whenever I'd tell her she wasn't pulling her share of the cleaning, she'd get really pissed.

And then the real problems started. Roxy had gone home for a while before classes started, and these three really cute guys moved into the other half of our duplex. I went out a few times with the jock of the trio, a guy named Joe. He was sorta cute, but he turned into a real jerk, so I started avoiding him.

Unbeknownst to me, he and Roxy had dated all through junior year until he broke up with her. He was from Lake Charles too, and his daddy was rich, so little miss Roxy still had the hots for him. When she found out we'd been on a couple of dates, she had this huge screaming fit and would have thrown me out if I hadn't been twice her size.

The next Saturday after lunch, I told Roxy it was her turn to clean up the kitchen. She flew into her usual rage and I finally said, "Fuck this. I'm going in the back yard and lay out."

Roxy was still screaming as I got my bikini on and went outside. I heard her banging things around in the kitchen while I put lotion on and got out a chaise-longue, but she eventually quieted down.

After I'd been outside a while the guys came out and pretended they were cleaning up their half of the patio.

The cutest guy was named Teeny Steve. I'd taken calculus with him a year earlier. He was actually pretty big, but he grew up out on the Atchafalaya somewhere and his name was Etienne, so everybody in his hometown called him Teeny. When he came to USL he tried to get people to call him Steve, but they just started calling him Teeny Steve instead.

DJ was OK. He was a country boy from outside of Shreveport, definitely on the nerdy side, but really friendly. Joe was hanging around too, but he must have heard Roxy's tantrum and wasn't saying much to me.

It was a pretty warm day and before long the guys had taken off their shirts. Joe and Teeny Steve were really buff, and I had to work hard not to stare.

The four of us were talking about classes and profs and stuff, so of course Roxy has to come out wearing this tiny string bikini and acting so sweet. And of course she immediately had the guys' undivided attention. I was sure they'd heard at least part of her temper fit earlier, which made her act that much more sickening.

"Do y'all boys want some beer or anything?" she drawled.

"Sure!" we all said.

Naturally she brings out four beers--for her and the guys. "I just couldn't carry any more," she smiled.

I felt like a fool going inside and getting our last beer for myself. After a while the guys brought out some more, and we all had another round.

DJ rolled this old barbecue pit out of the garage and said, "Hey, what about we grill some hamburgers after a while?"

"Sounds great!" we all said.

Joe left to go buy some charcoal or more beer or something. Teeny Steve found a basketball, and he and DJ started shooting it at an old rusty hoop on the side wall of the patio.

Teeny Steve looked at us. "Hey, girls. How about some two-on-two?"

"Um, OK," I said.

"I--I can't play in this bikini," Roxy whined.

"Aw, come on," DJ said. "Sure you can. We're just basically shooting hoops."

I found out later that Roxy played point on the St. Louis High girls' team that took state one year. You'd never know it from the helpless act she put on in front of the guys, of course.

Anyway, it was Steve and me against Roxy and DJ. Roxy held back at first but her top stayed on a little better than she thought it would, so the more she played the more aggressive she got.

Then it happened. I was guarding her. She took a shot and we both went up for the rebound. My hand caught the string holding up her top behind her neck. It didn't rip, but it came completely undone and her boobs popped into view. It took her a second to realize what had happened, and by that time the guys' mouths were hanging open.

She quickly tied herself together, then turned on me. "You bitch! You freakin' bitch--"

"Roxy, it was an acc--" I couldn't get the words out before she attacked. She grabbed my neck strap, but my suit was tougher, and I caught her by the wrists before she ripped anything. Then she slipped her ankle behind mine and tried to trip me, but I was on to that.

After a minute of her cussing and screaming and me holding on to her wrists, the boys finally pulled us apart.

"Roxy, it really was an accident," Teeny Steve said.

"Bullshit. I'm payin' her back one way or another."

"OK, OK," he said. "There's gotta be another way to settle this. Umm--if you beat us she apologizes?"

Roxy was still flaming at the nostrils. "I've got a better idea. If she and you lose, Susie loses her top."

"Oh come on, Roxy," I said. "That's ridiculous. Besides--what if we win? I don't give a damn about your top." The boys gave me really disappointed looks.

Roxy seemed to settle down. She thought for a minute and smiled gently. "You're right, Susie. This shouldn't be about bikinis. What about--the loser does whatever the winner wants."

What was she up to?

Roxy went on. "Nothing dangerous or anything--but, um, for twenty-four hours the loser cooks or cleans or whatever the winner wants."

Now that sounded interesting. I started thinking about Roxy's dishes and trash all over the kitchen. "Whatever the winner wants, right?" I said. Roxy nodded. "OK--you've got a deal."

We agreed we'd play to 20 baskets. The guys were so busy watching to see if our tits would pop out of our suits that basically they were worthless. I tried everything to keep Steve in the game. After about the fifth time he bobbled my pass, I finally asked him, "What the hell will it take to keep your mind on the ball?"

"Um, do you really want to know?" He had the stupidest grin on his face.

"OK. What?"

He looked at my tits. "Um--guess?"

Forget it, I thought. DJ wasn't doing any better, so really it was Roxy vs. me. I was a good basketball player, probably better than Roxy since she really hadn't stayed in shape, but she was pissed off and I wasn't. She fouled me right and left. Her tits popped themselves out of that stupid string bikini a couple more times but she hardly noticed.

The final score was us 17, them 20. Roxy looked at me and I knew I was in big big trouble. With the creepiest smile I've ever seen she held out her hand. "OK, chickie. Time to hand me that top."


"You heard me."

"Come on, Roxy. You said this wouldn't be about bikinis."

"Let me put it this way. It isn't JUST about your bikini. But it IS about your bikini, hon. You agreed to this, so it's time to pay up. The top, please."

The guys just stood there and drooled. Roxy turned to DJ and said, "You heard her make the bet, right?"

"Uh, Susie, you kinda did."

Finally I just said fuck the whole damn thing, took a deep breath, unhooked my top, and gave it to her.

I thought I was going to pass out.

Just before I did, I managed to choke out, "I'm gonna grab a beer," and staggered into the boys' kitchen. I found the bathroom and locked myself in.

I tried to get hold of myself. I thought, I can't believe I just took off my bra in front of two guys I hardly know. OK--it can't be that big a deal, right? I mean--European women go topless every day, right? I can do this, right? Wrong! Damn that Roxy! What a total bitch. OK--I'll show her. I'll take everything she dishes out and throw it right back in her face, right? DAMN right! I felt better, so I sat on the toilet and tried to pee. No way. Even though I kinda needed to, I was still too wound up. I got up, slipped my bottoms back on, and opened the door.

I could hardly breathe as I walked into their kitchen, got my beer out of the fridge, and walked straight ahead out that patio door. The guys just froze and stared at my chest. I acted calm and cool as I sat down in my lounge chair, like I walked around topless every day. I made myself lean back and clasp my hands, take a big breath, and smiled at the guys. They both had huge hard-ons poking the fronts of their shorts. OK, so that was actually pretty cool. Plus they were paying ZERO attention to Roxy. That was way cool.

It didn't take long before Roxy noticed she wasn't the star attraction anymore and huffed off somewhere.

I felt little tingles in my pussy. I can get used to this, I thought. Acting totally cool, I looked at DJ and said, "I think I saw you in the library yesterday--do you work there now?"

He gulped and said, "Uh-huh. Mostly I reshelve boobs."

I smiled sweetly. " Really?"

"Oh god. BOOKS--I reshelve BOOKS."

That was when I felt someone grab my hand. I looked over my shoulder to see Roxy tying my wrist to the top of the chaise-longue. "What are you doing?"

"You'll see, Miss B," she answered as she grabbed my other hand and tied it down as well. Last week we'd strung a nylon rope to a tree on our side of the yard to use as a clothesline, and apparently she'd cut that into pieces while everyone was distracted.

"Roxy, let me go. I don't appreciate this."

She held up a bottle of suntan lotion. "Those titties look awfully sensitive, Susie. You wouldn't want them to burn, now, so why don't you ask the guys to put lotion on them?"

"I will not! Now let me go!"

"Are you sure?"

"Of course, dammit."

"You might want to reconsider," she said, and then she bent over me, grabbed the sides of my bikini bottoms, and started sliding them down my hips.

I couldn't believe this was happening. I just froze as I watched her pull my suit down. When she got to the top of my pubes, I said, "OK, wait. Stop."

"Well--wasn't there something you were going to ask the boys?"

"OK, OK. DJ and Teeny Steve, would you--um--put lotion on my chest?"

Roxy pulled on my bottoms again. "I didn't hear you say please!"

"DJ and Teeny Steve would you PLEASE put lotion on my chest?"

Roxy smiled triumphantly and handed them the bottle. They didn't waste any time. DJ got down on one side of me and Steve on the other, and they both went to work--of course devoting 90% of their efforts to my boobs.

And damn--it started to feel really good! Two cute guys working on my boobs and sneaking little rubs on my nipples and me with no choice but to lie there and take it--after about a minute I was in another world.

I closed my eyes and my breathing got heavier--until I felt my bottoms fly down my legs and off my feet.

I screamed and clamped my legs together, but it was too late. I opened my eyes and turned to see Roxy cutting my bottoms into pieces. "Roxy! Why would you do that? I let the guys feel my boobs! That was the deal for me keeping my bottoms!"

"I never said any such thing, Susie. You may have assumed that, but actually I never said any such thing."

Damn. There I was--completely naked, strapped to a lawn chair in front of two guys and at the mercy of the witch who had obviously become my mortal enemy.

"Susie--why don't you ask DJ and Teeny Steve to lotion up your legs? You don't want them to burn either, do you?"

She was up to something. "Sure, Roxy. Why the hell not?"

Roxy motioned to the guys and they resumed their places on either side of me. I kept my legs clamped together and their stroking my legs and smoothing on the lotion felt good. Then--pretty good--no--better than that--then um--rreeaalll good--and I was back in my dreamy place again.

"I--I need to pee." I really did, actually.

"Go ahead," Roxy said. "It won't hurt the grass or anything."

"I can't do that! I can't just pee out here in front of everybody!"

"Oh, OK then. Keep going, guys."

I felt them touching me again, and this time they brazenly stroked my bush and even lower. Every time they brushed my slit I thought I'd lose it. By the time I felt a finger rub my clit I was so close to coming I was beyond caring.

That's when I heard Roxy's voice. "OK, guys, that's enough. Take a break."

"Please, Roxy--just another minute," I heard myself say.

"Um, I don't think so, Susie. The boys look tired--"

"No, we're fine--"

"--As I was saying, I think they need a break. How about another beer, boys? Oh, and how about you, Susie? Ready for a cold one?"

The mere thought of beer reminded me how badly I needed to pee. "Not till I go to the bathroom. Roxy, please untie me so I can pee."

"Tell you what. If you just let go and pee, I'll untie one hand so you can hold a beer."

I knew she was up to something, but I had to go so badly I couldn't help it--I let loose right there in front of her and the guys and peed and peed like a race horse. Could this whole nightmare get any more embarrassing?

I saw Roxy walk towards the house and I thought wow, she really is going to get me a beer!

I thought wrong, of course. She came back holding the end of a garden hose, which she handed to Joe. "Hose her off, would you? I don't want her pee all over the lawn chair."

"Uh, sure," he answered. Great. Now I'm going to get hosed down like a race horse, too. The hose had one of those pistol nozzles on the end, and it looked like DJ was having some kind of problem with it.

"Oh for Pete's sake," Roxy said. "How hard can it be? Let me see that--"

She tried to take it away from him, and that's when he sprayed her right in the chest. Way to go DJ!

Roxy was livid, of course, and in the ensuing fight over the hose I got soaked of course, but at least she did, too. That little string bikini of hers got pretty clingy, especially around her ass, and the guys gave me a break for a while, hooting and staring at her.

Joe finally showed up with a big bag of groceries. He handed them off to DJ, who went back to the grill.

Roxy saw him, shrieked, and ran inside the house. I didn't have the luxury of running inside, of course. Teeny Steve helpfully explained everything, and Joe walked over to get a better look. He walked up to the end of my chaise-longue and even bent over to look right at my crotch. "Mmm--nice to--see ya again, Susie," he said. He even licked his lips.

What could I do? I just smiled and said, "Glad you like the view."

On one hand, I was so pissed, but on the other hand--what a rush! Here was this hunk two feet away from my crotch, looking right at my bush, and there was nothing I could do about it! I could feel my face getting warm, not to mention my pussy getting really wet.

He made a sniffing noise. "Tuna fish--I love it."

He could smell how aroused I was! I was so embarrassed--and so turned on!

Finally Roxy showed up. She'd fixed her hair and put some shorts and a tee on over her bikini. Must be nice—she's totally covered while I'm totally exposed.

Roxy put her hand on Joe's arm and followed his gaze down to my crotch. "Sucks to lose, doesn't it, Suze? Tell you what--DJ says the burgers are almost ready, so I guess I should untie you now." She turned around and yelled at DJ and Steve. "Hey everybody--Susie's gonna be our little naked waitress!"

Great. Doesn't that sound like fun. Joe wandered off while Roxy was undoing all the knots, and that gave Roxy a chance to whisper in my ear. "And no getting yourself off. If I catch you sneaking around somewhere and doing yourself --I'll make this payback ten times worse. Do you understand me? You acted like a little slut one too many times and now you're gonna look and feel like one for a whole weekend, hear?"

I just glared at her. It felt so good getting out of those damn cords and feeling the circulation return to my hands and feet. Shaking, I stood up and walked over towards the grill.

I had a problem. I was still really turned on from being so exposed in front of all the guys. Not only was that adding to the shaking, but every step I took made my thighs rub together and sent little shock waves right to my clit. It made walking almost unbearable. When I got up to the patio table I grabbed on for dear life.

Roxy gave me a look. She knew what was going through my cunt--er--mind. Not good.

Maybe if I thought about something other than my clit. "A-anyone want a beer?"

"Sure," several voices responded. I headed into the guys' kitchen. I could see their bathroom down the hall. Nobody would see me slip in and--uh--relieve myself. Wouldn't take long given my current state.

I took a chance and headed down the hall. Just as I was closing the bathroom door, a hand appeared above the doorknob. It was Joe! What did he want?

"Um, Roxy said I have to watch."


"To make sure you don't--um--get yourself off."

This was unbelievable. Thanks to Roxy I was supposed to let this asshole watch me go to the bathroom?

I finally got him to look the other way and managed to pee. That didn't really take care of my problem, but it helped a little. Until I slipped past him in the doorway and my boob brushed his arm. More tingles right in my crotch. Judging by the front of his shorts I'd say it was nice for him, too.

The burgers turned out to be delicious. Being horny all afternoon gave me an appetite. Once I had a couple of burgers and a couple more beers in me, I settled down a little. I started noticing how much attention I was getting from all the guys. Which continued to infuriate Roxy. Really--what did she expect? It seemed like every few minutes one or another of the guys had to rearrange his pants a little. And every time I noticed, I felt that yummy little tingle between my legs again.

After everyone had finished and I had rounded up all the dishes and trash, we noticed it was only about 8:30. The guys started talking about going out somewhere to hear some music and drink more beer. I thought that was a great idea. I still wasn't that comfortable with three sets of male eyes constantly fixed on my tits and pussy. If they all took off, I'd finally get a break.

"We're headed for the Loose Caboose. You girls want to come?"

"Sure!" Roxy answered.

"What about--uh--Susie?"

"She'll come, too. It'll only take her two seconds to get dressed. Come on, hon."

The Loose Caboose. Great. I started getting a really bad feeling. Sure enough, she hauled me back to my bedroom and started going through my closet.

"This'll be perfect." She pulled out one of my favorite outfits--a matching skirt and top with big round buttons all the way down the front. I put it on. I guessed she wasn't going to let me wear any underwear, and of course I was right about that, but I started to feel better. The blouse didn't show too much and the skirt wasn't that short. She handed me some strappy sandals with big wedge heels, and I got a little makeup on while she was in her room changing.

Suddenly she reappeared holding some big scissors and before I could even react she snipped off the top button of my blouse.

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