tagLesbian SexSusie's Freshman Year

Susie's Freshman Year


Susie Brock knew that part of her would always be sad that she couldn't work it out with Governor Bruce Calahan. She also knew that the Governor was right about them needing some time apart, after being lovers for the whole semester. She had missed him that summer, as she worked in the area, to ensure that she already had a job when the other students came into town. She missed him even more by now, but the past had to be left to history, and the future embraced, so she went ahead and started to take an interest in several guys.

Since she wasn't pursuing a long-term relationship with any of them, it didn't matter if they were faithful, or she was, for that matter. She was just looking to enjoy herself, in between studies, of course. A steady boyfriend would take up more time, which she had to spent concentrating on her studies. She just wanted to fuck now and then, experiment a little, and relax whenever she had the chance to get away from homework, her job to pay tuition, and extracurricular activities, assuming that she had time for them.

The Harvard newspaper was an obvious choice, but would she really want to get involved in investigative reporting, when she didn't plan to be a journalist? As she thought about this, and dorm arrangements, which really worried her, she remembered that she was expected to meet with the Dean of Women about that matter. Maybe she should take these concerns up with her?

Jody Langdon was a woman with a surprisingly cute, naughty look on her face, which was the last thing that Susie had expected from a dean, who presumably had a PhD. She was not skinny, but hardly fat either, with more of a high school geek look to her, albeit an adorable, feminine geek- the sort who wrote poetry, and that kind of thing.

Dr. Langdon was also known to be bisexual, and Susie could tell that the rumors were true, from the way that she stared at the ravishing young Englishwoman who had just stepped into her office.

"Susie Brock, I presume? I'm Dr. Jody Langdon, the Dean of Women."

"Pleased to meet you, Dean. I'm surprised, and impressed- you look fairly young for a faculty official, not to mention cute."

"Some women in academia would take offense at that remark, but not me. You're probably just brown-nosing me, anyway."

"Oh, no, ma'am. I meant it. I think that you're lovely."

"So are you, but that is not the purpose of this meeting, to admire each other, is it? You probably have some concerns- dormitory arrangements, for instance?"

"Well, yes, Dr. Langdon, I do. I need to have roommates who don't disturb my studies, but will still be fun. I mean, you know, studious, but fun-loving as well."

"I've heard such concerns before, and I will try to help you, but there are no guarantees, especially given the red tape and bureaucracy of this place. It is Harvard, after all."

"Of course, but if I could prove my seriousness about this matter- you know, the urgency, I would. I'm willing to help you, if you'll do the same for me. Believe me, it will be my pleasure.", Susie answered, putting much emphasis on the word "pleasure".

"Well, if you're really serious, I don't mind a little kissing of my ass, so to speak. It gives me a good sense of my power here."

"I can kiss bum with the best of them."

"You said 'bum', not 'ass', and you have an English accent. You really are British, aren't you?"

"Yes, just look at the records. I am a Brit- hope that doesn't turn you off, 'cause that is my nationality."

"On the contrary, my dear, it turns me on! That accent of yours is delightfully exotic, and it makes my cunt more than a little damp, I must confess. I wonder if you'd have mercy on a poor woman, and finish what you've started."

"What did I start, Dr. Langdon?"

"You know what you started, Susie, so don't play stupid. For one thing, you're clearly an intelligent young lady, so you don't have me fooled with that coy, naive girl routine. You've deliberately been teasing me about the possibility of a sexual encounter, and I can't help but wonder if you've ever been with a woman. Have you?"

"No, Dr. Langdon, I normally prefer guys, but in your case, I'm willing to experiment with lesbian sex."

"Good, then don't call me 'Dean' or 'Dr. Langdon'. If you're going to let me into those panties of yours, we might as well be informal, right?"

"Whatever you wish, Jody."

"Call me Jody-doll. I loved it when my first girlfriend called me that."

"Jody-doll- sounds sweet and sexy. I definitely want to help clean up my mess, by eating you out, if that's what you wish."

"First, let me eat you, so you'll know what to do."

"Alright, it sounds like fun."

"Drop your slacks, take off your shoes, and sit in my chair."

"Yes, Jody-doll."

"Spread your legs."

"Yes, love- I mean 'Jody-doll'."

"No, wait, 'love' sounds even better- call me 'love', in that charming accent of yours."

"Yes, love."

Jody really went to work on Susie's cunt, drinking up her juices with obvious delight. What was more shocking to Susie was how much she herself really enjoyed this woman's kiss on her genitalia. That Jody had the "hots" for her was doubtless by now, because she was acting all thirsty for the wetness of Susie's womanhood.

To see this 37 year old woman give her head, and actually bring her pleasure in the process was amazing. Dr. Langdon knew what she was doing, and evidently considered this a rightful perk of her job of helping college girls.

The passionate way that Jody's mouth devoured Susie's shaved cunt made the English girl's pussy get increasingly moist. This only fed the dean's hunger for the young lady, as she knew that she was bringing this girl her first taste of Sapphic pleasure- her introduction to the world of lesbian lust. Apparently, she was leaving a great first impression, because the freshman was moaning rather excitedly at this point.

Jody wrapped her tongue around Susie's clitoris, intensifying the ecstasy of her newfound girl-girl arousal. The Englishwoman began pushing forward into Dr. Langdon's face, getting her juices onto it. Then the dean plunged her tongue deep into Susie's sex, "Frenching" her as it were. She started moving her tongue back and forth between the student's clit and the opening of her womb. Susie began wrapping her legs around Jody's neck as it happened, thrashing about in sheer bliss.

"Ahhhhhh, by Jove, you're shagging my poor cunt to death! That's simply marvelous- please finish me, before you fucking kill me with that sweet tongue of yours!"

"Oh, but I'm not finished, my dear. I've still got to taste your tush- I'm betting that it's delicious."

At that, she slid her tongue further southward, toward her sphincter, and began teasing it by licking all around it first, before she even touched her rectum. Finally, however, she showed mercy, licking the outside of her rectum for a while, and getting it sweaty and damp, until at last she invaded Susie's with it.

It was like striking oil, the way that she made Susie gush her vaginal juices as she came at last. That probing of her derriere was apparently the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. The girl simply could not take it anymore, and her cum drenched her like a shower. Jody heard herself have a satisfied laugh.

"Oh, my, Susie, did we orgasm from a woman's touch? What would your parents say about that? You stopped just being an ambitious student and became a girl-lover some time ago, didn't you now?"

"Yes, love- I'm bi, I know it now, and I want to eat your pussy too!"

"That's good, but don't forget my ass, either! You promised to kiss it, didn't you?"

"Yes, love, I did!"

Dr. Langdon now removed her own skirt, along with the panties, sat back down on her chair, and directed Susie to taste her cunt. Susie eagerly complied, remembering the pleasure that the older woman had brought her, and really hoping to reciprocate the best that she could. She began to kiss and tickle the labia, moving her lips and tongue all around the clit, circling the vagina, and then quickly, suddenly sneaking a lick of the clitoris, before returning immediately to her tantalizing work of cunnilingus.

Susie wanted to be every bit as nice to Jody as the woman had been to her, putting her heart into the job, as it were, and she kept up this teasing of the lady's twat for some time, making the dean languish with her writhing arousal. Every time that it appeared that she would start tonguing the woman's clitoris, she would abruptly resume her licking of the labia, until at last the scholar was begging her to finish servicing her clit.

At that, Susie did as she was specifically requested, bringing her new friend with benefits to the precipice of pleasure, and prodding her further over it, to the point that she finally just had to cum.

"Oh, Jesus fucking Christ! I'm cumming, I'm cumming now- I can't hold it back any longer, baby!", she screamed, as she wet Susie's face, in the excitement giving her not only her juices, but her piss as well. The urine and vaginal cum mixed with Susie's and Jody's sweat, but the English girl didn't let a little liquid waste get in the way of keeping her word, so she simply went to work on the dean's butt.

Her mouth and tongue spread the fluids that flooded them onto Jody's arse, further stimulating the lady, until she couldn't help herself anymore- she came again, this time adding anal sweat to the mess. The rimming continued for a while afterward, however, and then Susie sank her tongue inside Jody's bottom, pushing toward her colon, forcing her to have a 3rd climax.

The dean was evidently multi-orgasmic, as she had proved by her excited reaction to Susie's efforts, and this thought really pleased the Englishwoman, as she knew how much more fun this would make fucking this lady over this semester. She intended to do just that, for both business and pleasure! This was definitely an excellent beginning of her school year, and she really had to tell her old flame, Governor Calahan, about this.

That was the least she could do, to thank him for his help in getting into this school. Besides, to quote Anne Sexton, "The joy that isn't shared, I've heard, dies young." This joy would definitely be shared a lot, Susie thought, as she kissed Dr. Langdon, getting all of their shared bodily fluids into Jody's mouth.

She'd be calling her "love" quite often, she suspected, and calling on her alot altogether, period! For now, she prepared to hit the showers, and wash the liquids off her face, pussy, and ass. She also planned to call Governor Calahan tonight.

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