Suzanna's Darlings Ch. 03



One day, Barry told Suzanna that he wanted her to dress nicely . . . in a disguise that would be suitable for a special occasion. Suzanna donned her best spaghetti-strap dress and followed him out to the car. She had no idea where they were going until she suddenly recognized the path he drove.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed. "Are we going back to the school?!"

He only smiled.

Barry and his wife of eight years walked arm-in-arm as they revisited the campus of the University of Central California at Fresno, where they'd both attended and graduated. The beautiful couple seemed more than a little out of place amongst the younger, jeans-and-tees-wearing crowd of coeds. Dressed in a $900 suit and $3,000 dress respectively, they appeared to everyone within eyeshot as a couple of movie stars. The thought of it made Suzanna chuckle.

"I remember when I first saw you; you didn't dress too different from these kids. Baggy jeans and t-shirts and shit. Now look at you," she said as she laid her head gently upon his shoulder.

"Hey, I still wear jeans sometimes," Barry protested.

"Yeah, but not nearly as much as you wear your 'Fuck me' clothes," she joked. "Nowadays, tailored jackets, pressed slacks and fresh shoes are a staple of your wardrobe."

"You're one to talk. Everything you've ever worn since I've known you has been 'fuck me' clothes, even when we were students."

"Well, they work as advertised, don't they?" she said, squeezing his arm.

He kissed her on her forehead, and the two continued on.

They soon found themselves reentering the Administration Building, heading to the third floor, where the Office of Student Employment was located. This place had significance for them. This was where Suzanna had held an on-campus job for more than three years, and where she and Barry had first met. The place still looked almost identical to the way it had back then, with only a few cosmetic differences.

As the two entered the office, nostalgia practically blasted them in the face from every direction. The same desk, the same cubicles, the same paint on the walls . . . even the same unidentifiable scent still lingered. Barry and Suzanna even glanced at one-another and smiled as they looked to the reception desk and saw a young, pretty blonde sitting there, eager to greet them.

"Hello, can I help you?" she asked sweetly.

Gazing at the attractive blond typing at the keyboard, Barry could suddenly taste the déjà vu.

"Hi," he said, meeting her soft blue eyes with his own piercing gaze. Suzanna could barely hold back a smirk. "My wife and I are just soaking in a bit of nostalgia. This is office is the exact spot where the two of us met, you see."

"Oh, how romantic!" she stated with a gleam. She brushed her silken, golden hair back and took a look around the rather drab and humble university office. "I guess, anyway."

"Oh, it's very romantic," Suzanna told her. "This office is really very dear to my heart. I worked here at one point, for more than three years."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, you must be Suzanna!"

She beamed. "Why, yes I am."

The young woman sighed and shook her head. "God, now I get it."

"Get what, hun?"

Samantha raised her hands into a limp shrug. "Ever since I started working here, there's been this little running gag that people sometimes say. I've heard it on and off and it always made me wonder."

"What 'gag'?"

"They said I got 'the Suzanna effect', or something. I think it's shorthand for the fact that we've had twice as many boys coming in looking for jobs since I've worked here. In fact, now I'm starting to think the fact that I'm blond and blue-eyed is why I got hired."

Suzanna laughed. "Yeah, that might definitely be it. When I was working here, we eventually ran out of applications."

The blonde sighed, "Yeah, well, you made a really difficult standard to live up to, ya know?"

"Nonsense," Barry protested. "You simply choose to leave much of your beauty untapped. My wife, on the other hand, wasn't quite as restrained." Barry turned and saw the eye that Suzanna gave him. "What? It's true and you know it."

"Well, thanks," the girl replied, fidgeting with the blue pen between her fingers. "But it's not like I really want all that attention. I'm just trying to get through school, y'know?" She stopped to clear her throat and straighten her blouse just a smidge. "Anyway, the office is closing up in about thirty, so I'm the only one still working the desk. I think Gladys and Mitchell worked here when you did, so if you wanted to say hi, you'll have to stop in another time."

"Maybe next year," Barry answered, leaning his bulk on the desk. "But we really didn't come to see anyone in particular. In fact, it's been very nice meeting you . . ."


"And I'm Barry," he said. "Samantha, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking a quick coffee or smoke break so that my wife and I could have some time alone. Just a quick fifteen or twenty minutes would do, and then we'll be out by the time you close."

Samantha looked a bit confused. "What . . . what are you two going to be doing when I step out? I . . . I don't think that this is—"

Barry reached into his pocket and produced a money clip holding together a load of bills. Just the very first bill on the stack was a $500 note sporting the mug of President William McKinley, and there had to be another twenty or thirty bills in the stack, if not more. Samantha's eyes went wide, and her mouth dropped. Barry didn't even bother counting the money. He just held it for her to take, staring right into her eyes.

"Samantha, how much do you make in a month working here? This is only a part-time job, and I'm sure they pay you minimum wage."

Samantha's eyes glanced sidelong at Barry. Then she smirked. "You said twenty minutes, right?"

"At maximum, yes," he responded.

The young girl gently took the cash from his hands and stuffed it somewhere deep into her bra. "Well, my foot was falling asleep anyway . . ." she said as she began to stand.

Barry and Suzanna stepped aside to allow her to exit from behind the desk and head out of the office. She cast the couple one last knowing smile before disappearing, and then Barry and Suzanna glanced back at one another before breaking into uproarious laughter.

"Jesus, Barry . . . I'm surprised you're still here. You do realize how badly she was screaming for you to fuck her, right?"

"Of course I do. Her lips reddened and began pouting the moment she laid eyes on me. And when conversation started, she began fondling with her pen—the closest phallic symbol she could find. Not to mention the flick of the hair, the way her wrists moved limply, the number of times she adjusted or touched her clothes . . ."

Barry knew every visible signal that told of a woman's interest. The way she sat, which direction her legs pointed as she spoke, where her hands went, what parts of her body she emphasized . . . . Every person on Earth had subconscious and instinctual courtship responses that they immediately use whenever near a potential mate. Most people didn't recognize when others did it, and even fewer realized when they did it themselves. But, for the past eight and a half years of his life, Barry had dedicated himself to not only reading that sort of body language, but communicating with the proper words and body language in response.

Samantha had been sending him the signals throughout the entire conversation, and Barry had fed into nearly all of them.

"So, aren't you going to go and fuck her?" his wife asked, licking her lips excitedly.

"Are you crazy?!" Barry said, stepping closer to his woman, enveloping her into his arms. "This is our moment, darling. This place is where we met. I will never fuck another woman here."

His eyes narrowed. "You, on the other hand . . ."

With one motion, Barry pulled both straps of his wife's dress to the sides and watched the entire garment fall right away, leaving her completely nude in the office where they'd first met. Barry stepped away and quickly undid his belt buckle, and in the meantime, Suzanna stepped to her former desk and placed her hands flat upon it. She bent herself forward, straightened her legs, and lifted her ass as high as she could. She held her position, waiting for her husband to come and mount her like a bull would a cow.

When Barry had dropped his pants and fished his cock out, he quickly moved behind Suzanna and placed both of his hands on her round, shapely ass. His fingertips then traveled between her legs and smoothly ran up and down one of her thighs, making her entire body tremble from the slightest touch. Barry ran the tips along the inside of the right thigh, gently moving up and down, and then switched to the left. Suzanna was purring with excitement now, and her eyes had fallen half-closed while her gorgeous ruby lips were parted and panting.

They only had twenty minutes, but Barry wasn't in so much of a hurry as to not make this special for both of them. Touching his wife inside this office, the place where they'd met, was an indescribable turn-on. The familiarity of the place, the memories of their youthful selves, and the naughtiness of doing it where Suzanna had once worked made them both unbelievably hot and ready.

Barry was slipping his fingers in and out of his wife's hot pussy now, letting her drip cum on what was going to be "her" desk again for the next twenty minutes. Suzanna's ass was shaking and churning now, instinctively reacting to Barry's powerful finger strokes. She groaned and let herself cum as many times as he allowed it. Her tits heaved and swayed as she struggled to retain her balance.

Finally, Barry had had enough. He needed his cock inside of his Slut. He needed to fuck her now.

He gently eased himself in, allowing Suzanna to savor every inch of his cock as he gently pushed forward. She gripped the desk harder, steadying herself so that her husband had complete access to her pussy. She made sure that she got him all the way inside of her, where he always belonged.

Barry paused before he began. He gently touched his wife's back and his hands conformed to her shape, gently touching her until they swept around to fondle her beautiful breasts.

"And as I already told you," he said suddenly. "I've been dreaming of a blond Garrett for a very, very long time now. That Samantha girl seems like a natural blond, so fucking her will have to wait. I didn't bring any condoms, and there's only one blond that a baby from I want right now."

Hearing that made Suzanna sob and burst into tears. "Oh yes! Yes, honey! Yes, master! I promise I'll give you a baby! I'll give you a blond Garrett, just like you want! A thousand, if you want them! Please, just fuck me! Fuck me and make me pregnant!"

Barry smiled and thrust deep into Suzanna and began fucking her with utter savageness. He banged her as hard against that desk as he possibly could. Suzanna's naked body fell upon the wooden desk, her sweat covering the counter. She let her body turn to putty, merely blocking out every other thought and sensation except the feeling of her husband and Master's cock as he plowed into her again and again. She maintained only enough awareness to coax the walls of her cunt to massage his shaft as best as she could. She tried everything she could to maximize the pleasure he received. She only wanted to please him.

For the next fifteen or so minutes, Barry fucked Suzanna without slowing or missing a beat. He was like a machine. Caught in the wave of pleasure, Barry couldn't help himself.

And finally, when he could feel his orgasm coming on, Barry told her, "I'm going to cum inside you, Slut, and I don't want any of it going to waste, you understand?"

"Yes, Master!" Suzanna cried.

"All of my seed is precious. Any one of them could be our baby. I want them all to have a fair shot at impregnating you."

"Yes, Master! They'll all get their chance! I won't let a single one get away! I'll let them find as many eggs inside me as they can! I'll have your twins, triplets, quadruplets or whatever! I just want your baby so bad!"

Unbelievably, Suzanna's words made Barry snap. His body suddenly jerked, and he screamed in pleasure while his cock exploded and his cum rushed forth, pumping his sperm into Suzanna's womb. That was the first time, in years, that Barry had been unable to control when he came. He was just so hot, so caught up in the moment that his body had reacted without his consent.

But God did it feel so good to lose control. As he cradled his wife and continued to feel his seed seeping into her, he had never felt so exhausted, so fulfilled, or so in love.


When Barry and Suzanna left the office, they didn't clean up after themselves. They left Suzanna's sweat on the desk, not bothering to clean it, or the cum she'd leaked on the desk. Soon after they were gone, Samantha would return, and if she didn't know what had happened while she was gone, she soon would. Even if the thought of another woman's cum on her desk disgusted her, the thought of sex, the aroma and pheromones would linger for some time. Barry had also "accidentally" placed a business card in that clip of money he'd handed her, giving her the direct number to his cell.

There was no guarantee, of course, that any of this would work and that she'd call . . . but he figured his odds were about 98% that she would.

Barry didn't even allow Suzanna to put her clothes back on—instead taking a plug he'd brought with him and placing it inside her pussy . . . plugging it all the way and now allowing even a single drop of his cum to escape her. Every single one of his boys were inside her now, fighting to make their child.

He kept her naked all the way out. The school campus was closed, so the people were scarce, but Suzanna couldn't help but feel like such a used Slut walking back to their car, following her husband without a stitch of clothing, and a plug keeping her pussy full of cum.

This was undoubtedly the most erotic thing she had ever done in her life.

For the next few days, she and Barry continued their usual routine of eating, fucking, exercise, fucking, watching television, fucking, going for walks, fucking, bathing, fucking, sleeping and then fucking, in addition to a little bit of fucking, fucking and then more fucking.

About a week later, Barry was sitting in the living room, reading over business reports when Suzanna walked in, dressed in the see-through nightie that he allowed her to wear. She came with a wiggle in her step and a grin on her face that made his cock rise in an instant.

"What can I do for you, my pet?" he said, glancing up. "Do you need a good fucking?"

Suzanna purred and said. "Always, Master. But, that's not specifically why I came. I wanted to show you . . . this."

Suzanna brought her hands from behind her back and showed Barry a small, home pregnancy tester.

"It's Blue," Barry said. "Blue is bad, right?"

Suzanna chuckled and shook her head. She broke into a smile, and proud tears began to fall. "No . . . no it's not, my darling. I'm . . . I'm pregnant."

She said the words again, just to savor the sound. "I'm pregnant."

She said it a third time, practically jumping for joy. "I'm pregnant!"

Barry immediately dropped the papers in his hand and stood. His eyes never left his wife's. He stepped to her and took her into his arms immediately, lifting her from the ground and kissing her everywhere.

"Oh my God! This is the happiest moment of my life!" he exclaimed.

Suzanna broke into an even deeper sob. For her husband, who already had more than a dozen children by various women, to say that this was the happiest moment in his life . . .

How did she ever get so lucky?



"Master?" Ariadne's voice peeked through the door of Barry's office.

Barry looked up, finding his mother dressed in only a silk robe . . . her massive tits still poking through the opening in front while her wide, gorgeous hips pushed the folds back with each step she took.

"What is it, my Slut?" he asked, his cock already beginning to grow.

"Master, I had something to show you."

Barry sat back in his chair and turned away from the computer monitor. "Alright."

Ariadne, barely able to contain a smile, tossed a small white pregnancy tester on the counter.

"Pink. Pink is . . . what?" He had long given up trying to figure out how the damn things worked. All of his Sluts used different brands, so there was no point in even trying.

Ariadne tilted her head, practically beaming. "I'm pregnant, Master."

Barry's eyes lit. "How . . . how did that . . .?"

"It was Suzanna," she said. "I was having another bout of depression, after Emily proposed to me. My infertility, the proposal . . . it all kind of came crashing down on me at once."

Barry stroked his chin. So that was what Suzanna had been talking about when she called him in New York. It also explained why Ariadne had practically thrown herself at him after he'd returned from the trip. He'd seriously probably fucked her a million times in the past week. It was as though she'd suddenly soaked up some of Trena's personality.

"I felt guilty because I was falling in love with another woman, when I still felt like I belonged to your father. I mean, of course I belong to you, Master. But as your Slut . . . not as your wife."

Barry nodded. "I know, love."

"I told Suzanna that I justified what you and I did by saying that I was making more grandchildren for Stewart. And I justified what I was doing with Emily, because she was just my submissive. There was no harm in having a little fun. But, if I married her, then it would mean that I was replacing my late husband in more ways than one."

Barry merely nodded again.

"But Suzanna . . . she found a solution. While we were riding out that day, she said, 'Aria, dear, I hate to say this, but you're a dummy sometimes. It's time to live in the Twenty-First Century, honey.'"

Barry chuckled. "And what did she mean by that?"

"I've become a surrogate mother, Master," Ariadne said. "I've had unfertilized eggs implanted into my womb, waiting for you to give them your seed."

Barry's jaw dropped. "S-So . . . so then . . ."

Ariadne blushed and smiled. "You can make me pregnant again and again and again. As many times as you want, for the rest of our days."

"But . . . but . . . they won't really be 'our' children," Barry said. "They'll be mine, yes, but . . . they won't be yours, too, Ma."

She shook her head. "Again . . . we live in a fabulous time. Technology is truly amazing. I've also been subjected to a radical new procedure. It's called, um, 'Mitochondrial Injection', or something like that. I can't recall the big words. But, the gist of it is that some of my genes were injected into my new eggs in-vitro. While they'll still mostly come from someone else, in a small way at least, there'll be a part of me in them. I'll be no less of a mother to them."

"How . . . how is that possible?"

Ariadne chuckled. "That's what I thought, too. But it's like Suzanna said . . . this is the Twenty-First Century, and we're rich. We can do anything our minds put to it." She stepped around the desk and sat herself upon her son's lap, her bare body pressing against his. She could already feel his cock stiffening fully.

"You have given us so much, Master. You've opened possibilities for us that we never even knew existed before! I can't tell you how happy I am!"

Barry nodded, barely able to contain his lust. "And what about Emily? Have you decided upon that?"

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